Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Time To Share “Health and Wellness” Resources

By Tom J. Kennedy
It Is time to share and network the “Truth” about alternative treatments and therapies for cancer and other diseases so that everyone will have the opportunity to reclaim and/or maintain optimal health and wellness.

NOTE: The author of this article does not represent or warrant that the information and resources accessible via the content and the numerous, suggested websites is accurate, complete or current. Readers are invited to review the information and consult with their own physician or professional healthcare specialist re: “health and wellness.”


This article may very well be a brief introduction to “what you don’t know you don’t know.” After reading it, bookmark it for future reference and then share it with others. Let’s learn to promote and advocate “health and wellness” instead of settling for managing “sickness and disease.”
Those who read it, and review the content of the various resources that I have complied, will know more about “alternative treatments and therapies” than 95% of medical doctors, oncologists, pharmacists, nutritionists, health and wellness crusaders, sickness and disease managers, other cancer victims and maybe even the cancer victors. To make such a direct statement is not over-stated. It is simply the “truth” from a purveyor of the information. Either the content of this article is correct and worthy of wide dissemination or the 95% are right. You choose!
I was motivated to compose this article after I had ordered and received a copy of Bill Henderson’s book titled: “Cancer-Free – Your Guide To Gentle, Non-Toxic Healing.” I had heard Bill Henderson as a guest on Joyce Riley’s radio talk show earlier in June 2013.
This notable quote by Dr. Bradley Nelson, about the book reveals its significance to people who are seeking optimal “health and wellness.”

“If every cancer patient in America were given this book at the time of their diagnosis, the fraudulent ‘War on Cancer’ would come to a swift end. Millions of lives would be saved, and the fear of cancer as an unstoppable killer would finally be put to rest. I can’t recommend Mr. Henderson’s book highly enough. Buy this book! Read it and become enlightened – share it with your loved ones, avoid your own cancer diagnosis or beat cancer naturally yourself.” – Dr. Bradley Nelson, Chiropractor

If there is one book to recommend for your library on “health and wellness” let it be “Cancer-Free – Your Guide To Gentle, Non-Toxic Healing by Bill Henderson and Carlos M. Garcia.

Relevant Background Information
I am enjoying a healthy lifestyle in my 65th year of this incarnation. I am second oldest from a farming family of ten children raised in rural, eastern Ontario. I currently live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. For over 20 years, my favourite, whole food supplement has been Exsula Iridesca. I give much credit to Exsula Iridesca for the excellent quality of “health and wellness” that I am experiencing.

I am fortunate to have an enthusiastic partner who is likewise focused on “health and wellness.” Since she is healing herself from multiple sclerosis, she avoids sugar, dairy and gluten and I limit the intake of those products also.
We eat more raw foods than cooked foods. We have access to a wholesale source of organic food products in the rural area of Ottawa, Ontario and we purchase at reasonable, co-op prices for ourselves and other friends and neighbours.
We also purchase many supplements from National Nutrition – free shipping in Canada for orders over $79.00 (Canadian Funds).
Any meat that we purchase is organic, grass fed without hormones and produced locally. We buy local, organic, garden produce in season. We rely on colloidal silver as a natural anti-biotic, thereby avoiding flu shots and other vaccinations. We drink pure spring water from a friend’s local well, thereby avoiding fluoridated, city water also laced with chlorine and who knows what else! We do regular rebounding as our favourite exercise and yoga and walking are our other regular exercises. I am grateful that I have had 64 years of healthy living as of this present date.
Since terminating my formal, 34 year career as an elementary school teacher in 2000, I have dedicated much of my energy, time and resources to researching and re-education those who are ‘ready and willing’ to be re-educated on topics that formal education neglects to teach. The highlight of my online, teaching career was being invited to be a guest speaker at the 3rd Annual World Conference on Riba at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in November 2012. The links to the printed and electronic versions on my presentation are posted in the above-listed article.

At this time, midway through 2013 - the Year of UsuryFree Living - I feel compelled to share the knowledge and resources on the topic of “health and wellness” – to encourage more people to pursue “usuryfree and cancer-free” living. Over the years, my self-imposed research about economic issues has always seemed to intertwine with “health and wellness” topics.

