Saturday, September 24, 2011

Co-operation Rather Than Competition

By Tom J. Kennedy


In the mid-1960’s, I began my career as an elementary school teacher and set out on my life’s journey satisfied to survive with a salaried income as I married and began to raise a family. Little did I know of the future twists and turns my life would take in this incarnation.

In the late 1970’s, I was introduced to what was known then as the multi-level or network marketing industry through the Amway business opportunity - one of the pioneering, part-time, opportunities of the industry. I have a statement etched in my mind spoken by Rich DeVoss, one of the co-founders of the Amway Corporation. I heard this statement at the first Amway meeting I attended in the spring of 1979, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Rich DeVoss said and I paraphrase: “This industry has the potential to market everything from hairpins to airplanes.” Indeed, Rich DeVoss’s vision has proven to be on target.

I quickly recognized the power and potential of this innovative, sales and marketing strategy, but over the years, I have been dismayed at the number of charlatans whose greedy actions tainted this almost, perfect, marketing model. In an effort to leave behind the negative images associated with multi-level and network marketing and move forward with renewed vigour and new visions, myself and other associates in the industry created another name - the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry.

During the 1980’s, I pursued free enterprise on a part-time basis with an SDI enterprise, while continuing my full time career as an elementary school teacher and my role as a husband and father of three children. In the early 1980’s, I was also fortunate to learn the “truth” about modern, money creation and how the design flaw of usury is the killer machine that keeps debtors in financial bondage to creditors for generation after generation.

As well, in the 1980’s I was introduced to the usuryfree community currency movement. I learned that by simply introducing a usuryfree software to replace the malfunctioning, usury-bearing software used in our orthodox, economic system, everyone on planet earth could potentially experience a usuryfree lifestyle.

For almost 30 years, I have held the vision and worked towards twinning the best aspects of the SDI industry with the optimal elements of the usuryfree community currency movement to initiate a proven and workable, co-operative model of free enterprise where all participants would be winners - potentially living a usuryfree lifestyle.

Over the years, I have written numerous letters to CEO’s of leading “home office” companies in the SDI industry suggesting creative ideas to implement, but as of this present date no “home office” of a leading SDI company has responded with a positive intent to implement any of the suggested concepts.

I have often been told that my ideas are creative BUT there is not sufficient political will to motivate conventional entrepreneurs who are still holding on to the “competitive model” of free enterprise to change their way of doing business. “Not sufficient political will” can be translated to mean “not sufficient numbers of debtors who double as SDI entrepreneurs,” and who are willing to risk implementing the co-operative model of free enterprise. I daresay, our time to pursue the “co-operation model” of free enterprise is coming early in this 21st Century

In the late 1990’s, I launched my first website to teach what formal education neglects to teach and what the mainstream electronic and print media dismiss as “not newsworthy.”

In 2001, I created the NoUsury Network which later evolved to become The UsuryFree Network. In 2005, the UsuryFree Network in co-operation with the Family Life Foundation and other active usuryfree creatives launched the first annual UsuryFree Day (November 13th) and UsuryFree Week (November 13th to 19th). This year (2001) we will be celebrating the Seventh Annual UsuryFree Week from November 13th to 19th.

In 2007, I opened an account with Facebook to likewise, share similar, information, resources and knowledge with a global network of friends in cyberspace. In August 2011, I reached my capacity of 5000 “friends” on Facebook - the majority of whom were referred to my Facebook account by “cyberspace friends” who are seeking to learn what formal education neglects to teach. Since Facebook Inc. does not permit anyone to have more than 5000 “friends,” I created a page at Facebook for The UsuryFree Network where anyone can “Like” the page and visit often to keep informed of relevant information and happenings.

Early in this 21st Century, I created the twin blogs (a) The UsuryFree Eye Opener and (b) The SDI (Self Directed Income) Eye Opener to facilitate the re-education process of those who are ready and willing to pursue a self-imposed course of study on topics that are (a) commonly dismissed as “not newsworthy” by the meddling, mainstream media and (b) ignored by our orthodox institutions of formal education.

Though the “followers” statistics indicate that I have only 19 followers for these twin blogs, as of this present date (September 24, 2011) I have had over 31,000 visitors to these blogs. I am pleased that more and more people are seeking knowledge and resources from alternative sources, rather than relying on conventional news, this is evidence that there is a shift in the consciousness of the masses.

I created the blog - The UsuryFree Eye Opener for two reasons (a) to educate (or re-educate) debtors on the truth about modern money creation and to enable them to fully understand how the design flaw of usury functions as the killer machine within our orthodox, economic system of debt money and (b) to inform debtors that indeed, usuryfree living is a possibility are we progress into this 21st Century, given the worldwide acceptance of the perfected model of usuryfree finance - the usuryfree community currency movement - with its co-operative elements.

