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You are invited to enrol with our team: The Wholefood Farmacy ...

Noteworthy products and a worthy SDI opportunity ...

The Wholefood Farmacy opened for business in March 2003 with a mission to supply healthy, convenient, whole food based meals & snacks, non-toxic personal care items, and to educate the public regarding a preventative based lifestyle.

Over the past century, we've seen enormous advances in medical technology. We have more doctors, more pharmaceutical medicines, and more hospitals than ever before. We also have the sickliest generation of Americans in history. The number one culprit: THE AMERICAN DIET.

The processed food and fast food industries are serving it up, Americans are gulping it down, and wide spread obesity and chronic disease is the result. From there, the masses are driven into the "waiting hands" of the highly profitable pharmaceutical industry. We're offered pills that alleviate our symptoms while the simple underlying causes are ignored. What incentive does the pharmaceutical industry have to focus on prevention? If disease rates decreased, so would their profits.

The ingredients to health, happiness, vitality, and longevity are no secret. Every major non-profit health organization in the world has been offering the same advice for many years. Eat more fruits and veggies, drink more water, exercise on a daily basis, lose weight if you need to, don't smoke, avoid toxins, & reduce stress

To that end, we have combined delicious, healthy foods, with convenience and affordability. Our salon quality personal care items offer superior results without the toxic chemicals. Nothing short of a consumer based, grass roots return to healthy choices and lifestyles can steer our children, and future generations, in a healthier direction. If you're ready to improve your health and join us as part of the solution"

"Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food"
- Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine (460-377 B.C.)

The Wholefood Farmacy opened its doors in March 2003 with a Mission to Educate and Inspire people to embrace the “Seven Principles of Health” which are the foundation
of a preventative based lifestyle.

The Seven Principles of Health

•Fresh Air & Sunshine
•Whole Foods
•Physical Activity
•Loving Relationships
•A Good Night's Sleep

To that end, The Wholefood Farmacy offers healthy, convenient whole food based meals & snacks, non-toxic personal care items, and a website dedicated to "self-care" and a preventative based lifestyle.

"We have seen the future of medicine and the future is food" - Dr. Mitch Gaynor
New York Strang Center For Cancer Prevention

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Networking Times Magazine

"Networking Times is published by Gabriel Media Group. It is ranked as the best magazine for anyone who wants to achieve success in the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry otherwise known as multi-level marketing or network marketing.

Gabriel Media Group is founded on the vision of "Global Prosperity through a Philanthropic Economy." This idea conveys that, in addition to its purpose of providing superior products and services, business has a social responsibility of co-creating a sustainable world that works for everyone with no one left out. In other words, we are a not-only-for-profit business.

We sell educational tools (books, audio's, DVD's, online resources, live Webinars) to help networking professionals and entrepreneurs acquire the practical skills and the right mindset to be successful in business and in life.

We publish Networking Times, a bi-monthly educational journal focused on personal growth and professional development. Networking Times is available on the newsstand in North America (in major bookstore chains) and online to subscribers worldwide.

Gabriel Media Group also works with influential clients—authors, educators, speakers, producers, entertainers and pioneers of all kinds—who are making a difference in the world through their movies, books, training programs, events and web-based projects. GMG helps its clients become household names by providing the services they need to get their message out to their target audience in the most efficient and cost-effective way."

"Networking Times follows in the tradition of the Great Og Mandino, and the magazine that he published for years. He knew that to win in life, and especially in networking, you need a steady flow of positive, inspirational information. Networking Times is that flow. Subscribe today, and have two friends do the same. Together, we can change the networking profession-and the world." -- Bob Proctor

Download a complimentary issue of the Network Marketing Times magazine filled with tips, strategies and resources to help you grow a massive organization! It also includes a full resource directory of all of Randy Gage's network marketing & success products!

We recommend that active SDI entrepreneurs subscribe the Networking Times Magazine.

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Open Letter To SDI (Self Directed Income) Entrepreneurs

Tom J. Kennedy, The UsuryFree Network
P. O. Box 9333, Ottawa, Ontario K1G 3V1

January 13, 2010


I am motivated to share this detailed communication with leading SDI (Self Directed Income) entrepreneurs because I view them as potential .001 percenters. Who are SDI entrepreneurs? SDI entrepreneurs are otherwise or formerly known as multi-level marketing distributors or network marketing or referral marketing associates. I prefer the term “SDI entrepreneurs” as it leaves behind the negative energy associated with the multi-level marketing and network marketing industry in the latter years of the 20th Century.

Who are .001 percenters? They are that tiny minority of fellow-citizens who are awakening to what is really going on in the local, national and global circles of usury-based debt-money, energy, religion, sickness and disease, raw power and political greed, as well as what is going on in the usuryfree community currency movement, alternative energy, health and wellness, community re-building and spirituality. I see leading SDI entrepreneurs as potential “usuryfree creatives” thereby deserving to be referred to as .001 percenters.

Usuryfree creatives are those re-educated fellow-citizens who are now advocating usuryfree living as the preferred lifestyle of this 21st Century. They are creating their own loyal database of traders/barterers who are committed to spending their money differently by making a commitment to shop with home-based businesses and small to medium-sized community businesses. Using a usuryfree community currency as a complement with federal cash when negotiating trades is a definite trademark of any usuryfree creative.

I highly recommend that SDI entrepreneurs view the DVD set entitled ‘Money As Debt I & II’ (search for it at google video) and the DVD ‘Money: Who Creates It, Who Controls It’ so that they will understand the evil of the design flaw of usury and the power and potential of usuryfree living and how it has the potential to create peace, prosperity and abundance for everyone on this planet. Leading SDI entrepreneurs are potentially key personalities to aid in the building of this new database of usuryfree creatives.