It is my hope that family, friends, relatives, working colleagues, neighbours - in fact anyone and everyone will likewise be motivated to re-educate themselves, and then share any new knowledge with others. My ultimate goal is to motivate people to do their own self-imposed research and likewise share any findings so that more and more people can be re-educated on “health and wellness” issues that formal education neglects to teach.
This is a digression from my ongoing research about “economic” issues BUT I daresay that there is much correlation between “economics” and “health and wellness.” I choose to be in pursuit of “usuryfree” and cancer-free” living, and I invite you to choose likewise.
Since the early 1980’s, I have been motivated to research issues relating to (a) our usury-based, debt money system and (b) the ever-evolving usuryfree time currency movement.
I share an abundance of information and resources at (a) My Profile Page at Facebook:

Since I have surpassed Facebook’s limit of 5000 friends who are regularly reading information at my profile page at Facebook, I cannot add any more friends. However, my profile page is open and anyone and everyone is invited to follow me, read and share any relevant postings. The UsuryFree Network page at Facebook is also open and anyone and everyone is invited to “Like” that page and follow the postings that are there.
There are hundreds of relevant articles about solving the many problems that are directly and/or indirectly related to our orthodox, economic system of usury-based, debt money at my twin blogs. (1) The most popular blog is The UsuryFree Eye Opener – where approximately 10,000 visitors from all over the world read and share articles every day: 
The other twin blog is – (2) The SDI(Self Directed Income) Eye Opener where there are various articles re: ‘achieving and maintaining optimal health and wellness' - as well as articles about the Self Directed income (SDI) industry - otherwise referred to as the network marketing industry.

If you have not yet visited my twin blogs, you are invited to do so now. Just go to the blog links and bookmark them for future reference. Thousands of readers from countries all over the world visit my blogs regularly. Current records are indicating that a total of 2 million+ visits have been counted at my twin blogs. May the re-education continue and expand.

I also drink a remarkable, home-made, pro-biotic drink called water kefir and I offer the dried water kefir crystals for sale complete with the recipe to make water kefir.

Many years ago, I was introduced to Life Enthusiast Co-op – an online, “health and wellness” business where I regularly purchase various “health and wellness” products. Life EnthusiastCo-op offers a unique selection of exceptional products from various “health and wellness” companies – with an affiliate option. To browse my affiliate website for the Life Enthusiast Co-op click here. A more detailed explanation of Life Enthusiast Co-op is provided in this article.

Why Choose “Health and Wellness”
Over the years, I have determined that the conventional, “sickness and disease” industry has been highly influenced by the pharmaceutical industry in pursuit of “profit.”
In the past couple of years, so many people – younger than myself – whom I have known in my lifetime have departed planet earth too early. In most cases they relied on information from the “sickness and disease” industry and they knew little or nothing about the “health and wellness” industry.
I get disheartened when I learn about people who are younger than myself who are diagnosed with “cancer,” “multiple sclerosis,” “diabetes,” “strokes” etc.
The majority of people who are diagnosed with “cancer” and other diseases are dying much too quickly, because they are relying solely on the mainstream treatments and they are ignorant about “alternative and/or complementary” therapies.
In recent years, I know and have met a number of people who have healed themselves from multiple sclerosis, diabetes and cancer etc. by focusing on “health and wellness” instead of “sickness and disease.”
One individual who has cured herself of multiple sclerosis is Ann Boroch.  Now she is a certified nutritional consultant and naturopath and an author who believes that perfect health is within reach for everyone.
Ann Boroch now has a private practice in California and she offers telephone consultations specializing in allergies, autoimmune diseases, digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, hypoglycemia, weight loss, and depression/anxiety.
Ann Boroch has authored two books – one about healing candida and another about healing multiple sclerosis and she has coached people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and helped them achieve optimal “health and wellness.”
Cancer and the “Sickness and Disease” Industry
Too many people are cancer victims. If we allow this to continue, then one day anyone and everyone risks being a cancer victim.
I will focus the remaining content of this article on “cancer” and though most of the resources will have valuable information that can be applied to any “sickness or disease.”
The so-defined, conventional treatments for cancer have been and still are failing miserably. Too many cancer victims are enduring nasty side-effects and intense pain for months before “untimely transition” or “gruesome death” for lack of knowledge about the various, alternative, cancer treatments and therapies that are healing those who choose to look beyond the conventional treatments.
The sad news is that the official, mainstream cancer agencies expect that one in every two men and one in every three women will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetime.
The official mortality rates for cancer reveal that one in every four deaths in North America is a cancer death. Acts of coercion, subversion and greed by the conventional cancer industry make cancer victims become financial prisoners of the giant, trans-national pharmaceutical corporations and their rubber-stamping, government authorities.
You are invited to do something – play a role in bringing truth, sanity and morality back so that “health and wellness” trumps “sickness and disease” everywhere on planet earth.
The Canadian Cancer Society
2013 marks the 75th Anniversary of the Canadian Cancer Society and the following statement is written on their website:

Most complementary and alternative therapies have not been scientifically proven to be safe or effective in the treatment of cancer.”

