Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Networking Systems Moving Us Towards The Age of “Peace and Plenty”

By Tom J. Kennedy

The work that you as an active, SDI (Self Directed Income) entrepreneur are putting in now, will be well rewarded as information seekers usher in the Age Of Aquarius. Talk to family, relatives, friends, neighbours, working colleagues, community contacts end even strangers as you begin to set up exciting and expanding re-educational networks – and dare to share with them information and resources that will build them as people so that they in turn will be prepared to build an SDI enterprise.

For example, when you commit to contacting two people and coach them to duplicate your effort, you will create a cascading effect of team “spillover” and this will guarantee co-operative success for all who choose to participate and you can help to accelerate the re-education of those who are ‘ready and willing’ to be re-educated.

Consider such networking growth as cellular growth similar to nature’s own building blocks. Countless cells will radiate out from each other, each inter-connected, each the centre of its own world, each like a hologram, each containing the whole.

The SDI Eye Opener combined with the UsuryFree Eye Opener are resources to be used as twin cell builders for re-education. Re-educated, SDI entrepreneurs are positioned to lead the way as we focus on building a future paradigm for usuryfree living.

It is my conviction that SDI entrepreneurs are capable of networking relevant and timely information to millions by “word of mouth” and “click of mouse.” And the open-minded leaders in the SDI industry are in a key position to help re-educate multiple millions on the “truth” about our orthodox, economic system of usury-based, debt money, at a rapid rate.

It is prudent to seek dependable, self-motivated and committed SDI entrepreneurs as the nucleus of any re-educational network. In the early stages of growth vision, discipline and total commitment are required to launch vibrant networks, however, the long-term rewards, financial and otherwise, will be worth the initial effort – especially as we shift to a usuryfree, economic model.

Aspiring SDI entrepreneurs are encouraged to commit to pursuing a self-imposed course of study on topics commonly neglected within the walls of formal education – topics about economics, health and wellness, energy, spirituality, personal growth or self-help etc.

There are an abundance of relevant postings at the twin blogs – The SDI Eye Opener and the UsuryFree Eye Opener that can be read and shared by “word of mouth” or “click of mouse.” "Welcome To My Twin Blogs.”

SDI entrepreneurs are likewise invited and encouraged to research the current SDI opportunities and initially choose to become active with one selected SDI opportunity.

Husband and wife teams and/or family units where children in their late teens or in their twenties are still living at home may consider the benefits of building an SDI Portfolio with a minimum of two SDI opportunities – each in a distinct marketing niche.

This strategy supports that popular, free enterprise expression – “never keep all of your eggs in one basket” and assures the family that there will be multiple streams of reasonable income. Historically, too many SDI entrepreneurs who relied on a single source of income from one SDI opportunity have had negative experiences when the “home office” closed or just disappeared.

Of course, the big income earners within the various SDI organizations and the “home office” of the popular SDI corporations would prefer that you focus on the one SDI opportunity that you were first sponsored into. Why? The answer is obvious. They want to own you and coerce you to produce results because your production puts more money in their pockets.

With the dawn of internet marketing and the decline of hotel meetings, many SDI entrepreneurs have embraced affiliate marketing, e-books, coaching webinars etc. – these various activities are evidence of SDI entrepreneurs succeeding with multiple sources of income.

Over the years, it is my observation that the top income earners in the SDI industry have “multiple streams of income” event though they counsel their new recruits at the fringe of their ever-expanding networks to focus on the one SDI opportunity. Whenever I inquired about their “multiple sources of income” the patent answer was: “When you analyze, you paralyze.”

As an advocate of “free enterprise” I recognize that some people want to become the big money earners – the millionaires – but other people are satisfied with a couple of reasonable second income sources. People have their own reasons for doing what they do, so let’s not judge them, instead, let’s respect their choices. Failures in the SDI industry as well as elsewhere in the market economy can be attributed to the design flaw of usury and its immoral and evil effects on debtors everywhere. “SDI Entrepreneurs Need To Know The Truth.”

If an SDI entrepreneur has the discipline and ability to outsource some tasks and leverage the work of others in a team, I see no problem with having an SDI Portfolio – with more than one source of income. I know some successful SDI entrepreneurs who are earning reasonable incomes from more than one SDI company.