I have agreed to commit to changing the way I spend my money for the next 13 months, and my first step in that direction is to commit to purchasing a minimum monthly purchase of $130. (Canadian Funds) from selected SDI companies. When open-minded and co-operative leaders emerge in our respective SDI Networks, then all who participate will reap the benefits of mutual co-operation each month. As this happens, we will be grateful and we will spend any extra earnings promoting and advancing the cause of usuryfree living for the mutual benefit of everyone on planet earth.

Please, share whatever research turns up about any optimal product lines as offered by various SDI companies as we seek to promote the best options of quality products and/or services for our loyal networks.

I visualize SDI networks as a way to grow the database of usuryfree creatives which is currently being crafted in various local communities so that participants can purchase products and/or services from fellow SDI entrepreneurs and/or from local small to medium-sized retail businesses by using partial federal cash and partial usuryfree community currency.

I have been promoting this idea of we-the-consumers making a conscious choice to shop within our own loyal database since early in 2000. Many people have said it is a worthy goal BUT to my knowledge, absolutely no one in a leadership capacity within the SDI industry has come forth to support and implement the idea as of this current date.

Some of my friends and associates within the various SDI infrastructures have had some discussions to consider the idea of supporting our own loyal database but no definitive action has been taken. In the meantime, various communities have commenced to build the local databases of participating traders with the Serenity Dollar, the Unity Dollar, the Calgary Dollar, the Ithaca Hour and the Tamworth Hour etc. Hopefully, others from the usuryfree community currency movement will join with entrepreneurs from the SDI industry and our own loyal database will begin to take shape in 2 oh 10.

No matter which SDI companies we choose to support, we are in the ‘people’ business and the ‘product’ business is secondary to this primary motive. It’s all about building partnerships with people who are willing and ready to share experiences and learn from each other.

In fact, before I register with any SDI Team to become a ‘preferred customer’ or an active 'SDI entrepreneur' I intend to seek a commitment from the leadership of that SDI network that they are ready and willing to learn about and promote the concept of usuryfree living and how they can implement any usuryfree community currency to promote and expand their SDI enterprise(s).

A membership within any participating group offers one many benefits. One benefit will be to re-build our respective local communities by spending our money with local entrepreneurs. Another potential benefit is to become a follower of the blog - the UsuryFree Eye Opener.

Yet another benefit will be discounted admissions to various meetings and workshops. Our willing supporters – the true .001 percenters – recognize that we are currently entering a significant transition time. During this transition time we must earn some federal cash to complement our usuryfree community currency because we cannot yet acquire all of our personal, family and business needs solely with a usuryfree community currency.

You, who have earned your degree as a true .001 percenter, know that the debt increases exponentially because of 'interest' which ought to be correctly called 'usury.' And it is also correct that when 'usury' is eliminated from the money equation there will be abundance, peace and plenty for everyone on this planet. If you have not yet visited the UsuryFree Network, I am inviting you to read some of the information posted there.

We, who understand that the design flaw of 'usury' is the killer machine that is the key cause of violence, war, poverty, scarcity and lack are indeed true .001 percenters. Those who do not yet understand are the 99.999 percenters. It has been determined by mathematicians that we need to awaken only 3% of the population to the 'truth' about 'usuryfree economics' and this will create the critical mass needed to 're-educate' the masses at a very rapid rate.

I envision this happening within the next two to five years but we – the ‘usuryfree creatives’ must take a leadership role now to make things happen. That’s what I am doing.

I see absolutely no point in dismissing any SDI company’s products as too expensive during these transitory times. We the .001 percenters, the ‘usuryfree creatives’ need to walk in and out of as many circles’ of people as possible. To bad-mouth or dismiss one SDI company’s products as too expensive and keep buying the cheaper products from the giant retail stores will only ensure the same result that we have been experiencing for far too long. We need to unite and do it NOW!

Our self-imposed mission is to re-educate as many 'usury keepers' as possible in the quickest time possible. Those who will choose to NOT to truly understand what usury really does to our orthodox system of money will soon reveal themselves regardless of which SDI infrastructure they are associated with.

I am choosing to invest my time with awakening individuals who are just now learning that banks do NOT lend out depositors' funds. Indeed, more and more people are ready and willing to listen to committed .001 percenters who have an abundance of relevant resources to share.

If I had not been open to walking in various SDI circles in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and elsewhere, I would not have been able to influence some selected SDI leaders to awaken to the truth about ‘usury.’ More significant, is the fact that these SDI leaders are now realizing that their respective SDI networks have many talented individuals with skills and/or services and/or products other than the products offered by their respective SDI product supplier.

They are realizing the advantage of having everyone in their respective SDI networks listed on a common database, whereby everyone is encouraged to spend their money within this database when purchasing products and/or services, thereby creating a different result. Currently, we are seeking to enroll individuals in one or more of the active databases and offering them a FREE listing in a forthcoming directory which could be printed and/or online.

We are teaching people how to create and spend their own 'usuryfree' community currency. I have made a decision to invest my time with individuals who are open and out-of-the-box thinkers who are willing to spend their money differently in 2010 and beyond. I choose to not argue/debate with 'usury keepers' who are intent on defending a wrong that must be corrected.

We are seeking to network with leading SDI (Self Directed Income) entrepreneurs who are enrolled with ethical and leading SDI companies whereby we teach people the importance of spending their money differently. That is to say, instead of continuing to spend money with giant retailers, big box stores and large franchises we teach people to shop within our own loyal database of home-based businesses and small to medium-sized businesses in our respective local communities.

