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Stephanie Seneff Writes About Sulfur Deficiency?

Could Sulfur Deficiency be a Contributing Factor in Obesity, Heart Disease, Alzheimer's and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

By Stephanie Seneff

1. Introduction

Obesity is quickly becoming the number one health issue confronting America today, and has also risen to epidemic proportions worldwide. Its spread has been associated with the adoption of a Western-style diet. However, I believe that the widespread consumption of food imports produced by U.S. companies plays a crucial role in the rise in obesity worldwide. Specifically, these "fast foods" typically include heavily processed derivatives of corn, soybeans, and grains, grown on highly efficient mega-farms. 

Furthermore, I will argue in this essay that one of the core underlying causes of obesity may be sulfur deficiency.

Sulfur is the eighth most common element by mass in the human body, behind oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. The two sulfur-containing amino acids, methionine and cysteine, play essential physiological roles throughout the body. However, sulfur has been consistently overlooked in addressing the issues of nutritional deficiencies. In fact, the American Food and Drug Administration has not even assigned a minimum daily requirement (MDR) for sulfur. One consequence of sulfur's limbo nutritional status is that it is omitted from the long list of supplements that are commonly artificially added to popular foods like cereal.

Sulfur is found in a large number of foods, and, as a consequence, it is assumed that almost any diet would meet the minimum daily requirements. Excellent sources are eggs, onions, garlic, and leafy dark green vegetables like kale and broccoli. Meats, nuts, and seafood also contain sulfur. Methionine, an essential amino acid, in that we are unable to synthesize it ourselves, is found mainly in egg whites and fish. A diet high in grains like bread and cereal is likely to be deficient in sulfur. Increasingly, whole foods such as corn and soybeans are disassembled into component parts with chemical names, and then reassembled into heavily processed foods. Sulfur is lost along the way, and there is a lack of awareness that this matters.

Experts have recently become aware that sulfur depletion in the soil creates a serious deficiency for plants [Jez2008], brought about in part by improved efficiency in farming and in part, ironically, by successful attempts to clean up air pollution. Over the last two decades, the U.S. farming industry has steadily consolidated into highly technologized mega farms. The high yield per acre associated with these farms results in greater depletion of sulfur each year by the tall, densely planted crops. Plants require sulfur in the form of the sulfate radical (SO4-2). 

Bacteria in well aerated soil, similar to nitrogen fixing bacteria, can convert elemental sulfur into sulfate through an oxidation process. Coal contains a significant amount of sulfur, and factories that burn coal for energy release sulfur dioxide into the air. Over time, sun exposure converts the sulfur dioxide to sulfate, a significant contributor to acid rain. Acid rain is a serious pollutant, in that hydrogen sulfate, a potent acid, penetrates lakes, making them too acidic for lifeforms to thrive. The Clean Air Act, enacted by congress in 1980, has led to substantial decreases in the amount of acid rain released into the atmosphere. Factories have introduced highly effective scrubbing technologies to comply with the law, and, as a consequence, less sulfate makes its way back into the soil.

Modern farmers apply highly concentrated fertilizer to their soil, but this fertilizer is typically enriched in phosphates and often contains no sulfur. Excess phosphates interfere with sulfur absorption. In the past, organic matter and plant residues remained after the fruit and grain were harvested. Such accumulating organic matter used to be a major source of recyclable sulfur. However, many modern machinery-based methods remove a great deal more of the organic matter in addition to the edible portions of the plant. So the sulfur in the decaying organic matter is also lost.

It is estimated that humans obtain about 10% of their sulfur supply from drinking water. Remarkably, people who drink soft water have an increased risk to heart disease compared to people who drink hard water [Crawford1967]. Many possible reasons have been suggested for why this might be true ( Proposed theories for soft water/hard water differences in heart disease), and just about every trace metal has been considered as a possibility [Biorck1965]. 

