Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Four Things You Can Do To Control Your Destiny In 2011 And Beyond

By Tom J. Kennedy

1. Research the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry with a goal to enroll as an SDI entrepreneur and create your own SDI Portfolio.

2. Establish a part-time, home-based, SDI enterprise

3. Network with local currency groups and agree to accept community currency as partial payment for any negotiated sales of products and/or services offered by your SDI enterprise.

4. Take advantage of the ‘tax credit’ machinery for federal political parties that is available for anyone who files an income tax form in Canada.

Indeed, if you are seeking to lead a balanced life on your own ‘economic lifeboat’ in 2011 and beyond, it is highly recommended that you take immediate action on the four above-mentioned suggestions.

Whether you are an employee, a salaried professional, a commissioned salesperson or the owner of a conventional business with employees, you are probably struggling to make ends meet after you pay the monthly usury, taxes and utility bills. You are exceptional if you have any time and/or energy left over to enjoy the lifestyle you deserve.

Based on current events and ongoing statistics your job or business security may be threatened by the shifting economic paradigm as we progress into this 21st Century. Why are you faced with these dilemmas?

The grim reality of the changing marketplace is that there is no longer any loyalty from the employer nor the employee. Either one can quickly become the next victim of our fragile and fickle economic system of usury-based economics.

What To Do?

The optimal strategy is to do your own research on our faltering, orthodox economic system and find out why the majority of your earnings is siphoned off to pay ‘usury on debt’ and ‘multiple forms of taxes.’ It is noteworthy that the greatest tax is ‘income taxes’ and a high percentage of every dollar of ‘income taxes’ goes directly to pay for debt service – which is correctly defined as ‘usury’ on government debt, at all levels, municipal, provincial/state and federal.

As a starting point for your self-imposed process of re-education, it is recommended that you purchase or rent a copy of the recently released DVD entitled ‘Money As Debt.’ Watch this DVD as many times as needed for you to grasp the critical economic concepts that formal education neglected to teach you. Then share the content of this DVD with your family, friends, neighbours, working colleagues and anyone else who is ready and willing to be re-educated. These newly enlightened people will become your dedicated team of networkers who will likewise be motivated to control their own destiny in 2007 and beyond.

For full details about how to buy or rent the DVD ‘Money As Debt’ forward an email to with ‘Money As Debt’ in the subject line or telephone:1.888.NOUSURY

The SDI Industry:

Your next area of research is the ever-expanding SDI industry. This industry includes any part-time or full time home-based enterprise that offers consumers products or services or any combination thereof. Basically, any enterprise or portfolio of enterprises where your earnings are self-directed qualifies as a duly identified SDI enterprise. Certainly, any direct sales enterprise including any network marketing, multi-level marketing or referral-based enterprise is correctly defined as an SDI enterprise.

Firstly, you are invited to read the article ‘An Analysis of the SDI Industry’ which is posted at this URL:

Then review and remember these staggering statistics about the SDI industry. There are approximately 20 million SDI entrepreneurs in the United States. Routinely, Canada has about 10% of that number (2 million) since Canada’s population is about 10% of the population of the United States. The SDI industry is currently generating about $32 billion in annual revenue when we include both Canada and the United States.

Newsweek Magazine has published an article explaining that 50% of all households in the United States are operating a home-based enterprise – which fits the definition of an SDI enterprise.

The Small Business Administration Department of the US Federal Government released an Annual Report in 2005 called ‘The Small Business Economy: A Report To The President.’ In this report, it is written: ‘Direct selling has grown more than 91% in the last 10 years and currently enjoys sales of $100 billion worldwide.’ This report also states that these SDI entrepreneurs who operate home-based enterprises work on average 10 hours less each week than those entrepreneurs who own conventional, non-home-based businesses.

Why Is The SDI Industry So Popular?

SDI entrepreneurs are launching their enterprise(s) with minimal investments of money – often less than $100. – while maximizing their investment of time and energy with knowledge learned from competent mentors. Few SDI entrepreneurs have previous business experience when they launch their first enterprise of the SDI Portfolio, yet this low risk industry boasts of ever-increasing earning potential for all who choose to pursue their goals.