Our long term mission is to connect every home-based and small to medium-sized business in Canada and the United States - and eventually the world - into one large database where we can create and spend our own usuryfree community currency, which will likely be a time currency. This database could be referred to as the Third Market Network.

I have openly supported the concept of SDI entrepreneurs building an SDI Portfolio whereby, each individual is earning income from multiple sources. I maintain that as SDI entrepreneurs we have the right to purchase and operate a distributorship with more than one SDI company. Likewise, we have the right to network selected products from any SDI company for partial federal cash and partial usuryfree community currency within our circles of influence – family, friends, neighbours and working colleagues.

Alternatively, we can negotiate purchases of products and/or services from fellow SDI entrepreneurs rather than enrolling as an active distributor for that particular SDI company. We can initiate inter-trading of products and/or services. It is important to understand that when we negotiate any trade or exchange, we should request federal cash to cover any wholesale costs. A percentage of any retail mark-up of the negotiated sale of any product can be negotiated and accepted in any usuryfree community currency.

For example, if I purchase a product with a wholesale cost of $60.00 and it retails for a price of $100.00 I could accept $60.00 federal cash and $40.00 of any usuryfree community currency when I sell the product to someone on our own loyal database. Obviously, the more SDI companies that we welcome to be on our database, the more powerful our database becomes.

Understand also that during these transitory times, eco-friendly products are becoming popular and this is a first step in the right direction. For example, I put a spoonful of a conventional dishwasher detergent in some aluminum foil and squeezed it tightly and left it on the counter. Within 5 minutes, the foil was making noise and emitting smells and gases.

This simple demonstration shows the chemical being released from the conventional dishwasher detergent. A similar demonstration of a selected eco-friendly dishwasher detergent emitted no chemicals, no odours, and no gases. This simple demonstration was sufficient to have three friends make a decision to purchase the eco-friendly dishwasher detergent.

My point is that these friends still purchase pharmaceutical vitamins etc. and yet they have decided to change the way they spend their money for dishwashing detergent. By winning them over as customers of eco-friendly cleaning products, I will now have an opportunity to share more information with them as they seem ready to be re-educated on other aspects of surviving in this economic downturn.

If I had dismissed the eco-friendly SDI company as no better than the corporate products on the shelves of the giant retail stores and/or the big box stores or the big franchises, then I would have missed this small opportunity. I am of the opinion that the current lines of eco-friendly products that are available are not perfect BUT they are a step in the right direction.

Amway is one of the key pioneering SDI companies. Melaleuca is a mature SDI company. An SDI company started within the past year may indeed be a new SDI opportunity. There are many SDI companies that are somewhere in between and, any of these companies may choose to play a significant role during these transitory times. Each SDI company has many products that are different from other SDI products products. Every time an individual buys a products from an SDI company, a number of participating individuals within the respective SDI infrastructure get paid a commission. The SDI marketing model is perfect for motivating consumers to spend their money differently.

On of my friends who understands the potential of bartering/trading with any usuryfree community currency filed for bankruptcy in June 2002. He and his wife started their SDI enterprise in July 2002 and within a year they were earning $3000+ every month and their income was rising on a monthly basis as they gained a solid foundation of repeat customers buying products every month.

Such financial achievement is noteworthy and respected by myself and other usuryfree creatives. We know that we can share our acquired knowledge with others and promote selected SDI products within our own loyal database and earn some federal cash and some usuryfree community currency at the same time.

I fully expect one or more SDI companies to emerge in the not-too-distant future that will be embrace the concept of usuryfree living and make a usuryfree community currency a part of their infrastructure from their initial launch. This will make them more popular than existing SDI companies unless these more mature SDI companies incorporate the idea of a usuryfree community currency within their already existing infrastructure.

Who knows? Anything is possible!! I welcome your feedback and constructive critical comments.

Enjoy this day!
Working with you for 'peace and plenty' by 2020
AND 'Know that usuryfree creatives will win in 2010’

Tommy UsuryFree Kennedy otherwise known as 'Tom J. Kennedy'

Why SDI? Why Usuryfree? Why Now? Why With UsuryFree Creatives/SDIoneers?

By Tom J. Kennedy

In 1978, I attended a meeting in Ottawa, Ontario, hosted by the Amway Corporation and Rich DeVos was the key-note, guest speaker. I remember him saying that the concept of marketing that was being pioneered by Amway had the potential to market everything from ‘hairpins to airplanes.’ As a new Amway distributor at that time, I marveled at the vision held by Rich DeVos.

Now as we progress into this 21st Century, we are witness to more and more products and services being marketed within the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry – formerly referred to as the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing industry.

Thanks to a committed staff at various home offices within the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry and their corresponding, dedicated sales forces, many new ideas and concepts are being implemented. Building on a strong foundation of consumer awareness, innovative SDI companies are now emerging as strong financial players in the ever-evolving SDI industry.

Some the most recent product additions to the SDI industry are remarkable and unique health and wellness products. Some information about such products, and the accompanying SDI opportunities are posted at the SDI Eye Opener and complete details are available upon request from the author.

With a little re-education, usuryfree creatives can become SDI enthusiasts and SDI enthusiasts can become usuryfree creatives. Together, as active visionaries within the SDI industry these usuryfree creatives who double as SDIoneers (or SDIoneers who double as usuryfree creatives) are awakening to the significance of we-the-consumers making conscious choices to spend our money differently as we progress into this 21st Century.

The ever-expanding, SDI Network invites all 1.3+ million SDI entrepreneurs in Canada - and the multiple millions elsewhere in the world - to participate in building the largest inter-connecting SDI network that has the potential to eventually serve us locally and nationally and internationally.