In summary, the Canadian Cancer Society continues to ignore the countless testimonials of cancer survivors who have completely healed themselves of cancer by using one or more of the non-toxic, “complementary or alternative” therapies. Until the Canadian Cancer Society recognizes and supports “complementary or alternative therapies,” it does not deserve financial or volunteer support.

One duly registered, charitable organization that does support individual and family “health and wellness” is The Family LifeFoundation and this is where my annual, charitable donations are directed. 

Since the Family Life Foundation also supports the usuryfree community currency movement, and it welcomes your charitable donations. As awakened individuals, how we spend our money is more important than how we vote.

Why “Alternative or Complementary” Therapies?

Indeed, it is unfortunate that most cancer victims are unaware that their best chance for a complete and long-term recovery lies not with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, but rather with one or more of the proven, workable “complementary or alternative” therapies.

Why are these non-toxic, “alternative and complementary” cancer therapies ignored by conventional medicine?

It is unfortunate that those who rely solely on the conventional treatments are commonly paralysed by fear. Cancer victims who do not permit fear to override their motivation to seek out and find the resources needed to pursue the alternative, healing path are more likely to experience complete healing.

Though the decision to experiment with “alternative and/or complementary” therapies is being made by many thousands of cancer victims each year, it is unfortunate that the majority of these people only seek these “alternative and/or complementary” therapies after conventional treatments have failed and they have been told they have a very short time to live. 

When hopeless, cancer victims choose “alternative and/or complementary” therapies, they do improve their health and live a good quality of life for many years longer. Consider what would have happened if they had pursued the “alternative and/or complementary” therapies before experiencing the side-effects of chemotherapy, radiation or surgery.

The Role of the Doctor

Let’s first consider the role of the doctor. A doctor does not have to be a licensed oncologist to diagnose cancer. Any general practitioner can recommend the diagnostic tools to confirm the type of cancer.

Victims of cancer are encouraged and invited to embark on a course of self-imposed, study and research. After acquiring the necessary knowledge, they will be re-educated and this will permit them to be in a position to select a proposed recovery regime that will have the best chance of reversing the condition that allowed the cancer cells to upset the balance in their body.

If one’s doctor is unwilling to support one’s proposed recovery regime, then choose the option of seeking another medical professional who has dared to break out of the mold that proclaims: “treat cancer symptoms with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.”

It is also advisable to find and work with a coach or an advocate – someone who is likewise aware and awake about the non-toxic, “alternative and complementary” therapies. Together, the cancer victim and coach or advocate must be prepared to do battle with the conventional, cancer ‘system” that recommends only “burn, slash and cut.”

Resources Worthy of Sharing:

To make one’s initial research less stressful permit me to introduce you to various, valuable resources (medical professionals, clinics, therapies, supplements, diet proposals etc.) that have successfully used by many people who have avoided the drastic damage done to their bodies by the conventional “sickness and disease” system. This list is simply a starting point. Please share other relevant resources so that, together we can collect and network any and all relevant resources.

One remarkable resource worthy of sharing is the Bio-Mat distributed by the Richway Corporation. My partner purchased a Bio-Mat and she is very pleased with the product. The infra-red healing mechanism is amazing along with the amethyst crystals. The Bio-Mats state-of-the-art light technology reverses degenerative disease cycles and speeds cellular renewal. This allows post traumatic and surgical healing processes to occur 57% faster. Read more about the Bio-Mat and if you choose make your purchase at this website:
https://usuryfree.biomatmarketing.com - as I have a distributorship to market the Bio-Mat.
Tanya Harter Pierce, authored the book “OUTSMART YOUR CANCER – Alternative Medicine Treatments That Work.”