However, I believe that the real reason may simply be that hard water is more likely to contain sulfur. The sulfate ion is the most useful form of sulfur for humans to ingest. Water softeners provide a convenient environment for sulfur-reducing bacteria, which convert sulfate (SO4-2) into sulfide (S-2), emitting hydrogen sulfide gas. Hydrogen sulfide gas is a poison that has been known to cause nausea, illness and, in extreme cases, death. When the bacteria are thriving, the gas will diffuse into the air and give off a foul odor. 

Obviously, it is rare that the concentration is sufficiently high to cause severe problems. But the sulfate ion is lost through the process. Water that is naturally soft, such as water collected from rain run-off, also contains little or no sulfur, because it has gone through an evaporation-condensation cycle, which leaves behind all the heavier molecules, including sulfur.

2. Sulfur Availability and Obesity Rates

The ultimate source of sulfur is volcanic rock, mainly basalt, spewed up from the earth's core during volcanic eruptions. It is generally believed that humans first evolved from a common ape ancestor in the African rift zone, a region that would have enjoyed an abundance of sulfur due to the heavy volcanic activity there. 

The three principle suppliers of sulfur to the Western nations are Greece, Italy and Japan. These three countries also enjoy low rates of heart disease and obesity and increased longevity. In South America, a line of volcanoes tracks the backbone of Argentina. 

Argentinians have a much lower obesity rate than their neighbors to the east in Brazil. In the United States, Oregon and Hawaii, two states with significant volcanic activity, have among the lowest obesity rates in the country. 

By contrast, the highest obesity rates are found in the midwest and southern farm country: the epicenter of the modern agricultural practices (mega farms) that lead to sulfur depletion in the soil. Among all fifty states, Oregon has the lowest childhood obesity rates. Significantly, Hawaii's youth are faring less well than their parents: while Hawaii ranks as the fifth from the bottom in obesity rates, its children aged 10-17 weigh in at number 13. As Hawaii has recently become increasingly dependent on food imports from the mainland to supply their needs, they have suffered accordingly with increased obesity problems.

In her recently published book, The Jungle Effect [Miller2009], Dr. Daphne Miller devotes a full chapter to Iceland (pp. 127-160). In this chapter, she struggles to answer the question of why Icelanders enjoy such remarkably low rates of depression, despite living at a northern latitude, where one would expect a high incidence of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). 

She points out, furthermore, their excellent health record in other key areas: "When compared to North Americans, they have almost half the death rate from heart disease and diabetes, significantly less obesity, and a greater life expectancy. In fact, the average life span for Icelanders is amongst the longest in the world." (P. 133). While she proposes that their high fish consumption, with associated high intake of omega three fats, may plausibly be the main beneficial source, she puzzles over the fact that former Icelanders who moved to Canada and also eat lots of fish do not also enjoy the same decreased rate of depression and heart disease.

In my view, the key to Icelanders' good health lies in the string of volcanoes that make up the backbone of the island, which sits atop the mid-Atlantic ridge crest. Dr. Miller pointed out (p. 136) that the mass exodus to Canada was due to extensive volcanic eruptions in the late 1800's that blanketed the highly cultivated southeast region of the country. This means, of course, that the soils are highly enriched in sulfur. The cabbage, beets, and potatoes that are staples of the Icelandic diet are likely providing far more sulfur to Icelanders than their counterparts in the American diet provide. (snip) ...

NOTE: This is a lengthy article where the author writes 10 points about sulphur and she lists 39 References at the end of the article. 

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NOTE: Another relevant and interesting article is titled: "How The Sulfur Cycle Works In Crop Nutrition."

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Two New Wiki "Truth" Websites For Alternative Health And Science

By Mike Adams

Dear NaturalNews readers:

It's time for an online wiki that finally told the truth.