The SDI Industry includes not only the pioneering MLM companies created from the 1950’s until the turn of the Century, but also the more recent innovative companies that are dedicated to solving the problems that plagued the MLM industry in the latter half of the 20th Century. The SDI industry also includes the growing home-based business industry whereby entrepreneurial types are earning multiple streams of income by combining local business with online business – while working from their homes.

One innovation that is fuelling the growth of the SDI industry is the unique concept of consumer-direct marketing. This innovative and popular strategy re-directs advertising and distribution dollars into higher quality ingredients and product creativity. This timely concept is creating expanding networks of preferred customers who are enjoying savings while sharing in the sales revenues.

Thanks to an avalanche of new concepts and ideas, usuryfree creatives and SDIoneers are positioned to grow exponentially in 2010 and beyond. Education, or should I say re-education is required to teach SDI entrepreneurs how they can create and spend their own usuryfree community currency to use as a complement with their diminishing amounts of federal cash as they barter and trade within their respective loyal networks.

The future is bright for the SDI industry, especially for those companies that are debt free. Similar attributes that made the pioneering network marketers millions in the 20th Century will make the pioneering SDI entrepreneurs who double as usuryfree creatives prosperous in this 21st Century, because environmentally-conscious, health-conscious and usuryfree-conscious companies are correcting the errors and flaws that hindered the growth of the fledgling SDI industry in the latter years of the 20th Century.

Neither were the pioneering network marketers of the 20th Century aware that ‘war, violence, selfishness, greed, poverty, scarcity and lack’ were simply symptoms of our failing, orthodox ‘usury-based’ money system. More and more SDI entrepreneurs are becoming aware of how the design flaw of ‘usury’ is directly related to the plethora of financial problems that plague us and how the perfectly designed usuryfree community currencies have the potential to solve the majority of these problems.

As we progress into this 21st Century, growing numbers of awakening individuals are choosing to become active SDI entrepreneurs so that they can access products and/or services at wholesale prices and re-sell them at retail prices for partial federal cash and partial usuryfree community currency. There are many functioning usuryfree community currencies in countries all over the world. The most well known and popular usuryfree community currency in Canada is ‘Calgary Dollars.’ while the most popular usuryfree community currency in the United States is ‘Ithaca Hours.’

Indeed, active SDIoneers and usuryfree creatives are intent on creating and launching an online database or network that can be referred to as the Third Market Network. As this concept becomes a reality, it is anticipated that every SDIoneer and every usuryfree creative in the world will eventually be motivated to choose to become a proud participant within this online community, and thereby be positioned to optimally serve customers locally, nationally and internationally.

Readers are invited to consider enrolling with an SDI opportunity and committing to purchasing a monthly order of one or more quality products. Should you choose not to immediately enroll as a regular, participating distributor, you can inquire about ordering products from one of our active participants who will likely be open to offering you discounted prices with personal service while offering you the option of paying for the products with partial federal cash and partial usuryfree community currency.

Even if the home office of any particular SDI company is not yet aware of the power and potential of we-the-people creating and spending our own usuryfree community currency, the active distributors can initiate the paradigm shift within their respective teams or networks by encouraging all participants to barter and trade within and among their own loyal networks.

As a committed and active participant enrolled with an SDI company, you are requested to create a list of any and all products and/or services that you can offer to others as well as a list of products and/or services that you need for your personal, family and enterprise(s).

As a an SDIoneer who doubles as a usuryfree creative, you will have access to our own loyal database of consumers who are making conscious choices to spend their money differently.

Comments and feedback welcomed. For more details about any concepts discussed in this article contact myself by sending an email to: with “Why SDI? Why usuryfree?” in the Subject line.

The Role of SDIoneers in This 21st Century

By Tom J. Kennedy

It is commonly agreed that in this 21st Century that we must adopt the spirit of entrepreneurism for if as entrepreneurs we do not move beyond our ‘hassle free zone’ success will elude us.

An SDIoneer is a pioneering entrepreneur within the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry thereby differing from a conventional network marketer or a multi-level marketer who can be more correctly classified as distributors or associates controlled by their respective quasi-employer – the corporate home office of the network marketing or multi-level marketing company that markets particular, brand name products and/or services.

The SDIoneer likely earns income(s) from one or more sources and thereby openly and proudly advocates building an SDI Portfolio. A conventional network marketer or multi-level marketer submits to the controlling force of one major SDI supplier of products and/or services and is therefore likely to be totally dependent on income from one SDI source – the company that s/he was enrolled in by a sponsor.

It is always prudent to ask questions and question answers. Here are two key questions. (a) Who benefits when the home office of an SDI company enforces a policy whereby a distributorship will be terminated if the distributor is marketing products from another SDI supplier of products? (b) Who benefits when any seasoned network marketing or multi-level marketing leader discourages anyone in his/her network from building an SDI Portfolio?

The UsuryFree Eye Opener and the SDI (Self Directed Income) EyeOpener are being frequented by SDIoneers and more and more conventional network marketers or multi-level marketers are stopping by to explore the free re-education offered. Visitors to these twin blogs are learning lessons that they did not get in their years of formal education.

SDIoneers who visit these twin blogs often report that what they learn there changes not only their perspective on economics and the SDI industry but on their full time career jobs as well. Keep in mind that SDIoneers appreciate the re-education phenomenon offered by these twin blogs as they seek to re-educate themselves and then take action to help prospective pioneers find the optimal balance and become healthier and wealthier in the process. Without a doubt, these twin blogs deliver on their promises to ‘teach you what you don’t know you don’t know.’

SDIoneers who visit these twin blogs are encouraged to ask questions and question answers in matters relating to: (a) economics (b) health and wellness (c) taxes (d) usury (e) energy and (f) spirituality vs religion as well as the conventional accepted authority on many inter-related issues. As well plenty of links are provided to other websites so that readers can pursue their own self-imposed research on any selected topic.

