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Organic Sulphur – Your Body Needs It

Links to a few interesting articles about "organic sulphur."

Pure “organic sulphur” also protects us from chemtrails: - no other element including oxygen has more of an ability to combine with other elements than sulfur due to its molecular structure. All the metals except gold and platinum combine with sulfur to form inorganic sulfides. Sulfur combines with Aluminum to form Aluminum Sulfate, it combines with Barium to form Barium Sulfate, and it combines with Strontium to form Strontium Sulfate. None of these compounds can stay in the body, they are safely removed, and so is mercury! People who consume organic sulphur commonly have no problems with heavy metal toxicity.

I do recommend is that each of us learn about the health and wellness benefits of (a) sodium bicarbonate and (b) organic sulphur as we progress into this 21st Century.

Here is the protocol for consuming the organic sulphur.

Mix one teaspoon per 100 pounds of body weight and consume it twice each day - making sure it is one half hour away from other supplements or medications to insure you do not activate the sulphur. At 170 pounds, I use 1 ¾ teaspoons 2 times each day - morning and early afternoon - as it may keep you awake at night if you consume it late in the day. Drink another 10 ounce glass of water immediately after consuming the sulphur.

Organic sulphur dissolves best when added to hot water which helps the organic sulphur crystals dissolve. (do not use chlorinated water unless you boil it as boiling releases the chlorine) When I dissolve the pure, organic sulphur crystals in the hot water, I add the juice of half a lime, a half teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar - then I drink the mixture, followed by a 10 ounce glass of pure water.

Chlorine blocks the uptake of sulphur, so if you are in an urban area try to use filtered water.

Organic sulphur may also be eaten orally. If you do not like the bitter taste, mix a little honey, coconut sugar, stevia or maple syrup. If flu symptoms or headaches occur, take the organic sulphur with food, but do not STOP! Any flu-like symptoms that surface are most likely a detox reaction. Sulphur promotes oxygen transport across the cell membrance. These sulphur crystals may also be added to normal tooth-brushing regiments to address gum disease. Remember, organic sulphur is a FOOD, not a drug!

A note about MSM:

The MSM sold in health food stores and on the web doesn't work well. The reason is that it's only 39% sulfur, the rest is methyl cellulose and an anti caking ingredient called silicon dioxide that ruins the uptake of sulfur to the cells. It will work, sort of, but you have to take about 5x as much! It is much better to use 99.7% pure organic sulfur with no harmful additives!

John Hammell writes:


“Friends, I keep receiving unsolicited testimonials from people world wide who are getting off every single Rx drug you can name because they're drinking sulfur water twice a day to re-establish the sulfur cycle in their bodies. 

I'm getting unsolicited testimonials from people who no longer need arthritis drugs, heart drugs, allergy drugs, antidepressants and other psych drugs due to the oxygenation resulting from pure organic sulfur opening up their cell membranes allowing oxygen to flood in, and push toxins out. Nothing is more BASIC to good health than good cellular health.

Triathletes and other endurance athletes including hockey players are beating a path to my door wanting the world's best "organic sulfur" because it keeps them out of oxygen debt allowing them to perform optimally. Lovers love it for boosting their libido. Women love it because its so good for the hair, skin and nails.

Everyone loves detoxing from the ethylene dibromide, dessicated red blood cells, antibiotic resistant bacteria, and heavy metals being sprayed on us via chemtrails.


Anyone flying on a plane should drink it because the EPA is not bothering to tell us that anytime we fly we're being subject to 5-6 times the safe level of radiation, due to closeness to the sun, but also due to a ton of Fukushima radiation being up in the jet stream. An abundance of Pub Med studies indicate that sulfur is our best means of protection from radiation.

If you help me get the word out far enough, we can drive the world's biggest investment industry (Big Pharma) totally out of business, while simultaneously  monkey wrenching UN Agenda 21, the blueprint for population control, this evil effort to cull the human herd that just resulted in thousands of Filipinos being expunged, wiped off the face of the earth via another man made monster of a typhoon, the biggest cyclonic storm in human history.

People sometimes ask me why they should buy pure "organic sulfur" and not some cheaper stuff they see on line.”

Here is John Hammell's answer:

“Be forewarned that there is a lot of garbage on the market when it comes to MSM. Most of the stuff out there is Opti brand which is often private labelled, so you often can’t tell what you are buying on the web. 

The problem with Opti brand is that it isquadruple heated to 486 F. which damages it so you can’t grow crystals with it.