The success of SDI entrepreneurs is related to their mentors who share their talents, skills, experiences and resources as well as adapting proven marketing plans for enrolling wholesale customers and serving networks of preferred retail customers.

It is amazing that the SDI industry generates significant revenue – locally and globally – while the mainstream media dismisses this phenomenon as ‘not newsworthy.’ Perhaps this is because little money is spent with the high profile, electronic and print media for conventional advertising.

Instead, the SDI corporations and distributor networks rely on word-of-mouth networking and they find this method of advertising the least expensive and the most effective.

Historically, the SDI industry has excelled on networking to build trusting partnerships that result in expanding sales. This partnership-based model of doing business is destined to grow as more and more astute consumers seek to spend their money within their own loyal networks of family, friends, working colleagues who double as business associates.

Additionally, SDI entrepreneurs qualify for significant deductions based on the cost of doing business and therefore, benefit from tax savings not otherwise available to employees or salaried individuals.

The other appealing element of the SDI industry is that monthly, residual  earnings can be generated from one or more sources as one builds an SDI Portfolio.

When you are ready to explore some worthy SDI opportunities with the intent of choosing the optimal one to start (or add to) your SDI Portfolio forward an email to: with ‘SDI Opportunity’ in the subject line or telephone: 1.888.NOUSURY.

The Community Currency Movement:

The third activity that is a natural twin with any SDI enterprise is the growing awareness of accepting any community currency for partial payment of any negotiated sales. The key to maximizing this creative element is to treat any paper notes of community currency as having a value equivalent to paper notes of federal cash.

Any SDI entrepreneur can agree to accept any community currency as a complement with federal cash, but in order to get your products and/or services listed on any database you must enroll or join with an active community currency group or network.

It is common practice for an SDI entrepreneur to request federal cash to cover the wholesale costs of any product or service and agree to accept any community currency for a portion of the retail mark up. The percentage of community currency accepted is at the discretion of the SDI entrepreneur.

To familiarize yourself with the community currency movement, you are invited to view some CDs, DVDS, videos and/or read some books or literature and/or attend a seminar or workshop that explains the many benefits of participating.

To request the latest and best resources and/or to attend a workshop or seminar about the community currency movement, forward an email to: with ‘Community Currency’ in the subject line or telephone: 1.866.NOUSURY.

In spite of the chaotic economic times that are currently being forecasted by the economic experts, you can take control of your destiny and build your own ‘economic lifeboat’ by taking action on the ideas explained in this article. DO IT NOW!!

The ‘Tax Credit’ Machinery:

The fourth tool that is recommended for implementation by SDI entrepreneurs is the ‘tax credit’ machinery that is available for use by anyone filing an  annual income tax form in Canada. The Elections Canada Act supervises the ‘tax credit’ machinery so that the common people who choose to participate in the political process can earn back some money from the federal government.

For example, with a donation of $400. to a duly registered, federal, political party, the donor gets a $300. ‘tax credit’ back from the federal government when the annual income tax form is filed. This percentage of ‘tax credit’ decreases as the donated amount increases.

Historically, less than 1% of those who pay income taxes take advantage of the ‘tax credit’ machinery as offered by the Elections Canada Act. In 2007, let’s increase that percentage significantly.

Active usuryfree creatives are  currently communicating with various duly registered, federal (fringe) political parties seeking one or more that are willing to engage in mutually beneficial political activities.

Hopefully, a leader of a duly registered, federal, political party will come forth and authorize EDAs otherwise known as (Electoral District Associations) and permit them to be as automonous as the Elections Canada Act permits them to be.

Usuryfree creatives can implement this ‘tax credit’ machinery within EDAs to raise funds with a goal to advancing the agenda of monetary reform.  Eventually, our goal is to control our political destiny and implement the necessary laws that will guarantee each of us the experience of usuryfree living and ‘peace and plenty’ by 2020 !!

For details of when and how and which political party to make political donations forward an email to: with ‘Political Donation’ in the subject line or telephone: 1.888.NOUSURY.

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