SDIoneers are invited to commence an experience of personal growth by building an SDI Portfolio – a concept not yet commonly welcomed by the seasoned network marketers or multi-level marketers nor the conventional network marketing or multi-level marketing home office suppliers of products and/or services.

Since a change in thoughts always precedes a change in actions, readers are invited to engage in discussions about these thoughts regarding the role of SDIoneers in this 21st Century. Comments and feedback welcomed. For more information: Tel: 1-613-824-1793

Networking With The SDI (Self Directed Income) Industry

By Tommy UsuryFree Kennedy

It's 2010 and as an active usuryfree creative networking within the usuryfree community currency movement, I am now set to network with entrepreneurs who are active in the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry.

We-the-people are making conscious decisions about how we create our earnings and how we spend our money. Given `golden handshakes,' laid off or just plain fired and bingo ! ! we-the-people need to be open to pulling silver linings out of dark clouds. Opportunity is knocking and doors are opening within both the usuryfree community currency movement as well as the SDI industry and deeper desperation is motivating we-the-people to listen.

We know orthodox economics is in peril when unemployment approaches double digits. Ask the Argentines! I remember in the early 1980's when `usury' rates were 20%+ and I was actively recruiting local businesses in the Ottawa area to join the local LETSystem. Countless owners of small to medium-sized businesses would say: "It's a great idea, but come back when you have 1000+ members on your database."

Without a doubt, that minority group within we-the-people who understood the `power and potential' of creating and spending our own private, usuryfree, community currency were slightly ahead of our time. Now as we progress into the 21st Century, alternative economic ideas seem ready to blossom.

There is not only an economic benefit but also a social benefit to bartering and trading with like-minded people within our respective communities. Likewise, there is economic and social benefit as well as the bonus of personal growth and development derived from success as an SDI entrepreneur. When twinned, the usuryfree community currency movement and the SDI industry offer unlimited promise as we-the-people know in our hearts that if we envision different economic results we must willfully choose to re-educate ourselves so that we really understand how the design flaw of `usury' enslaves us and creates poverty, scarcity and lack.

Additionally, we-the-people must understand how seeking to become usuryfree in 2010 liberates us from economic bondage forever if we commit ourselves to creating and spending our own usuryfree, community currency. The act of creating and spending our own usuryfree, community currency seems foreign to us until we-the-people experience the feeling of empowerism when we sign our own name on an I.O.U. note.

The reality of empowering ourselves by establishing our own retail/wholesale enterprise in our own name is a distant thought for most employees until we re-educate ourselves to think like an SDI entrepreneur. The possibilities are limitless now that home-based enterprises (SDI enterprises are the most common home-based enterprises with 3+ million in Canada) are easy to start-up given the ease of modern technology.

Both the usuryfree community currency movement and the SDI industry evolved similarly during the latter half of the 20th Century. Let's first track the evolution of the usuryfree community currency movement. Barter and trading was well established in the early years of the 20th Century in rural Canada. It blossomed during the Great Depression of the 1930's and even made inroads in smaller urban communities. Informal barter and trading remained a key component of rural economics throughout the 20th entire Century.

During the deep recession of the early 1980's when usury rates spiralled to double digits, engineers were motivated to explore and evaluate alternative economic systems with a goal to creating an improved design implementing a usuryfree computer software. Michael Linton, (Courtenay, B.C.) and John C. Turmel (Ottawa, Ontario) were two engineers who were working on creating opensource software to facilitate record-keeping of we-the-people in local communities who were unemployed BUT ready and willing to use our talents, skills and/or services to serve others.

They were (are) clear-thinking engineers with revolutionary ideas for modern economics. Their combined research and resources created and launched the usuryfree, LETS software on the local, national and international market simultaneously. The invention of the usuryfree, LETS software permited we-the people to experience the reality of creating and spending our own usuryfree community currency.

By the 90's, LETSystems had spread to help we-the-people create abundance and prosperity in local communities all over the world. As we progress into this 21st Century, various hybrids of the original LETS model have surfaced and paper notes are now commonly used by participants within the usuryfree community currency movement.

After the economic collapse of the orthodox, 'usury-based' money system in Argentina in the fall of 2001, millions of Argentines wisely chose to create and spend their own usuryfree community currency commonly called creditos. Pockets of Argentines continue to exchange usuryfree creditos to acquire goods and/or services for themselves and their families and/or businesses.

In this 21st Century, countless websites have appeared which are espousing brilliant ideas about how we-the-people can engage successfully in usuryfree economic alternative concepts that will complement our failing usury-based, orthodox economics. Additionally, numerous software engineers are busy adding `bells and whistles' to the opensource, usuryfree, LETS software so that it can facilitate trades/exchanges among we-the-people in local communities as well as within the national and global markets.

Now, let's track the evolution and progress of the SDI industry which has its roots in the 1940's. Nutrilite, a health and wellness company was one of the leading pioneers of this new and innovative marketing concept which was commonly called 'multi-level marketing.' Later in the 21st Century, the name evolved to network marketing. After establishing how closely language is associated with image and perception, leaders in the SDI industry coined the new anacronym, SDI (Self Directed Income) industry to more aptly describe the network marketing industry in its purest form. The term `SDI industry' refers as well, to other home-based businesses and/or small to medium-sized community businesses which focus on contracting others as independent business persons rather than employing them, as was commonplace in the 201" Century.

