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Why You Should Add "Offer Chat" To Your Website!

NOTE: Visitors to The SDI (Self Directed Income) Eye Opener may have noticed that recently I have added "offerchat" - an icon at the lower right corner of the blog. You should see a green rectangular box with a small minus sign and the words: "Contact Us - Got a question? We can help.You are invited to click on the minus sign, then enter your email and leave a message or comment or ask a relevant question.

If you have a website (or more than one website) and if you think a live help feature would be mutually beneficial for you and your visitors, then go to: 

Firstly, browse the page and learn about "offerchat" and then follow the instructions and add this unique FREE software to your website. When you communicate with the "offer chat" team, please tell them that you learned about "offer chat" at The SDI Eye Opener.

NOTE: If the "offerchat" icon does not show up on your browser when you visit The SDI Eye Opener - please let me know. The "offerchat" company is still working on improving the software for everyone who has been using it on the beta test, so any feedback is always helpful as I can pass it on to the development team.

This article "Why You Should Add Live Chat To Your Website" is originally posted at this website:

And there are numerous other relevant article posted at the above listed website offering more information about "offerchat."
by cheby
Offerchat Live Help
A live help feature on a website available for shoppers and visitors to use when they’re stuck and have trouble finding their way or if they have a simple question is kind of an unwritten rule for online retail website owners.
However, many are still in the dark and have not yet done so. Or they’re just doubtful on shelling out money for a feature that they don’t consider very important because, after all, they have a phone number and an email displayed on the site.
But in the present world where almost instant communication and engagement is pretty much the norm, a live chat widget on your site could just be the one thing that’s missing.
Here’s an infographic that explains the importance of live chat on websites and why skeptics might want to consider having it:
NOTE: Updated information for "Offerchat" users:

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The SDI Industry Offers A Fundraising Opportunity For The UsuryFree Network

The rising transaction costs of starting a conventional, retail store enterprise prohibits motivated, entrepreneurial-minded people from taking action.

More and more people of all ages, from all walks of life are choosing to launch part-time, home-based enterprises while maintaining an existing salaried or wage-earning job. We commonly refer to these people as SDI (Self Directed Income) entrepreneurs. Lots of relevant information at The SDI Eye Opener

The optimal business opportunity for this 21st Century comes with a proven business model that guarantees monthly residual earnings – when and if business is conducted with dedication to service and ethics.

Multiple millions of people are choosing to become active entrepreneurs in the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry – formerly referred to as multi-level marketing or network marketing.  We have changed the language to avoid and leave behind the negative reputation associated with multi-level marketing and/or network marketing during the latter years of the 20th Century – when too many charlatans pursued greed rather than ethical service to loyal customers.

These SDI entrepreneurs are enjoying being their own boss as they diligently work to secure a solid financial future for themselves and their families.

In May 2006, a report was released by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce wherein it is written: “The reason why millions of Americans are empowered to participate in alternative work arrangements, start small businesses or strike out on their own, is because our economy is free and flexible and resilient. It rewards those who work hard, take risks, create innovations and embrace change.”

Another relevant article is titled: “The Role of Independent Contractors in the U. S. Economy.”

Thomas J. Donahue, President and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce since 1997, is quoted as saying about 21st Century entrepreneurs: “It is clear that millions of Americans are seeking viable business opportunities in order to secure their financial futures, be their own bosses and better balance the responsibilities of career and family.”

Now in 2012, more and more youth are rejecting traditional employee roles while favouring the role of an SDI entrepreneur as a better way to invest their time, energy and small amounts of money, while balancing the responsibilities of building a home-based enterprise while growing a young family. They are realizing that as active SDI entrepreneurs, they are better positioned to create and manage their financial destiny by selectively investing their most valuable commodity – time.

While the SDI industry is becoming ever more popular, indications are that the employee-mentality of working for major, trans-national corporations, or conventional institutions is on steady decline. One only has to take notice of the massive layoffs and the ever-increasing unemployment statistics in recent years. 