The secret to success in the SDI industry is to first enroll with a solid “home office” company that is stable and without usury-bearing debt. Then enroll two SDI entrepreneurs who will each commit to duplicating your leadership. If that is all you teach in your network, that may very well be enough to eventually qualify you to earn fair commissions and bonuses.

Look for unique marketing structures that will assure you that every time you perform with honesty and integrity, the marketing program will perform for you financially in a fair method as your learning curve expands.

Be prudent and cautious. Be aware of building vertical depth as you build new horizontal width in your business enterprise.  Communicate regularly with your team leaders and your new recruits and manage your expanding growth. Any worthy SDI opportunity honestly pays SDI entrepreneurs reasonable commissions for working honestly.

Informed and re-educated, SDI entrepreneurs will quickly recognize that a unique re-educational program will give them the essential tools to build economic lifeboats for themselves and their loved ones while the ill-informed masses risk getting mired in economic mud, or eventually sinking like the Titanic whose captain thought he was invincible.

You may think, “I’m just one individual, this challenge is too great for me to handle.” Be assured however, that you are one of the millions who are now awakening as we usher in a New Age of UsuryFree Living coinciding with the Age of Aquarius. You are one of the budding SDI entrepreneurs who is feeling empowered to demand positive, constructive and peaceful change for planet earth.

A renaissance, a rebirth the like of which has not been seen since the 14th and 15th centuries in Europe is occuring  and such power to participate is your birthright – but first you have to claim it. Indeed, there was “Life Without Usury” in the past and there will be “Life Without Usury” again in the not-too-distant future.

It is important to understand that this whole movement towards economic alternatives, ecological sanity, and environmental protection, is not being motivated by any level of government, rather it is the outcome of individual effort, and SDI entrepreneurs can assume leadership roles in accelerating the shifting of consciousness.

It is happening because every day, somebody, somewhere is caring enough to get involved. We would be foolish to ignore the lesson of history where the uninformed, out of frustration and anger escalated social unrest by challenging those whom they perceived to be wealthy and guilty.

These challengers had neither an alternative, economic plan, nor the accumulated wealth needed to oust those already in power. Chaos and bloodshed always followed and those with the wealth inevitably kept power and the game of “usury economics” and “global power” continued to blunder along fulfilling their (the bankers’) New World Order agenda.

Now we have the technology and the resources to quietly lead the de-educational and re-educational processes and network the “truth” about our orthodox, economic system of usury-based, debt money problems. Without a doubt, the old ways of doing business are no longer working. The system is rampant with design flaws and new and unique economic solutions are required.

Leaders in the SDI industry are optimally positioned to network workable solutions by injecting new economic methods or models one step at a time. Some good ideas are presented in this article titled: “Letter To SDI Entrepreneurs.”

In the meantime, the knowledge available to SDI entrepreneurs, when twinned with other relevant resources will empower the common people to create a peaceful process of change while earning reasonable commissions within the SDI industry that permit them to survive within the existing “system” that is slowly disintegrating.

It follows that eventually there will be no longer be wars, violence, poverty, scarcity and lack. Instead, what will surface as the alternative will be a usuryfree lifestyle - complete with global peace, abundance, and prosperity. Hopefully everyone on planet earth will experience “peace and plenty by 2020.” SDI entrepreneurs can make it happen!

In the process of overhauling the conventional wisdom of business via the tried and proven networking system, SDI entrepreneurs now have a great opportunity to aspire to become debt-free and financially independent within the existing “system.” But the ultimate goal is to evolve and eventually experience the reality of a usuryfree lifestyle in this incarnation.

We-the-usuryfree-creatives take great pride in our networking relationships with current and prospective SDI entrepreneurs. We are fully aware of the many benefits of studying the postings/resources at The UsuryFree Eye Opener and the SDI Eye Opener – with more being added on a regular basis. We are conscious of our responsibility to share this newly acquired knowledge so that anyone and everyone can choose to follow a self-imposed course of study – beyond the walls of formal education.

SDI entrepreneurs (current or prospective) are invited to start their self-imposed course of study with this posting – which has a number of relevant links listed at the end of the article:

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