I created the blog - The SDI Eye Opener to educate (or re-educate) active and prospective, SDI entrepreneurs about the SDI industry - otherwise referred to as the Multi-Level or Network Marketing industry. In my humble opinion, the SDI industry, though about 60 years young, is still in its birthing process as a sales and marketing strategy.

As we now progress into this 21st Century there is much evidence to indicate that old paradigms are crumbling as they are not sustainable for the survival of human beings on planet earth. At this time, the SDI industry is well positioned to lead the way in uniting people both locally and globally to facilitate the shift from “competitive enterprise” and all of its malfunctions to “co-operative enterprise” with all of its perfected elements.

The Co-operative Spirit Trumps the Competitive Spirit
Daily news broadcasts clearly indicate that our paradigms are shifting - the competitive models of doing business in the 20th Century, and previously are breaking down. The co-operation models - of all who choose to participate in selected free enterprise opportunities are steadily improving and rising up to fill the gap.

As the model of “co-operative enterprise” gains popularity as the optimal way to engage in business transaction, the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry is leading the way with a plethora of unique, online, business opportunities surfacing. What is noteworthy is the fact that the spirit of co-operation and teamwork is being woven into the sales and marketing strategies of various, recently launched SDI opportunities. This spirit of co-operation when twinned with essential background knowledge about why the “competitive spirit” of doing business is failing enables the participating SDI entrepreneurs who are open to building an SDI Portfolio to multiply and duplicate their efforts with new recruits who are seeking secondary sources of income(s).

The Role of the SDI Industry

In any business, SDI or otherwise, the amount of energy put in is relevant to the amount of gain received. This is very true of these newest, online, SDI opportunities. It is important that any legitimate SDI opportunity have a marketable product and there must be no misrepresentation or promises about earnings. One can only say what one knows to be absolutely true about any SDI business opportunity. Having fun, earning income(s), and trying something new is the underlying intent of pursuing new, SDI, business ventures. Given the ease of modern technology it is possible to grow one’s earnings from a home-based , SDI enterprise.

Readers are invited to read this article about the evolution of the SDI Industry: Analysis, Projections, Observations & Proposals For The SDI Industry

In the late 1990’s, I enrolled with the Pentagono, SDI, business opportunity where the sales mantra “buy one, sell three” was extolled. I did earn some significant, extra income with the Pentagono SDI opportunity, as did those SDI entrepreneurs who networked the program with our team of usuryfree creatives - and we learned lots about the spirit of co-operation.

Since 2000, I have continued my research with the evolution of the SDI industry. Given the ease of modern technology and social networking, it is my humble observation that the newest SDI opportunities are focusing on "business centres."

The cost to enroll, buy a product and set up a business centre ranges from as low as $5.00 (US Funds) to as high as $1000. (US Funds) - or more. Over the years, the sales mantra has changed to “buy one, sell two," as the binary model becomes more popular. It is my humble opinion that absolutely anyone and everybody has the potential to enrol a minimum of two SDI entrepreneurs in any SDI opportunity.

We are still living in a world where avarice, greed, and selfishness (directly caused by the evil and immoral effects of the design flaw of usury) are in the consciousness of a high percentage of the masses, and many people still choose to look for government entities to protect them from charlatans and so-called “pyramid scams” in the SDI industry. Indeed, pyramid structures common to our physical world of “competitive enterprise” commonly exist in traditional business opportunities as well as in the more innovate, SDI industry. Misinformation and disinformation abound when people describe their understanding of the word “pyramid.” It intrigues me that most people work as wage earners in a “pyramid structure,” and yet they wrongly criticize legitimate, business opportunities in the SDI industry as “pyramid schemes or scams.”

Have No Fear of the Word “Pyramid”

In response, I commonly direct prospective SDI entrepreneurs to read the article “Have No Fear of the Word Pyramid” which is posted at The SDI Eye Opener.

And then I direct prospective SDI entrepreneurs to the Competition Act published by Industry Canada - particularly Sections 55 and 55.1 wherein it is written:

“An opinion under sections 55 and 55.1 of the Act will not be given in the following situations: where the plan involves gold or silver coins, the travel industry or discount cards. An opinion will not be given in these situations because of the difficulty of establishing the value of these products. In such cases it is not possible to determine whether consideration is being paid for the right to receive bonuses for recruitment. An opinion will also not be provided where the operator is situated outside of Canada and there is no entity incorporated in Canada, or no individual located in Canada who could be liable for the actions of the company.”

Service Is Virtue

Then I remind prospective and active SDI entrepreneurs that “Service is the Virtue” by sharing this famous quotation excerpted from the book “Not By Bread Alone,” authored by Bryant S. Hinckley, page 25, published by Bookcraft, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1955.

“Service is the virtue that distinguishes the great of all times and which they will be remembered by. It places a mark of nobility upon its disciples. It is the dividing line which separates the two great groups of the world - those who help and those who hinder, those who lift and those who lean, those who contribute and those who only consume. How much better it is to give than to receive. Service in any form is comely and beautiful. To give encouragement, to impart sympathy, to show interest, to banish fear, to build self-confidence and awaken hope in the hearts of others,  in short - to love them and show it - is to render the most precious service.”

