Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Transformation Is Happening

So The Time is NOW To Become A Transformational SDI Leader …
By Tom J Kennedy
A transformation is taking place as old structures and patterns are breaking down before our very eyes. Our whole orthodox 'usury-based' economy is shifting rapidly to become a 'usuryfree' economy. Everything is in place for this shift to occur and SDI entrepreneurs are in a unique position to lead the way with this "transformation."
The Barter/Trading industry has been evolving since the 'usuryfree' LETS (Local Employment Trading System) software was created in 1983.
The SDI industry has been maturing since it was created in the mid-20th Century. These two industries are natural twins.
The SDI industry and the Barter/Trading industry are both positioned to offer 'economic lifeboats' for the visionaries of the 21st Century.
If we are going to empower ourselves and disempower the 'usury' elites' group of companies then we must get motivated and take action before it's too late.
Without a doubt the SDI industry offers the optimal opportunity for us to move away from that collective consciousness which has somehow compelled us to shop from the 'usury' elites' group of companies i.e. the giant, trans-national, retail stores - the big box stores and the heavily advertised commercial shopping centres.
The collective consciousness rooted in white Anglo-Saxon Catholic and Protestant cultures is individualistic and isolationist - especially in matters relating to business. These people seem to be greatly intimidated with the new pattern of buying products and/or services from family, friends and/or neighbours who operate an SDI enterprise.
For some strange reason many of these people do not understand loyalty and they embrace some sort of fear, which manifests in a hang-up about someone they know making a profit from some product and/or service which they buy.
They would much rather buy from a clerk in a giant retail store who is a perfect stranger than from a family member of friend who has a home-based enterprise. Bizarre indeed!!
They have been hanging on to old patterns of retailing and marketing and thereby denying that a transformation is taking place. Most of these people are from the middle class. It's almost like they harbour the 'isolationist' traits of the rich class. Could their obvious 'isloationist' behaviour be caused by their wanting to be like the rich class?
It is interesting to note that the collective consciousness of the non-white, immigrant, multi-religious, urban cultures such as Greek, Lebanese, Jewish, Italian, Chinese etc. is co-operative, cohesive, collective and fully supportive.
These people are ready and anxious to support each other in whatever SDI 
enterprise(s) they might be involved with, thereby advancing the transformation that is taking place. In fact, this group will go out of their way just to shop in a home-based enterprise of a family member or friend. That's just the way it is.
Let's NOT be influenced by the incessant advertising that bombards us on TV, the radio and the daily newspapers - for it is only the 'usury' elites' group of companies which can afford such advertising. Remember also that the daily newspapers that are withholding the 'universal truth' are the same newspapers which rely on the massive advertising dollars from the 'usury' elites' group of companies which in turn rely on us to spend our dollars to buy their merchandise. 

Let's start to change our collective consciousness now and make an effort to do our personal, family and business shopping from our local community stores, craft markets and/or from our friends and associates in the SDI industry.

SDI Industry experts are predicting that multiple thousands will take advantage of new and/or proven SDI opportunities in 2014 and beyond.
Indeed, the world has changed since 9-1-1, and The SDI Eye Opener and the UsuryFree SDIUniversity offer useful information to help you find ways to learn 'what you don't know you don't know' as well as earn income(s) in a changing world
•   Hundreds of thousands have been laid off in North America alone!
•   Who will feed these families? Will they readily find new employment?
•   Will they all be able to leave their homes and move to new cities to find work?
•   Will they be able to be retrained in time to keep their homes and all they have built over the years?
•   Will they be able maintain the standard of living they have become accustomed to?
The sad part is that no, many will lose everything they have.... unless they take action now and inform themselves about the power and potential of the SDI industry.
Listen to this.... There is one vast incredible market for you to promote your SDI enterprise(s) to....
Fact is... 67% of employable people are now looking for a way to either supplement their income in order to improve their lifestyle, or replace their income completely in order to gain the freedom and financial stability they require to achieve their dreams and goals.
The market is there for those who are motivated, ready and willing to take action now.
Besides... we all know that we will never become achieve financial freedom by being a wage-slave for an employer who withholds illegal and unlawful taxes for the 'usury' elites.
100 years ago, 95% of the population was self-employed. 10 years ago only 10% were self-employed. Statistics show the pendulum is swinging once again, and it's estimated that within 10 years 75% to 80% of the workforce will once again be self-employed.
Did you know that self-employed entrepreneurs earn up to 50% more than their counterparts who work their dead-end jobs from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM?
Are you ready to capitalize on the amazing and innovative trends that are leading the SDI industry?
The time is NOW!
You must act NOW BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE !!
Select one SDI opportunity as your starting point and become familiar with the SDI industry. When you have acquired some experience with one SDI opportunity and you might be ready to add another opportunity to your SDI Portfolio.  

In this 21st Century, you have an opportunity to build your SDI enterprise using a multitude of Online and Off-line Tools and Resources
* Computers * Radio * TV * Newspapers * Flyers * Invitations * Brochures *
And... you can have the exclusive opportunity to present your SDI opportunity to people from anywhere in the world - at one time through social media.
The SDI industry is truly an international phenomenon in this 21st Century and as a novice you should choose an SDI opportunity that fits your passion to begin your SDI Portfolio.
If you....
•   Have dreams or goals that are more ambitious than a wage-earner 
•   You believe in yourself and what you can accomplish
•   You are willing to do what others are not willing to do
•   You are not a quitter when the going gets tough... never
•   You must have a sincere desire to help others reach their goals
•   You are able to make others feel good about themselves
You will be gratefully accepted by and SDI Team as a potential leader for your own team eventually.
And there are only two more qualifications for success....
1. You must understand that we are already experiencing a transformation and you must care about helping other people to evolve with this transformation...
And most of all....

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