It seems that the youth are quickly becoming aware that they can expect no loyalty from the top of the pyramid within the respective corporations and/or institutions. Neither is there any loyalty from the employees and/or salaried workers at the fringe of these pyramids.

It is a fact, that in the name of profit for the shareholders, and because of the design flaw of usury in our orthodox, economic system of debt money, the majority of these trans-national corporations are choosing to outsource contracts to workers in third-world countries – where labour is cheaper – and often exploited.

It is noteworthy however, that more and more youthful workers in these third-world countries (such as the Philippines) are finding creative ways to finance and launch part-time, SDI enterprises to acquire additional earnings to supplement their meager monthly income(s).

The SDI industry proudly boasts of annual record sales to be approaching $120. billion at the global level.  Of the hundreds of active companies in the SDI industry, it is noteworthy that two of the pioneers still hold the lead in annual sales. Based on 2009 statistics, Avon was the leader at that time with $10.7 billion and Alticor (Amway) was in second place with $8.2 billion in annual wholesale corporate revenue.

As we progress into this 21st Century, with continuing, downward trends in the economy, it is becoming clear that the conventional career as an employee for a corporation or an institution is being abandoned in favour of becoming and entrepreneur in the SDI industry. It is anticipated that the SDI industry will become the sales and marketing career of choice. 

During this 8th Annual UsuryFree Week (November 13 – 19, 2012) we are officially launching a beta fundraising project for The UsuryFree Network.

The idea was presented to The UsuryFree Network in late October, 2012 by Gary Jones, an active usuryfree creative with a successful career as an SDI entrepreneur. Gary offered his expertise and experience as an SDI entrepreneneur with the company ‘MaxInternational” – which offers a selection of quality glutathione-supporting, health and wellness products and an accompanying line of cosmetics.

More details are shared in these articles:

Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Phenomenal Elixir With its Cocktail of Nutrients - Glutathione (MaxGXL)

By Tom J. Kennedy

Here is what Dr. John C. Nelson has to say about this product and its inventor. "This product in my opinion, this product (MaxGXL), represents the single most important breakthrough in health that I will witness in my life time. I believe it will revolutionize, change, and transform the practice of medicine world-wide and make Dr Robert Keller more famous than Jonas Salk who created the polio vaccine."

Dr. Robert Keller is a world-renowned immunologist with an international health mission to make a difference in the world by making it his vocation to help people – whether ravaged by HIV- AIDS or whether they are simply seeking to build and maintain a healthy immune system.

Dr. Robert Keller's breakthrough advancements in achieving and maintaining optimal health and wellness are based on finding ways to increase the body's supply of a unique protein called glutathione – which is commonly referred to as the 'mother of all anti-oxidants.'

Glutathione is a critical and natural nutrient that is constantly circulating throughout your body. Glutathione is commonly considered to be an anti-inflammatory, dietary supplement which functions as an antioxidant and helps to protect the body from deteriorating conditions that often lead to many diseases. Medical texts refer to glutathione as a compound classified as a tripeptide – which is made up of three amino acids: cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine.

The main function of glutathione is to neutralize free radicals and effectively remove environmental toxins and dangerous waste products from the body. A great side benefit is that glutathione increases the body's level of energy, thereby boosting the immune system and reducing the likelihood of minor illnesses which often lead to more serious sickness and disease. It is interesting to note that cigarette smoking decreases the body's levels of glutathione.

Glutathione levels in the body routinely decline with age. It is the lack of glutathione that leaves the body vulnerable to damage by free radicals, thereby speeding up the oxidation process that eventually wears down the body. Medical researchers have concluded that the body requires adequate amounts of glutathione to achieve and maintain optimal, 
intracellular health.

Since glutathione is found in highest amounts in uncooked meats and in moderate amounts in many fruits and vegetables, eating these raw not only provides glutathione for the body, but also stimulates the body to produce more glutathione. Glutathione is commonly found in: acorn, squash, asparagus, avocado, cantaloupe, grapefruit, okra, orange, peach, potato, spinach, strawberries, tomato, watermelon, and zucchini as well as in broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kale, and parsley.