As you probably know, wikipedia has long been overtaken by Big Pharma interests who use wikipedia to deliberate smear natural medicine and all the people and organizations who are part of it. One of wikipedia's key founders has openly said he is strongly opposed to alternative medicine, and it's clear the wikipedia website is deliberately used as a tool to defame and disparage holistic doctors, non-profit groups and even healing nutrients!

It's time to launch a wikipedia alternative that tells the truth about medicinal herbs, nutritional therapies, alternative cancer treatments, acupuncture, chiropractic medicine and all the people, groups and organizations that promote health freedom.

INTRODUCING two new wikis being launched right now: - A site that aims to tell the truth about nutrients, natural medicine, holistic therapies, healing foods, superfoods, health product companies, alternative medicine doctors, practitioners, authors, educators and more. - A site that dares to tell the truth about controversial and alternative topics: free energy, consciousness, parallel universes, the Federal Reserve, fluoride, aspartame, vaccines, etc... plus all the people and corporations who need to be exposed for who they truly are.

There's almost nothing on these websites so far... they are in "pre-launch" phase and need your help. But here's an example temporary page on Oregano to show you the format:

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REMEMBER: Everything you post on the wiki sites as an anonymous user has complete immunity under current U.S. law. Believe it or not, wikipedia has been able to knowingly publish false, defamatory information for many years with complete legal immunity thanks to the DMCA. Obviously, we encourage you to post truthful information on these wikis, but do so with complete confidence in knowing you can finally tell the truth with complete legal immunity. (Do not use your real name as your username, obviously.)

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Use your imagination! Everything worth knowing about alternative medicine, natural health, nutrition and health freedom is worth posting on these wikis. Here at Natural News, we will also be creating new pages on these wiki sites, and we'll be promoting them through our email and social media lists to accelerate the popularity of these websites.

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It's time we fought back against the wikipedia disinfo machine, and this is how we do it! Join or today to get started. :-)

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

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Using Your Profit To Help Others Actually Benefits You

When I talk to people about why they want to do network marketing or why they are pursuing passive income streams, one of the most common answers I get is that they want to live the freedom lifestyle by working less and earning more.

What if I told you that when you use your income to help others, not just provide for yourself, you can actually earn more and gain more freedom? Research has proven that givers are more successful.

ig Ziglar once said: “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” How exactly does this success secret work?

Wharton professor Adam Grant has done significant research into this very idea and even published a book, “Give and Take: a Revolutionary Approach to Success,” about his findings.

One of his most significant findings is that success depends on how we treat others and the types of relationships we form. Those relationships come about and grow when we give to others.

Grant believes it takes much more than industry knowledge, hard work, sound business decisions and strategy to be successful. He says givers are more likely to be optimistic about people and what they are capable of.

“If you’re a giver, then you build quality relationships, and with those relationships you’re exposed to opportunity over the long term. You actually increase your own luck so far as you contribute things to other people.”  Grant says.

Looking for opportunities to help others by giving to charities, sponsoring events, taking time to volunteer and becoming a regular donor will help you build the kind of relationships and gain the kind of outlook that can help you be more successful in business.

When we give, we gain a new outlook on life. We begin to see the good in others, accentuate the positive and become less self-centered. Building a successful business does require you to make decisions that will benefit you and your team, but it also requires you to find ways you can meet others’ needs.

Network marketing is all about building relationships. To be successful in this field you need to be able to connect with people and forming habits of giving can help you develop this skill and bring new opportunities to your business.

But, the benefits of giving aren’t just individual benefits. When your entire team gives it becomes stronger. Teams that regularly volunteer together, donate time and resources and reach out to charitable organizations gain something other teams don’t have.

You spend a lot of time together as a team finding ways to grow your business, sell more products and make more money. But, what if some of that time and energy was spent giving?

When your entire team gives, each of your team members will gain that positive outlook and will feel a stronger sense of commitment and loyalty to your group and the community.

Giving as a team allows you to combine all your strengths and talents, strive for a common goal and feel satisfied in results that can only be achieved as a team. There’s a certain sense of satisfaction and optimism that comes when your team accomplishes something that is selfless.

