Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Choosing Complementary Health and Wellness Professionals 101

By Tom J. Kennedy

Why now? Because we are not healthy. The bad news is that statistics demonstrate that there will be 153,100 new cases of cancer and 70,400 will die of cancer in 2011. Additionally, 40% of all Canadians will experience cancer at least once in this lifetime. And a little known fact is that prescription medications are killing more people than ever before.

The good news is that more and more consumers are making a conscious decision to purchase organic foods, thereby taking the first step towards improving their health and wellness scores. The only statistics that I could find indicate that over $14 billion dollars were spent on organic foods in North America in 2005. This shift towards consuming organic foods is ever-increasing since 2005, and this shift is absolutely consumer-driven and not corporation-driven.

Additionally, there are more and more home-based businesses in the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry that are offering a higher quality food and nutrition products along with personalized service - both are much appreciated as the giant trans-national food retailers are not likely to offer such.

Professionals commonly work with clients who are seeking health and wellness by initiating unconventional methods not offered by mainstream medical authorities. Some of these health and wellness professionals are content with the title 'light workers,' while others prefer to be known as complementary health and wellness 'practitioners' working in and with the light energy.

Yet, others doing this work prefer that the work they do simply be known as an 'ancient healing art' that facilitates the body to heal itself. No matter who the lightworker, the practitioner or the healing facilitator, the intent is to assist in the mutual quest for optimal health and wellness.

Why are we not healthy? We are not healthy because of what we eat and drink and because too many of us are dwelling on the emotion of fear instead of focusing on the emotion of love. The media bombards us with fear-based news and consequently our thoughts are negative and/or focused on these fear-based beliefs that may very well have a hidden agenda of subservience, control and total dominance. The air we breathe is full of toxins - including toxins from chemtrails.

Too few of us exercise on a regular basis. Our energies are unbalanced, our breathing is too shallow, we drink an insufficient amount of water, our bodies are too acidic because our common North American diet is highly acidic, low in nutrients and high in toxins.

We have little time to relax as we are working at our roles and duties too many hours and driving too far to our workplace as we toil to earn the money to pay the usury on debt and the taxes on our labour as well as on products and/or services that we purchase. (We really need to take time to review the resources that various researchers have produced so that we can understand how we are being scammed on the issues of 'usury and taxes.')

What are these toxins? They are the poisons that impair the healthy functioning of the physical body. Many chemicals are directly added to our processed foods by the giant food processing corporations such as preservatives, texturizers, moisture protectors, bleaching agents, colouring agents and more.

Other chemicals are referred to as indirect additives. Thousands of chemicals are used in packaging and these migrate to the food. The chemicals that farmers use on crops as pest control or to accelerate plant growth end up in the food we consume. The growth hormones used in animal feed along with the array of plant and animal growth regulators and environmental contaminants all end up in our food supply.

Toxins are also produced in our bodies by fungi and other parasites. Mycotoxins, and aflatoxins are highly carcinogenic toxins. Heavy metals, solvents, plasticizers, and other synthetic chemicals enter our bodies with food, drinks, cleaning supplies, pesticides, herbicides, etc. in our homes and/or in our workplaces. These toxins shut down our hormones, destroy live enzymes, destroy or mutate our cells, impair our immune system, promote the growth of parasites and misbalance the body so that sickness and disease afflict us.

Additionally, our negative thoughts and fear-based emotions create an imbalance and our physical body deteriorates from its natural rhythms. Elements of stress, anxiety and mental and physical pain must be acknowledged and addressed.

The choice is 'Detoxify or Die Early.' What do you choose? If you choose to detoxify, you must then choose to consult with one of more lightworkers, practitioners or healing facilitators who will focus on various therapies to awaken the healing process. Are you choosing a lightworker or practitioner of healing facilitator for treatment of disease or for prevention of disease?

If you want to treat more than the symptoms of disease then you must consider how you can initiate and maintain healing through the elimination of toxins from the body while continually boosting your immune system and altering your attitude so that you are focused on positive thoughts within the context of the love-based emotion.

How do you do this? Consider such prevention/treatment modalities as: toxicity testing, total body detoxification, weight control, pain control, stress management, hydrotherapy, colon therapy, bioelectric therapy, chelation therapy, metabolic therapy, antineoplaston therapy, oxygen and ozone therapy, homeopathy, vitamin therapy, nutritional therapy, juice therapy, unique herbal therapies, colour therapy, aromatherapy, crystal therapy, rebounding, and whatever other therapies that may now be available.

Indeed, if you are aware of how toxins affect your health and you wish to eliminate these toxins from your body you may want or need to select a lightworker, a healing facilitator and/or a health and wellness practitioner - or any combination of these - who will treat any illness or disease and not just the symptoms.

The selection of a these professionals may very well be one of the most important decisions you will make regarding the future of your health and well-being. When chosen properly, these partnerships can extend your health and wellness while avoiding sickness and disease.

The professionals whom you choose will likely become part of the inner circle of your family, friends, neighbours and working colleagues or business associates as you will no doubt share your newly found optimal health and wellness experiences with these people, some of whom will be ready and willing to pursue optimal health and wellness.

Remember, whether a lightworker, a health and wellness practitioner, or a healing facilitator, they are only one half of the partnership equation - the other half is your own discipline in your self-imposed role of seeking optimal health and wellness.

