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Networking With The SDI Industry

By Tom J Kennedy

It's 2014 and as an active usuryfree creative networking within the usuryfree community currency movement, I am now set to network with SDI (Self Directed Income) entrepreneurs who are active in the SDI industry – otherwise referred to as (a) multi-level marketing or (b) network marketing.

We-the-people are making conscious decisions about how we create our earnings and how we spend our money. Given `golden handshakes, being laid off or just plain fired and bingo - we-the-people need to be open to pulling silver linings out of dark clouds. Opportunity is knocking and doors are opening within both the usuryfree community currency movement as well as the SDI industry and deeper desperation is motivating more and more people to listen, learn and take action.

We know orthodox economics is in peril when unemployment approaches double digits. Ask the Argentines! I remember in the early 1980's when `usury' rates were 20%+ and I was actively recruiting local businesses in the Ottawa area to join the local LETSystem. Countless owners of small to medium-sized businesses would say: "It's a great idea, but come back when you have 1000+ members on your database."

Without a doubt, that minority group within we-the-people who understood the `power and potential' of creating and spending our own private, `usuryfree,' currency were slightly ahead of our time. Now as we progress into the 21 st Century, alternative economics seems ready to blossom.

There is not only an economic benefit but also a social benefit to bartering and trading with like-minded people within our respective communities. Likewise, there is economic and social benefit as well as the bonus of personal growth and development derived from success as an SDI entrepreneur.

When twinned, the usuryfree community currency movement and the SDI industry offer unlimited promise as we-the-people know in our hearts that if we envision different economic results we must willfully choose to `re-educate' ourselves so that we really understand how the design flaw of `usury' enslaves us and creates poverty, scarcity and lack.

Additionally, we-the-people must understand how seeking to become `usuryfree' in 2014 liberates us from economic bondage forever if we commit ourselves to creating and spending our own `usuryfree' time currency. The act of creating and spending our own `usuryfree' time currency seems foreign to us until we-the-people experience the feeling of empowerism when we sign our own name on an I.O.U. note.

The reality of empowering ourselves by establishing our own retail/wholesale enterprise in our own name is a distant thought for most employees until we `re-educate' ourselves to think like an SDI entrepreneur. The possibilities are limitless now that home-based enterprises (SDI enterprises are the most common home-based enterprises with approximately 3.5+ million in Canada) are easy to start-up given reduced transaction costs and the ease of modern technology.

Both the usuryfree community currency movement and the SDI industry have evolved similarly during the latter half of the 20th Century. Let's first track the evolution of the usuryfree community currency movement. Barter and trading was well established in the early years of the 20th Century in rural Canada. It blossomed during the Great Depression of the 1930's and even made inroads in smaller urban communities. Informal barter and trading remained a key component of rural economics throughout the 20th entire Century.

During the deep recession of the early 1980's when `usury' rates spiralled to double digits, engineers were motivated to explore and evaluate alternative economic systems with a goal to create an improved design that implementing a `usuryfree' computer software.

Michael Linton, (Courtenay, B.C.) and John C. Turmel (Ottawa, Ontario) were two engineers who were working on creating opensource software to facilitate record-keeping of we-the-people in local communities who were unemployed BUT ready and willing to use our talents, skills and/or services to serve others.

They were (are) clear-thinking engineers with revolutionary ideas for modern economics. Their combined research and resources created and launched the `usuryfree' LETS software on the local, national and international market simultaneously. The invention of the `usuryfree," LETS software permitted we-the people to experience the reality of creating and spending our own `usuryfree' community currency.

By the 90's, LETSystems had spread to help we-the-people create abundance and prosperity in local communities all over the world. As we progress into this 21st Century, various hybrids of the original LETS model have surfaced and paper notes are now commonly used by participants within the usuryfree community currency movement.

After the economic collapse of the orthodox, 'usury-based' money system in Argentina in the fall of 2001, millions of Argentines wisely chose to create and spend their own `usuryfree' community currency commonly called `creditos.' Argentines continue to exchange `usuryfree creditos' to acquire goods and/or services for themselves and their families and/or businesses.

In this 21st Century, countless websites have appeared which are espousing brilliant ideas about how we-the-people can engage successfully in `usuryfree' economic alternative concepts that will complement our failing `usury-based,' orthodox economics.