Tanya Harter Pierce has recently written a detailed and informative article titled: Has Cancer Already BeenCured? – The Truth From An Alternative Cancer Treatment Expert.”  Lots more relevant information at Tanya Harter Pierce's website 

GCNLIVE carries very informative radio talk shows. Click on “Schedule” and note these two radio talk show hosts on Channel 2 - who share an abundance of “health and wellness” information – Joyce Riley and Ben Fuchs. Joyce Riley, who often interviews “health and wellness” guests is on the air every weekday from 8:00 AM until 11:00 AM (EST). Ben Fuchs, a nutritional pharmacist is on the air every weekday from 11:00 AM until 12:00 NOON (EST). All programs are archived for future reference. There are many other noteworthy talk show hosts on GCNlive.com also.

On July 31, 2013, Dr. Katherine Albrecht was a guest on the Joyce Riley radio talk show and she talked about her battle with breast cancer from January 2011 until July 2013. Dr. Katherine Albrecht relied on some conventional and some alternative therapies and she talked at length about her experiences. To listen to her story go to the archived link (see below) and click on (a) hour 1 and (b) hour 2 on the date of July 31, 2013.

Bill Henderson’s book titled: ‘Cancer-Free – Your Guide To Gentle, Non-ToxicHealing’ – This amazing resource book is available as an e-book or softcover at e-bay and at the website posted below, and I highly recommend it for every family.

As Dr. Sherry Rogers writes in `Detoxify or Die',

`I have to laugh when people ask me if I do alternative, herbal, acupuncture or holistic medicine. 'No,' I reply. 'We do state-of-the-art medicine. In other words, we find the biochemical, nutritional and environmental causes and cures rather than blindly drugging everything. Sure, herbs are gentler, safer and more physiologic than drugs and holistic medicine attempts to incorporate many diverse modalities, etc. But there is no substitute for finding the underlying biochemical causes and cures. This is real medicine. This is where medicine should and would have been decades ago, if it had not been abducted by the pharmaceutical industry.'

At her website, check out the various relevant books to improve and maintain a healthy body by Dr. Sherry Rogers

We Have The Cure For Cancer

Murder By Injection By Eustace Mullins

Dr. Sircus website

Dr. Sircus recommends Bio-mats

Dr. Joyce Riley interviews Dr. Sircus on the 3rd hour of her show on August 13, 2013 starting at 8:00 minutes into the hour. Find the 3rd hour of her show on August 13th at this archive link:  

Notable Quotes:

1. "Most cancer patients in this country die of chemotherapy ... Chemotherapy does not eliminate great, colon or lung cancers. This fact has been documented for over a decade. Yet doctors still use chemotherapy for these tumors... Women with breast cancer are likely to die faster with chemo than without it. - Dr. Alan Levine M.D.

2. Cancer is most frequent where carnivorous habits prevail." - Scientific American

3. According to present government statistics, one of every six persons in the population will die of cancer. It will not be long before the entire population will have to decide whether we will all die of cancer or change fundamentally all our living and nutritional conditions." - Max Gerson, 1958

4. "My studies have proved conclusively that untreated cancer victims live up to four times longer than treated individuals. If one has cancer and opts to do nothing at all, he will live longer and feel better than if he undergoes radiation, chemotherapy or surgery." - Professor Hardin B. Jones, University of California

5. "I look upon cancer in the same way I look upon heart disease, arthritis, high blood pressure, or even obesity, for that matter, in that by dramatically strengthening the body's immune system through diet, nutritional supplements, and exercise, the body can rid itself of the cancer, just as it does in other degenerative diseases. Consequently, I wouldn't have chemotherapy and radiation because I am not interested in therapies that cripple the immune system, and in my opinion, virtually ensure failure for the majority of cancer patients." - Julian Whitaker, M. D. 

6. "We have a multi-billion dollar industry that is killing people, right and left for financial gain. Their idea of research is to see whether two doses of this poison are better than three doses of that poison." - Glen Warner M. D. Oncologist

7. "We all live with myths that undermine our capacity to fight cancer. For example, many of us are convinced that it is primarily linked to our genetic make up, rather than our lifestyle. When we look at the research, however, we can see that the opposite is true." - Dr David Serran-Schreiber  (Author of 'Anticancer - A New Way Of Life')

8. "There have been many cancer cures, and all have been ruthlessly and systematically suppressed with a Gestapo-like thoroughness by the cancer establishment. The cancer establishment is the not-too-shadowy association of the American Cancer Society, the leading cancer hospitals, the National Cancer Institute and the FDA. The shadowy part is the fact that these respected institutions are very much dominated by members and friends of members of the pharmaceutical industry, which profits so incredibly much from our profession-wide obsession with chemotherapy.” – Robert C. Atkins, M. D. The Atkins Center, New York

