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Overcoming The Principle of Usury-Greed in the SDI Industry

By Tom J. Kennedy

On May 27, 2011, I posted an article titled Usury-Freed Trumps Usury-Greed at the UsuryFree Eye Opener.

Now, more and more people are seeking ways to overcome “The Principle of Usury-Greed” as they now understand how the evil and immoral malfunction of “usury” on our orthodox, debt money system is what breeds the “fear factor” in combination with the “greed factor.”

Years ago, the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry was identified as the optimal vehicle to expose the problems associated with “usury-greed” since this industry offers common people (debtors) home-based, business opportunities to earn solid sources of secondary income(s) which can be used to pay off debts.There are an abundance of relevant postings at the UsuryFree SDI University.

Those who are not yet familiar with the SDI industry are invited to review this article “Analysis, Projections, Observations and Proposals For The SDI Industry” as it offers a very good backgrounder about the SDI industry.

I have been a student of the SDI industry since March 29, 1979 when I enrolled with the SDI opportunity offered by the Amway corporation. Over the past 32 years, I have witnessed countless SDI companies appear and disappear - in one way or another - victims of the “Principle of Usury-Greed.”

Sometimes, the home office company displayed “usury-greed,” and often it was the leading SDI entrepreneurs who fleeced the newest recruits (enrollees) with their “ghost systems” within their respective pyramidal, marketing plans. Now SDI entrepreneurs can get (a) FREE access to selected mentoring and coaching at the UsuryFree SDI University and (b) PAID access to optimal mentoring and coaching at MNU (Marketing and Networking Unversity).

These “ghost systems” permitted the leading SDI entrepreneurs to earn more money selling compulsory sales tools and resources to a targeted market of distributors in their respective networks/organizations, rather than from selling the products/servcies from the home SDI office company.

As we progress into this 21st Century, I see the SDI industry evolving with the high tech tools of internet marketing. I see potential with some of the newest SDI opportunities that have amazing and unique characteristics in their respective marketing plans.

However, under close scrutiny, within the SDI industry, there is still the potential to exploit the “Principle of Usury-Greed,” unless SDI individuals and teams dare to market the SDI opportunity differently. The good news is that some of the newest SDI marketing plans require active SDI entrepreneurs to ‘directly’ or ‘personally’ enrol (sponsor) a minimum of only two or three people in their network to qualify for commissions in the respective compensation plan. Enrolling two or three people is possible for most SDI entrepreneurs, whether they be veterans or novices.

The “Principle of Usury-Greed” surfaces when leading SDI entrepreneurs focus on those elements of the respective compensation (marketing) plans that laud grandiose earnings. Visions of “big money” engage the selfish “greed factor,” rather than promoting the co-operative concept of optimally serving our fellow-man.

Historically, the free enterprise system (of which the SDI profession is a part) became popular because highly motivated SDI entrepreneurs with competent sales and marketing skills were lauded for their ability to earn and flaunt big incomes.

It is noteworthy that the SDI profession has a darkened history of very high attrition because most new recruits have little or no sales experience. Instead, they have been conditioned by formal education and otherwise, to be subservient to the ‘system’ - pay their monthly usury and taxes - and settle for an “employee mentality” whereby the ‘boss’ tells them what to do when they show up for work each day.

Recently, four concepts have been introduced to the SDI industry that are making a difference by promoting a co-operative model that works for the mutual benefit for all who choose to participate.

Awakened SDI teams or networks are finding success by: (1) paying it forward and (2) offering short-term, usuryfree loans for the business start-up (3) gifting prospects to those newest SDI entrepreneurs enrolled with you (4) re-educating themselves on topics that formal education neglects to teach

Allow me to explain each of these four concepts in more detail.

1. Paying It Forward - In these stressful economic times, many prospective SDI entrepreneurs may recognize the power and potential of any new or seasoned SDI opportunity, however, too often they do not have sufficient, available cash to pay the initial start up fees. The workable and proven solution is for the already-enrolled SDI entrepreneur to offer to “pay-it-forward” for the newest SDI prospect and then teach them to do likewise.

2. Offering short-term, usuryfree loans for the business start-up - This concept naturally follows the “paying-it-forward” concept. These short-term, usuryfree loans can be offered with oral or written contracts. The recommended condition is that the newly enrolled SDI entrepreneurs repay the short-term, usuryfree loan within a given time period - usually as soon as they earn their first commission.

3. Gifting prospects to those newest SDI entrepreneurs enrolled with you - When the “team or network” with a co-operative spirit implements this concept, they are truly living beyond the “Principle of Usury-Greed.” This idea is foreign to most conventional SDI entrepreneurs, for they have unknowingly been caught up in the invisible twin factors of “greed and fear” that are a normal function of the scarcity and lack that dominate our orthodox, economic system of usury-based, debt money. In summary, the idea is for active SDI entrepreneurs to gift a prospective SDI entrepreneur to the newest recruit on your team or network. This motivates the SDI entrepreneur to become active and s/he will be motivated to multiple and duplicate your efforts - making the co-operative team much stronger while surrendering the "principle of usury-greed."

4. Re-educating themselves on topics that formal education neglects to teach - This is perhaps the most significant concept that is common to the SDI teams/networks promoting the co-operative model. With newly acquired knowledge, the SDI entrepreneurs who are actively participating with these SDI teams/networks have a better understanding of the root causes of the “Principle of Usury-Greed” in the SDI industry and/or otherwise. Therefore, they willingly surrender the selfish pursuit of the ever-elusive ‘big money” in favour of the whole team enjoying sufficient prosperity and abundance while being re-educated to make this world a better place.The UsuryFree Eye Opener offers an abundance of information and resources for the re-education of those who are ready and willing to be re-educated.

Our network of dedicated usuryfree creatives who double as SDI entrepreneurs are ready and willing to initiate a grassroots idea to optimally serve our newly enrolled SDI entrepreneurs while overcoming the principle of usury greed.

The plan is to select a couple of timely SDI opportunities and help qualify any newly enrolled SDI entrepreneurs so that they will receive all streams of income(s) otherwise referred to as commissions. By focusing on the above-listed four concepts, we will not coerce, but we will encourage all new enrollees to willingly participate so that our SDI network becomes known for “serving others” with the intention of mutual benefit of prosperity and abundance for individuals and the collective. Multiplication and duplication of our efforts will be the key to our co-operative success.

Readers are invited to read and/or re-read the article titled: “Networking Solutions and Aiding Debtors To Avoid Taxes and Evade Usury” - and explore one or both of the SDI opportuntiies listed near the end of the article.

Comments and feedback and/or questions warmly welcomed. Send an email to: with “Overcoming Usury-Greed” in the Subject line.

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