Monday, March 18, 2013

Introducing BonVoyage Elite

BonVoyage Elite Business Overview - There's Money In The Wave!  

The worldwide, Travel and Tour industry generates $8+ trillion annually. How much do you (and your family) spend on vacations annually? Are you interested in learning how you can save money with a lifetime membership to an international travel company with a proven track record?

Enter BonVoyage Elite – a multi-national conglomerate in the Tour and Travel industry, based in the Caribbean, with offices beyond the Caribbean. Steve Sughrim, Steve Abraham and Michael Arucan are the three co-founders of BonVoyage Elite. Together, they have created a unique travel company that not only permits you to travel the world at discounted prices, but also offers you an exciting SDI (Self Directed Income) opportunity.

BonVoyage Elite is an established, private, travel club that operates in 250+ countries all around the world. Bon Voyage Elite continues to line up hundreds of superb products and services related to the travel industry – hotels, condos, cruises, flights, auto rentals, gyms, spas etc.

As a member you are issued a BonVoyage Elite Lifestyle card. The BonVoyage Elite Lifestyle card along with a BV ID number will be emailed to you when you become a BonVoyage Elite member. The BonVoyage Elite Lifestyle card is an e-card and with the BV ID number you will be granted the privilege of shopping for vacation deals at the BonVoyage Elite Vacation Center.

As a BonVoyage Elite member, you use the BV number to search for and book travel from the Vacation Center at your personalized, BonVoyage Elite website. My personalized, BonVoyage Elite website is titled “BVEGlobalGroup” and the url is:

Fans of BonVoyage Elite visit regularly at this "Fan Page at Facebook" to keep updated on events and happenings.

Members of the BonVoyage Elite club can book a vacation or getaway in luxury hotels or condos or go on a cruise - for lower prices.

Additionally, members of BonVoyage Elite have exclusive access to “Hot Weeks” – special deals of the week are released weekly on Thursdays. These offers are very attractive if you can plan a vacation on short notice.

When you become a member of BonVoyage Elite you can expect the highest standard of customer service and you can book online 24/7.

At BonVoyage Elite you can expect great deals on all your travel needs and the highest standard of customer service. If you are unsure of where you would like to vacation, then you simply fill out the Vacation Request and you will receive a reply with accompanying prices and available options.

Whether you are planning to book a Condo Week, a Cruise Package or a Hotel, you simply contact the Vacation Center Reservation office and you will get top-of-the-line assistance.

And, of course, you will have access to training and marketing materials in your “back office” – when you choose to actively promote this unique SDI (Self Directed Income) opportunity.

The BonVoyage Elite staff are fully dedicated to making your travel experience perfect at the best, available prices.

As a member of BonVoyage Elite you get access to a “back office” with a menu that has icons for (a) Products (b) My Account (c) My Team (d) Marketing (e) Training and (f) Support.

There are documents to read entitled: "How to Use Your Travel Center" and "Condo Do's and Don’ts".

As a BonVoyage Elite member you also have access to optional Custom Travel cards as well as special car rental deals with Avis and Budget – with savings of up to 25%.

Remember, you are financially rewarded for sharing your travel experiences with others through the BonVoyage Elite Wave Compensation Plan. The more people you introduce to BonVoyage Elite, the more financial rewards you earn.

You are invited to go to my personalized, BonVoyageElite website and click on the icon “About Us”  and read the information under these 5 titles: (a) Why Vacation (b) Why Vacation With Us (c) What’s New (d) Our Company and (e) Careers

When you are ready to purchase your “Lifetime BonVoyage Elite Travel Membership” for $545.00 (US Funds) click on the “Join Us” icon at my personalized, BonVoyage Elite website:

I recommend that you also become an Independent Business Owner (IBO) of BonVoyage Elite for the additional fee of $50.00 (US Funds).

When you continue to where you pay by credit card, the total price is actually $595.00 (US Funds). This fee includes at webinar titled: “35 Ways To Successfully Market Any Business.” This is the digital, online product that you pay for AND the bonus is (a) the Free membership with BonVoyage Elite and your IBO (International Business Opportunity) with BonVoyage Elite. 

This unique marketing strategy keeps this SDI (Self Directed Income) business opportunity legal worldwide. The “product purchase” is the online seminar. This ensures that the BonVoyage Elite business opportunity revolves around retailing a specific product, rather than simply selling access to BonVoyage’s travel services.

So the bottom line is it will cost you $595.00 (US Funds) to become an active member of Bon Voyage Elite. Remember - when you go to pay with your credit card, the total amount will be $595.00 (US Funds).

If you have any questions, please forward an email to: with “BonVoyage Elite” in the Subject line.

Enjoy this day!
Tom J. Kennedy

NOTE: One of our team leaders, J.J. Conway has posted this brief presentation at this YouTube link: BonVoyageEliteCorporate 2013 Business Overview

NOTE: The UsuryFree Network is recommending this unique SDI (Self Directed Income) opportunity as a 'fundraiser' to support our ongoing mission of networking information to those who are 'ready and willing' to be re-educated. If you are considering enrolling with our team please forward an email to: with "I wish to enrol with BonVoyage Elite" in the Subject line. We will send you back an email with a link from one of our team members where you will be invited to enrol. 

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