Informed, usuryfree creatives who are dedicated to “service” and who double as SDI (Self Directed Income) entrepreneurs are actively making a difference by reaching out to serve others with knowledge, resources and optimal SDI opportunities - all of which foster the ultimate experience of usuryfree living as we evolve through these tumultuous, transitory times of economic, dire straits.

Our goal as a collective of active, SDI entrepreneurs is to reach out and help new recruits to achieve their ultimate level of success with their SDI Portfolio - with a focus on generating income(s) from business opportunities that can generate significant online earnings both locally and globally given the ease of modern, internet technology.

Innovative Strategies To Implement and Lead The Way

To lead the way in facilitating the shift from “competitive enterprise” to “co-operative enterprise,” I recommend that a few innovative strategies be implemented and assessed. These ideas will give more value and optimal service to prospective SDI entrepreneurs who choose to join us and network with our team of usuryfree creatives who double as active SDI entrepreneurs.

For example, the “pay-it-forward” concept can be mutually beneficial for those who choose to implement this strategy. The “pay-it-forward” concept can be offered to any prospective SDI entrepreneur who is ready and willing to network any selected SDI opportunity, but whose present economic situation is such that s/he does not immediately have access to the initial start-up fee that is not immediately needed for monthly living expenses.

As of the present date, I have granted five prospective SDI entrepreneurs short-term, micro, usuryfree loans of $300. (US Funds) with these four conditions: (1) when they are experiencing economic abundance they will similarly offer the “pay-it-forward” concept to prospective, SDI entrepreneurs who are experiencing temporary scarcity of funds, (2) make a genuine effort to enroll two SDI entrepreneurs in the selected SDI opportunity as quickly as possible, (3) agree (contract) to re-pay the short-term, micro, usuryfree loan as soon as the first commissions arrive and (4) agree to help and coach all newly enrolled SDI entrepreneurs to multiply and duplicate the spirit of “co-operation” and blend this spirit into the model of “co-operative enterprise.”

All five SDI entrepreneurs have agreed to the terms of my “pay-it-forward” offer and I look forward to exciting, future, mutual benefits for all SDI entrepreneurs who enroll in any selected SDI opportunity with the UsuryFree Team.

These suggested “co-operative” strategies are not exclusive to the UsuryFree Team, in fact, we hope and expect other teams to implement similar, innovative strategies as well as some other interesting plans.

On Wednesday, Septemeber 14th, 2011, I had the opportunity to listen to an interview by Lisa Garr with Greg Braden on the AwareNow Show wherein he talked about this transitory time where entrepreneurs of all kinds are shifting from the model of “competitive enterprise” to the model of “co-operative enterprise.” I listened to this interview at this website as it was offered for FREE for a few days.

Interested and prospective, SDI entrepreneurs for any SDI opportunity (or otherwise) are invited to visit the above link and find out how they too can listen and re-listen to this particular Greg Braden interview as well as many other relevant interviews.

Our team of SDI entrepreneurs is now committed to enrolling seasoned and/or rookie SDI entrepreneurs who are intent on promoting the model of “co-operative enterprise” with a team spirit.

Future Plans

We also have plans to support each other beyond doing business as active SDI entrepreneurs. Our plans include inviting every new SDI entrepreneur who enrolls on our team to make a list of “offers” and “requests” of all skills, talents, other products and/or services and our intention is to post this list and encourage our team to become loyal shoppers and learn to change the way we spend our money - that is to say - we will look from within our own loyal database for the products and/or services that we need for our business, our family and personal needs and spend our money supporting each other when possible.

At some point in the not-too-distant future, it is my hope that a corporate office of a leading SDI company will explore how it can take a leadership role and incorporate more “co-operative concepts” in their respective marketing strategies. It would be awesome if the corporate “home office” of a young SDI company would come forth and be that leader by implementing a “usuryfree” currency that could be used in creatives ways to grow and expand loyal, global networks of participating SDI entrepreneurs. I and other committed usuryfree creatives are willing to share our ideas and concepts upon request.

Relevant Resources

For essential background information we invite everyone to bookmark the twin blogs - The UsuryFree Eye Opener and The SDI Eye Opener - and spend some time (daily) reading the information posted - readers will more fully understand the why the time is NOW for promoting the model of “co-operative enterprise,” and why adding a new SDI opportunity to your SDI Portfolio is timely indeed.

Comments and feedback welcomed!

“Individually, we are a drop. Together, we are an ocean.” - Ryunosuke Satoro

NOTE: If you have read the complete article you will have a very good understanding of the “co-operative” and "service" intents of our team of usuryfree creatives who are building our respective and intertwined networks of SDI entrepreneurs. So come join with our Usuryfree Team and let’s unify and mobilize within the SDI industry.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tax Benefits of an SDI Enterprise

Many conventional business people have been disillusioned by high income tax and tremendous amounts of red tape and government inefficiency. SDI entrepreneurs are sheltered from the high administrative costs of doing business for the “home office” of the respective SDI company commonly hires people to keep track of the monthly sales volume.

