Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Timely "Adaptabiliy" Rant By Bob Crisp Rant For SDI Entrepreneurs

 By Bob Crisp

Good day mates... as my Aussie friends might say... and did say this week... always good to meet new friends and discover their passions and share some ideas about what's going on in our great industry... ideas are priceless aren't they? Well some of them are priceless because they're not worth much... LOL... but I've had a few that have worked out very well... usually they come while reading a good book, listening to a friend, or attending an event.

As I get older I tend not to tolerate as much insanity as I once did... closed minds, boring people, repetitive behavior (Making the same mistakes over and over again) it just doesn't add up to me... and therefore makes little sense to me to "hang out" with the stale and stuck of the planet earth... which brings me to my Sunday rant.

This morning's subject is "Adaptability" most people are not adaptable hardly at all, they wear the same styles year in and year out, same house or neighborhood all their lives and go to the same church, job, and super market... There was a song popular in "My day" (No I didn't go to school with Moses) the song was called "Right or Left at Oak Street" the lyric went something like this "Right or left at Oak Street that's the choice I make every day, I don't know which takes more courage, the staying or the running away."

Emerson said "Most men live lives of quiet desparation" - the movie "Groundhog Day" was a depiction of the routine of life... one day like the next little to distinguish one day from the next... my mom used to cook porkchops on Weds night, we had grilled cheese sandwiches on Sunday night... EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT.

Samuel Johnson said "The Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too strong to be broken" Adaptability? The ability to adapt to change... and perhaps even more to seek change... to yearn for something different if not better... why do some people reach for the stars while others toil in mediocrity?

Could it be that some people are fortunate to be stirred up or awakened by some fate or destiny? If you've been trapped in an environment for so long that it has become routine... shouldn't you at some point recognize your life has become dull and repetitive and seek to do something about that?

In my career I've learned that finding someone to awaken the dream in you, raise the ire in you, provoke or stimulate you/us into seeing yourself differently... I memorized this little ditty when I was 29 years old... "I vividly visualize myself as the person I want to be and I am enthusiastically achieving my goals."

I used to repeat this to myself everyday to remind myself not to allow myself to fall into a rut... I was talking to a Nuskin Hawaii Blue Diamond once and asked her if she had a weekly opportunity meeting? She replied that she did and told me the venue she used EVERY week... I asked her if I could guess how the meeting went? She smiled and replied in the affirmative.

I said, you have roughly the same number of people every week... 4-6 "Guests" each week if any at all and whoever is doing the meeting does the same thing every week... right? She said "How did you know?"

I replied "it's easy because I seen it a thousand times..." you've fallen into a rut... a routine... and you are addressing the 4-6 guests but failing to address the other 90 or so people who come to your meeting but don't bring anyone... when in fact the real "Prospects" are the ones you THINK are already "IN" but by their fruits (the fact they show up but don't bring guests) indicates quite clearly that they are not buying into your strategies nor do they find your execution appealing.

So think on this... while repetition is the mother of learning... it is also the father of boredom... Great organizations are built on (1) Well organized Systems (2) Creative Strategies (3) Passionate Execution and the ability to articulate and sell the whole concept with great affectiveness. Next up? Teaching toughness... just sayin!

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Lloyd Mear and Frequency Healing

Lloyd Mear who is 78 years young - lives in California.

We first learned about Lloyd Mear and Frequency Healing in February 2011.

Josée had been drinking the American Indian tea made from the tiaga mushroom since mid-December 2010 and one of the benefits of drinking this tea is that it rebuilds stem cells. On the first telephone call, Lloyd was able to identify that Josee was experiencing stem cell repair and we had not told him that she was drinking American Indian tea. This was impressive. Since 2011, we have had various telephone-healing sessions with Lloyd Mear and we have purchased his nano-water.

Lloyd Mear is an engineer and dowser who has developed a variation of the ancient form of divination and turned it into a method of healing. Lloyd Mear uses sequences of numbers to restore vibrational integrity within his clients.

Lloyd Mear explores how numbers work and he explains that the body can perform healing on itself with the proper combination of energy, intention and the right numerical sequences. Lloyd Mear compares his work to tuning a radio on a selected dial where there is a specific frequency. If you don’t get the right frequency you cannot listen to the radio program - you will only get static instead.

