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The Power and Potential of the SDI Industry

NOTE: This article was first published in the late 1990's. I have added a couple of updated notes.

by Tom J. Kennedy

The exciting explosion in the relatively new SDI (Self Directed Incomes) industry is fuelling a rebirth in entrepreneurism. In its short history the SDI industry has been referred to as MLM (Multi Level Marketing), Person To Person Marketing and/or Network Marketing. After attending a seminar in the fall of 1996 with an experienced leader in the network marketing industry where we discussed the history and the future of network marketing I have been referring to the industry as the SDI industry to better reflect that the industry indeed does offer an opportunity to earn self directed incomes.

The concept of network distribution bypasses joint ventures, expensive advertising campaigns and traditional wholesalers and retailers and efficiently delivers products and/or services to multiple millions who are now active in the SDI industry. In fact, the SDI industry is being lauded as the last best hope for the over-taxed middle class to secure financial independence. Amway, the pioneer and still the leading SDI company boasts of a sales force in excess of 2.5 million SDI entrepreneurs in 75 countries worldwide who marketed merchandise worth $9.4 billion in 1996. 

NOTE: Amway has continued to grow worldwide in this 21st  Century under the new name Alticor - achieving $11.3 billion in sales in 2012.

Word-of mouth advertising, (by phone, fax, email, or regular mail) is the lifeblood of the SDI industry as participants simply share personal experiences and relevant information about the various business opportunities, products and services. As this new approach of network distribution continues to expand in popularity, the concept of building an SDI Portfolio of selected business opportunities is likely to become a reality since many SDI entrepreneurs experience value by being connected to more than one SDI supplier of products and/or services.

The annual volume of products and services distributed through the SDI industry now exceeds multiple billions of dollars. 

NOTE: The SDI industry achieved $167 billion in total global sales in 2012.

Some well known universities are preparing to offer credit courses on this unusual concept of network distribution. Certainly the SDI industry projects a bright and prosperous future as we progress in this new millenium. 

The SDI industry was launched in the early 1950's by such innovative pioneers as Jay VanAndel and Rich DeVos who first launched Nitrilife and then Amway. Likewise, in the 1950's Dr. Forest Shaklee started the Shaklee Corporation. They were daring SDI entrepreneurs who were perceptive enough to know that it takes something new, exciting, different, powerful and something unusual to put and keep enthusiasm into lives dulled by monotonous daily routines.

In the 21st Century, thousands of SDI companies (many not even created yet) will offer unusual business opportunities, and tens of thousands of quality products and/or services because individuals dared to lead the way and be unusually different in the 1950's. The growth rate of the SDI industry is already surpassing the growth rate of the traditional retail store industry (which is currently in a state of decline) as SDI entrepreneurs commence building  Portfolios of selected opportunities.

While some of the seasoned SDI companies (e.g. Amway and Shaklee) led the way in the 50's, 60's and 70's, younger companies (e.g. Mary Kay and Herbalife) achieved spectacular growth in the 1980's. Many new SDI companies are experiencing phenomenal growth in this 21st Century.

Numerous eager entrepreneurs will continue to venture into the SDI world and set up brilliant, refined marketing plans which will adapt proven, existing SDI methods and add some innovative practices including barter. Given the ease of modern technology the SDI industry is positioned for remarkable growth in the 21st Century.

These new SDI companies will offer exclusive and expanding lines of quality products and/or services through growing networks of SDI associates who will purchase at wholesale prices for personal use and retail to any consumers who still wish to pay retail prices.The SDI industry is likely to revolutionize the traditional concepts of wholesale and retail buying since there will be less and less demand for retail stores.

Most SDI entrepreneurs run their respective, independent enterprises from their residence. They are no longer required to carry an inventory of stock since most SDI suppliers now offer state-of-the-art computer ordering and record keeping that permits associates to order single units rather than full cases of products which was common practice with the SDI industry pioneers who did not have access to the ease of technology that is now available.

The SDI industry is mushrooming because of the unusual desire for "improved wealth, health, and vitality" and the unusual need for solid sources of secondary income(s) by people from all walks of life. Companies in the SDI industry offer individuals lucrative opportunities with all the usual (and some unusual) tax benefits of the out-of-reach traditional businesses as well as unlimited worldwide growth potential. See this article: "Tax Benefits of  an SDI Enterprise."