Could the tax sheltered incomes of SDI entrepreneurs foster a quiet tax revolt and eventually reduce the oppressive powers of government? The prospect of a world with less government is a cause for rejoicing all by itself!

When SDI entrepreneurs start their home-based enterprise they become independent entrepreneurs. They are not employees. As owners of an SDI enterprise, they are entitled under the Income Tax Act to deduct certain expenses incurred in attempting to build their SDI enterprise. Indeed, there are significant deductions available to active SDI entrepreneurs.

Obviously, business expenses can only be deducted when an SDI entrepreneur is truly building an enterprise. This translates to mean that the harder one works at ones enterprise, the greater the tax benefits. Becoming an SDI entrepreneur in this 21st Century, gives wage-earners numerous tax advantages - especially if one is an employee and while operating a part-time SDI enterprise.

Since the SDI industry commonly promotes part-time enterprises, SDI entrepreneurs have a tremendous advantage of being able to deduct business losses from other wages or salaries.

It has already been established that most enterprises incur significant losses in their early years, SDI entrepreneurs can reduce their overall tax bill significantly when they launch a part-time, home-based enterprise.

“Tax losses” are not to be confused with “cash losses.” It is possible for an SDI enterprise to earn cash profits and still have “tax losses.” SDI entrepreneurs incur “tax losses” by deducting the expenses of using one’s personal assets (house, vehicle, telephone, computer, etc.) in building one’s enterprise. A large portion of these expenses can be deducted as business expenses if one is seriously building an SDI enterprise.

Keep in mind that one would normally have these expenses even if one is not building an SDI enterprise.

An SDI enterprise qualifies for the normal business expenses and much more. The normal expenses associated with any wholesale/retail enterprise are: (a) cost of merchandise (b) supplies (c) office expenses (d) interest and bank charges (e) advertising (f) professional fees (g) industry publications etc.

In addition to the above, normal, business expenses active SDI entrepreneurs have additional tax benefits:


Since SDI entrepreneurs are in the field of direct selling, as an owner of one’s own independent enterprise, one is permitted to deduct a portion of the operating costs of a vehicle - licenses, insurance, interest fees and depreciation. Active SDI entrepreneurs have very little personal use of a vehicle since they “live” their enterprise all the time by seeking to expand through enrolling new SDI entrepreneurs and/or marketing products and/or services.


As an active SDI entrepreneur with an office in one’s place of residence, one qualifies to deduct a portion of the cost of the following items: (a) heat, light and electricity (b) house insurance (c) mortgage interest or rent (d) property taxes (e) maintenance (f) security (g) any other expenses incurred to operate your residence.

Depending on how much space one sets aside for the enterprise, the deduction can be significant.


An enthusiastic and eager SDI entrepreneur is always seeking to expand his/her enterprise. Since most SDI opportunities are now operating globally, active SDI entrepreneurs are encouraged to enrol people from different countries. So why not take the business “on the road,” “on the track,” ‘on the water,” or “in the air?”

This feature is unique to the SDI industry. When one takes one’s enterprise with him/her, the travel expenses are deductible. When one travels one must, of course, travel with the intention of expanding one’s enterprise. CRA officials cannot prevent one from enjoying oneself on any business trip!

Wages To Family Members:

A functioning SDI enterprise demands that routine weekly tasks be completed by someone. One can pay reasonable wages to one’s spouse and/or children etc. Always make sure that any conditions required are met before this deduction is claimed. For example, if any family member earns more than a specified limit, then one must reduce the personal deduction for them on the income tax return.

Entertainment and Promotion:

If, in attempting to expand one’s enterprise by enrolling new SDI entrepreneurs, one incurs entertainment expenses, then one is permitted to deduct such expenses. For example, if one takes prospects (potential SDI entrepreneurs) or retail customers to a restaurant to discuss an SDI opportunity and/or selected products, any business expense incurred qualifies as a business deduction. If one invites prospects to one’s residence for dinner and an SDI business opportunity is discussed, the costs of the food and drinks is deductible.

Other Expenses:

Just as each SDI entrepreneur’s circumstances differ, so does the extent of one’s business deductions. It is recommended that any SDI entrepreneur seeks professional help in preparing the annual income tax returns. The fees for this service are deductible and one can better spend time enrolling and coaching new SDI entrepreneurs or selling products.

For updated and detailed explanations of permissible tax deductions available to SDI entrepreneurs, it is recommended that advice be sought from a competent chartered accountant - who is familiar with the SDI industry.