Additionally, numerous software engineers are busy adding `bells and whistles' to the opensource, `usuryfree,' LETS software so that it can facilitate trades/exchanges among we-the-people in local communities as well as within the national and global markets.

Now, let's track the evolution and progress of the SDI industry which has its roots in the 1940's. Nutrilite, a health and wellness company was one of the leading pioneers of this new and innovative marketing concept which was commonly called 'multi-level marketing.'

Later in the 201'' Century, the name evolved to network marketing. After establishing how closely language is associated with image and perception, leaders in the SDI industry coined the new acronym, SDI (Self Directed Income) industry to more aptly describe the network marketing industry in its purest form. The term `SDI industry' refers as well, to other home-based businesses and/or small to medium-sized community businesses which focus on contracting others as independent business persons rather than employing them, as was commonplace in the 201" Century.

Back in the 1960's we had Amway, Mary Kay and Shaklee as the maturing leaders of the SDI industry. Rich DeVoss and Jay van Andel led the Amway Corporation as it faced challenges in the American court system in the 1970’s. Amway's victories permitted it to blaze a trail for hundreds of other SDI companies to follow.

Mary Kay Ashe motivated thousands of women to become successful SDI entrepreneurs as independent consultants with May Kay Cosmetics.

Dr. Forrest Shaklee established a market in the SDI industry for quality health and wellness products.

By the 1970's the SDI industry was expanding rapidly as true free enterprisers departed ranks with the pioneers and launched competitive companies. The SDI shakedown continued through the 1980's and 1990's and hundreds (perhaps thousands) of smaller SDI companies surfaced and many quickly disappeared.

The SDI companies of this 21st" Century still scramble to rid the industry of greedy charlatans whose evidence of greed created a bad image for this fledgling marketing industry which offers a truly unique, service-oriented style of marketing that can be duplicated by anyone who is teachable.

During the final years of the 20'" Century, the SDI industry went global and too many zealots focused on the emotion of greed, rather than committing to follow through with the personal growth and development required to succeed as an SDI entrepreneur.

Also in the 1990's came the big box stores, while the giant retailers continued to boom along with the expensive main-street franchises. The decade of the 1990's saw a leveling off of the SDI industry as people were making easy money in the Dot Com industry and choosing to spend it lavishly buying merchandise and/or services from giant corporations and/or buying preferred stocks with the seemingly invincible high tech companies.

As we entered this 2I s' Century, the anti-globalization movement targeted the giant, trans-national corporations and focused our attention on their exploitation of the common people in pursuit of profit. About the same, the Dot Com bubble burst and these common people lost trillions of dollars in their sacred stock portfolios.

Investment dealers and stock brokers re-organized and golden handshakes became commonplace with thousands of dedicated staff previously earned their income(s) in the trading and investment banking market.

Coinciding with the Bay Street/Wall Street Bloodbath, early in this 21st Century, the McDonald's Corporation is experiencing its first decline in its stock since 1965 as it loses the business of children because their parents are choosing to focus on healthier eating habits amid the growing controversy about child obesity rates.

Add on retailer frustration with the ongoing expense of frequent buying clubs and customer fatigue with too many conventional customer loyalty cards and the timing is optimal for clubs or networks of consumers who are ready and willing to spend their money differently by buying products and/or services from local entrepreneurs.

The SDI industry is now reviving itself for second and third stages of growth in this 21st Century as more and more unemployed people search for opportunity as an SDI entrepreneur. The SDI companies are likewise evolving to a point where they are now permitting we-the-people to create and manage our own SDI Portfolios whereby we have monthly earnings from more than one source.

Indeed, the SDI industry is maturing to foster free enterprise and economic freedom for everyone. More details about the history, background and evolution of the SDI industry are posted in this article titled: “Analysis, Projections, Observations & Proposals ForThe SDI Industry.”

When twinned with the usuryfree community currency movement, the SDI industry will lead the way in retail/wholesale marketing of goods and services in this 21st Century. The various usuryfree community currency networks are leading the way by creating online (or otherwise) databases of home-based enterprises (SDI enterprises are invited to participate) and small to medium-sized community businesses.

We-the-people are making a conscious choice to shop within our own loyal networks thereby fostering mutual support and re-building local community. Many members of one usuryfree community currency group are already negotiating informal trades/exchanges with other members from other groups. It is only a matter of time until there will be online trading with our own `usuryfree' time currency an integral component of a larger infrastructure.

