Thursday, July 24, 2014

Two New Wiki "Truth" Websites For Alternative Health And Science

By Mike Adams

Dear NaturalNews readers:

It's time for an online wiki that finally told the truth.

As you probably know, wikipedia has long been overtaken by Big Pharma interests who use wikipedia to deliberate smear natural medicine and all the people and organizations who are part of it. One of wikipedia's key founders has openly said he is strongly opposed to alternative medicine, and it's clear the wikipedia website is deliberately used as a tool to defame and disparage holistic doctors, non-profit groups and even healing nutrients!

It's time to launch a wikipedia alternative that tells the truth about medicinal herbs, nutritional therapies, alternative cancer treatments, acupuncture, chiropractic medicine and all the people, groups and organizations that promote health freedom.

INTRODUCING two new wikis being launched right now: - A site that aims to tell the truth about nutrients, natural medicine, holistic therapies, healing foods, superfoods, health product companies, alternative medicine doctors, practitioners, authors, educators and more. - A site that dares to tell the truth about controversial and alternative topics: free energy, consciousness, parallel universes, the Federal Reserve, fluoride, aspartame, vaccines, etc... plus all the people and corporations who need to be exposed for who they truly are.

There's almost nothing on these websites so far... they are in "pre-launch" phase and need your help. But here's an example temporary page on Oregano to show you the format:

THESE TWO SITES NEED YOUR HELP to make these websites a success. Both sites are 100% non-profit and non-commercial. They need your help to create new page entries, edit existing entries and promote those entries with links from your blogs and websites.

With your help, we can all collectively build two different powerful wiki websites that rival wikipedia on these specific topics. Over time, these wikis will acquire many hyperlinks and search engine rankings, helping other people finally DISCOVER THE TRUTH about nutrition, natural medicine, holistic therapies and many other topics that are critical for the public to learn.


1) To help get these sites off the ground, simply email your desired username to or and request a user account (you can suggest any username you want). If you wish to contribute to both sites, send an email to both addresses. You do NOT need to send them your real name or full name.

2) Once you receive your user login details, you will be able to log in to the wiki website(s) and start creating new wiki pages! Use this getting started guide for easy-to-follow instructions:

3) Here at Natural News, we will begin promoting the pages that you create which offer interesting content, such as descriptions of interesting people, useful nutritional information, health freedom entries or even entries that expose evil individuals or corporations. (The site needs a detailed page on Monsanto, for example, along with hundreds of other evil corporations and individuals who promote poison.)

REMEMBER: Everything you post on the wiki sites as an anonymous user has complete immunity under current U.S. law. Believe it or not, wikipedia has been able to knowingly publish false, defamatory information for many years with complete legal immunity thanks to the DMCA. Obviously, we encourage you to post truthful information on these wikis, but do so with complete confidence in knowing you can finally tell the truth with complete legal immunity. (Do not use your real name as your username, obviously.)

These wikis need your help to create entries on things like:
* Famous people in the natural health movement
* Healing foods and food nutrients (such as vitamin C)
* Natural product companies and what they offer
* Dangers of each popular prescription drug
* Truth pages about drug companies, vaccine companies and biotech companies
* Truth pages about medical treatments like chemotherapy, bariatric surgery and vaccines
* Pages on food ingredients, toxins, sweeteners, preservatives and more

Use your imagination! Everything worth knowing about alternative medicine, natural health, nutrition and health freedom is worth posting on these wikis. Here at Natural News, we will also be creating new pages on these wiki sites, and we'll be promoting them through our email and social media lists to accelerate the popularity of these websites.

Also, if YOU are an author, blogger, speaker, doctors or other public figure in this industry, create a page about yourself! Or create a page about your favorite products or companies!
Remember, just send an email to or with your desired username, and they will set up your account so you can get started.

Together, we can finally start teaching the public the truth about these important concepts and displace the false disinformation published by wikipedia in its effort to destroy the credibility of alternative medicine.

It's time we fought back against the wikipedia disinfo machine, and this is how we do it! Join or today to get started. :-)

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

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