Lloyd Mear’s understanding is that each and every ailment, nutrient, emotion etc. has it’s frequency that is signified by a sequence of selected numbers - otherwise referred to as “healing by numbers.” Lloyd Mear has discovered that by reciting the correlative number for balancing a particular ailment, the body human body has the capacity to respond in a manner similar to how it responds to any physical antidote.
Here are some relevant video clips:

1. About Lloyd Mear
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3. Energy Balancing By Numbers (Dedicated To The Work of Lloyd Mear)

4. The Healing Power of Intention and Numbers

5. Lloyd Mear | Frequency Healing (Part 1)

6. Lloyd Mear | Live Session (Part 2)

7. Preview of Interview with Lloyd Mear

Readers will also appreciate these audio clips of an interview with Lloyd Mear.

8. Part 1/6:

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Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Coordinated Effort Is Underway NOW!!

The usuryfree creatives who double as SDI entrepreneurs endorse the usuryfree community currency movement and this proposal by usuryfree creative, Tom J. Kennedy aka ‘Tommy UsuryFree Kennedy.’ The proposal is that we-the-people co-ordinate our efforts to build our own loyal network of participating traders who are willing to accept a percentage of federal cash with a percentage of any usuryfree community currency for any negotiated sales/ purchases of products and/or services.

What little adverse criticism that we have received has charged that such a project plays into the hands of the Usury Elitists whose selfish agenda is to financially and otherwise enslave individuals and the collective in their New World Order. The fear is that such a database will easily identify all dissenters for the planned roundup for liquidation or incarceration in the North American Gulag.

We believe that Tom answers this charge with this statement: “What has been needed for the past quarter century is a networking (SDI) organization that works full time in coordinating efforts so that everyone may enjoy the reality of usuryfree living. We do not seek to tell anyone how to run their own group or organization. All we ask is for you to support an issue you already agree with at the same time as other groups who also agree."

That issue is that, we-the-people make a conscious choice to spend our money differently by shopping within our own loyal networks composed of small to medium-sized retail merchants and/or home-based business entrepreneurs in our respective local communities.

In addition, we, SDI entrepreneurs who double as consumers and prosumers, deem that we are ready and willing to accept a percentage of federal cash as a complement with any usuryfree community currency for any negotiated sales or purchases. The basic rule of thumb for any SDI entrepreneur (or otherwise) is to request an amount of federal cash equivalent to any wholesale costs incurred and agree to accept any usuryfree community currency for the retail mark-up portion of the sale.

Since this mission is first and foremost a love inspired mission , then let us not permit the mission to be stalled or paralyzed by fear of those PTB’s that are intent on ushering in their New World Order.”

Since many local communities have not yet launched a usuryfree community currency, readers are invited to explore these samples of usuryfree community currency posted at this website.

Then, take action to create and launch a usuryfree community currency in your local area.

This umbrella network, the UsuryFree Network invites any or all leaders of organizations to submit their own ideas for consideration and implementation as a co-operative and co-ordinated effort.

Additionally, the UsuryFree Network invites leaders of any group or organization to offer their skills and talents and become part of the UsuryFree Network, Advisory Board. One joint effort can only translate into ushering in a new age of usuryfree living at a faster pace. Will you help by offering your input, ideas and feedback?

For supporting evidence we call attention to the success of (a) Ithaca Hours (b) Mountain Hours and (c) Calgary Dollars.

In our humble opinion, the Truth and Freedom movement has been most thwarted by excess of "Ego" – individual overgrown egos, too many generals rushing off in different directions, insisting their campaign was (is) the most important. By the time-proven tactic of ‘divide and conquer,’ this excess of egoism has played into the hands of the Usury Elitist agenda far more disasterously for ‘Truth and Freedom’ than could co-operation. And by this token, we would like to see the co-ordinating UsuryFree Network broadened to be all-inclusive. The joint effort should come from all those who seek the objective as stated above by Tom J. Kennedy.

If usuryfree living is to be restored as it was experienced in the middle ages (see article entitled ‘Life Without Usury’), surely many generals can be induced to set aside their egos and their pet single issues for a coordinated campaign!