The big box stores, giant retailers and huge franchisers are least likely to be open to accepting `usuryfree' time currency as part of any purchase because it is the business owner who understands the `power and potential' of creating and spending our own private currency.

Since home-based enterprises and small to medium-sized community businesses are owned and operated by the entrepreneur/owner, the concept of bartering/trading will be viewed as an advantage to mutually support we-the-people. Indeed, we-the ¬people will create our own reality and our prosperity and abundance will be the real reason to celebrate our economic freedom and/or otherwise.

What can we do NOW? The best plan, immediately acted upon NOW, is better than waiting for the perfect plan at a future date. Since Facebook offers a place for groups or networks to gather and exchange ideas, let’s use that area to gather the SDI entrepreneurs – then we can start the online database designed to serve we-the¬-people.

Let's encourage SDI entrepreneurs in our respective networks to enroll (join) the UsuryFree SDI University. Let’s commit to actively network the information to other SDI entrepreneurs (prospective, novice and seasoned) within our respective circles of influence and encourage them to multiply and duplicate our efforts.

Start compiling your list of ‘offers’ and ‘wants’ and in the not-too-distant future, we will find websites where we can list them

Together, as a collective unit we can eventually have our local databases connected – with 100’s or even 1000’s of local chapters in Canada and beyond our Canadian borders.

In a little while, we can be networked globally and we can indeed `experience usuryfree heaven or “peace and plenty by 2020.”

NOTE: Readers/visitors are invited to enrol (join) the UsuryFree SDI University.

