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Another Update re: My Natural Healing Journey, July 1, 2015

 Photo taken before the first application of Two Feathers Black Salve
- shows how the "abnormality' grew to be about 5 cm in diameter
and 1.5 cm thick - this all happened after the surgery because the
doctor could not completely cut out what he called an "inclusion cyst."
My big mistake was that I trusted the doctor - I should have asked
him if he could guarantee to completely cut out the "inclusion cyst"

in the surgery - he knows it will grow wild after if he cannot cut it all out
so he would have answered "NO" - then I would have said

By Tom J. Kennedy

It is true that the darkest time in one’s life often leads to either (a) choose to give up in fear or (b) pursue a different course of action that one would not ordinarily have chosen. That is where I was in January/February 2015 - when I found out that I was diagnosed with an aggressive skin cancer labelled “parotid squamous cell carcinoma.”

Initially, I was briefly terrified and despondent BUT only for a very brief time when the both the radiologist and oncologist at the Ottawa Cancer Clinic told me that unless I had 35 visits for radiation - that’s 5 days a week for 7 weeks - my chances of survival beyond 3-6 months was unlikely.

When I asked about the side effects of radiation, I was told that it would severely damage my salivary glands on the right side of my face, and that the nerves to my right eye would still be at risk (and the plastic surgeon had already cut the nerve that permits the right eye to wink and blink), as well as the nerves to the right ear are at risk, and of course, the location of the “abnormality” is close to my brain.

 Photo Taken on June 12, 2015 - just after the 1st topical application of Black Salve. The "abnormality" is covered with Black Salve - the thickness of a dime.

When I asked the radiologist if radiation causes “secondary cancers” a few years later, he admitted that indeed, radiation can cause secondary cancers at a future date.

After the initial cancer diagnosis and follow-up consultations, I declined any further conventional treatments with radiation and/or chemotherapy. I brandished up my personal faith, courage. self-assuredness and made a commitment to myself to pursue a course of self-imposed research about natural healing therapies/treatments that would facilitate the healing process.

I shifted my thoughts away from what I now refer to as “cancer consciousness” and established in myself a determination of steel, a belief in miracles and a non-believable reality that indeed, I could take charge and heal myself by becoming my own doctor.

I hunted and found an abundance of quality resources to facilitate the natural healing resources and as of this last week of June 2015, I am continuing my healing processes and I am happy and healthy.

In a future update, I will describe in more detail all of the treatments and therapies that I am using to heal - what I refer to now as an “abnormality” on the right side on my face. in conversations, I don’t even use the “c” word when I am referring to the diagnosis.

Photo taken on June 12, 2015 - just after the 1st application of Black Salve

The unique product that I am now using to complete the healing process is Two Feathers Black Salve from this website:  in Reno, Nevada. I have been consuming it since June 12th and it has been applied topically since June 19th, 2015.

The conventional, (but delusional) medical doctors (radiologists and oncologists) are still believing that they are the only medical authorities who know what to do when one is gifted with a cancer diagnosis. With all due respect, they know absolutely nothing about nutrition and numerous, proven alternative therapies/treatments that are healing various cancers.

When I asked the oncologist if he would give me a prescription for cannabis oil he answered that there was not enough evidence to support that it can heal cancers. My response was that it is time to start collecting the evidence, because many people are healing cancer with cannabis oil. They don't and won't collect the evidence because the truth is that the Cancer Industry has become "Big Business."

It is my humble observation that the time is NOW to swing the pendulum to the other side where people are learning how to heal themselves with natural treatments and therapies.

Indeed, the paradigm of treating sickness and disease is shifting towards achieving and maintaining optimal health and wellness by individuals who are intent on taking their power back.

Photo taken a couple of hours after the first application of
Black Salve on June 12, 2015 - a piece of "eschar" was already 
pulled off by the Black Salve.

My Natural Healing Journey is progressing as an incredible, learning and healing  experience and now it is time to share the details as well as the various resources and therapies that I have been following every day since I began My Natural Healing Journey.

I must admit that this Natural Healing Journey is costly and it is lots of work. It is costly because when one decides to heal oneself naturally, there is no government or insurance coverage and all products and services have to be paid for with cash. As of this last week of June 2015, I have already spent $6500+  for the products and services that are required to facilitate the healing processes.

I am so grateful to three different natural healing therapists here in Ottawa who invited me to come back and use their services for FREE, so that they could help to see me through this healing journey. I had stopped going to them because I had maxed out my credit card and I had told them that I was broke and I could not afford to pay for their services.

It is now my conviction that if I can heal myself of this aggressive skin cancer diagnosis, then anyone else can do likewise. If more people knew more about natural treatments and therapies they would make better choices and live longer.

 Photo shows how I keep the "abnomality"
dry and covered with a waterproof, Nexus bandage

In July 2015, a Private Club referred to as Healing Hunt that promotes a cancer-free community will be birthed. Healing Hunt is an awakened and aware group of health seekers and finders - we seek, find and share solutions that will guarantee optimal health and wellness for those who choose to participate.

Healing Hunt Ottawa is destined to become the go-to place for people: (a) who are recognized as competent, natural, health practitioners (b) who are ready and willing to be re-educated on how to avoid cancer (c) who are already diagnosed with cancer - preferably in its early stages and who are ready and willing to explore the modalities of self-healing with natural treatments or therapies and (d) who have healed themselves of any cancer by relying on natural treatments or therapies and (e) who are seeking resources to achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness.

If you live within driving distance of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and you are invited to our inaugural event on Friday, July 10, 2015 from 6:30 PM until 9:00 PM.

You are invited to send an email to: with “Healing Hunt Ottawa” in the Subject line and I will forward the time and location of this inaugural event.

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  1. When I asked the oncologist if he would give me a prescription for cannabis oil he answered that there was not enough evidence to support that it can heal cancers. My response was that it is time to start collecting the evidence, because many people are healing cancer with cannabis oil.
    Jct: Dereliction of professionalism to deny a legal treatment without having done any research.

  2. Hi Tom, I'm proud of you, and proud of knowing you, and good luck! Make sure that your body pH factor is not less than 7.5. Use the Rife frequency treatment, the one that you and Robin introduced me to. Flash the colon well, any skin conditions are linked to the colon condition. My business is closed, and I do not have the machine anymore, otherwise I would definitely offer you free treatments, friend! We have to speak on the phone.