As your team experiences giving together, it will become a more valuable asset. Your team members will grow closer together and be capable of achieving even more. Giving together allows people to develop a sense of camaraderie that is invaluable to a network marketing team.

When you and your team use your time, talents and even profit to give, everyone wins. The recipient of your giving gets much-needed help while your business gains a new level of optimism, a stronger team and more business opportunities.

Using our profit for good is a responsibility we have as network marketers, but it’s a responsibility that comes with great rewards.

If you are interested in learning about more ways to strengthen your team, contact me. I help businesses be successful from the very beginning, so their team members can have freedom of time and money and so they can give back to their communities.

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ACN Grows By More Than $100 Million In A Single Year

NOTE: ACN offers a popular SDI business opportunity that markets phone services, wireless, gas and electricity, merchant services, high speed internet, home security and automation, television and more ... People simply change the way they spend their money for services that they buy and need on a monthly basis. 

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ACN Grows By More Than $100 Million In A Single Year
by Nicole Dunkley

While working on its annual Global 100 list which recognizes the top 100 direct selling companies in the world, Direct Selling News, the direct selling industry’s premier publication, discovered that ACN Inc., along with only a handful of other companies, grew by over $100 million in a single year.

In fact ACN grew by $118 million, going from $582 million in revenue in 2012 to $700 million in 2013 – making ACN the 20th largest direct selling company worldwide.

Direct Selling News explains that “very few companies in any industry ever achieve a growth of $100 million or more, much less in a single year,” making this a rare achievement.

They further stated that, “Not only have they achieved and exceeded a mark that less than one-half of 1 percent ever reach, they have duplicated that effort in a one-year time frame!”

Direct Selling News also noted that ACN, along with the other companies who reached this milestone, share 5 practices that help the company to be successful:

1.    Tremendous focus on our brand and product
2.    Utilizing tools for our salesforce
3.    Investing in customer acquisition
4.    Emphasizing personal development in our culture
5.    Focusing on developing strong leaders

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Hormone-Disrupting Activity of Fracking Chemicals Worse Than Initially Found

Many chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, can disrupt not only the human body's reproductive hormones but also the glucocorticoid and thyroid hormone receptors, which are necessary to maintain good health, a new study finds. The results were presented Monday at the joint meeting of the International Society of Endocrinology and the Endocrine Society: ICE/ENDO 2014 in Chicago.

"Among the chemicals that the fracking industry has reported using most often, all 24 that we have tested block the activity of one or more important hormone receptors," said the study's presenting author, Christopher Kassotis, a PhD student at the University of Missouri, Columbia. "The high levels of hormone disruption by endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) that we measured, have been associated with many poor health outcomes, such as infertility, cancer and birth defects."

Hydraulic fracturing is the process of injecting numerous chemicals and millions of gallons of water deep underground under high pressure to fracture hard rock and release trapped natural gas and oil. Kassotis said spills of wastewater could contaminate surface and ground water. 

In earlier research, this group found that water samples collected from sites with documented fracking spills in Garfield County, Colorado, had moderate to high levels of EDC activity that mimicked or blocked the effects of the female hormones (estrogens) and the male hormones (androgens) in human cells. However, water in areas away from these gas-drilling sites showed little EDC activity on these two reproductive hormones.

The new study extended the analysis to learn whether high-use fracking chemicals changed other key hormone receptors besides the estrogen and androgen receptors. (Receptors are proteins in cells that the hormone binds to in order to perform its function.) Specifically, the researchers also looked at the receptor for a female reproductive hormone, progesterone, as well as those for glucocorticoid—a hormone important to the immune system, which also plays a role in reproduction and fertility—and for thyroid hormone. The latter hormone helps control metabolism, normal brain development and other functions needed for good health.

