Tuesday, September 6, 2011

One Way To Freedom - Financial and Otherwise

One Way To Freedom - Financial and Otherwise

Even as rebellion and revolt are rampant as we progress into this 21st Century, SDI (Self Directed Income) opportunities are passing love and profits from person to person through unique, hybrid marketing strategies.

Any SDI opportunity must be judged by the quality of people it attracts and keeps. Sometimes, the success of a particular SDI opportunity is a dilemma indeed - if it gives the image of too much profit, people and governments get uneasy and if they appear to offer too little profit, they lose credibility and respect.

Seek SDI opportunities that project a positive, public image as they grow toward the future. Rather than selecting an SDI opportunity that offers a museum of memories, search for one that is a living, growing, global family of excited, motivated, SDI entrepreneurs who are networking with new hopes and dreams.

This is the attitude that committed SDI entrepreneurs seek to encounter within any of the social networks where online business takes place on a daily basis with selected SDI opportunities.

It is the awareness of awakened SDI entrepreneurs, that governments of all levels seek to give we-the-people everything we need and want in exchange for limiting our personal freedom. As we sit back and let governments do more and more for us, we are surrendering to their New World Order of subservient, financial enslavement.

If our future as a nation is to hold any promise of perpetuity for free enterprise and personal freedom, we must change. Free enterprise in general has been on the decline during the past fifty years and it cannot hope to thrive much longer on the incredulous imagination of ignorant consumers who are saddled with a wage-slave mentality.

Quietly, SDI entrepreneurs are coming to grips with the realization that people who are financially independent, people who are not depending upon the government, people who want to surpass themselves by exercising their own ability, rights and their God-given talents are the greatest enemies of their (the bankers’) encroaching New World Order.

The contemporary decline of free enterprise in this country and elsewhere, a phenomenon that has followed the decline of other formerly respected institutions in the wake of industrialization, political upheaval, and educational regression spells trouble for our future - and the leading SDI entrepreneurs know this.

Together with innovative, home office companies in the SDI industry, these leading SDI entrepreneurs are creating a solid, economic entity firmly entrenched in the global world of business and finance, dedicated and determined to preserve freedom - financial and otherwise.

Freedom is our most precious possession. To keep it we must struggle with the challenge of “loving” which is inherent in any innovative SDI opportunity.

If there is one common concern that characterizes the reality of active SDI entrepreneurs in this 21st Century, it is concern about whether our children will experience the same kind of freedom which we still have today in Canada.

I believe that while SDI entrepreneurs are fulfilling their own dreams, they are making a lasting contribution to keep freedom alive for your children’s children. Whatever your conventional occupation, whatever your particular circumstances, you can contribute to your freedom, your future, your children’s future, your childrens’ children’s future and the future of our nation in a way that no one else can.

It might be as simple as listening the next time a family member, friend, neighbour, working colleague or stranger offers to share information about an exciting SDI opportunity. Perhaps you too would like to join the enthusiastic SDI entrepreneurs who are prophesizing a better future rather than slumbering on with the silent majority who are predicting doom and gloom and settling for survival strategies.

Early in this 21st Century, innovative SDI opportunities with hybrid marketing plans that focus on ‘cycling’ through matrices are leading the way. This is not surprising since any SDI opportunity can offer a sales and marketing plan that effectively distributes quality products and/or services to the customer and backs them with a unique guarantee at a minimum cost.

In the SDI industry, most products are pre-sold and delivery is commonly guaranteed within seven to fourteen days, therefore SDI entrepreneurs need not keep large inventories. This helps SDI entrepreneurs keep a positive cash flow for their home-based enterprise.

In addition, SDI entrepreneurs do not commonly hire salaried sales people, but rather, they enrol or sponsor prospects who choose to become SDI entrepreneurs and operate their own home-based enterprise. This eliminates the traditional costs of staffing and corresponding administration.

Likewise, the SDI industry has solved the multi-billion dollar annual problem of shoplifting for it is virtually impossible to shoplift in such a closely scrutinized model of marketing.

Barter is booming also and this can be another profitable venture. All SDI entrepreneurs have access to products and/or services at wholesale prices. These products and/or services can be sold to customers and a combination of federal cash and any usury free community currency can be negotiated for any trades or exchanges.

The SDI industry is steadily gearing up for self-sufficiency as the awakened SDI entrepreneurs build their respective, loyal networks. Each SDI entrepreneur has access to one or more product lines within the SDI industry as well as having other skills, talents, products etc. from traditional sources and these can be listed and traded internally within our respective networks.

There is a fast growing, national and global fear emerging as people seek to prepare themselves for any of the recurring, life-threatening disasters caused by nuclear accidents, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions etc.

Active and well-connected SDI entrepreneurs will have access to most vital necessities within their loyal networks if modern conveniences are cut off for sustained periods of time.

I predict that the SDI industry is ready to mushroom as more and more people seek a way to earn extra income(s) to protect themselves and their loved ones in case of national emergencies. The solution is to have enough amenities on hand for your own needs and be ready and willing to sell (barter) necessities to the thousands of potential victims who will be still unprepared.

Indeed, the SDI industry has many of the answers needed at this critical time for planet earth. All people have to do is ask the questions of those SDI entrepreneurs already succeeding in the SDI industry and listen with open minds.

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