Back in the 1960's we had Amway, Mary Kay and Shaklee as the pioneering leaders of the SDI industry. Rich DeVoss and Jay van Andel led the Amway Corporation as it faced challenges in the American court system. Amway's victories permitted it to blaze a trail for hundreds of other SDI companies to follow. Mary Kay Ashe motivated thousands of women to become successful SDI entrepreneurs as independent consultants with May Kay Cosmetics. Dr. Forrest Shaklee established a market in the SDI industry for quality health and wellness products.

By the 1970's the SDI industry was expanding rapidly as true free enterprisers departed ranks with the pioneers and launched competitive companies. The SDI shakedown continued through the 1980's and 1990's and hundreds (perhaps thousands) of smaller SDI companies surfaces and many quickly disappeared.

The SDI companies of the waning 20th Century still scrambled to rid the industry of greedy charlatans whose evidence of greed created a bad image for this fledgling marketing industry which offers a truly unique, service-oriented style of marketing that can be duplicated by anyone who is teachable.

During the final years of the 20th Century, the SDI industry went global and too many zealots focused on the emotion of greed, rather than committing to follow through with the personal growth and development required to succeed as an SDI entrepreneur.

Also in the 1990's came the big box stores, while the giant retailers continued to boom along with the expensive mainstreet franchises. The decade of the 1990's saw a leveling off of the SDI industry as people were making easy money in the Dot Com industry and choosing to spend it lavishly buying merchandise and/or services from giant corporations and/or buying preferred stocks with the seemingly invincible high tech companies.

As we entered this 2I s' Century, the anti-globalization movement targeted the giant corporations and focused our attention on their exploitation of the common people in pursuit of profit. About the same, the Dot Com bubble burst and the common people lost trillions of dollars in their sacred stock portfolios.

Investment dealers and stock brokers re-organized and golden handshakes became commonplace with thousands of dedicated staff previously earned their income(s) in the trading and investment banking market. Coinciding with the Bay Street/Wall Street Bloodbath, in the third quarter of 2002, the McDonald's Corporation experienced its first decline in its stock since 1965 as it loses the business of children because their parents are choosing to focus on healthier eating habits amid the growing controversy about child obesity rates.

Add on retailer frustration with the ongoing expense of frequent buying clubs and customer fatigue with too many conventional customer loyalty cards and the timing is optimal for clubs or networks of consumers who are ready and willing to spend their money differently by buying products and/or services from local entrepreneurs. The SDI industry is reviving itself for second and third stages of growth in this 21st Century as more and more unemployed people search for opportunity as an SDI entrepreneur.

The SDI companies are likewise evolving to a point where they are now permitting we-the-people to create and manage our own SDI Portfolios whereby we have monthly earnings from more than one source. Indeed, the SDI industry is maturing to foster free enterprise and economic freedom for everyone. More details about the history, background and evolution of the SDI industry are posted at the SDI Cyberclassroom at this URL:

When twinned with the usuryfree community currency movement, the SDI industry will lead the way in retail/wholesale marketing of goods and services in this 21st Century. The various usuryfree community currency networks are leading the way by creating an online (or otherwise) database of home-based enterprises (many are SDI enterprises) and small to medium-sized community businesses.

We-the-people are making a conscious choice to shop within our own loyal networks thereby fostering mutual support and re-building local community. Many members of some usuryfree community currency groups are already negotiating informal trades/exchanges with other members from other groups. It is only a matter of time until there will be online trading with our own usuryfree community currencies an integral component of a larger infrastructure.

The big box stores, giant retailers and huge franchisers are least likely to be open to accepting any usuryfree community currency as part of any purchase because it is the business owner who understands the power and potential of creating and spending our own private currency. Since home-based enterprises and small to medium-sized community businesses are owned and operated by the entrepreneur/owner, the concept of bartering/trading will be viewed as an advantage to mutually support we-the-people.

Indeed, we-the -people will create our own reality and our prosperity and abundance will be the real reason to celebrate our economic freedom and/or otherwise.
What can we do NOW? The best plan, immediately acted upon NOW, is better than waiting for the perfect plan at a future date.

Since Facebook offers a place for groups or networks to gather and exchange ideas, let’s use that area to start the online database that can serve we-the-people.

Let's encourage our family, friends and associates to join as a face on Facebook and then commit to networking the information to others within our respective circles of influence and encourage them to multiply and duplicate our efforts. For starters, I recommend searching for the BIS (Be In Serenity) group at Facebook. I created this group in 2007 with the intent of having people join and list their “offers” and “requests” but it has not been used much until now. Readers are invited to go to the BIS group and list your ‘offers’ and ‘requests.’

To ‘Be In Serenity’ is to be aspiring to live usuryfree.

Together, as a collective unit we can have 1000's of Facebook members in 100's of local chapters all across Canada within a very short time.

In a little while, we can be networked globally and we can indeed experience a usuryfree win in 2 oh 10.

Readers are invited to visit these Cyberclassrooms:
The LETS/Barter and Trading Cyberclassroom:
The SDI Cyberclassroom:
The UsuryFree Network Cyberclassroom:
The UFOH (UsuryFree Online Hour) Cyberclassroom:
And likewise readers are invited to visit these websites:

The UsuryFree Eye Opener:
UsuryFree Creatives:
Facebook Profile:

Monday, January 11, 2010

Introducing Life Enthusiast Co-op (LEC)

Life Enthusiast Co-op is a unique SDI (Self Directed Income) opportunity for anyone's SDI Portfolio.

It varies from the conventional SDI opportunities. The modest commissions of 10% over two levels are commonly redeemed in the form of product discounts. With a few people enrolled with you, it helps to reduce the cost of any products that you purchase. It is the quality of the products that keeps me buying them from LEC. My favourite lines of products from LEC are the Exsula green powders.

My favourite product that I regularly purchase from Life Enthusiast Co-op is Exsula Iridesca.