BioMats for Autistic Kids

By Dr. Sircus
The most comprehensive, gentle, and effective technology available today to detoxify the body is far-infrared (FIR) therapy. It is currently being used in clinics around the world for this purpose; and, using the appropriate protocols, it can be safely used with children as young as two years old. But when using a relatively new product like the BioMat, at low settings while the kids sleep all night long, even infants can receive its benefits making it far superior to actual infrared saunas which you have to get into.
J. Miller cites research which has found mild elevations in core body temperature positively affect behavior in autistic children. Far-infrared waves also increase circulation. According to Miller, children with autism have diminished blood circulation in certain areas of the brain, which means that nutrients and oxygen aren’t getting to where they need to go. Sleeping on a BioMat each night will increase core body temperature, increase circulation, help the cells detoxification process and even help nutrients get into the cells.
Researchers are also using heat to treat depression. UA psychiatry professor Charles Raison is examining the effectiveness of whole-body hyperthermia as a treatment for depression. “This is one of the first studies of depression treatment that is not directly targeting the brain itself,” said Clemens Janssen, one of Raison’s graduate students at the UA’s John and Doris Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences. Far infrared is a treatment that has a whole range of effects that can only help autistic children.
Jill Harrison brings attention to another area of interest regarding “FIR sauna therapy for individuals with autism is FIR waves’ ability to trigger the release of nitric oxide (NO) from the endothelial lining of the blood vessels. NO helps preserve blood-vessel elasticity and enhances blood circulation. This has significant implications, because optimal blood circulation is a key factor for healing virtually all health issues – but especially for people with autism.[1]
“Research indicates that regular far-infrared-sauna use increases micro-circulation, which enables blood to flow more easily throughout the body, thereby improving the exchange of oxygen and nutrients for waste products in the cells. Also, individuals with autism can have diminished blood circulation in certain areas of the brain. This is known as hypo perfusion. Extrapolating from research done on FIR and congestive heart failure, and research on FIR sauna therapy and the release of NO, it is likely that increased perfusion in the brain would be expected in any individual who is exposed to FIR waves. FIR waves’ ability to trigger the release of NO may also play a role in enhancing memory, learning, and behavior modification along with improving neurotransmission and immune functions,” concluded Harrison.
Detoxification is only the beginning of the story with FIR therapy especially the type that can be delivered all through the night via BioMats that our children can sleep on. It is beyond most peoples understanding that light is one of the most important environmental inputs, after food, in controlling bodily function and that the FIR therapy delivers the goods like no other process.
When the light hits the cytochromes inside the fibroblasts’ mitochondria, it stimulates the cell’s energy transport system. When we send FIR light rays into the cells they excite the Mitochondria into producing up to 10 times more ATP (adenosine triphosphate). Dr. Harry T. Whelan says, “The light is absorbed by mitochondria where it stimulates energy metabolism in muscle and bone, as well as skin and subcutaneous tissue.”
Mitochondrial dysfunction is the most common metabolic abnormality associated with Autistic Spectrum Disorders. (ASD). Over the past decade, evidence has been building that mitochondrial dysfunction is an important marker for autism.[2] Mitochondrial dysfunction has also been implicated in other psychiatric and neurological disorders.
In 2008 the Hannah Poling decision in the federal government’s Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) brought worldwide attention to underlying mitochondrial disorders in Autistic kids. This case, as do all cases before the VICP panels demonstrate the extreme danger of attacking children with multiple vaccines.
Aluminum toxicity has been implicated in mitochondrial dysfunction in ASD children by Dr. Nancy Mullan and Dr. Amy Yasko with vaccines delivering aluminum routinely into children’s bloodstreams. [3]
Children with autism are far more likely to have deficits in their ability to produce cellular energythan are typically developing children, a new study by researchers at UC Davis has found. The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA),[4] found that cumulative damage and oxidative stress in mitochondria, the cell’s energy producer, could influence both the onset and severity of autism, suggesting a strong link between autism and mitochondrial defects.
"Children with mitochondrial diseases may present exercise intolerance, seizures and cognitive decline, among other conditions. Some will manifest disease symptoms and some will appear as sporadic cases," said Cecilia Giulivi, the study’s lead author and professor in the Department of Molecular Biosciences in the School of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis. "Many of these characteristics are shared by children with autism."
Mitochondria from children with autism consumed far less oxygen than mitochondria from the group of control children, a sign of lowered mitochondrial activity. For example, the oxygen consumption of one critical mitochondrial enzyme complex, NADH oxidase, in autistic children was only a third of that found in control children.
Reduced mitochondrial enzyme function proved widespread among the autistic children.Eighty percent had lowered activity in NADH oxidase than did controls, while 60 percent, 40 percent and 30 percent had low activity in succinate oxidase, ATPase and cytochrome c oxidase, respectively.
Because the brain has the highest energy demand of any tissue, mitochondrial disease causes a variety of neurological problems, including intellectual disability, seizures, developmental regression, gastrointestinal problems and lack of coordination. In addition, because muscles have a high demand for mitochondrial energy, low muscle tone, weakness and fatigue are features of many mitochondrial diseases. These neurological and muscle-related symptoms are very commonly found in children with ASD.
After the heart, the brain is the most voracious consumer of energy in the body. The authors propose that deficiencies in the ability to fuel brain neurons might lead to some of the cognitive impairments associated with autism. Mitochondria are the primary source of energy production in cells and carry their own set of genetic instructions, mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), to carry out aerobic respiration. Dysfunction in mitochondria is already associated with a number of other neurological conditions, including Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.
The number of mitochondria in each cell depends on the cellular energy demands. For example, low energy cells, such as skin cells, have fewer mitochondria, while cells that require high energy demands, such as muscle, liver, brain, cerebrovascular endothelium and GI cells, have many mitochondria. Neural synapses are areas of high energy consumption and are therefore especially dependent on mitochondrial function.  
Mitochondrial dysfunction can lead to reduced synaptic neurotransmitter release and neurons that have high firing rates.
Autism Testimonies
Claire is 4 years old and was diagnosed with Autism at age 2. She has been progressing with the wonderful support of a team of teachers, therapists and involved family. She has also accelerated quickly using the BioMat!
