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Introducing Two Feathers Healing Formula (Black Salve)

By Robert Roy and Tom J. Kennedy

In this 21st Century cancer has become a $200 billion business. Recently Dr. Bill Deagle stated on a radio talk show that every cancer patient who is caught in the failing paradigm of "cancer consciousness" is worth $1.3 million to the cancer industry.

The statistics re: the direct effects of failed surgery, and potential, permanent nerve damage from both radiation and chemotherapy as well as future, secondary cancers paint a grim picture for these conventional and questionable treatments. Too many people are being poisoned and maimed and even killed from the direct effects of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy - and not from the cancer. The cancer industry seems utterly indifferent to the consequences of their dubious actions.

Any alternative, natural treatments for cancer that are less harmful than the accepted conventional treatments are worthy of further research and study - this includes black salve.

It is unfortunate that the surgery, radiation and expensive chemotherapy drugs costing tens of thousands of dollars are heavily subsidized by the government and covered by government and/or private insurance companies while there is absolutely no insurance coverage for selected, natural treatments or therapies. This is proof that pharmaceutical corporations control both governments (politicians) and the “sickness and disease” industry - of which the cancer industry is a significant element.

It is recommended that when the doctor gives any individual a cancer diagnosis, that individual is urged to take some time to research the various alternative, natural treatments such as black salve (and other therapies) that are healing cancer. Do not be coerced into being “cut, burned or poisoned” by blindly accepting one doctor’s urgent consultation. Our bodies don’t grow these cancer cells in a short time, so it won’t make much difference if one delays a treatment decision for a couple of weeks.

From my own personal experience, the oncologists and radiologists too often coerce the cancer patient to make a decision before s/he has had an opportunity to fully understand all of the ramifications of the surgery, chemotherapy or radiation treatment. 

Considering what we now know about that the “cancer industry” is driven by “profit business” for the pharmaceutical cartel and their investors, indeed, it is highly recommended that anyone diagnosed with cancer, take some time to investigate various alternative and natural treatments.

It is also recommended that anyone diagnosed with cancer does NOT rely on any one alternative treatment or therapy. I have focused on various treatments and therapies. One of the key elements of My Natural Healing Journey is my discovery of “black salve” - and in particular the ancient brand commonly known as “Two Feathers Healing Formula.”

In these modern times - going as far back as 1980 - the Two Feathers Healing Formula was the first and only “black salve” with its unique and special formula available for modern consumers. Now in this 21st Century, other brands of “black salve” have surfaced - some of which which cannot be consumed internally, because of the choices of ingredients.

Indeed, research indicates that some black salve recipes were used as far back as the 12th century to treat tumors. When black salve is applied to a malignant tumor topically it causes abnormal cells to necrose or die. Then the body pushes out the “eschar” - (the Black Salve with the dead cancer cells attached) and the remaining cavity eventually heals over. More and more people who are being diagnosed with cancer are choosing an “escharotic” like black salve to heal skin cancers and internal cancers.

When consumed, the Two Feathers Healing Formula seeks and finds any tumor by traveling in (a) the bloodstream and (b) the lymph system. When it attacks the cancer cells it takes the form of inflammation and there can be redness, heat, white pus and some pain. It is the white blood cells that target the cancer cells until the body rejects the dead tumor. The topical application (10%) supports the internal consumption (90%).

Some black salves can only be used topically and some black salves can be consumed internally also. The Two Feathers Healing Formula (black salve) that I have been using can be consumed internally as well as used topically.

The historical story of using “black salve” to heal malignant internal cancers and skin cancers with a completely herbal remedy is definitely a story that needs telling in this 21st Century.

I learned about Black Salve from a tip a SDI (Self Directed Income) entrepreneur gave me in early June 2015. He told me about the Two Feathers Healing Formula from this website: Two Feathers Healing Formula is a unique American Indian herbal compound that has reached through time, over several hundred years, to optimally serve the needs of an ailing civilization in this 21st Century.

I followed the lead that my friend gave me and I voluntarily embarked upon a fascinating journey which I now refer to as My Natural Healing Journey - a revelatory journey that exposes the suppression of truth by the conventional, medical establishment about natural ways to heal cancer and other chronic diseases. I am experiencing the simple fact that herbs can destroy malignant cancer cells without the direct side effects that are so common with the conventional cancer treatments.

Although, there are various brands of black salve advertised on the internet, I can only speak about the Two Feathers Healing Formula (black salve) as that is the only one that I am familiar with. The Two Feathers Healing Formula is offered as nutrient systematic and skin care aids, not medicine and it comes with three pages of detailed information about the protocol for (a) internal consumption and (b) topical application.