How do you know whom you should choose? There are an abundance of professionals working within the health and wellness industry, so where do you start? Let's explore some tangible and intangible considerations to enable you to make an informed decision.

Since you are seeking optimal health and wellness, the last thing that either you or a health and wellness professional want is a partnership that does not facilitate the body to heal itself. As a typical client you are awakening to the reality of detoxifying the physical body and establishing mental clarity and the likely outcome is improved physical health and spiritual growth. Taking time out of a busy schedule is a challenge as most people are working long hours to earn sufficient money to pay the usury of their debts and the taxes on the products and/or services that they consume.

Any additional financial costs of achieving and maintaining optimal health and wellness may be a consideration. This is because the cost of many natural or alternative therapies are not covered by the sickness and disease plans that pay for pharmaceutical drugs. In this regard, seek a health and wellness professional who is ready and willing to enrol with a local currency group and accept a portion of any fee in a usuryfree community currency.

Health and wellness professionals are facing ever-increasing regulations and similar time demands as they seek to operate their practices for profit. For these and various others reasons, it is very important for both parties to take time to ensure that they will fit together in the optimal working health and wellness partnership.

Before you ever set up an initial consultation with your chosen health and wellness professionals you should review your eating/drinking habits and resolve to change any known bad habits. You need to be honest with yourself about your commitment to achieving and maintaining optimal health and wellness.

Your health and wellness professionals will offer you solutions (services and/or products), but you must be ready and willing to discipline yourself to obtain the results that you are seeking.

So what kind of partnership are you looking for? Be specific. Are you seeking treatment for symptoms or are you seeking health and wellness professionals who will assist you and guide you to a better understanding of the root cause of any sickness or disease? Are you seeking guidance in better food choices? Do you need a health and wellness practitioner who is willing to work with other health and wellness professionals whom you have already selected to be on your team?

These are a few of the many questions to consider.

Spend some time thinking about your physical history and your life experiences. What is the current status of your health and wellness? Have you endured sickness and disease? To what extent? What kinds of foods and drinks do you consume on a regular basis? Living the optimal health and wellness experience is a personal choice - how much discipline are you willing to impose upon yourself to achieve the results you seek?

Know why you are seeking professional health and wellness advice and know your characteristics and level of discipline and related behaviours as a health and wellness advocate. Know that if you are experiencing sickness and disease, you will need an abundance of guidance and re-education.

Other questions to consider. Are you looking for someone to take over the total responsibility for your health and wellness? You willing participation is of the utmost importance. Will you trust the advice of the health and wellness professional or will you need to do your own research?

Are you looking for the lowest cost solution to your health and wellness? How often will you commit to meet with your health and wellness professionals? Be sure to ponder the answers to these questions before you make your final choices of health and wellness professionals.

What about the health and wellness professionals? Review their qualifications to determine their level of competence and expertise. Check for the necessary professional designations. Ask to see any papers of certification. Find out about their background. Visit their work environment. Interview the health and wellness professional about their practice.

Discuss with them how they established their business and who were their mentors. Ask for testimonials of their clients. Closely examine their fee schedule and request details of methods of payment. Ask if they work as part of a team of health and wellness professionals or do they work alone? What vision do they have for their practice? Listen for the types of questions that the health and wellness professional asks you.

You must recognize that health and wellness is becoming a popular business and you need to know where you fit in your health and wellness professional's business. Find out how many clients the health and wellness professional works with. Will you be a 'priority'? How often will you agree to meet? Do you expect to be contacted by your health and wellness professional. What are the expectations of ongoing service?

Once you have closely examined your own needs and motivation for optimal health and wellness, you can compare them against any information gained from your prospective health and wellness professional to see if your interest are truly aligned. Here it comes full circle. What type of partnership are you looking for? Weigh the facts, examine the health and wellness professional's experience, qualifications, service and philosophy and their willingness to participate in the usuryfree community currency movement. Then trust your instincts.

Seek Complementary Health and Wellness Professionals who willingly accept usuryfree community currency. Health and Wellness Professionals in rural eastern Ontario and Western Quebec have accepted these usuryfree community currencies: Tamworth Hours (Tamworth area), BLOG Dollars (Belleville area), Unity Dollars (Madawaska Valley area), Our Community Dollars (Cambridge area), NDG Bucks (Montreal area), Calgary Dollars (Calgary area), Canadian Tire Money (anywhere in Canada), and Kennedy Hours (wherever Tom Kennedy is)...

The reason that these Health and Wellness Professionals can readily accept these usuryfree community currencies is that there are numerous SDI entrepreneurs in the local networks who are willing to accept a portion of any usuryfree community currency in exchange for products and/or services. For example, one SDI entrepreneur accepts a portion of any usuryfree community currency for partial payment of orders of organic foods and/or chemical-free, cleaning products.

Let’s build an ever-expanding database of these Health and Wellness Professionals who will accept a portion of usuryfree community currency in exchange for products and/or services offered. Forward the contact details of these Health and Wellness Professionals to: The UsuryFree Network, P. O. Box 9333, Ottawa, Ontario K1G 3V1 Email: tom@cyberclass.net

Any Health and Wellness Professionals who are willing to accept any usuryfree community currency as partial payment for any products and/or services are invited to directly contact The UsuryFree Network and get listed in our growing Directory of participants who advocate shopping within our own loyal networks.

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