Day 1:Slept most of the night on BioMat resulting in sound sleep.
She awoke happily in morning instead of grumpy.
Day 2:Restful sleep without tossing; staying on the BioMat during the night. She also laid on the BioMat on 2 separate occasions during the day for 30 min. improving her mood.
Day 3:Another night of not tossing about. During the day she was more focused on the tasks she was performing. A rest on the BioMat for 40 minutes gave her calm energy.
Day 4:Continued quality sleep on BioMat all night long. When her father arrived home from work she greeted him at the door saying, “Hello daddy. What are you doing?” She has never done that before!
Day 5:Wakeless, beneficial sleep on the BioMat all night. She exhibits eye contact much better. During her therapy session she drew a stick man while following the directions of the song she was listening to. Previously she was unable to follow directions.
Day 6:At a professional basketball game she displayed appropriate responses to the environment. She is more aware of her surroundings since using the BioMat.
Day 7:She went to a neighborhood parade and showed interest in the activity. She was very excited about what she was catching. She caught a stuffed “bunny” and she verbalized, “It’s a bunny.” And gave it a hug.
Day 8:We call the BioMat the “Magic Mat.” She said to me. “This is my mommy,” pointing to me with eye contact! She verbalized that she wanted pizza for dinner. Appetite has improved since using the BioMat.
Day 9:While giving Claire her bath last night she appropriately used her hands to wash her hair on her own-a first!
Day 10:Claire was watching TV before school & the TV froze. She calmly said, “TV broke.” Normally Claire would have either not responded or responded by crying & having a fit! Amazing.
For five years Jamie Jenkins‘ anxious parents feared they would never hear him speak. But that fear turned to joy when Jamie finally broke his silence with an unusual first proper word – purple. They brought him to the National Light and Sound Therapy Centre in London where Jamie underwent two weeks of half-hour light and sound therapy sessions twice a day. The sound therapy involved Jamie listening to music through headphones while the light therapy exposed Jamie to different colors each day from a light box. Experts recommend the sound and light therapy treatment every year so Emma is definitely taking Jamie back next year.
I recommend that parents purchase a small BioMat and treat their children to light therapy every night. There is no end to the way that light can be used to heal autistic children or children with cancer.
Dr. Rachel West site is nationally regarded for her work with children who have attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism spectrum disorders including Asperger’s syndrome. Dr. West combines many therapies and modalities together with diet and nutrition—and she frequently uses infrared as part of her programs.
“The nice thing is that far infrared actually penetrates at cellular levels so it will help clean out organ tissues and disconnect cells from toxins that may be blocking pathways and at very low heat, which is safe for children.
“The lactic acid [that builds up in kids' muscles] makes kids feel like they want a massage, and the saunas feel great on their joints and muscles,” she says. “And keep in mind it isn’t the heat that counts, but the penetration and the benefits of infrared sauna that can occur at low heat. We see oxygenation of cells and better sleep,” she says. “Since sauna restores and calms the nervous system and heat is nurturing, many parents have their kids take a sauna in preparation for bedtime or before their evening bath or shower.”
Special-needs kids invariably benefit when their body’s elimination pathways are working optimally. Infrared therapy is a non-toxic, no side-effect way of ridding the body of harmful pollutants, especially heavy metals. Dr. West says taking a sauna three times a week, for 20 minutes to start, is a good regimen for kids.
Dr. Sherry Rogers
Dr. Sherry Rogers, author of Detoxify or Die, has a lot to say about far infrared rays. She agrees with me about putting an investment in far infrared ahead of anything else saying, “Just add up the time and money you wasted getting diagnosed or add up the cost for a year of prescription medications and you will pay for it. Once you have it, it’s yours to use forever, for the world will never run out of ways to poison us. The whole family can use it. It is not only capable of providing the primary "cure" or solution for your current medical problem, but can free you from symptom producing medications. Since we’re continually being bombarded by new chemicals every day, it is a tool to keep you "cleaned out" for life. It is a win-win situation. I’m convinced that the far infrared sauna is something that everyone should do to restore health. How can we bring aging and illness to a screeching halt? How can we turn back the hands of time? Sweat out the poisons is the answer.”
My Most Powerful Recommendation
I feel it is better to forget the sauna and have the children sleep on BioMats and provide treatment seven days a week while the children are sleeping. BioMats are easy, more powerful and all so comfortable and comforting that the children will fall in love with them and so will their parents who see their tormented kids relaxed and put at ease.
I have been carefully building my Natural Allopathic Medicine protocol for years after I encountered the desperate needs of parents of vaccine damaged children. From the fields of chelation to the waters of magnesium bicarbonate I have hunted high and low for the most powerful, basic and affordable substances that would really make a difference in these families’ lives. On the path I got hijacked by Cancer and how to treat that.
I will now stand on record that before parents invest in doctors’ appointments and a long list of therapies and medicinals that the first most cost effective treatment step is with far infrared treatments delivered through the more than convenient BioMat. I am not dismissing the necessity and importance of chelation, selenium etc. for elimination of heavy metals, and of course the use of clay but nothing can stand up to or replace the healing power of light.
The BioMat is the most expensive part of the protocol yet because of its power and total ease of use, and the effectiveness that gives results I would declare it the best use of financial resources for medical purposes. Everyone will get more bang for the buck with this method of treating every imaginable condition. I have seen how even healthy children crave its comfort, now imagine a distressed child.
In the future we will be reading about even more exciting things for the world of autistic children when I publish my Water Medicine book. Personally I cannot wait to hear from parents when they not only add the BioMat to their children’s lives but also when they start drinking high levels of magnesium bicarbonate in their water.
Special Note: In the very near future I will be introducing a new oxygen therapy that combines with carbon dioxide medicine to produce results beyond what is possible with hyperbaric chambers.
[1] Can far-infrared-sauna therapy benefit individuals on the autism spectrum? Harrison J.; Health Freedom News .Winter 2012, pp. 15-17;
[2Mitochondrial dysfunction in autism spectrum disorders: a systematic review and meta-analysis
D A Rossignol1,* and R E Frye2; Mol Psychiatry;  2012, March; 17(3): 290–314;
[4] C. Giulivi, Y.-F. Zhang, A. Omanska-Klusek, C. Ross-Inta, S. Wong, I. Hertz-Picciotto, F. Tassone, I. N. Pessah.Mitochondrial Dysfunction in AutismJAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association, 2010; 304 (21): 2389 DOI: 
NOTE: This article is originally published at this website:
NOTE: Another relevant article by Dr. Sircus is titled: BioMat Far Infrared Medicine