The business world - past or present - has never witnessed a sales and marketing idea remotely comparable to this very thrifty but explosive method of marketing and by adapting computer technology the SDI industry has even more potential for growth.  Like an electrical current running through the economic system of our troubled times SDI business opportunities are rejuvenating, regenerating, restoring and giving a new lease on life to countless millions who have been suffering from financial oppression by the influential and the wealthy 5% of the population to whom we have voluntarily - perhaps even unknowingly - but mistakenly, surrendered our individual freedom, leadership and power. 

I draw your attention to the blog - The UsuryFree Eye Opener -  for additional information.

SDI networks grow in an unusual way. People (singles, couples or partners) are sponsored (recruited or enrolled) by an active associate within an SDI company who has previously been sponsored by another. Each SDI entrepreneur builds his/her own portfolio by connecting with one or more SDI suppliers from which they purchase products and/or services at wholesale prices - usually on a repeat basis. 

New recruits are encouraged to invest a small amount of money to purchase educational tools - audio and video cassettes, books, brochures and other relevant SDI resources - if they are serious about building an SDI enterprise.

Some new recruits in the SDI industry simply wish to take advantage of the opportunity to purchase products and/or services for personal use at wholesale prices and this is quite acceptable in the SDI industry. SDI entrepreneurs who wish to "share' or "pass along" any newly acquired knowledge of products, services and/or business opportunities simply tell others - by word of mouth, click of mouse, phone, fax, email or snail mail - about the benefits and the SDI contribution principle of logarithmic growth takes over. 

SDI entrepreneurs are building profitable enterprises because enthusiastic SDI associates are honestly marketing the Permanent Earnings Portfolio concept and expanding networks of  shop-at-home consumers are responding since they appreciate the dual opportunity of home shopping and earning secondary income(s).

Initial, low cost SDI opportunities are a guaranteed investment that keeps the door open for every individual (usually over 16 years), who wants to become an entrepreneur, run an independent enterprise and yet not be totally alone. By utilizing the vehicle of SDI the formerly lethargic masses have an opportunity to experience "increased wealth' and "improved health and vitality". 

In addition, participants in the SDI industry are learning much about "economics and human nature" and they are recognizing that their former lethargy, ignorance and apathy played a small part in contributing to the escalating political, economic and moral decay that is currently creating havoc in this dearly beloved country of Canada and elsewhere on planet earth.

SDI entrepreneurs not only seek to free themselves from poor and/or average health conditions but also from the unusual financial "yoke of USURY" that is designed to keep them in a negative state of mind. SDI associates are the citizens most likely to willingly accept leadership roles in exposing the "yoke of USURY" and in re-educating others as we are prepare to meet the challenge of keeping our cherished freedoms for our children and grandchildren in the 21st Century and beyond.

Finding a dream, creating a purpose in life, setting goals, listening, learning and teaching are essential prerequisites for success in the SDI industry and in all other areas of life.

During the transition period - that time when one first learns about the SDI industry and its abundance of opportunities, the concept of building an SDI portfolio, the practice of bartering within the respective SDI networks, the psychology of sharing knowledge and re-educating within the SDI community - a process of awareness takes place. 

Experienced SDI entrepreneurs with a vision are assuming leadership roles as they expose newcomers to the muscle and power of the new psychological realm and the raising of consciousness phenomenon that is becoming so evident within the growing SDI networks.

With it's powerful potential and multiple missions and the collective dreams of its participants this great but seemingly unknown sales and marketing concept is becoming the people's opiate of the 21st Century. 

The SDI industry may well become the saviour of the free enterprise system, the vehicle to facilitate the re-education process of the masses, and the catalyst that will preserve our ultimate freedoms which are intricately tied to our cherished but fragile free enterprise system established by our ancestors.

NOTE: To inform people about the history and evolution of the SDI industry, leading SDI entrepreneurs are reading and sharing the article titled:
Analysis, Projections, Observations & Proposals For The SDI Industry 

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