For example, are there any in the ‘Truth and Freedom Movement’ who would deny the urgent importance of auditing the Federal Reserve in the USA and the Bank of Canada in Canada? Are there any who after doing some self-imposed research who could deny that our present, orthodox system of usury-based, debt money is a gigantic swindle where by the debtors unknowingly sign impossible contracts with creditors because of lack of knowledge about the creation of usury-based, debt money?

A coordinated, re-educational and practical effort, beginning at the grassroots level of society is being advocated by the UsuryFree Network, whereby we-the-people create and spend our own usuryfree community currency. Such action will empower the common people to take back our country and the best way to begin the process is to make a commitment to change the way we spend our money.

In the meantime, you are invited to prepare yourself now for enroling with a usuryfree community currency group by compiling a list of your “offers” and “requests” with your contact details. This information will be required for a forthcoming Directory of participants who are ready and willing to negotiate trades/exchanges using partial federal cash and partial usuryfree community currency.

Leaders within the UsuryFree Network are planning to offer workshops and/or seminars during 2015. Contact the UsuryFree Network about hosting a gathering in your local community.

The UsuryFree Network, P. O. Box 9333, Ottawa, Ontario K1G 3V1
Email:  or Telephone: 1.888.NOUSURY (668.7879)
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Friday, January 2, 2015

Letter To SDI Entrepreneurs Who Double As UsuryFree Creatives

Enrol with our MNU Team at this link:

Dear SDI Entrepreneurs Who Double As UsuryFree Creatives:

As we enter 2015, I invite SDI (Self Directed Income) entrepreneurs who double as usuryfree creatives to create a dual event - at some point during this year - to raise the profile of (a) the SDI Profession and (b) the UsuryFree Community Currency Movement. How you plan and execute this event is up to you.

It can be organized in cyberspace or in a real life environment. It can be a full day event or a breakfast event, an afternoon event or an evening event. It can be organized by you – as one individual or by your team or network. It can be whatever kind of event you want as long as it embraces (a) the SDI Profession and (b) the UsuryFree Community Currency Movement and it is planned as a fun event for all who choose to participate.

The goal of such an event is (a) to raise the profile of the SDI Profession and (b) the UsuryFree Community Currency Movement and to encourage interaction between SDI entrepreneurs and usuryfree creative and vice versa. There is so much good work being fostered by SDI entrepreneurs and usuryfree creative and yet, the majority of the population are unaware of either.

If SDI entrepreneurs and usuryfree creative do not promote their business opportunities, and mutually beneficial ideas and concepts for all who choose to participate, the Court of Public Review will not hear about us and our successes.

It is time for action, time for SDI entrepreneurs and usuryfree creative to let the public know what we are doing and what more we can do in the future when we blend the best of our ideas.

2013 was designated the Year of UsuryFree Living and now let’s designate 2015 as the Year of the SDI Profession. How many more SDI entrepreneurs will embrace the UsuryFree Community Currency Movement in 2015? We need to plan and execute significant, dual events that shed light on both the SDI Profession and the UsuryFree Community Currency Movement.

When you organize a dual event in 2015, that promotes both the SDI Profession and the UsuryFree Community Currency Movement in your local and/or online community, tell us at the UsuryFree SDI University about it. Email details to:  with “SDI UsuryFree Event” in the Subject line. We will feature and promote as many events as possible at the UsuryFreeSDI University during 2015.

So plan a dual event now, it will be a great way to focus on the SDI Profession and the UsuryFree Community Currency Movement and motivate all who choose to participate to negotiate trades/exchanges using partial federal cash and partial usuryfree community currency and/or simple IOU’s.

When others learn about the SDI Profession and the UsuryFree Community Currency Movement and the power and potential of twinning ideas and concepts from both, it will motivate them to enrich their lives by joining  with us.

We must reach out and share the gift that was offered to us as SDI entrepreneurs and/or usuryfree creative – when we were invited to participate. By reaching out and sharing, we help ensure that the SDI Profession and the UsuryFree Community Currency Movement will grow and expand at an exponential rate as we progress into this 21st Century.

Enjoy this day!
Tom J Kennedy aka “Tommy UsuryFree Kennedy”

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