Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Timely "Adaptabiliy" Rant By Bob Crisp Rant For SDI Entrepreneurs

 By Bob Crisp

Good day mates... as my Aussie friends might say... and did say this week... always good to meet new friends and discover their passions and share some ideas about what's going on in our great industry... ideas are priceless aren't they? Well some of them are priceless because they're not worth much... LOL... but I've had a few that have worked out very well... usually they come while reading a good book, listening to a friend, or attending an event.

As I get older I tend not to tolerate as much insanity as I once did... closed minds, boring people, repetitive behavior (Making the same mistakes over and over again) it just doesn't add up to me... and therefore makes little sense to me to "hang out" with the stale and stuck of the planet earth... which brings me to my Sunday rant.

This morning's subject is "Adaptability" most people are not adaptable hardly at all, they wear the same styles year in and year out, same house or neighborhood all their lives and go to the same church, job, and super market... There was a song popular in "My day" (No I didn't go to school with Moses) the song was called "Right or Left at Oak Street" the lyric went something like this "Right or left at Oak Street that's the choice I make every day, I don't know which takes more courage, the staying or the running away."

Emerson said "Most men live lives of quiet desparation" - the movie "Groundhog Day" was a depiction of the routine of life... one day like the next little to distinguish one day from the next... my mom used to cook porkchops on Weds night, we had grilled cheese sandwiches on Sunday night... EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT.

Samuel Johnson said "The Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too strong to be broken" Adaptability? The ability to adapt to change... and perhaps even more to seek change... to yearn for something different if not better... why do some people reach for the stars while others toil in mediocrity?

Could it be that some people are fortunate to be stirred up or awakened by some fate or destiny? If you've been trapped in an environment for so long that it has become routine... shouldn't you at some point recognize your life has become dull and repetitive and seek to do something about that?

In my career I've learned that finding someone to awaken the dream in you, raise the ire in you, provoke or stimulate you/us into seeing yourself differently... I memorized this little ditty when I was 29 years old... "I vividly visualize myself as the person I want to be and I am enthusiastically achieving my goals."

I used to repeat this to myself everyday to remind myself not to allow myself to fall into a rut... I was talking to a Nuskin Hawaii Blue Diamond once and asked her if she had a weekly opportunity meeting? She replied that she did and told me the venue she used EVERY week... I asked her if I could guess how the meeting went? She smiled and replied in the affirmative.

I said, you have roughly the same number of people every week... 4-6 "Guests" each week if any at all and whoever is doing the meeting does the same thing every week... right? She said "How did you know?"

I replied "it's easy because I seen it a thousand times..." you've fallen into a rut... a routine... and you are addressing the 4-6 guests but failing to address the other 90 or so people who come to your meeting but don't bring anyone... when in fact the real "Prospects" are the ones you THINK are already "IN" but by their fruits (the fact they show up but don't bring guests) indicates quite clearly that they are not buying into your strategies nor do they find your execution appealing.

So think on this... while repetition is the mother of learning... it is also the father of boredom... Great organizations are built on (1) Well organized Systems (2) Creative Strategies (3) Passionate Execution and the ability to articulate and sell the whole concept with great affectiveness. Next up? Teaching toughness... just sayin!

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