Monday, January 4, 2010

The Truth of Leadership

To be a leader is to have a vision and to be able to influence other people. A leader empowers and motivates others. When leaders emerge great events often occur. The challenge for a leader is to chart a positive course for the benefit of others. It is indeed sad that so many perceived business and political leaders seem to pursue selfish interests. Leaders, whether perceived or real can be charged with negative or positive energy. Let us become leaders charged with positive energy and love for others.

Leaders must foster leadership in others. Leaders, whether in a local or a global environment must seek to empower others and avoid pretending to be what they are not. A good leader gives credit to those who do the work so as not to be perceived as arrogant or egotistic.

A good leader corrects misperceptions and dismisses unfounded rumours and/or demeaning gossip. A good leader clearly states who it is who is making the great accomplishments and is grateful to the Divine source of energy for all successes. A good leader knows that it is much wiser to promote others on his/her team as worthy examples of success rather than focusing on any negative aspects of any perceived competition. A good leader understands that the optimal strategy is to promote others. Too much arrogance disempowers and disconnects leaders from those they wish to lead.

The truth is that no leader acts alone. In fact, everyone else does precisely the same as any leader if an organization or a group is growing. In the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry – which includes network marketing, multi-level marketing, direct sales etc. - anyone is a potential leader since anyone can enroll another leader and they in turn can do the same.

There are many examples of leaders in the various overlapping SDI (Self Directed Income) networks that are emerging within the ‘freedom’ movement and the ‘usuryfree community currency’ movement. Within the SDI model, initial enrollees purchase a product or service on the first level and go on to build their respective networks and the enroller’s contribution to their success is approximately 1% - the new enrollee is doing 99% of the work and of course, all participants in the network receive mutual benefits financially and otherwise as any network grows. The first level people can become leaders, and so can the people that they enroll – and so it is for the leadership flows through any matrix at every level.

Leaders are now emerging in the usuryfree community currency movement. As active traders they are reaching out to invite small to medium-sized retail businesses and home-based, SDI enterprises to enroll with active trading networks and accept a portion of usuryfree community currency for any negotiated sale.

The truth is, everyone has the potential to become a leader and will evolve as a leader when they come forth and accept a role in learning, teaching, enrolling and supporting those who are motivated to action. The exponential system of networking potentially makes everyone become a leader very quickly. The sooner you see yourself as a leader, the sooner you will reap the
benefits of your leadership. See yourself as a leader ‘learning and teaching’ with other members of any team who are likewise aspiring to become leaders.

Leaders are like the farmer who simply cultivates the soil, plants the seeds and takes off the harvest. It is the Divine force through the laws of nature that fosters the growth of the plants. If we compare planting to enrolling in any SDI program or any usuryfree community currency group or otherwise, we soon realize that most of anyone’s network is actually enrolled by someone else. As leaders we are grateful and we encourage others to cultivate their own leadership.

Any leader’s greatness is more in their pride than their particular accomplishments – for success commonly comes from team efforts. Likewise, whether within any SDI opportunity or within the ‘freedom’ movement or the ‘usuryfree community currency’ movement, success comes from the efforts of the team. Those who first learn details of any worthy opportunity that helps
to ‘evade usury and/or avoid taxes’ have a responsibility to make sure that every new enrollee understands and is offered an opportunity to benefit by applying the information.

One ought never be totally dependent on all of his/her earnings coming from one source. Furthermore, a sense of community
spirit needs to be re- established in our respective communities so that there is mutual benefit for everyone who chooses to participate.

Should anything ever happen that any one of the strategies or opportunities that we promote, can not or does not deliver the products and/or services within the promised time, I recommend that we as leaders contact the company executives directly to avoid unnecessary gossip and hearsay. Furthermore, any leaders of any group who are now benefiting financially are encouraged to show their true integrity by taking a self-imposed, leadership role in making sure that they offer some sort of compensation for anyone who might not have received value for their initial purchase.

It is our responsibility to track our respective networks so that we always know who has enrolled with us in any SDI opportunity, any ‘freedom’ strategy and/or any usuryfree community currency network. Too often in the past, greed has overtaken rational thinking and the newest enrollees risk being hurt financially when any promise is not delivered as expected.

Leaders must encourage others to see themselves as leaders. They can do this by simply re-directing credit to those who deserve it while continuing to make a quiet contribution in any way that empowers and supports the individual and collective efforts of the entire team.

The ‘usuryfree community currency’ movement and the ‘freedom’ movement will continue to grow at a slow pace or each of these movements will grow at a more rapid pace if they are twinned with the SDI industry and these truths about leadership are passed along to all who choose to participate. So, seek prospect and enrol potential leaders and pass this message about leadership along to them and invite them to duplicate your leadership.

For example, if each active ‘networker’ in the SDI industry and each active ‘freedom seeker’ in the freedom movement and each active ‘usuryfree creative’ in the usuryfree community currency movement commits to enrolling three people and working with them to do likewise, we can blend and mushroom the growth of the SDI industry, the freedom movement and the usuryfree
community currency movement in a very short time and thereby accelerate the paradigm shift that we are now experiencing.

Let’s do it NOW!

See you at the ‘Top Position’ real soon!

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