Exsula (Iridesca) Testimonials

Additionally, Martin provides a regular newsletter with an abundance of information that is designed to promote your health and wellness. And he has much more educational information and book reviews etc. available at the website.

My LEC affiliate website is Customers are invited to enrol from my affiliate website and purchase quality health and wellness products.

Life Enthusiast Co-op offers exceptional products that stand the test of time and of direct personal experience. Our product lines are tested against the background of hellish life experiences of the Co-op's founders that moved them into the field of natural healing.

Back in 1977, Martin Pytela, CEO of Life-Enthusiast Co-op, allowed his perhaps well meaning dentist to install twelve mercury fillings in his mouth. The subsequent mercury-poisoning debilitated him for years thereafter.

Seek, and ye shall find - Knock, and the door will be opened to you.

Martin's search for a solution to his chronic degenerative conditions lead him to dedicate years in search for holistic solutions that not only relieve symptoms, but that also return full function to the damaged organs. His search lead him to Jevari Oberon, a man whose career as bioenergetics engineer was inspired by the plague of allegies he had - which no doctor could cure.

It is a long trip from treating symptoms that the established medical practitioners focus on, to treating the cause of sickness.

From painkillers to true rehabilitation.

From crippling pain and misery to living with joy and inspiration, sharing the success stories with all those who seek to hear them. Life-Enthusiast Co-op has now become a mission which transcends the realm of mere physical health, it extends into the spiritual. It is a living entity, which grows through customer feedback and through the research of its members. Our product lines focus on recovery from chronic and degenerative conditions, and on enhancing the well-being and performance of those who consider themselves healthy.

We continually add to our product lines. Growing from a single Exsula Superfood beginning in 1989, we now offer high-quality products for virtually every aspect of well-being. Our goal is for all of our products to act as conduits for you to engage in the four steps you need to take towards your health and well-being.

Cleanse, Nourish, and Balance your Body, Mind and Spirit

Each one of our hundreds of products -a list that grows perpetually- serves to bring you a step closer to optimal health and wellness. We take care of all aspects of the human body - from skin, to individual organs, from cleansing to nutrition on the cellular level.

Have you noticed how dis-ease will appear to strike just one particular area of the body? That's just the weakest link! The same condition is throughout your whole body, it just manifests that way. Our products aim to nourish not only the area where disease strikes, they work by nourishing the entire system - so that disease and its symptoms cannot strike again.

We can help you nourish every aspect of your body, both physical and energetic, clearing energy deficiencies and nutritional deficits with our superfoods and mineral supplements. We can nourish your body with nutrients the foods of our fast-food culture can no longer give. Our Energized Water products make up for the deficits created by water in your city's chemically treated systems.

From cellular level nutrition to body care, from laundry to pet care, we offer products for the whole range of human experience. Many of the product lines we carry were suggested by our customers - although we gave them our own test before featuring them.

We continue to refine our product line through ongoing research. We look for uncompromised products that nurture the entire human experience - body, mind and spirit. We also recommend services of skilled and qualified healers who can help you wherever you are.

Consider the Exsula Superfoods: each ingredient is carefully selected from wild-crafted, organic or impeccably cultivated plant-life-created sources, to be micronized under tight controls that preserve their enzymatic potential so that your digestive system may absorb most of their nutrients. Compare this to man-made pseudo-vitamins, caked in hard to dissolve tablets you find on store shelves across the continent. Sure they are affordable, but what do you actually absorb and utilize?

Would it surprise you to hear one of our customers say: "When I take my Iridesca, it feels like I am filling my body with light ..." She actually did say that. Think of sickness this way: When you have a headache, is it because your body is deficient in ibuprofen? When someone comes down with some kind of cancer, is it because this person is craving chemotherapy, or radiation?… No.

What the body needs and craves are natural nutrients, vitamins, stuff of the earth, foods of nature. We come from nature, we are made of nature, of the earth. So when we are sick, it is the stuff of nature that we need to get better. Life-Enthusiast Co-op offers truly nature-made products infused with life essence, prana, chi, orgone, the soul of life itself amplified.

We have had great success with our products, helping people with chronic and debilitating degenerative diseases. Look under our Dis-ease Information section above, for ideas about products we offer for what may be ailing you. If you are already healthy, our products will help keep you that way, and even fill you with joy and excitement.

We thrive on customer feedback and we celebrate customer discussion. There is a circular play between what customers share with us and what we share with them, and it makes Life-Enthusast Co-op a living and ever-growing entity.

Picture a plant that is withering in its pot, before your eyes. Where it was once a vivid green, it is now the color of pale slime, and its leaves are yellowing and falling off. What would a symptom relieving treatment offer? Will you attempt to glue the leaves back on, or spray it with a coat of green coloring to darken its hue?

Your plant stays sick and gets sicker still, even though this treatment has made it appear to be outwardly well, at least in the short term. Let us give to the plant that which, in its sickness, it is lacking. We feed it energized water and natural nutrients, and soon the vivid green color returns and it grows new leaves.
Should we have focused on the leaves falling off as the problem?

Or should we seek to understand why the leaves were falling off, in the first place? Was the plant's soil dry and lacking nutrients? Using this analogy, you can surely see how we chose the products we offer. In our analogy, the plant could be you, our customer.

Welcome aboard! You are invited as a guest to explore the product lines and make your first purchase. If you like what you see and you are motivated to become an affiliate, then please read the introductory information below and follow the affiliate link for the complete details.

Life Enthusiast Co-op Affiliate Program

Refer Your Friends and See Financial Rewards

When people experience the quality of our products and services, they naturally tell their friends. We think it fair to reward those who help us grow.