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Let The SDI (Self Directed Income) Industry Empower You !!

By Tommy UsuryFree Kennedy

Note: The term SDI (Self Directed Income) industry is being used to describe the sales and marketing industry otherwise referred to as: (a) the multi-level marketing industry or (b) the network marketing industry.

To my knowledge the world is still waiting for an SDI “home office” company to reach out to partner with co-creators or innovators from within (a) the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry and (b) the Self-Improvement/Personal-Growth/Human-Development industry and (c) the Barter/LETS/ UsuryFree Time Currency industry.

The SDI industry of the 21st Century is evolving from the (MLM) multi-level marketing or network marketing industry that was pioneered by Nutrilite, Amway, Shaklee, Avon and Mary Kay in the mid-20th Century.

The Self-Improvement/Personal-Growth/Human-Development industry became very popular in the last half of the 20th Century because personal growth has much to do with business success in the SDI industry and/or otherwise.

The Barter/LETS/UsuryFree, Time Currency industry is the newest kid on the block BUT it may be the catalyst that demonstrates astonishing power and potential in setting we-the-people free from the twins yokes of ‘usury’ and ‘taxes.’

During the 1990’s, Neil Anderson, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada resident and a well-respected and experienced MLMer with 25+ years experience in the industry teamed up with other innovators and together we-the-people decided to create some new language for this fledgling and misunderstood industry. To leave behind the negatives attached to the MLM or network marketing industry, we-the-people created the new label - the SDI (Self-Directed Income) industry. Those who have been using this term to describe this industry are reporting much positive feedback.

The SDI industry first set out to serve and promote only those business opportunities whereby the business owner does not hire employees. Traditional network marketing enterprises were well positioned to become the most popular businesses within the SDI industry because an SDI entrepreneur was identified as one who offers a business opportunity whereby s/he builds a network of entrepreneurs and each individual runs her/his own enterprise (usually from their residence). While this concept “decentralizes” commerce, the big box stores are trapped within the commercial model of “centralization.”

In recent years, various sales and marketing companies have been creating new models and terminology to dis-associate themselves from the negative experiences of the too many unsuccessful MLMers and/or network marketers of the 20th Century.

In addition to the MLMers or network marketers, the SDI industry has expanded its definition to proudly define an SDI entrepreneur as any entrepreneur in any home-based business, direct sales enterprise or otherwise who earns income(s) from her/his self-directed efforts.

Creative SDI entrepreneurs of the 21st Century are likely to be in the process of establishing an SDI Portfolio whereby they are earning income(s) from more than one source. Indeed, more and more conventional business men/women are now creating their own SDI Portfolio to supplement the income from their traditional store-front businesses.

Historically, the SDI “home office” suppliers of products and/or services, with the co-operation of the pioneering, SDI entrepreneurs of the 20th Century subtly coerced new recruits to dedicate all of their time, money and efforts into marketing the products and/or services of that one SDI company into which they happened to be first sponsored.

Additionally, some of the MLM pioneers engineered ‘ghost’ systems whereby they made more money marketing books, tapes, (audio and video) meetings, and T-Shirts etc. to their new recruits at the fringe of their networks than they made by marketing the SDI 'home office' company's lines of products and/or services.