Daily consumption of supplemental glutathione which is specially formulated to ensure maximum absorption is recommended. Backing this action up with regular blood tests commonly shows measured improvement at the cellular level according to Dr. Robert Keller.

The number of testimonials from satisfied, daily users of quality, glutathione supplements/accelerants suggests its effectiveness and verified testing supports these testimonial claims. There are common reports of increased and sustained energy levels supported by regular and sound sleep as well as greater mental focus.

One of the most popular glutathione accelerator products of this 21st Century is the life-changing, patented product called MaxGXL – which is manufactured and distributed by a direct sales company called Max International.

I have just purchased a one month’s supply of MaxGXL from The UsuryFree Network’s fundraising website for Max International” -

If anyone reading this document wishes to try this product which is described as a phenomenal elixir with its cocktail of nutrients please order from The UsuryFree Network’s fundraising website as listed above.

Or if you do not wish order from the website, then you can order a one month’s supply directly from The UsuryFree Network, P. O. Box 9333, Ottawa, Ontario  K1G 3V1 - Tel: 1.613.422-0339  Email: (Simply make a telephone call or send an email and arrangements will be made to ship you a one month’s supply of MaxGXL.)

NOTE: Max International has a selection of quality health and wellness products in addition to MaxGXL. (1) Cellgevity (2) Max One (3) MaxN Fuse (4) MaxATP (5) Visible Solutions. Read about each of these products at The UsuryFree Network’s fundraising website:

NOTE: Readers are invited to read and share the article titled:A Fundraising opportunity for The UsuryFree Network.”

Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Fundraising opportunity for The UsuryFree Network

Home Office of Max International

Since fair and reasonable commissions can be earned on the sale of products and/or services in the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry, more and more groups or organizations are choosing an SDI opportunity as the optimal fundraising solution in this 21st Century.

Shortly after the Year of UsuryFree Living was posted at The UsuryFree Eye Opener, a usuryfree creative who doubles as a successful SDI entrepreneur suggested an innovative fundraising idea for The UsuryFree Network that could be tested during the forthcoming Year of UsuryFree Living scheduled from November 13th, 2012 until November 13th, 2013.

Knowing that the twinning of the SDI industry with the usuryfree community currency movement has been a long-time dream of supporters of The UsuryFree Network, it was suggested that the UsuryFree Network be enroled as an associate with a leading and successful health and wellness company in the SDI industry - Max International.

The advice of the active usuryfree creative who doubles as a successful SDI entrepreneur was accepted and The UsuryFree Network is now enroled as an associate with Max International.

 The Max International, fundraising website for The UsuryFree Network is:

Why choose Max International as a fundraising opportunity for The UsuryFree Network?

1. The UsuryFree Network requires funds (federal cash) during these transitory times - until all debtors are experiencing the reality of usuryfree living.

2. A successful SDI entrepreneur who earns a growing monthly income from his Max International, home-based enterprise suggested this fundraising idea.

3. Max International offers a variety of quality health and wellness products. Click on the "Product" icon at The UsuryFree Network's website: for more details about the products.

4. Max International offers Loyalty Program pricing.

5. Max International offers a FREE sign up as a Preferred Customer - thereby qualifying for wholesale pricing.

6. Max International products are offered for sale in six countries - with an expectation that more countries will be added in the not-too-distant future. (Canada, United States, Singapore, Columbia, Philippines and New Zealand)

7. Max International invites prospective SDI entrepreneurs to enrol as an associate and purchase a starter kit and get a Max International website for one year.

8. Since there is a listed retail price and wholesale price for the products offered by Max International, usuryfree creatives who are participating with any usuryfree time currency or otherwise can accept federal cash for the wholesale portion of any privately negotiated sale and any usuryfree time currency or otherwise for the retail mark-up portion of the negotiated sale.