When you become an LEC Affiliate you earn 7% of all your friends' purchases. When a customer you've referred makes a purchase (it doesn't matter when), your account is credited with 7% of their products total price. And that customer is yours forever.

There are no minimum purchases or quotas, and you can redeem your rewards in the form of product discounts. If you want your reward in cash, we will need your tax number, as it must be reported to tax authorities as your income.

And it gets better than that...

When those friends talk to their friends, you earn an extra 3% on their purchases and LEC Affiliates promote and advertise our products or services to their personal audience. You can work to actively market our business, giving our products your personal "seal of approval".

How the LEC Affiliate Program Works

Read the details about the LEC Affiliate Program at this link:

Life Enthusiast

The UsuryFree Community Currency Movement…

Interest ought to be correctly called usury. Over the course of the 20th Century, various economic engineers proved beyond a doubt that the design flaw of usury is directly and/or indirectly causing violence, wars, poverty, scarcity and lack. Likewise, economic engineers have taken a leadership role in creating a usuryfree software that permits we-the-people to create our own community currency without interest or usury, therefore these community currencies are defined as usuryfree.

This movement that motivates consumers to shop locally by using their own usuryfree community currency as a complement with their diminishing amounts of usury-bearing federal cash has come to be known as the usuryfree community currency movement. Those who choose to participate are commonly referred to as usuryfree creatives as they are aiming to live a usuryfree lifestyle.

The modern dawning of the Age of UsuryFree Living commenced in the early 1980's when a Canadian engineer, Michael Linton created the usuryfree LETS (Local Employment Trading System) software. Another Canadian engineer, John C. Turmel provided the initial funding to launch the usuryfree LETS software into the global market.

Since then, we have accumulated an abundance of proof positive that we no longer need to be subservient to the banking power that has been ruling this world for centuries. We can now create and spend our own community currencies for FREE, instead of using their (the bankers') currency and keep paying them a FEE (usury).

The traders who use these usuryfree community currencies as a complement with their diminishing amounts of federal cash commonly refer to themselves as usuryfree creatives who are focused on creating a usuryfree lifestyle for everyone on planet earth. Indeed, the world of usuryfree creatives is now expanding as more and more common people see the possibility of experiencing the reality of usuryfree living.

They are learning to acquire products and/or services for their personal, family and business needs by negotiating trades locally by using a usuryfree community currency.

Usuryfree creatives know that the design flaw of usury controls orthodox economics and profits the creditors (bankers) obscenely, while the common debtors (people) endure severe financial stress because they signed impossible loan and/or mortgage and credit card contracts for lack of knowledge about how modern banking really works.

For more details about the usuryfree community currency movement contact:
The UsuryFree Network, P. O. Box 9333, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1G 3V1
Tel: 1.888.NOUSURY Email:

Tom J. Kennedy otherwise known as 'Tommy UsuryFree Kennedy' offers presentations about the usuryfree community currency movement, its modern beginnings in the early 1980's and its progression through the latter years of the 20th Century and it projections for growth as we progress into this 21st Century.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The SDIoneers (Self Directed Income pioneers)

By Tom J. Kennedy

The SDI industry refers to any direct sales business whereby the entrepreneur chooses to market products and/or services as a home-based business opportunity that can be full time or part time. The SDI industry includes the conventional network marketing companies otherwise known as multi-level marketing companies in addition to other direct sales companies as well as any other independent enterprise whereby the owner/operator avoids the pitfalls of having employees by relying on contractors – if and when needed.

Meet the SDIoneers – visionary ‘Self Directed Income pioneers’ who create incomes by marketing quality products and/or services from one or more sources. These SDIoneers usually offer quality products and/or services at retail prices as well as a wholesale business opportunity for anyone who chooses to participate as a SDI entrepreneur. Many SDIoneers also have one or more sideline businesses that offer selected quality products and/or services.

Sometimes these products and/or services are created by the participating SDI entrepreneur, and at other times they are purchased at wholesale from a manufacturing company or a distribution company for retailing to a loyal customer base.

SDIoneers are fascinating and inspiring individuals who pride themselves in daring to do things differently because they see themselves at the cutting edge of solution-oriented approaches to issues relating to economics, health and wellness, energy, spirituality, social justice and the environment.

These innovative SDI entrepreneurs who prefer to be known as SDIoneers are facilitating the progression and evolution of the New Age of UsuryFree Living which will guarantee peace, prosperity and abundance for everyone on this planet. Their collective mission is founded on principles of empowerment, kinship, interdependence and co-operation with an overall goal to restore a sense of community which was surrendered to the greedy world of usury-based banking with debt money during the 20th Century.

The SDIoneers are creating new working models and inviting fellow citizens to refine them. The object is to duplicate them through the process of networking thereby multiplying the benefits for all who choose to participate.

The SDIoneers are correctly being lauded as inspirational role models demonstrating that ‘Warriors of One’ can make a positive difference in exposing the ‘lies, deceit and deception’ that have been plaguing society for hundreds of years. Indeed, the SDIoneers are known for promoting ‘universal truths’ which have been suppressed by the Usury Elites’ Group of Companies which have sought to control the masses for far too long. The Usury Elites’ Group of Companies includes the mainstream print and electronic media as well as the major transnational corporations.

The SDIoneers are advancing their creative concepts within local communities in the boardrooms of SDI entrepreneurs and in the corridors of the various levels of government. As noted and pioneering, SDI entrepreneur Bob Stewart says: “The SDIoneers are central to the re-education of the masses.”

As active SDIoneers, we speak of “learning what you don't know you don't know.” We are pleased and proud to offer 'becoming' SDIoneers various relevant resources for private and public re-education.

For more information: Tel: 1.613.824.1793