Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Let's Excel with The Power of 13 
in the SDI Industry

I am (You Are)  13   
1                         2                             3

4    5     6              7    8     9              10     11    12

AND - Let's Excel with the Power of 13 
in The UsuryFree Network

Just as I AM  -  (You are or You can be) the 13th SDI (Self Directed Income) entrepreneur networking with 12 other SDI entrepreneurs who are networking with you to complete your reverse communal pyramid which I will refer to as the PC13 - Pyramid/Cell of 13.

When you recruit 3 leaders and teach them how to multiply and duplicate your efforts with 3 leaders who do likewise you will have a solid SDI structure. When these 13 leaders complete their respective Pyramid/Cells of 13 you will have built a network of 169 SDI entrepreneurs by networking your collective efforts.

When your Pyramid/Cell Structure starts earning you paycheques from your 7th level you will set out to duplicate the process with three more leaders sponsored on your first level.

Let's expand it further ... See what happens when 169 natural persons build their "Pyramid/Cell of 13" etc ...

169 x 13 = 2,197

2197 x 13 = 28,561

28561 x 13 = 371,293

371293 x 13 = 4, 826, 809

We have great power and potential to excel by promoting "health and wellness” and likewise by building a loyal "usuryfree" SDI community. Our respective SDI teams will learn about alternative "usury-free" economics and thereby learn to exchange our talents, goods and services using our "usuryfree" community currency as a complement with our diminishing amounts of our "usury-bearing" federal cash.

At the same time we will learn from each other and teach each other "what we don't know we don't know" about (a) health and wellness (b) alternative energy (c) self-imposed re-education (d) libertarian politics (e) spirituality (f) usuryfree living and much, much more ...

With this newly acquired knowledge we will be more aware and better prepared to make optimal choices for the mutual benefit of everyone on planet earth.

Why 13?

I attended a Mayan workshop with a young man from Ottawa, Ontario whose first name was Carlos in May of 2000 and he told me that in the Mayan culture one began a new life after acquiring elder status on their 52nd birthday. I began that new life in September 2000. My 52nd birthday was on September 1, 2000. By the end of 2013, it is the goal of The UsuryFree Resolution to have swollen its ranks to 13% of the natural persons living in Canada and the USA. When we reach the 13% mark the rest of the world will follow.

There's more! The cost of federal usury-bearing dollars to start your selected SDI enterprise is commonly a small investment. As an active SDI entrepreneur you will learn how to qualify for all initial bonuses and longer term commissions by purchasing your monthly quotas of products and/or services at a reasonable, competitive costs.

I am inviting everyone who chooses to participate with The UsuryFree Network to gift 13 units of (usuryfree community currency) to the SDI entrepreneur who enrolled them into their respective SDI Network. Likewise, I am encouraging everyone to spend 13 hours each month studying the information at The Cyberclass Network and The UsuryFree Eye Opener. As well I am inviting everyone to participate in vertical gifting with "usuryfree" community currency in amounts of 13 and/or multiples of 13. (Details below).

I have come to understand the unique power of the number 13. It is the number of creation. Rather than avoiding the number 13 as we have been taught, it is time to embrace 13 as the number of creation and for the unique power and potential that it releases. Use 13 in every way that you can and you will speed up the process of aiding The UsuryFree Network to usher in a new age of "peace and plenty" before 2020.

For example, the Mayan calendar, which was carefully connected with the earth, the moon , the stars and the solar system initially had 13 months, with 28 days in each month. Then Pope Gregory engineered the Gregorian calendar which we still have today. The Gregorian calendar has only 12 months BUT if you add the extra days beyond 28 in each of the months you will find the 28 missing days. Is it possible that Pope Gregory conceived of the Gregorian calendar to disempower the people from the unique power of 13 - which was closely connected with nature and spirituality?

Others teach that the number 13 definitely is the number of creation. They explain that at the moment of creation 12 sperm vibrate at the edge of the egg and the 13th sperm enters the egg to create new life - every time.

That's why I have decided to use the number 13 whenever and wherever possible. The UsuryFree Network is building SDI networks by building Pyramid/Cells of 13. The UsuryFree Network is also requesting each new team member to commit 13% of each monthly pay cheque to fund its ongoing mission to facilitate the ushering in a new age of "peace and plenty" by 2020 wherein we will buy and sell locally, nationally and globally with a "usuryfree" currency.

The UsuryFree Network is requesting all who are active with an SDI opportunity to also participate with a usuryfree community currency network and gift 13 units of usuryfree community currency to your enroller. This is known as vertical gifting.

And finally, The UsuryFree Network is asking all who participate with an SDI opportunity to host a celebration for the Pyramid/Cell of 13 on the first convenient date that is 13 or a multiple of 13 or a reversal of 13. For example, these celebrations could be held on the 13th, 26th or 31st of any month. At these celebrations the SDI entrepreneur at the top of the Pyramid/Cell is invited to again engage in vertical gifting by gifting 13 units of usuryfree community currency to each of his/her three leaders who will in turn be invited to multiple and duplicate the process.

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