Usuryfree creatives and becoming usuryfree creatives as well as active SDI entrepreneurs and prospective SDI entrepreneurs - who wish to support the UsuryFree Network's mission to facilitate the ushering in of a new age of usuryfree living for everyone on planet earth are invited to learn about the selection of health and wellness products offered by Max International. Click on the "Product" icon at The UsuryFree Network's website: for more details about the products.

Then make a commitment to become a customer for a minimum of three months and purchase one or more of the products. Hopefully, after the three month trial period, customers will make a commitment to buy products on a monthly basis during the Year of UsuryFree Living.

 Such a commitment will be mutually beneficial. Customers will reap the benefits of consuming quality health and wellness products. The UsuryFree Network will earn the much needed funds to grow and expand. Those who choose to become an associate with Max International will likewise earn funds for any personal or community goals. And finally, participants will learn how and why, we advocate negotiating trades or exchanges using a usuryfree time currency as the optimal trading currency of this 21st Century.

All participating SDI entrepreneurs will be invited to visit The UsuryFree Eye Opener often to become re-educated re: the 'truth" about modern money creation and learn how the usuryfree time currency movement is making great progress as the catalyst in helping to usher in this new age of usuryfree living for burdened debtors everywhere.

The first step is to (a) purchase products or (b) enrol with The UsuryFree Network's Max International team at this website:

Then I will share the contact information of the Max International enroler for The UsuryFree Network - a successful SDI entrepreneur who doubles as a usuryfree creative. He is willing to coach and provide sales and marketing guidance for anyone who is serious about earning a solid source of secondary income with the Max International, SDI opportunity.

NOTE: Ideas, comments, suggestions welcomed to maximize the mutual benefits of this fundraising project for The UsuryFree Network during the forthcoming Year of UsuryFree Living from November 13th, 2012 until November 13th, 2013.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Make My Passions Your Passions

By Tom J. Kennedy

During the past 30+ years, I have acquired a number of self-imposed, positive passions - others who know me sometimes refer to my passions as "obsessions." The Webster's Dictionary defines "obsession" as "a persistent. disturbing preoccupation with an idea."

Whether defined as "passions" or "obsessions" they are what keeps me reading, researching, viewing film documentaries and writing on a daily basis. In fact, it is these passions that motivate me to action while others worry, complain, stagnate and spin their wheels in a desperate effort to survive.

My key passion is learning new knowledge and sharing it with others. In this pursuit, I have learned that "every day I learn how little I know." 

Another passion is to challenge and expose our existing, orthodox institutions which are failing miserably. (eg. economics, religion, education, politics, pharmaceutical medicine, law enforcement, universal social programs etc.) Yet another passion is to live the "regeneration lifestyle" by consuming local, organic foods supplemented with herbal food concentrates and herbal beverages while seeking naturopathic advice - when and if needed.

Other passions are to expose the truth about "usury," "taxes," and "history" - though the truth is often unpopular.

Yet another couple of burning passions within all of these obsessions are (a) the usuryfree community currency movement which is becoming more popular with local shoppers who are committed to changing the way they spend their money and (b) the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry - otherwise referred to as the Network or Multi-Level Marketing industry. 

This unique and powerful concept of marketing has unlimited potential as we progress into this 21st Century. I daresay that when the SDI industry is twinned with the usuryfree time currency movement it will make a giant-sized contribution to the health, wealth and happiness of countless millions worldwide - since within this unique, marketing industry large databases can be easily connected and re-educated with the click of a mouse.

The truth about modern economics can potentially be networked rapidly to multiple millions through the vehicle of the SDI industry and debtors everywhere who are seeking freedom from the monthly "usury" payments being exacted on their loans and/or mortgages as well as credit cards. More and more debtors are motivated to escape from the failing Babylonian economic system of usury-based, debt money as they shift their consciousness in the hope of enjoying peace, prosperity and abundance.