Among 24 common fracking chemicals that Kassotis and his colleagues repeatedly tested for EDC activity in human cells, 20 blocked the estrogen receptor, preventing estrogen from binding to the receptor and being able to have its natural biological response, he reported. In addition, 17 chemicals inhibited the androgen receptor, 10 hindered the progesterone receptor, 10 blocked the glucocorticoid receptor and 7 inhibited the thyroid hormone receptor.

Kassotis cautioned that they have not measured these chemicals in local water samples, and it is likely that the high chemical concentrations tested would not show up in drinking water near drilling. However, he said mixtures of these chemicals act together to make their hormone-disrupting effects worse than any one chemical alone, and tested drinking water normally contains mixtures of EDCs.

"We don't know what the adverse health consequences might be in humans and animals exposed to these chemicals," Kassotis said, "but infants and children would be most vulnerable because they are smaller, and infants lack the ability to break down these chemicals."

This study received funding from the Passport Foundation Science Innovation Fund, the University of Missouri, and from the Environmental Protection Agency, through a STAR predoctoral fellowship awarded to Kassotis.

Founded in 1916, the Endocrine Society is the world's oldest, largest and most active organization devoted to research on hormones and the clinical practice of endocrinology. Today, the Endocrine Society's membership consists of over 17,000 scientists, physicians, educators, nurses and students in more than 100 countries. Society members represent all basic, applied and clinical interests in endocrinology. The Endocrine Society is based in Washington, DC. To learn more about the Society and the field of endocrinology, visit our site at Follow us on Twitter at!/EndoMedia

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What’s Up with Bicarbonate of Soda (Baking Soda)?