The 'home office' company and the SDI leaders exerted strict control over their ever-expanding networks during the 1970’s and 1980’s, so that all of one's time and energy was devoted to the one SDI opportunity. Over the years, the ease of modern technology has been transforming the SDI industry so that indeed, it is now possible for any SDI entrepreneur to receive monthly pay cheques from more than one source.

No longer do home office suppliers nor dominating SDI leaders control their SDI networks as they did in the 1970’s and 1980’s. In 2014, many SDI companies are re-writing the fine print on their application forms to erase that sentence whereby they maintained the right to ‘terminate’ any distributor/associate who was found to be earning income(s) from more than one SDI business opportunity.

More and more people are aware that (a) mutual funds’ investors are looking for alternatives (b) traditional marketing moguls are struggling (c) consumer debt and personal bankruptcies are at an all time high and (d) conventional men/women who have ignored the SDI industry are now researching it and assessing its potential as a worthwhile investment risk for the 21st Century.

Prior to this 21st Century, mutual funds’ investors were pitched on the idea that mutual funds were designed to be held for long term, and therefore many have been slow to cut their losses and move their money elsewhere. By leaving their financial wealth in the hands of the so-called experts multiple thousands of mutual funds’ investors have lost trillions of dollars since the dawn of this 21st Century. Now they are ready and willing to take an active role in future investment opportunities.

Pre-Christmas 2014, traditional retail sales are reported as being the lower than usual while online sales continue to increase. I daresay that it is the SDI industry that is leading the growth of digital or online shopping.

Business bankruptcies are expected to increase in 2014 leading to more wage-earners being laid off. Of course, increased business bankruptcies leads to more personal bankruptcies.

The most creative investors/entrepreneurs of the 21st Century are those who are awakening to the ‘conspiracy’ of the plutocracy otherwise known as the ‘Usury Elites’ and are therefore ready and willing to (a) serve others with honesty and integrity (b) spend/invest their federal cash and time differently and (c) learn about how they can create and spend their own ‘usuryfree’ time currency, by adapting the LETS (Local Employment Trading System) software (or a hybrid model) to facilitate time trading within their own local and loyal networks of willing participants.

Indeed, more and more wage-earners are making an informed choice to invest time, energy and money in the SDI industry by launching a part-time enterprise from their home whereby they can purchase quality products and/or services for personal consumption at discount prices and offer these products for sale to local loyal consumers for negotiated exchanges using a combination of federal dollars and any usuryfree community currency.

At the same time these creative SDI entrepreneurs qualify for substantial, legitimate income tax deductions available exclusively to businesses because they are now positioned to retail and/or wholesale, their selected lines of products and/or services not only to themselves but also to their family, friends, neighbours, working colleagues etc. More details are explained in this article: “Tax Benefits of an SDIEnterprise.”

Just as Sam Walton engineered the idea of distributing name brand goods manufactured by other companies in the United States (much has changed since then and now most of Walmart’s products are manufactured in China) so too are some SDI entrepreneurs copying this ‘genius’ concept.

Awakened and active SDI entrepreneurs are creating an edge that will speed and enhance the growth of the SDI industry because they are showing themselves to be professional networkers who are committed to re-building the spirit of local community by implementing creative marketing strategies.

Our respective local economies could use some exciting news as we head into 2014 and beyond. Indeed, it has been the loss of faith in corporate Canada/America that is fueling the growth of the concepts espoused by the leading SDI entrepreneurs.

As we enter 2014, estimates indicate that the SDI industry is blossoming in North America with multiple millions SDI entrepreneurs now operating part-time and/or full time enterprises from their homes. People are searching for and finding a better way as they graduate from employee/wage-earner to SDI entrepreneur.

It is time for leaders in the SDI industry to set a goal to foster the re-building of community spirit. The best way to do this is to advocate the “shop local” concept and promote the “loyalty” idea as well. What is needed is an open database of “offers” and “requests” of every participating SDI entrepreneur – this database includes all SDI products and/or services as well as other products and/or services beyond those offered by the “home office” of your SDI company.

Those who are aware and sensitive to timing will become the pioneer builders of the largest database that the world has ever known. During the latter years of the 20th Century various entrepreneurs tried to build a similar, loyal database with limited success.

Now, given the ease of modern technology, we are positioned to build a loyal, online database by inviting (a) our warm market of SDI entrepreneurs to advertise their respective lines of quality products and/or services to the world along with (b) those entrepreneurs who own small to medium-sized businesses in their respective local communities.