I trust that readers can now view the SDI industry with a deeper understanding. I welcome readers to continue doing research on the SDI industry in general at the SDI Eye Opener. Maybe some readers are ready and willing to commence an SDI Portfolio and take enjoy prosperity while taking advantage of the tax benefits unique to the SDI industry.

“For those who believe, no further explanation is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no explanation is possible.”

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SDI Sales Organizations Briefly Explained

SDI Sales Organizations Briefly Explained

And of what does an SDI sales organization consist? The brief explanation given here is all that prospects or newcomers need to be given by enrolling (or sponsoring) SDI entrepreneurs in the first encounter.

To become an active SDI entrepreneur is entirely a matter of free will and commitment to the respective “home office” and the network of awakened SDI entrepreneurs who have learned the importance of freeing themselves from orthodox, economic system of usury-based, debt money.

The SDI method of sales and marketing was conceived of and launched in the 1950’s. In the beginning, there was little more than an idea, a big dream and one product and people who believed.

During 2010, thousands of products and/or services with a retail sales value of multiple billions of dollars were marketed to worldwide networks of satisfied customers by numerous “home offices” of SDI companies which rely on a delivery system of people who commonly refer to themselves as SDI entrepreneurs.

These SDI entrepreneurs are not conventional sales representatives, but rather independent SDI entrepreneurs who choose to market selected products and/or services directly to the consumer both at the wholesale and retail levels.

Briefly, here is how the various sales and marketing plans operate. New SDI entrepreneurs (people who have access to products and/or services for sale) are enrolled (sponsored) by an SDI entrepreneur already enrolled.

New SDI entrepreneurs commonly receive a refundable sales and marketing kit (usually costing less than $50.00) which may contain promotional literature, selected sample products, possibly a replicating website for a minimum of one month. There is no profit for selling sales and marketing kits.

No SDI entrepreneur profits until s/he teaches the newly enrolled SDI entrepreneur how to profit. New SDI entrepreneurs are encouraged to read about the company and perhaps listen to a CD or view a DVD.

Since “selling is simply telling” new SDI entrepreneurs are encouraged to purchase some products for their personal use and try them, for the belief is that when one becomes familiar with the products and/or services, it is easy to share the details about them with potential customers.

Each new SDI entrepreneur is qualified to purchase any products or services at wholesale prices from their own replicating website. Any retail sale of a product commonly earns the new SDI entrepreneur a small profit - on average 30% - that it the difference between the wholesale price and the suggested retail price paid by the customer.

Usually, each product is also worth so many points or so much business volume and the “home office” of the SDI company pays additional commissions or bonuses according to the details on the compensation plan.

New SDI entrepreneurs quickly learn that while there is reasonable, immediate profit in the direct selling of products, the key to earning a good source of secondary income is multiplication and duplication to your efforts through enrolling (sponsoring) others who will commit themselves to do part-time work to earn extra income.

When each new SDI entrepreneur purchases products, it automatically increases the sales volume of the group and individual commissions are paid accordingly. Obviously, the more new SDI entrepreneurs, one enrols, the more solid the source of secondary income.

The potential for a really industrious SDI entrepreneur is really high. People who understand the marketing model for the SDI industry and the old mathematical laws of numbers know that by sharing their knowledge with so many people they will be guaranteed so much success.

SDI entrepreneurs are breaking sales records daily, weekly, monthly as they follow a proven success system that works. Just like any new challenge, growing SDI entrepreneurs quickly discover that action reduces fear and that tomorrow’s best leaders are today’s best followers.’

SDI entrepreneurs will command a large degree of influence in the world of tomorrow both directly and indirectly. Daily, they directly influence every day activities like helping fellow-SDI entrepreneurs grow and become successful. They influence the lives of their customers as they serve them with quality products, the basis of real economy and they better the peoples’ live with whom they come in contact.

Many, successful SDI entrepreneurs who have already achieved financial independence are helping accomplish near-miracles through their generous gifts of time and money to churches, charities, missions, and community projects worldwide.

This giving spirit is manifest at each and every level of achievement, but “sharing through caring” is especially evident within the circles of higher-level achievers of SDI organizations. Their actions are only a beginning, but they amply illustrate the warm, caring and growing influence that SDI entrepreneurs will continue to have on countless millions of people around the world.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The SDI Industry Has Great Potential

As we progress into this 21st Century, the SDI (Self Directed Income) Industry - formerly or otherwise referred to as Multi-Level or Network Marketing has indeed become one of the best sources of solid, secondary income(s).

The growth of the SDI industry is a story of great accomplishment which utilizes the greatest of all the natural resources - its people. More and more SDI entrepreneurs are daring to explore unrealized horizons as others all around them talk about doom, gloom and tragedy.

Since the pioneers of the SDI industry conceived of this innovative marketing concept in the 1950’s, countless thousands of people have accepted the challenge to build home-based, SDI enterprises on a part-time or full time basis.

Now there are literally hundreds of SDI companies offering thousands of quality products, services and business opportunities to discriminating, shop-at-home consumers.

