Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Exsula Iridesca - The Optimal & Perfect Superfood

By Tom J. Kennedy

Exsula Iridesca is the world’s most complete and perfect food. It has a delightful, tropical, fruity taste, yet is about 1000 times as nutritious as ordinary food. Exsula Iridesca is the leading edge product of global, phytonutrient technology.

Exsula Iridesca is 100% plant-life created from nature’s living nutrient accumulator plants. The nutrients from these carefully selected plants feeds the body’s cells better and in ways they have never been fed before. This allows the cells to clean house, remodel themselves, and repair faster than destructive forces and disease are trying to erode them. Within a few months of beginning to consume Exsula Iridesca, the jubilant cells will literally have created a new body.

Exsula Iridesca goes light-years beyond the popular, commercial, casual use of the word ‘natural.’ Exsula Iridesca is in a genuinely, natural plant-life-created superfood blend compatible with anyone’s best standards for full-spectrum, phytonutrient supplementation. Exsula Iridesca is packed with hundreds of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, phytonutrients and enzymes.

Exsula Iridesca’s profound level of nutrition will only enhance the performance of other supplements, herbs or superfoods that anyone may be presently consuming. It is worthy of note to mention that most Exsula Iridesca enthusiasts find it unnecessary to continue with their previous, vast array of mediocre, supplemental products. They commonly simplify to Exsula Iridesca and perhaps a couple of their other favourite supplements. This saves health-conscious consumers hundreds of dollars a year while yielding far superior results.

Exsula Iridesca’s extraordinary, synergistic, nutritional value is inherent to its wide variety of plant concentrates. Exsula Iridesca contains no fillers, no caffeine, no sugar, no artificial sweetners, no artificial colours, no flavourings and no chemical preservatives. It replaces a cabinet full of mediocre supplements.

Every ingredient in Exsula Iridesca is selected as the freshest, most chemical-free and highest bioactivity concentrate available. With an uncompromising symphony of 150 life-created, superfood ingredients from selected crops in every continent (except Antarctica), Exsula Iridesca is a uniquely abundant superfood.

Scientists carefully monitor every stage of plant development from seed stock used in planting, to growing conditions, in order to assure optimal bioactivity and nutrition at harvest time.

Harvested plant material is quickly and carefully dehydrated at the lowest, practical temperatures. This preserves bio-electric nutrients (enzymes) in the same state of hibernation as dormant seeds. When the Exsula Iridesca is rehydrated at the time of consumption, the enzymes again become active as in the fresh juice.

The focus of Exsula Iridesca is enzymes, enzymatic pigments, trace minerals, essential fatty acids and herbal antioxidants. Conventional, retail store products have non of these expensive and rare nutrients.

Freshness is one consideration where Exsula Iridesca cannot be beaten. Another consideration of paramount importance where Exsula Irdiesca really shines in synergistic balance. Jevari Oberon, the inventor/creator of Exsula Iridesca understands nutrient-enzyme synergism and takes advantage of it to achieve the optimal potency at the lowest possible cost. Every ingredient in Exsula Iridesca directly serves the purpose of synergism and effectiveness. No fillers are ever used in the production process.

Exsula Iridesca provides numerous ingredients valued by health enthusiasts. Any attempt to duplicate Exsula Iridesca with a program of individual supplements would be cumbersome and expensive at best.

With Exsula Iridesca, if one wishes to increase one’s energy or antioxidant protection, all one has to do is take a little more. The balance remains constant. Remember, your body deserves the best. Be good to it now and it will be good to you later.

Imagine what Exsula Iridesca can do for you!

- A food so perfect, that from the first taste, your cells begin to awaken and restructure themselves according to your ideal cellular plan.
- A food so complete it provides abundant resources for your body’s every nutrient need, including the needs of all your other foods and supplements have ignored.
- A food so cleansing, decades of accumulated toxins and unwelcomed invaders are gently ushered away leaving your cells cleaner, happier and more energetic then they’ve been since you were a child.
- A food so simple to prepare, a six year old can make their own in a minute.
- A food do satisfying, it abolishes cravings for foods you have been trying to avoid and puts you back in charge of your appetite and diet.
- A food as delicious as the ultimate tropical fruit smoothie from the classiest juice bar instantly available, right in your own kitchen or office.
- A food so nutritionally powerful and synergistic that it surpasses the effectiveness of hundreds of dollars a month in supplements, conveniently replacing handfuls of pills and for a lower price that nutritionally-empty fast foods.

Order a 500 g (17.6 oz) bottle of Exsula Iridesca today. Your cost $150.00 (US Funds) plus shipping and there may be customs duties applied since the product is shipped from the USA.

To order please go to my website for Life Enthusiast Co-op and search for "Exsula Iridesca".

NOTE: In the alternative, contact me as I have a supply of Exsula Iridesca on hand and I would be able to fulfill your order immediately as a discounted price. And I will offer FREE delivery of Exsula Iridesca if you live in the Ottawa area. Tel: 1-613.422-0339 OR Email: tom@cyberclass.net (with 'Exsula Iridesca' in the Subject line.)

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There are numerous stories of appreciation and gratitude for Iridesca's excellence in our files. If you want to read another man's Exsula story, read it hereLet me quote one of our past customers:
"At age 74, long time Exsula enthusiast James R. Ward set a record as the oldest finisher ever of the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon. In the Ironman, James swam 2.4 miles, biked 112 miles and ran 26.2 miles nonstop in 16 hours and 10 minutes!"

With Exsula I have already swum, biked and run further and in a faster time than anyone my age has done in the past. With Exsula I believe I can continue to surpass my own records on into the future.

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