Thursday, January 26, 2012

Colloidal Silver and Colloidal Gold

By Bruce McBurney

In researching anything, sometimes other things come up related, only because it has been misunderstood or suppressed. I rediscovered colloidal silver in the 1990’s and learned there was much misinformation that scared people away from a safe solution to many more health problems than I can list here. Not being a doctor, I cannot give you medical advice. What I can do is explain the principles I have learned and help you to know what is best for you and yours.

The basic concept is from the statement that colloidal silver is effective when it is a singular silver molecule that can penetrate the cell membrane and disable the enzymes that help the bacteria breathe. The singular silver molecule destroys the bacteria and many infections. It is however not detrimental to human tissue in any way, when it is a singular molecule. This will be effective to work with your immune system but will not accumulate in the body. True colloids do not store but they enable and dissipate in our bodies.

I have found that many of the colloidal silver generators use low voltage and because of the lower voltage, the distilled water did not conduct the voltage. The recommendations was to put in a grain or two of salt to act as an electrolyte and aid in the process of making the silver colloid. However, if you use salt that you do not make a colloid, rather you make a silver chloride that is a compound molecule that cannot penetrate the cell membrane because it is joined to the salt molecule. Also because of its size, the body cannot pass this molecule on and it gets deposited into your skin causing argyria disease – a graying or bluing of the skin. With properly made colloid there is not any skin build up at all and if you ever use a true colloid it will not show up in heavy metals testing. With an inferior product, it will read in testing years later.

Some products advertise the concentration to be rather high – above 20 PPM (Parts Per Million). From my research and reading, I found that anything above 15 PPM would tend to coagulate the silver molecules. Now you would have two molecules joined together. This would not be effective because two molecules cannot penetrate the cell membranes where the singular molecule can. It was stated that with this in mind, the very best colloidal silver would be made at 10 PPM. At 10 PPM, colloidal silver becomes a fungicide.

With all this knowledge in mind and with help from some knowledgeable friends, we developed a simple method using a very high voltage AC (Alternating Current) to make a high quality colloidal silver (and gold) product that has been a blessing to many. We make no health and wellness claims other then these are some of the most effective products that you will ever encounter. Our machine uses the constant flow-over method to ensure the molecules’ singularity and the high voltage (1800 volts) has demonstrated an exceptional shelf life for any colloid. The silver electrodes do not discolour and they can produce thousands of gallons of water with the supplied silver bars. Our machines are ready for resale. We refined our improvements that will make an easily produced colloidal water product – either silver or gold.

For now, we offer our colloidal silver and colloidal gold at a bargain price compared to similar products sold in retail stores (health food stores). I believe that over-pricing can effectively suppress a product. Also, when doctors and pharmacists have never heard of this amazing product, we can discern that the drug companies and the education facilities have done their job well!

We bottle our colloidal silver and gold at 11 PPM – which means 10% better than the best.

500 ml brown bottle of colloidal silver - $30.00 + shipping costs
500 ml brown bottle of colloidal gold - $45.00 + shipping costs

Dosage: ¼ to ½ ounce – three times daily – to restore optimal health and wellness. The same amount once a day will usually help to maintain optimal health and wellness. It’s just a silver mineral that is deficient in most all mineral supplements. Wonder why! Also our colloidal silver and colloidal gold contain no salts or oxides that can build up to cause gray or blue skin discolouring as with inferior or improperly made products.

Full money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied!

Colloidal Silver & Colloidal Gold manufactured by Himac Research is available from:
Tom J. Kennedy, P. O. Box 9333, Ottawa, Ontario K1G 3V1 (by mail order) or by Paypal by using this email address:

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