My introduction to the SDI industry was through the Amway business opportunity way back on March 29, 1979. At that time, I was an employee of the Ottawa Carleton Board of Education and my chosen career was an elementary school teacher.

A successful business friend of mine had said to me about one year earlier: “Are you aware that your employer is getting rich on your efforts when you could be in business for yourself and know “real riches?” “Real riches” he said, “is not monetary wealth alone.” He explained to me that success in not sinful as most people would have us believe. For him, “real riches” was fulfillment, surrounded by the family who share with each other the simple pleasures if life with abundant, hard-earned money.

That night, on March 29, 1979, I saw the SDI industry as a vehicle for our family to acquire “real riches.” After I had gained knowledge and technique from Amway as a single “home office supplier” I searched for additional “home office suppliers” and commenced to build my personal SDI Portfolio.

An ever increasing number of SDI entrepreneurs are embracing the concept of building an SDI Portfolio. I caution SDI entrepreneurs to verify that the respective “home office supplier” of the selected SDI opportunity does not impose restrictive conditions in the fine print of the sales and marketing contract.

Some “home office suppliers” will terminate SDI entrepreneurs if they find out you are earning income(s) from more than one SDI company. In recent years, too many SDI entrepreneurs who were intent on building an SDI Portfolio, have had their distributorship terminated and their monthly earnings abruptly halted by the “home office supplier.” Such action is contrary to the true spirit of “free enterprise.”

I remember my sponsor (the SDI entrepreneur who recruited me into the Amway business opportunity) explaining that anyone can get what he wants if he helps enough other people get what they want. Then he went on to explain, “You really can help people, either by selling them products of quality and excellence - rare characteristics in today’s marketplace - or you can share the business and marketing plan and give them a key to a new future.”

During the 1980’s, when I pursued the Amway SDI opportunity, I learned to reach out to help others in a sincere and honest way. I did earn a respectable secondary income and I learned much about the SDI industry while I was an Amway distributor for 13 years. I did receive much criticism and occasional complements. One comment I remember is: “So and so is not going to get rich off me.” How absurd!

People must come to understand that nobody gets rich off anybody in the SDI industry - if they work to serve others and evade the greed factor. When committed SDI entrepreneurs work together with renewed trust and faith’ everybody who chooses to participate has the potential to benefit.

I believe that there are three main reasons that people side step the challenge of any SDI opportunity - fear, status and deflated dreams. Status is probably the most common impediment to seeing oneself as a successful SDI entrepreneur.

The educated generation of baby boomers were taught to believe there was status in titles. In fact, money is the best measuring device of status. There are many successful business people who have status but very little education.

As a committed SDI entrepreneur, I gave up my status title as “teacher.” Over the years, I have also learned that other teachers, doctors, lawyers, executives, hockey players etc. are just as proud to operate a sideline SDI enterprise as I am.

Fear and deflated dreams are the other two impediments to supplement each other. People have deflated dreams because they are afraid to take that first step on the journey to success. One of the greatest fears that I have observed over the years is: “What would other people think?”

I learned how to deal with this statement when a sincere friend on mine - a successful SDI entrepreneur - said to me: “Would any of your friends die for you?” I answered, “No!” He then asked me yet another question: “Why then do you live for your friends?” That was when I made a decision to live for myself and not allow myself to be susceptible to the negative influence of other people.

I have been a student of the SDI industry for over 30 years and even now every day I learn how little I know. The greatest challenge that myself and other SDI entrepreneurs seek to overcome is the fact that our respective families, friends, neighbours, working colleagues - people who mean so much to me - still misunderstand the concept of being an SDI entrepreneur.

In fact, my greatest successes have come from sharing SDI opportunities with people who were strangers, but have become friends and associate SDI entrepreneurs. These people put trust and belief in me when I tell them success in the SDI industry does not rely on door-to-door selling.

In fact, it has been my observation over the years, that loyal clients are often the ones who sell products for SDI entrepreneurs. “Quality, economy, excellence and satisfaction guarantees” are commonly spread by word of mouth and/or by “click of mouse.” Satisfied clients often ask SDI entrepreneurs about the “business opportunity” and eventually get enrolled as active SDI entrepreneurs.

When new SDI entrepreneurs are recruited, the enroller (sponsor) accepts the responsibility to coach and motivate them to action. This means commitment to one’s SDI enterprise.

Often, family, friends, neighbours, working colleagues etc. don’t understand the mysteries of motivation. They prefer to know you and see you as you were living with your deflated dreams, not as you are willing to become by putting your efforts into earning income(s) from your SDI Portfolio. To be a successful SDI entrepreneur, you must be willing to move beyond “mediocrity.”

To motivate others, the dictionary tells us, is to cause them to act in a certain way. Motivation is a word that is commonly associated with successful people. With unprecedented growth rates, SDI entrepreneurs are breaking records - daily, weekly, monthly - as they market billions of dollars in annual retail sales on an annual basis.

