Sunday, January 12, 2014

Letter To SDI Entrepreneurs

Letter To SDI Entrepreneurs

(otherwise referred to as (a) network marketers (b) multi-level marketers (c) referral marketers (d) consumer-direct marketers)

At the twin blogs (1) The SDI (Self Directed Income) EyeOpener and (2) The UsuryFree Eye Opener readers will find hundreds of postings of timely and relevant information which in my humble opinion offers lessons not taught within the conventional walls of formal education.

These twin blogs offers these informative postings FREE – and the information is designed to be an asset when twinned with the knowledge  being shared within the marketing infrastructure of any SDI ( network or multi-level) business opportunity.

I have been a keen student of the SDI industry and the alternative economic industry since my wake-up call in 1980. It is my observation that a key reason for high attrition, failures, and/or stagnation in any SDI marketing venture or otherwise is the “usury” factor – though few SDI entrepreneurs are aware of how the menace of “usury” keeps the masses (debtors) forever in financial bondage to the super rich (creditors).

The re-educational material posted at the twin blogs – the UsuryFree Eye Opener and the SDI Eye Opener – empowers readers so that they will be informed and ready to make a difference as they learn to understand and decode the lies, deceits and deceptions within the usury industry.

Likewise, it is my observation that by (a) word of mouth and (b) click of mouse, truth messages can be networked with lightening speed to multiple millions within the respective networks of the SDI industry that span the entire world. This detail is significant since the revealing information posted at the twin blogs is not readily available within the walls of formal education – neither in Canada, the USA, or elsewhere.

New information is being added regularly at these blogs where already 1 million+ readers from all over the world have been reading and sharing their newly acquired knowledge.

This invitational letter is being addressed to SDI entrepreneurs (current and prospective) – assuming you are ready and willing to be de-educated and re-educated on relevant topics and economic issues that formal education neglects to teach. These twin blogs are a valuable and FREE resource to share and network with your respective SDI organizations.

During the 1980’s and 1990’s, I was proud to be a pioneer in establishing networking relationships with “information seekers” from all across Canada and throughout the United States.

Now I am equally proud to be associated with leaders in the SDI industry who are committed to the ongoing process of pulling together their networks to focus on re-educating those who are interested in protection of their earned assets from ever-invading governments.

As a writer for the twin blogs, I consider myself a coach and team support member for SDI organizations that recognize the power of information sharing and who are anxious to make a genuine effort to keep relevant information flowing by (a) word of moth and (b) click of mouse.

I am particularly keen to provide supplementary information and relevant resources to those committed SDI entrepreneurs who choose to be active networkers within mutually beneficial support organizations whereby a particular SDI opportunity is the common bond.

Incidentally, the supplementary information and relevant resources can also be shared within each individual’s personal networks of family, friends, neighbours, working colleagues, community leaders, acquaintances and even with strangers.

I invite the leaders within these SDI organizations to contemplate the idea of networking all of the talents, skills, services, as well as other products beyond those offered by the SDI “home office” company that is the common bond. How about promoting loyalty within the SDI industry? Let’s find ways to create databases of the respective SDI networks with complete listings of “offers” and “requests” for bartering or trading – using a usuryfree community currency as a complement with federal cash.

When trades or exchanges are negotiated, by seller requests federal cash to cover any wholesale costs and accepts any usuryfree community currency for the retail mark-up portion of any sale.

SDI entrepreneurs – you are encouraged to take some time to read, re-read and share the hundreds of postings at the twin blogs. When you are ready to take action  to promote the idea of promoting loyalty within the SDI industry, thereby preparing yourself and your team to disembark from the “usury” Titanic by launching your “economic lifeboats,” please let us know.

Together, we can discuss and launch creative strategies that will permit you, your family, and your entire SDI organization to experience the reality of usuryfree living at a faster pace.

As the world unknowingly marches towards their (the bankers) New World Order plans, you – the leaders within the SDI industry – will be discussing and implementing options that will save yourselves from their (the bankers) planned, future, financial enslavement.

Enjoy this day!
Tom J. Kennedy aka “Tommy UsuryFree Kennedy”

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