It’s the crystals that enable sulfur to work properly in the cellular matrix of your body. It’s the crystals that enable sulfur to open up cell membranes so oxygen can flood into the cells, pushing the toxins out. If you take a teaspoon of Opti brand MSM, put it in a glass of hot water and get it to dissolve, pour off most of the water leaving only a thin film in the bottom to evaporate overnight, in the morning you SHOULD have well defined crystals - but you won't get well defined crystals, instead, you’ll get a scuzzy looking FILM.

If you drink pure "organic sulfur" too late in the evening, you may get so oxygenated that you might have trouble sleeping at night, but with Opti, that will never happen for the simple reason that the stuff does not WORK, it does not enable oxygen to flood into your cells, so it also doesn’t do a good job of pushing toxins out, including all the toxic heavy metals being sprayed on us via chemtrails (watch the documentary film about geoengineering called "Why in the World Are They Spraying?"

Another problem with Opti is that it is contaminated with silicon dioxide, (ground up quartz) used as a flow agent and anti caking ingredient to keep filling machines from jamming when they flow powdered supplements into capsules. 

You can tell Opti is contaminated with silicon dioxide (which DEACTIVATES it) because it flows freely and does not clump up the way pure "organic sulfur" does when exposed to moisture in the air. It's better for it to clump, even though you have to sometimes break it back up into a powder than it is to flow freely because as long as it clumps you know it has not been deactivated. 

You need to realize that sulfur is one of the more reactive elements on the periodic chart. It has 16 electrons and protons in its outer shell, so there are very few things it won’t combine with, and it WILL combine with Silicon Dioxide which DOES neutralize it. If you buy this stuff, you are flushing your money down a toilet. It won’t help you at all because its nearly totally biologically inert.

Pure "organic sulfur" on the other hand, works great. That’s one reason why I have so many repeat customers. Many are endurance athletes wishing to minimize oxygen debt. I also sell a lot to women because my sulfur is so good for the hair, skin and nails. 

Anyone with a high stress job benefits from ingesting sulfur water because it neutralizes acid caused by stress that's dumped into the small intestine, so it helps you be far more calm and grounded. I have helped people get off every Rx drug you can name by assisting people in reestablishing the sulfur cycle in their body.  

I also go the extra mile to educate customers as I am now with you, and I am a Naturopath, so I can provide a lot of information to help you fine tune your personal wellness program. I send customers complete instructions including a recipe that makes sulfur taste far more palatable so it's easier to maintain the twice a day regimen necessary to achieve optimal oxygenation and detoxification, and I have complete info on  proper hydration so you won’t have a Herxheimer's reaction while using sulfur."

 NOTE: (Migraine headaches, flu like symptoms, in worst case scenario a "skin dump" which is where toxins released from liver and kidneys go direct to the surface of your skin where they can cause painful skin lesions. This can happen if you fail to hydrate optimally to flush out toxins.)

NOTE: For Canadian consumers to order a single pound of pure organic sulphur, from the USA - the cost is $40.00 (US Funds) plus $20.00 (US Funds) Shipping costs. Then Customs adds their fee at the border. Since our Canadian dollar has recently declined to around the value of 75 cents this means the cost of a single pound of pure organic sulphur is approximately $70.00+ (Canadian Funds.)

I am willing to purchase a case of 10 pounds of pure organic sulphur - at a discounted price and offer a single pound for sale at $50.00 (Canadian Funds). I need commitments for a few orders to make this happen. Let me know how many pounds you are willing to purchase at $50.00 (Canadian funds). Shipping costs will be $10.00 (Canadian Funds).

Tom J. Kennedy
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Chemtrail Resources to review and share:

Below are a couple of video clips that I recently received from a friend:

2. Trombly and Flanagan: Fukushima Radiation Remedies

At the 12 minute 52 second mark of the above video clip, "Trombly and Flanagan: Fukushima Radiation Remedies" - Patrick Flanagan talks about the health benefits of organic sulfur.

3. NOTE: A very interesting interview Clive de Carle interviews Patrick McGean who explains why sulphur makes women more beautiful, men more functional and how sulphur could be the missing link between you and perfect health. (see link below) ...

The missing link is "pure organic sulphur."

The Health Revolution - Episode 12 - Patrick McGean interviewed by Clive de Carle:

Enjoy this day!
Tom J Kennedy

PS: Another relevant article that I posted at my blog last summer.


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