Top level corporate executives in SDI companies and leading SDI entrepreneurs in the field are becoming experts on motivation. They know that mediocrity in not exciting. They classify job and basic financial security as “low level” motivators which guarantee only a low level effort. People can easily become trapped by low-level motivators.

James J. Cribben, a management expert, wrote in his book “Effective Managerial Leadership,” published in 1971 - “To elicit their top performance, one must get them to drive themselves.”

Leading SDI entrepreneurs understand the function of motivation in business is to move members of their respective teams to perform at the very peak of their abilities. They understand the basic requirements needed to motivate people to their best performance.

When the pioneer SDI opportunities were conceived by true SDI entrepreneurs, they set out to create a system which fulfills the four basin needs for man’s success: (a) man’s need for recognition (b) man’s need to belong (c) man’s need for security and (d) man’s need for freedom

Effective leadership in any SDI organization draws forth a willing effort from participants who drive themselves. They want to do their utmost for their leader.

I must point out here that the antithesis of leadership is dictatorship in which an unwilling effort is forced out of people by a devastating application of power. Any involuntary effort is likely to be less effective than one given voluntarily. Over history, dictatorships have invariably produced rebels devoted to their own demise.

The SDI industry fulfills those four basic needs of man in a unique way envied by people in careers with institutions, government and other organizations. The “home offices” of SDI companies commonly recognize successful SDI entrepreneurs by unique reward or performance level systems.

I remember when I received my first award for what I thought was a small achievement in my SDI enterprise. Like most beginners, I was shy only because in my career job as an elementary school teacher, one does not usually receive recognition for small achievements. Leaders in the SDI industry know that when small achievements are recognized greater achievements are encouraged.

The simplified recipe that produces success in the SDI industry is: (a) have a dream (b) set short-term goals (c) make a plan and follow it and (d) establish a positive, mental attitude and see yourself not as you are, but as you will become.

To build and maintain this positive, mental attitude in a world of negativism, it is necessary to read positive, self-help books, listen to positive content on Cds or DVDs, view positive video clips on the internet - this helps keep the message alive by spaced, repetition. Leading SDI entrepreneurs know that hearing something once will not cause change to occur from within themselves.

One of the keys to success in any SDI enterprise is to decide to begin. Initially, it was not a big decision for me, but it is certainly one that I am glad I made. In today’s modern world, most people avoid making significant decisions. They just let small, insignificant details carry them along, consequently they do not make any remarkable accomplishments.

The world of the SDI industry has only begun to grow. This worldwide movement where “people” come first will explode exponentially in this 21st Century. Already there are millions in the world wide networks and expansion continues at the rate of thousands of new recruits on a daily basis.

A new generation is emerging, a generation of positive thinkers who will accept the challenge to advance themselves by their own efforts as they tire of being “mediocre wage slaves.”

There is nothing wrong with the SDI industry. It is free enterprise at work with a co-operative spirit. Free enterprise offers a possible dream, not the false hope that so many people seek by paying voluntary tax as they amass their weekly bundle of lottery tickets.

Since tomorrow’s best leaders are today’s best followers, you are invited to familiarize yourself with the circles of winners in the world of SDI entrepreneurs; you just might be motivated to follow them. Your possibilities in the SDI industry are as limitless as the far horizon and your involvement will help preserve the Siamese twins of “freedom and free enterprise.”

Communicate with active SDI entrepreneurs, in person and/or on the internet, educate yourself by reading books, blogs, newsletters, magazines trade publications etc. which focus on the SDI sector of the explosive, direct sales industry. Then seek to get enrolled in one or more SDI opportunities - by choice rather than by accident. The future is NOW!

NOTE: Readers are invited to spend some time reviewing the posts at the blog - The SDI Eye Opener. Information about selected SDI opportunities which I have added to my SDI Portfolio is presented at the SDI Eye Opener. When you are ready to commence your SDI Portfolio, at your request, I can suggest one or more SDI opportunities - depending on your level of commitment. The Gemfortunes SDI opportunity is simple and has great, global potential given the ease of internet technology.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

One Way To Freedom - Financial and Otherwise

One Way To Freedom - Financial and Otherwise

Even as rebellion and revolt are rampant as we progress into this 21st Century, SDI (Self Directed Income) opportunities are passing love and profits from person to person through unique, hybrid marketing strategies.

Any SDI opportunity must be judged by the quality of people it attracts and keeps. Sometimes, the success of a particular SDI opportunity is a dilemma indeed - if it gives the image of too much profit, people and governments get uneasy and if they appear to offer too little profit, they lose credibility and respect.

Seek SDI opportunities that project a positive, public image as they grow toward the future. Rather than selecting an SDI opportunity that offers a museum of memories, search for one that is a living, growing, global family of excited, motivated, SDI entrepreneurs who are networking with new hopes and dreams.