It is reasonable to assume that most people either have children or grandchildren or at least nieces and/or nephews. Is it appropriate to suggest that all debtors would benefit from practical economic information as this current recession deepens to a Grand-daddy Depression of this 21st Century - whether for themselves or for others within their respective circles of influence.

Are you asking questions and questioning the answers of the formally educated financial experts? Are you anxious to share the "truth" about "usury" with your children, grand-children, nieces and/or nephews?

The UsuryFree Eye Opener is aimed precisely at those who are in a "learning mode" or perhaps in a "re-learning mode." The truth about "usury" can now be effectively shared with multiple millions given the abundance of printed and video resources - most of which are freely available online. (eg. The UsuryFree Eye OpenerThe UsuryFree Network, Wayne Walton's UsuryFree Radio etc.)

What is needed to accelerate the learning curve is an innovative company to pioneer a simplified, marketing plan adapted from the proven and workable models within the SDI industry. The article "Twinning Triple Trends" offers some ideas in this regard.

Such an innovative SDI marketing plan would ensure that multiple millions of debtors could be re-educated very rapidly. The unique concept of twinning ideas from the SDI industry with ideas from the usuryfree community currency movement would be appreciated by multiple millions of willing participants. The reality of usuryfree living would proliferate and expand worldwide at a rapid rate.

Debtors must be re-educated with the truth about modern money creation. Willing learners must multiply and duplicate their newly acquired knowledge at a rapid rate for usury is playing a major role in the financial destruction of individuals, family units, local businesses, municipalities, provinces/states and entire countries.

For the sake of your children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews and indeed, debtors everywhere, I encourage readers to make some of my passions your passions during 2013 - the Year of UsuryFree Living.

1. Re-educate yourself on the truth about our (or should I say "their" - the bankers') faltering and failing, orthodox, economic system of usury-based, debt money.

2. Familiarize yourself with the SDI industry and make an effort to comprehend the mutual benefits to all who would choose to participate if and when and SDI company takes a leadership role to launch a software program that permits consumers to purchase products and/or services using a portion of a usuryfree time currency as a complement with federal cash.

Also, read, follow and share information posted at The SDI Eye Opener,The UsuryFree Eye Opener and The UsuryFree Network to keep yourself, your family and friends updated on the evolution of worthwhile economic alternatives as our orthodox economic system crumbles to oblivion.

3. Commit to buying local, organic products when possible. Embrace the shop local movement and know that many quality products are now being offered by SDI entrepreneurs in your neighbourhood who operate part-time and/or full time enterprise(s) from their homes.

4. Seek ways to immediately evade usury and avoid taxes. Yes, it is still legal to evade usury and it is legal to avoid taxes - though it is illegal to evade taxes. It is important to avoid taxes simply because the majority of tax dollars extracted from one's earnings goes directly to pay debt service for the various levels of government. Debt service is correctly defined as usury.

An example of a creative strategy to avoid taxes would be for every employee or salaried individual to launch a part-time, home-based enterprise within the SDI industry. As an active SDI entrepreneur, one qualifies to deduct legitimate business expenses, not commonly available to employees or salaried individuals and you get access to products at wholesale prices that you can re-sell to consumers and agree to accept a portion of any usuryfree community currency with a portion of federal cash. More relevant details in this article: "Tax Benefits of an SDI Enterprise."

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Time Is Now For Twinning The SDI Industry With The UsuryFree Time Currency Movement

The logos above represent successful SDI Companies

The reality is that no currently successful SDI marketing company is ready and willing to embrace the unknown possibility of shifting their sales and marketing structure so that dual accounts can be set up to deal with (a) orthodox, usury-based, debt money and (b) any usuryfree time currency.

Therefore, we the active SDI entrepreneurs who double as usuryfree creatives by being active in the usuryfree time currency movement are seeking a software programmer who has the skills to build a unique sales and marketing structure for distribution of products and services.

We would like to have a marketing structure that adapts the best elements of the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry otherwise referred to as the mutli-level or network marketing industry. 

