Thursday, February 20, 2014

The SDI (Self Directed Income) Industry – Coming of Age

By Tom J Kennedy

The exciting explosion in the maturing SDI (Self Directed Income) industry – otherwise or formerly referred to as (a) multi-level marketing or (b) network marketing is causing a re-birth of entrepreneurism and may be positioned to help  secure our freedoms for out youth as it provides a platform for promoting and fostering free enterprise to the masses of usually uninformed people.

This unusual SDI concept of sales and marketing was launched in the mid-20th Century. Two young entrepreneurs, Rich DeVoss and Jay VanAndel were perceptive enough to know what it takes – something new –something exciting – something different – something powerful – and something unusual to put and keep excitement in people’s lives dulled by daily routine.

In this 21st Century, numerous SDI sales and marketing organizations offer prospective entrepreneurs unusual business opportunities to earn tax sheltered, secondary income(s) because two men dared to be unusually different in the 1950’s when they launched the well-respected pioneer of the SDI industry – the Amway Corporation.

In this 21st Century, the direct selling industry strengthened by the unusual, SDI sector of sales and marketing is positioned to surpass the growth rate of the traditional retail store industry.

The business world – past, present or future – never has and never will witness a sales and marketing idea even remotely comparable to the unusual birth and growth of the SDI industry.

Like an electrical current running through the economic system of our troubled times, the SDI industry rejuvenates, regenerates, restores and gives a new lease on life to countless millions who have been suffering from financial oppression by the influential and wealthy 1% of the population to whom we have voluntarily surrendered our individual leadership and power.

While the “home office” of the Amway Corporation in Ada, Michigan continues to lead the way with $11.8 billion in sales in 2013, numerous other eager entrepreneurs are venturing into the world of the SDI industry and setting up brilliant and improved copies of the Amway model of sales and marketing.

Each new, SDI company offers exclusive lines of quality products and/or services to the retail market through networks/teams/organizations of SDI entrepreneurs who manage and earn commissions on the group sales.

These participating SDI entrepreneurs earn fair commissions when they enroll and teach new recruits to multiply and duplicate their efforts. Most SDI entrepreneurs operate part-time enterprise(s) from an office in their place of residence.

Indeed, the SDI industry was born of the unusual need for part-time, secondary income(s) by people from all walks of life. SDI sales and marketing organizations offer participating SDI entrepreneurs lucrative, business opportunities with all the usual tax benefits and some unusual tax benefits of out-of-reach businesses as well as unlimited, worldwide growth potential.

SDI networks/teams/organizations grow in an unusual way. People (singles, couples or partners), are enrolled (recruited/sponsored) by an SDI entrepreneur who has already been enrolled and is running an enterprise of his/her own.

New recruits personally retail products and/or services to a small number of preferred customers – just like their enroller does. SDI entrepreneurs who choose to build a bigger enterprise recruit other would-be entrepreneurs and teach them how to retail and enroll. Profitable enterprises grow through multiplication and duplication of individual effort.

The SDI industry with its initial, low guaranteed investment has opened the door in almost every country of the world to every man, woman, boy or girl (over 16) who wants to become an SDI entrepreneur and run an enterprise of their own, but not be alone.

By the vehicle of the unusual, SDI industry, the masses are learning about economics and human nature, and recognizing that it has been their ignorance and apathy that has allowed the usurers to keep the debtors subservient and completely controlled for generation after generation.

SDI entrepreneurs seek to free themselves from the usual financial worries so that they can be at ease as they assume unusual leadership roles in the ongoing shifting of consciousness that is destined to eventually usher in a new age of usuryfree living.

Fixing a dream, setting a goal and working hard are essential prerequisites for success as an active SDI entrepreneur. During the transition period, that time when one is learning about entrepreneurism, a process of awareness takes place as more experienced SDI entrepreneurs expose newcomers to the psychological realm of improved self-image and self-respect.

With its multiple missions, this innovative giant, but seemingly unknown sales and marketing industry may well be the savior of free enterprise and the key catalyst that will usher in the new age of usuryfree living and thereby preserve our ultimate freedoms.

Some of our people in power (the PTB’s) in our nation’s capital are very uncomfortable with the unprecedented growth of this bold, new, free enterprise movement – the SDI sales and marketing industry. Some militant, labour union leaders, some government officials, and some corporate executives of the trans-national monopolies are unusually critical and skeptical of the SDI industry.

Are the SDI entrepreneurs being unfairly criticized for re-educating their networks/teams/organizations on the simple issues of economics that are usually unusually complex when presented by governments, labour unions and the giant, trans-national corporations. Astute SDI entrepreneurs know that the wealthy people in power have been plundering the masses by maximizing their selfish interests.

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