By Dr. Mark Sircus

Sodium bicarbonate, or bicarbonate of soda is making the news and is making further headway into the world of medicine. There is even a song written about sodium bicarbonate, and how it can save a person’s life when they have cancer.
Vince Richards wrote a song after visiting his mom in Spain during her treatment for non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL) – a cancer that starts in the lymph nodes and lymphatic system. The song is about the support Valerie’s family and friends offered during an appalling time. And now that the 70-year-old is clear of cancer, it’s also about her incredible recovery. Diagnosed in the summer of 2010, Valerie’s situation was bleak.
Valerie had chemotherapy but Vince and his sister started looking around for anything else that might help. They both came across stories of people who had taken bicarbonate of soda and followed diets rich with high alkaline vegetables.
The idea is that cancer cells enjoy an acidic environment and baking soda and some foods may raise pH to more alkaline levels. Valerie took the bicarbonate of soda each day with maple syrup. “All I can say is the doctors were extremely surprised at how quickly it had cleared up.”
Now my book Sodium Bicarbonate is available in hardcopy as well as in eBook forms.
Science knows that bicarbonate-induced extracellular alkalization leads to significant improvements in the therapeutic effectiveness of certain chemo agents[1]. A number of studies have shown that the extracellular pH in cancers is typically lower than that in normal tissue and that an acidic pH promotes invasive tumor growth in primary and metastatic cancers.[2] The external pH of solid tumors is acidic[3] as a consequence of increased metabolism of glucose and poor perfusion.[4Acid pH has been shown to stimulate tumor cell invasion and metastasis in vitro and in cells before tail vein injection in vivo.[5]
The extracellular pH (pHe) of many solid tumors is acidic as a result of glycolytic metabolism and poor perfusion. Acidity promotes invasion and enhances metastatic potential. Tumor acidity can be buffered by systemic administration of an alkaline agent such as sodium bicarbonate. Tumor-bearing mice maintained on sodium bicarbonate drinking water exhibit fewer metastases and survive longer than untreated controls. We predict this effect is due to inhibition of tumor invasion.
Sodium Bicarbonate (NaHCO3), commonly called baking soda or bicarbonate of soda, is a natural substance used in the human body within the bloodstream to regulate pH as a counterbalance to acid build up, which is critical to life. It affects the pH of cells and tissues, balances cell voltage, and increases CO2, which helps with oxygenation.
Sodium Bicarbonate is one of the most flexible medicinals in terms of methods and modes of administration. It can be injected in emergency room situations, taken orally, nebulized, used transdermally as a lotion or paste, put in enemas and in larger quantities in therapeutic baths. Just dissolve it in water or when treating cancer it can also be mixed with Blackstrap Molasses, maple syrup, or a good honey as well as with lemon or mix with citric acid for use in baths or when making your own bath bombs.
Sodium bicarbonate cancer treatment focuses on delivering natural chemotherapy in a way that effectively kills cancer cells while dramatically reducing the brutal side effects and costs experienced with standard chemotherapy treatments. Robert J. Gillies and his colleagues have demonstrated that pre-treatment of mice with sodium bicarbonate results in the alkalinization of the area around tumors.6
There is no question that plasma bicarbonate concentrations are shown to increase after oral ingestion. The most important effect of bicarbonate ingestion is the change in acid-base balance as well as blood pH and bicarbonate concentration in biological fluids. In Europe, spa-goers drink bicarbonate-rich water to heal ulcers, colitis and other gastric disorders. Ingesting bicarbonate by way of bathing stimulates circulation, possibly benefiting those with high blood pressure and moderate atherosclerosis.
The pH is a chemical rating system used to measure acidity in a solution. In the human body, pH balance is disturbed by mainly poor diet and, when left unchecked, high levels of acid in the body can lead to most degenerative diseases. Keeping the body’s pH levels balanced can be done by improving diet, consuming more fruit and vegetables including dark leafy greens, but it can also be achieved with the ingestion of sodium bicarbonate used to kick start the process toward more alkalinity. Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), is a natural antacid and an inexpensive, yet very effective, way of balancing pH levels in the body.
For years I have been receiving testimonies about sodium bicarbonate and another one I just foundwhile researching this article was about basal skin cancer.
“My mother had the basal cell removed surgically twice more before she finally let me try the baking soda treatment. I modified the concoction by using coconut oil instead of water, as raw organic coconut oil helps in the regeneration of skin cells. I mixed one part baking soda and one part coconut oil (a teaspoon of each) in a shot glass and stirred it up until it became a malleable paste, which is what I applied to the affected area. The results were truly astonishing.
Looking back at the start of this whole experience, I realize that I was just as skeptical as most people with regards to a successful treatment that costs only a few dollars, not to mention one that is sitting in my kitchen pantry! I completely understand why a simple solution like baking soda and coconut oil would be cast aside in favor of a more ‘sophisticated’ treatment.”
[1] Enhancement of chemotherapy by manipulation of tumour pH.
Raghunand N1, He X, van Sluis R, Mahoney B, Baggett B, Taylor CW, Paine-Murrieta G, Roe D, Bhujwalla ZM, Gillies RJ. Br J Cancer. 1999 Jun;80(7):1005-11 –

[2The potential role of systemic buffers in reducing intratumoral extracellular pH and acid-mediated invasion.;Silva AS  et al; Cancer Res.2009 Mar 15; 69(6):2677-84. doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-08-2394;
[3Imaging pH and metastasis. NMR Biomed. 2011 Jul;24(6):582-91. doi: 10.1002/nbm.1644. Epub 2011 Mar 8.
[4Bicarbonate Increases Tumor pH and Inhibits Spontaneous MetastasesIan F. Robey, et al; Cancer Res. Mar 15, 2009; 69(6): 2260–2268.;
[5] Ibid.
[6Reduction of metastasis using a non-volatile buffer;Ibrahim Hashim A et al; ;Clin Exp Metastasis; 2011 Dec 28(8):841-9. doi: 10.1007/s10585-011-9415-7. Epub 2011 Aug 23;
7 Investigating mechanisms of alkalinization for reducing primary breast tumor invasionBiomed Res Int. 2013;2013:485196. doi: 10.1155/2013/485196. Epub 2013 Jul 10.

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