This is the attitude that committed SDI entrepreneurs seek to encounter within any of the social networks where online business takes place on a daily basis with selected SDI opportunities.

It is the awareness of awakened SDI entrepreneurs, that governments of all levels seek to give we-the-people everything we need and want in exchange for limiting our personal freedom. As we sit back and let governments do more and more for us, we are surrendering to their New World Order of subservient, financial enslavement.

If our future as a nation is to hold any promise of perpetuity for free enterprise and personal freedom, we must change. Free enterprise in general has been on the decline during the past fifty years and it cannot hope to thrive much longer on the incredulous imagination of ignorant consumers who are saddled with a wage-slave mentality.

Quietly, SDI entrepreneurs are coming to grips with the realization that people who are financially independent, people who are not depending upon the government, people who want to surpass themselves by exercising their own ability, rights and their God-given talents are the greatest enemies of their (the bankers’) encroaching New World Order.

The contemporary decline of free enterprise in this country and elsewhere, a phenomenon that has followed the decline of other formerly respected institutions in the wake of industrialization, political upheaval, and educational regression spells trouble for our future - and the leading SDI entrepreneurs know this.

Together with innovative, home office companies in the SDI industry, these leading SDI entrepreneurs are creating a solid, economic entity firmly entrenched in the global world of business and finance, dedicated and determined to preserve freedom - financial and otherwise.

Freedom is our most precious possession. To keep it we must struggle with the challenge of “loving” which is inherent in any innovative SDI opportunity.

If there is one common concern that characterizes the reality of active SDI entrepreneurs in this 21st Century, it is concern about whether our children will experience the same kind of freedom which we still have today in Canada.

I believe that while SDI entrepreneurs are fulfilling their own dreams, they are making a lasting contribution to keep freedom alive for your children’s children. Whatever your conventional occupation, whatever your particular circumstances, you can contribute to your freedom, your future, your children’s future, your childrens’ children’s future and the future of our nation in a way that no one else can.

It might be as simple as listening the next time a family member, friend, neighbour, working colleague or stranger offers to share information about an exciting SDI opportunity. Perhaps you too would like to join the enthusiastic SDI entrepreneurs who are prophesizing a better future rather than slumbering on with the silent majority who are predicting doom and gloom and settling for survival strategies.

Early in this 21st Century, innovative SDI opportunities with hybrid marketing plans that focus on ‘cycling’ through matrices are leading the way. This is not surprising since any SDI opportunity can offer a sales and marketing plan that effectively distributes quality products and/or services to the customer and backs them with a unique guarantee at a minimum cost.

In the SDI industry, most products are pre-sold and delivery is commonly guaranteed within seven to fourteen days, therefore SDI entrepreneurs need not keep large inventories. This helps SDI entrepreneurs keep a positive cash flow for their home-based enterprise.

In addition, SDI entrepreneurs do not commonly hire salaried sales people, but rather, they enrol or sponsor prospects who choose to become SDI entrepreneurs and operate their own home-based enterprise. This eliminates the traditional costs of staffing and corresponding administration.

Likewise, the SDI industry has solved the multi-billion dollar annual problem of shoplifting for it is virtually impossible to shoplift in such a closely scrutinized model of marketing.

Barter is booming also and this can be another profitable venture. All SDI entrepreneurs have access to products and/or services at wholesale prices. These products and/or services can be sold to customers and a combination of federal cash and any usury free community currency can be negotiated for any trades or exchanges.

The SDI industry is steadily gearing up for self-sufficiency as the awakened SDI entrepreneurs build their respective, loyal networks. Each SDI entrepreneur has access to one or more product lines within the SDI industry as well as having other skills, talents, products etc. from traditional sources and these can be listed and traded internally within our respective networks.

There is a fast growing, national and global fear emerging as people seek to prepare themselves for any of the recurring, life-threatening disasters caused by nuclear accidents, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions etc.

Active and well-connected SDI entrepreneurs will have access to most vital necessities within their loyal networks if modern conveniences are cut off for sustained periods of time.

I predict that the SDI industry is ready to mushroom as more and more people seek a way to earn extra income(s) to protect themselves and their loved ones in case of national emergencies. The solution is to have enough amenities on hand for your own needs and be ready and willing to sell (barter) necessities to the thousands of potential victims who will be still unprepared.

Indeed, the SDI industry has many of the answers needed at this critical time for planet earth. All people have to do is ask the questions of those SDI entrepreneurs already succeeding in the SDI industry and listen with open minds.

Note: I recommend that SDI entrepreneurs and/or those choosing to become SDI entrepreneurs add the Gemfortunes SDI opportunity to your SDI Portfolio and do it NOW! Click on the above link and learn more - then join from the icon on the website of one of our active SDI entrepreneurs. This SDI opportunity is a global, internet opportunity and it is growing at a fast rate since it was launched in late July of 2011. There are now 2338 SDI entrepreneurs from all over the world networking the Gemfortunes SDI opportunity.