The Two Feathers Healing Formula not only heals internal cancers and skin cancer but is also noted for healing: tumors, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, viral diseases, yeast and fungal infections, parasites, lupus, gum disease, moles, warts, liver detox and aids related symptoms and much more.

It has been written that the Two Feathers Healing Formula is like a time capsule sent to the modern world from a distant past when knowledge about “health and wellness” was more of the spirit than of the intellect.

Robert Roy, who distributes the Two Feathers Healing Formula from Reno, Nevada and also offers quality follow up support by telephone writes: “There is a great sincerity and respect for this Two Feathers Healing Formula at every stage of its preparation. Those who handle the compound, including myself, feel blessed to be part of an age old rite that is indeed very special. Still produced in the original Native American manner, each herb is cured in smoke ovens and mixed in wooden bowls. Metal is never allowed to touch the formula as it would destabilize the electrolysis process provided by the components in the compound.”

The ingredients of the Two Feathers Healing Formula as listed on the container are as follows: “calcium phosphate, zinc, potassium, magnesium, sodium plus eleven trace minerals in a blend of synergistic herbs - with absolutely NO artificial additives.” The producers of the Two Feathers Healing Formula do not disclose the exact proportions of the selected, botanical herbs, nor the precise method of preparation for this special formula.

Traditionally, the best results with the Two Feathers Healing Formula have been experienced by consuming 800 milligrams of the compound, followed by drinking an 8 ounce glass of pure spring water, either once, twice, three or four times a day depending on one’s body weight and the severity of the cancer diagnosis. The 800 milligrams is best measured by filling the large size of an empty vegetarian capsule - which can be purchased at any health food store.

When filling the capsules with the Two Feathers Healing Formula it is essential to use a toothpick or plastic utensil to handle the product. I use a toothpick to loosen the black salve so that it is easier to pack it into the empty capsules and I use the wooden end of a match stick to pack the black salve into the capsule. And never refrigerate the Two Feathers Healing Formula. It does have a long shelf life when kept sealed, unopened at room temperature.

In fact, if not opened, the jar of Two Feathers Healing Formula will last for five years as it is packed in a brown jar made from glass that has the same frequency as amethyst crystals and also the covering lid is made from a specialized plastic.

There is a specific protocol for the internal consumption of the Two Feathers Healing Formula. It is consumed daily for fourteen days, then one stops the oral consumption for two days. This cycle can be repeated for a minimum of two more cycles, or more if needed.

It is important to know that 90% of the healing process takes place inside the body, with the topical application being responsible for the other 10% of the healing by drawing out the dead and dying toxins.

The first topical application occurs after seven days of internal consumption for most of the body. However, if the “abnormality” is on the face or the woman’s breast it is prudent to be more careful for any cancer diagnosis in these areas, and wait for fourteen days before applying the Two Feathers Healing Formula topically.

When applying the Two Feathers Healing Formula topically, first the skin is moistened with pure spring water, then the compound is smeared over the wound in total no larger than a dime and no thicker than a dime. The Two Feathers Healing Formula is then left on the skin until the compound falls off. These fallen off pieces are referred to as ‘eschar” - composed of the Black Salve and the dead and dying cancer cells are attached.

If one’s body is too acidic, one may feel a slight queasiness in the stomach area for an hour or so after consuming the Two Feathers Healing Formula. If one senses a feeling of queasiness, it is recommended to drink a herbal tea such as mint or ginger or one can drink aloe vera juice.

And, as with any good internal cleanse, a strong, friendly bacteria such as “Garden of Life” Primal Defense Ultra can be ingested, before meals to revitalize the intestinal tract for about a three month period.

Robert Roy, who distributes the Two Feathers Healing Formula recommends that interested persons call the office at 1-775-324-4889 for guidance to speak to an experienced and knowledgeable person about the proper application of the Two Feathers Healing Formula.

The distributors and producers of the Two Feathers Healing Formula do NOT make any claims for the effectiveness of the Two Feathers Healing Formula product, nor do they recommend any particular usage. The choice of process used in the various forms of application or ingestion of the Two Feathers Healing Formula is the sole responsibility of the customer. In some cases, scaring may occur with topical use and neither the distributor nor the manufacturer can be responsible, as any outcome will vary with each individual and the method of application. The distributors and producers of the Two Feathers Healing Formula encourage people to seek a Holistic Physician for consultation and diagnostic determination.

NOTE: Readers are advised that this article is based on my own research and I do not expect anyone to blindly follow my footsteps. I do hope I have motivated readers to do their own self-imposed research and then make their own decisions.

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