9. "As a retired physician, I can honestly say that unless you are in a serious accident, your best chance of living to a ripe old age is to avoid doctors and hospitals, and learn nutrition, herbal medicine and other forms of natural medicine. Almost all drugs are toxic and designed only to treat symptoms and not to cure anyone. Most surgery is unnecessary. In short, our mainstream medical system is hopelessly inept and/or corrupt. The treatment of cancer and degenerative diseases is a national scandal. The sooner you learn this, the better off you will be." - Dr. Allan Greenberg"

10. "Recently, John Cairns of Harvard University published a study in Scientific American about cancer chemotherapy drugs. He found that chemotherapy drugs benefit at most 5% - 1 out of 20 – of the cancer patients they’re given to and yet chemotherapy is routinely given to 50% of American cancer patients.” – Peter Barry Chowka

11. "As a chemist trained to interpret data, it is incomprehensible to me that physicians can ignore the clear evidence that chemotherapy does much, much more harm than good." - Dr. Alan Nixon Ph.D , former President of the American Chemical Society.

12. "A study which shows the majority of oncologists who refer patients for chemotherapy for lung cancer would not themselves take chemotherapy for lung cancer. And in fact, if the chemotherapy involved cis-platen, something like 75% of them said they wouldn’t take it. But what do these people do all day long? They’re sending people for cis-platen.” – Ralph Moss, PhD.

13. “Cancer is a disease of the immune system. You cannot get cancer unless something has gone wrong with your immune system, because your immune system keeps you healthy. Everyone gets cancer cells in their body every day, but if your immune system is working properly, it destroys those cancer cells, and you are just fine. However, if something is wrong [with your immune system], then those cancer cells are allowed to build up, and they eventually form a tumour or a mass..."
"Now, most of the therapies in conventional medicine are very destructive to the body's immune system. Chemotherapy is nothing more than a poison. The first chemotherapeutic agents were developed during World War 2 as chemical warfare agents. They were designed to kill people. And after the war was over, they had all these chemical warfare agents left over, and they decided to use them on cancer patients in the hope that they might kill a part of them, rather than all of them. But they are still meant to kill..."
"They do not build the immune system. They destroy what is left of the immune system. Radiation therapy does the same thing. Mutilating surgery does the same thing. It destroys your immune system..."
"The chemotherapy and the radiation will destroy a lot of the cancer cells, but rarely will they destroy all of them. So when these cancer cells come back [greatly multiplying again] in about a year or so, not only are they resistant to the previous chemotherapy and radiation therapy that was used, but now you have no immune system left to help you get well. And thus, you succumb to the disease, and you die".
"And that is what happens over and over and over again. That's why half a million people are dying of cancer every year in the United States" - Dr. Lorraine Day

"To the cancer establishment, a cancer patient is a profit centre. The actual clinical and scientific evidence does not support the claims of the cancer industry. Conventional cancer treatments are in place as the law of the land, because they pay, not heal, the best. Decades of the politics-of-cancer-as-usual have kept you from knowing this, and will continue to do so unless you wake up to their reality."  -  Dr. John Diamond M.D. and Dr. Lee Cowden M.D.

“The cancer establishment has a ninety-year history of corruption, incompetence, and deliberate suppression of cancer therapies that actually work,” – Bill Henderson, pg. 295 Cancer-Free

“The American Cancer Society is not interested in a cure. It would go out of business.” – Barry Lynes

"But nobody today can say that one does not know what cancer and its prime cause be. On the contrary, there is no disease whose prime cause is better known, so that today ignorance is no longer an excuse that one cannot do more about prevention. That prevention of cancer will come there is no doubt, for man wishes to survive. But how long prevention will be avoided depends on how long the prophets of agnosticism will succeed in inhibiting the application of scientific knowledge in the cancer field. In the meantime, millions of men must die of cancer unnecessarily."  - Dr. Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize winner.

“Hundreds of millions of people have died DESPITE radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. And many of those died BECAUSE of radiation, chemotherapy and surgery” – NTFC (National Treatments For Cancer)


Do not trust the “sickness and disease” system to take care of your and your loved ones “health and wellness.” Get re-educated. Do the research. Acquire the knowledge - as knowledge is power. Become proactive.

“Becoming usuryfree and cancer-free is a choice. Inform yourself and choose wisely.” - Tom J. Kennedy