Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Let The ‘Re-Education’ and ‘Re-Structuring’ of the SDI Industry Begin

By Tommy UsuryFree Kennedy

In my ongoing personal research and borrowing from forwarded emails from other great SDI (Self Directed Income) entrepreneurs I have been compiling information and resources about the SDI Industry and how the portfolio concept is becoming more popular in the 21st Century. Learn more about the SDI Portfolio and the SDI industry by reviewing the information, resources and links, all of which can be accessed at The SDI Eye Opener and/or the UsuryFree SDI University.

The SDI Eye Opener in co-operation with leaders from various SDI companies is preparing to penetrate the 'Re-education' Market so that those who are ready and willing to "learn what they don't know they don't know" will have access to local and distance e-learning (that's electronic learning online) as well as the more traditional ways of local and distance learning – with telephone, fax, audio and video cassettes, CD’s and DVD’s, books, gatherings in local communities and/or at kitchen tables in homes and hotel meetings.

The SDI Eye Opener has been reviewing and evaluating new technologies to determine the optimal way to deliver this 're-education' and ‘re-structuring’ of the SDI industry at the lowest possible to cost to the greatest number of people while preserving the integrity of 'universal truth’ and optimizing the opportunities to create peace, prosperity and abundance for ourselves as individuals and for our collective networks.

Live hotel meetings, private in-home gatherings, video-taped and audio-taped lectures and/or interviews, books, brochures, person-to-person telephone contact as well as telephone conferencing and fax communication are still used and honoured as effective methods of distance and/or in-person learning. The new internet technology adds a new dimension to our networking capability.

Viewers/listeners, watch/listen to the tapes, CD’s and DVD’s in kitchens and living rooms everywhere on planet earth. Telephone conferencing incurs a long distance charge for each participant. Live meetings are local or regional usually carry a fee for the participating SDI entrepreneurs and while they are beneficial for novice business people, many wanna-be SDI entrepreneurs with former business experience express that they prefer to grow their SDI enterprise(s) from their home or office. Virtual e-learning from one's office or home as facilitated by the various forms of online software is universal, without borders and therefore about to take a giant leap forward.

The SDI Eye Opener is poised to penetrate the ‘re-education’ and ‘re-structuring’ elements of the SDI industry, both locally and globally with these new and innovative tools of this modern era of high technology. There are now many tools which have been created to enhance the teaching ‘n’ learning experience.

For many years, The SDI Eye Opener in co-operation with the UsuryFree Eye Opener has been collecting and posting resources, information and links for re-education. It’s time to network both The SDI Eye Opener and The UsuryFree Eye Opener to a global readership, so that people can empower themselves and reach out to teach others.

Since September 11th, 2001, distance e-learning has been quickly evolving within institutions of formal learning as well as within the growing number of internet communities. It is timely indeed, to harness and utilize the power of the internet to deliver ‘universal truth’ to the masses outside the walls of elementary schools, high schools, colleges and universities – all of which are limited by curriculum imposed by the shadow governments of the respective countries. Formal educational institutions have still not recognized that the SDI industry is the leading marketing method of the 21st Century.

Currently, most distance e-learning is triggered by email. The SDI Eye Opener is proud to be leading the SDI industry by promoting virtual e-learning pilot projects as they become available. It is the support of ‘Warriors of One’ from the SDI industry that is empowering the SDI entrepreneurs to take distance e-learning to a higher level as our viewers/listeners network and share ‘universal truth’ and honourable SDI opportunities using these new and innovative technologies.

With the eventual introduction of the 'voice-over-internet technologies, the moderator-teacher can direct his/her viewing/listening audience to selected websites on related topics. Learners complete quizzes and/or assignments and email them to the teacher. Questions can be asked online by typing text or by speaking orally and/or by email to others who are communicating interactively.

NOTE: The newest technology with the optimal encryption is 'Unseen." Learn about "Unseen" by reading this article titled: "Become Invisible With Unseen."

Currently, there are SDI entrepreneurs preparing to use these new technologies for oral and text-based learning. As the technologies are perfected and cameras are added, our viewers/listeners will catch on to the wonderful capabilities of the internet as they learn to use this new interactive communication medium to its full potential.

As more and more tech-savvy, SDI advocates comprehend how these forthcoming technologies work, it will exponentially and expand accessibility to greater numbers. Distance re-education will rapidly evolve to another level with immediate access to a global market.

I predict that very soon every leader in the SDI industry will choose to ‘re-structure’ their respective SDI Portfolios to include any of these new technologies as a necessary part of any infrastructure.

The SDI Eye Opener is pleased and proud to be opening the pipeline to enable multiple millions of SDI entrepreneurs to network ‘universal truth’ and optimal SDI opportunities to those who are ready and willing to make a difference in their world – both locally and globally.

As soon as we, as SDI entrepreneurs are comfortable with any of these new technologies and we are convinced that it will expedite our goals to ‘re-educate’ millions fast. Likewise, these new technologies will motivate creative SDI entrepreneurs everywhere to ‘re-think’ their strategy and consequently ‘re-structure’ their SDI enterprises to enable them to optimally address the local and global market.

The SDI Eye Opener and many other virtual teaching/learning SDI networks are online and as we progress into this 21st Century, they are expected to gain more popularity than conventional colleges and universities in the field of formal education. These new virtual e-learning networks are not interested in acquiring and maintaining status as degree mills, instead individually and collectively they will create a new ‘re-education’ market.

Networking ‘universal truth’ is an area that has been growing steadily since September 11th, 2001. As the application of theses new technologies become mainstream more and more SDI networks will make their mark in the distance, virtual, e-learning environment.

Cameras can be added, to capture the essence of person-to-person marketing by connecting people in a live setting. In the meantime, The SDI Eye Opener offers personal supplemental teaching on request whereby remote, online teaching/learning is the preferred and the most cost-effective way of sharing knowledge and information without using expensive video conferencing equipment.

In summary, The SDI Eye Opener is pleased and proud to introduce distance ‘re-education’ courses by using the email technology. This virtual, online e-learning does not replace conventional ‘bricks and mortar’ learning, rather it supplements it. Those who learn best with independent study habits will advance very quickly to become teachers of ‘universal truth.’ In fact, I taught in conventional education for 34 years as an elementary school teacher and I can confirm that formal education tends to ignore independent study.

This new distance, e-learning provides ‘re-education’ locally and globally and viewers/listeners will be able to choose the best teachers who are offering the optimal SDI opportunities - with accompanying support, while at the same time promoting ‘universal truth.’ It’s definitely time to ‘re-think’ and ‘re-structure’ your SDI enterprise(s) so that you can eventually introduce other new technologies to your growing SDI network(s).

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