Ideally, we intend that the programmer and everyone and anyone who creates print or video promotions, handles accounting and organization, plans trading events etc. will be fairly rewarded for their efforts.

As well we intend that all businesses that enrol have the opportunity to likewise be rewarded for their sales and marketing efforts. It is our intention that the sales and marketing structure be designed so that the financial rewards would be paid in any usuryfree time currency.

We intend to shift the consciousness of all who choose to participate so that we no longer have to use their (the bankers’) money and keep paying them a fee (usury). By relying on a usuryfree time currency we are freeing ourselves from financial enslavement as we grow our own loyal networks.

Below are a couple of articles that offer some background information about why it is timely for this idea of creating a unique sales and marketing structure that twins (a) the SDI industry and (b) the usuryfree time currency movement.

And there are other relevant articles posted at The SDI Eye Opener
Please respond with an email to: with “Software Programmer Willing and Ready To Participate” in the Subject line.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Twinning Triple Trends

1.Local Shopping
2. The SDI industry
3. UsuryFree Living
By Tom J. Kennedy
As modern technology continues to evolve, the shopping habits of astute consumers are shifting to focus on (a) online shopping (b)supporting local, small-to-medium sized businesse and (c) home-based enterprises. 
The more conventional, retail store-front operations may not have access to online shopping BUT most home-based enterprises now have access to online shopping through replicating websites. In any case, whether usuryfree creatives have access to online shopping or whether they operate a home-based enterprise, they will still make an effort to spend some money locally and loyally with mom-and-pop, small to medium-sized businesses in their respective, local communities.
More and more, awake and aware consumers are ready and willing to change the way they spend their money as they seek essential and quality products and/or services for their individual, family and business needs,
The growing sales and marketing industry of home-based enterprises - which I commonly refer to as the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry is steadily gaining momentum for two reasons (a) the offer of a part-time business opportunity and (b) the high quality of products that SDI entrepreneurs are offering to consumers. The term SDI industry is used to refer to any home-based enterprise, and of course this includes the network or multi-level marketing industry as well as the more orthodox, direct sales industry.
Permit me to refer you to one popular article titled: “Analysis, Projections, Observations & Proposals For The SDI Industry.”
There are many other articles of a generic nature at the SDI Eye Opener. Readers are invited to share any with others who may be interested in acquiring more background knowledge about the SDI industry.

Indeed, the SDI industry is fast becoming the optimal, sales and marketing industry of this modern era, and it has the potential to build loyal networks of astute consumers who wish to support the concept of local and loyal shopping - either online purchasing or personal delivery.
The UsuryFree Community Currency movement has been evolving since the launch of the LETS (Local Employment Trading System) software in the early 1980’s. There are many articles about the UsuryFree Community Currency movement posted at the UsuryFree Eye Opener.

The model of the usuryfree time currency sems to be evolving as the usuryfree community currency of choice as we progress into this 21st Century. Ithaca Hours was the first usuryfree time currency and it was pioneered by Paul Glover in 1991, in Ithaca, New York. Since that time various usuryfree time currencies have been launched in local communities. 

In 2004, Tamworth Hours was launched in rural, eastern Ontario, BUT this project was shelved in 2008. Details are explained in this article: "Tamworth Hours - Are You Living UsuryFree Yet?"
One of the most recent usuryfree time currencies that is making a difference in the lives of all who choose to participate is theMountain Hours time currency that has been launched in Summit County, Colorado.