SDI entrepreneurs often have a spouse/partner and/or children in their teens or twenties who are still living in the family residence. In addition to the quality products and/or services available from an SDI home office supplier, they can arrange for all members of their family to list their talents, skills, services etc. on this proposed database. Of course, the same is true for owners of small to medium-sized conventional businesses. With a little re-education about why we-the-people must change the way we spend our money, this database is destined to grow very fast as chapters are established in every local community.

Planning for this emerging, global database began with John Turmel way back in the 1990’s. Now the leaders in the SDI industry are connecting locally and globally, so we can aspire to reach out and establish chapters first throughout Ontario, then nationally and eventually internationally.

To build a global, online, loyal database, the timing, the prospective members and the opportunity must be optimal, because chances of ultimate success are proportional to the ‘weakest link.’

Any SDI “home office” company’s leadership is invited to explore new concepts to add to its infrastructure. When new concepts are coupled with the potential, dynamic network of experienced SDI entrepreneurs, - who are likely to become its strongest marketing arm -  this could prove to be the blend of success needed to create new awareness and recognition for both the usuryfree community currency movement and the SDI industry and thereby move both of them into the mainstream.

This proposed database will offer its participants a cutting edge alternative to conventional shopping. Any SDI entrepreneur will have the option of negotiating informally with any other SDI entrepreneur to create and spend ‘usuryfree’ time currency when s/he makes a purchase or a sale.

As more and more SDI entrepreneurs become familiar with the concept of creating and spending their own ‘usuryfree’ time currency within this loyal database, purchasers and sellers will recognize that they have greater flexibility to save and earn than if they continued to shop from giant, trans-national retail corporations.

Additionally, shopping from within this loyal database with ‘usuryfree’ time currency will be mutually beneficial for their respective local communities, although local shopping does not preclude shopping from another database which extend outside of our respective, local communities.

Though this proposed database has not yet been created, some SDI entrepreneurs are informally re-educating other SDI entrepreneurs as they seek to negotiate individual trades using part cash and part ‘usuryfree’ time currency.

Some visionaries within the SDI industry already see the possibility of we-the-people organizing ourselves as active participants (a) to set up a beta project of self-insurance for collision on our automobiles whereby no payments or premiums/fees would be made until after an accident occurs and (b) to establish our own credit union whereby we-the-people can have dual accounts, a cash account and a ‘usuryfree’ time currency account.
As the stock market continues to decline and the economy slides into a deeper recession, more and more mutual funds’ investors will choose to invest time, energy and money in the SDI industry. Without a doubt, the SDI industry will lead the way in sales and marketing during this 21st Century.

Those who are not yet ready to accept responsibility for personal growth, the reality of private money creation and/or the necessity of re-education are encouraged to negotiate contracts with youthful SDI entrepreneurs whereby one assumes the role of an investor in human potential and thereby offers to invest some money to aid a youth in launching or expanding an SDI enterprise. Any investment is negotiated in exchange for a monthly dividend from the profits earned from the youth’s enterprise(s). [An honourable handshake is considered as binding as any lengthy contract and indeed the preferred signature.]

Take the first step to changing the world to become a better place and organize an “SDI/13 Workshop” – where 13 SDI entrepreneurs will gather to “learn what they don’t know they don’t know.”

An SDI/13 Workshop requires that the person organizing the workshop secures the location and invites a minimum of 13 SDI entrepreneurs who are ready and willing to invest their time and money differently in 2014.

As the SDI Consultant, I need ‘gifts’ to cover my cash expenses and additional ‘gifts’ of cash and/or ‘usuryfree’ time currency are gratefully received for lessons learned BUT there is FREE admission to these SDI/13 Workshops. It is my intention that every person to be able to attend and receive the knowledge that will be shared. Our slogan as ‘usuryfree creatives’ is ‘Working for Peace and Plenty by 2020.’

NOTE: This is a sampling of the information that is commonly shared at SDI/13 Workshops:
My Presentation at the 3rd Annual World Conference on Riba at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in November 2012

NOTE: Experienced and novice SDI entrepreneurs are reading and sharing with their networks this article titled: Analysis, Projections, Observations & Proposals For The SDI Industry 

NOTE: Visitors are invited to enrol (join) the UsuryFree SDI University