The UsuryFree Time Currency movement is well positioned to capitalize on the shifting consciousness of consumers who are choosing to spend their money differently by making a genuine effort to shop locally and loyally. 
SDI entrepreneurs who operate home-based enterprises are likewise well positioned to embrace the UsuryFree Time Currency movement since they can satisfy the desire of consumers to shop locally and loyally. The twinning of the SDI industry with the UsuryFree Time Currency movement has the power and potential to create a local, national and international powerhouse whereby all who choose to participate will make a commitment to offer and promote a usuryfree lifestyle for everyone on planet earth.
Not only does the SDI industry offer anyone an opportunity to become an SDI entrepreneur and earn a monthly residual income while decucting numerous expenses that are not commonly available to employees, but also the jewel in the crown of any SDI business opportunity is that once enrolled as an active SDI entrepreneur s/he has access to quality products and/or services at wholesale prices. This permits SDI entrepreneurs to be in a unique position whereby they can embrace the usuryfree time currency movement.
These products and/or services can then be retailed to consumers with a special offer whereby usury-based, debt money (federal cash) can be accepted for the wholesale portion of the negotiated sale and any usuryfree time currency can be accepted for the retail mark-up. 
In summary, whenever a customer purchases products and/or services from an SDI entrepreneur, s/he could agree to accept a combination of usury-based debt money (federal cash) and any usuryfree time currency in whatever percentages that the buyer and seller agree.
In addition, the SDI entrepreneur commonly receives monthly bonus commissions from the SDI company that supplies the products and/or services. This monthly commission is dependent upon the total monthly sales volume and any expenses incurred in the act of doing business are eligible for deductions when annual income taxes are filed.
SDI entrepreneurs are known for their commitment to integrity, personal growth and devlopment, so embracing the concepts of shopping locally and loyally will create a culture of communiity growth and improve the lives of all who choose to participate.
Likewise, the personal and professional qualities of the pioneers in the usuryfree time currency movement are a natural blend with the active SDI entrepreneurs.
SDI entrepreneurs are invited to communicate and interact with usuryfree creatives who are negotiating trades/exchanges using a usuryfree time currency - partially or wholly -as they aim to shop locally and loyally within their respective networks. The SDI entrepreneur is invited to share stories of how their selected SDI opportunity (or SDI Portfolio) is changing lives by earning extra income(s) - while avoiding taxes legally.

Usuryfree creatives can share stories of how they are negotiated trades/exchanges locally and loyally using a usuryfree time currency and thereby saving an equivalent amount of usury-based, debt money (federal cash) - which they commonly use to pay off any debt (mortgage, personal loan, car loan, credit card) - therbey evading usury legally.
Well known radio talk show peronalities and various informed and re-educated individuals are coming forth to support and promote the usuryfree time currency movement and some are paying the price. 
George Whitehurst-Berry’s radio talk show on GCN Live was abruptly pulled from the air in the spring of 2012. His talk show was titled “Crash! Are You Ready” and it had rocketed up to the #2 position on the entire Genisis Communications Network.
Wayne Walton, founder of the usuryfree time currency called Mountain Hours made his debut appearance on George Whitehurst-Berry’s radio talm show on March 7, 2012. I am not sure of the exact date, but sometime in April 2012 it seems that George Whitehurst-Berry’s radio talk show was terminated. One wonders why?
Wayne Walton launched his own radio talk show on Monday, June 11th at RBN *Repiblic Broadcasting Network). Wayne’s radio talk show is titled: “UsuryFree Radio otherwise known as “mtnHours Local Currency R3VOLUTION Radio.”

Jason Erb also mentioned the usuryfree time currency movement on his inaugural radio talk  show Exposing Faux Capitalism on the Oracle Broadcasting Network on Sunday, June 24, 2012.

Without a doubt, the usuryfree time currency movement is oprtimally positioned to embrace the spirit of the SDI industry where local and loyal shopping is honoured. The ultimate goal is to usher in a new age of usuryfree living for everyone on planet earth by twinning these triple trends: “Local Shopping, the SDI industry and UsuryFree Living.”

Powerful stories are in the making and will be told on participating radio talk shows and in the social media rather than in the mainstream electronic and print media. 

The twinning of the triple trends “Local Shopping, the SDI industry and UsuryFree Living” is destined to become evermore popular and ultimately success will be achieved by all who choose to participate. 

Readers are invited to make a decision to do your part to foster and advance “Local Shopping, the SDI industry and UsuryFree Living” and DO IT NOW