Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Integration Within the SDI Industry and the Third Market Network

By Tom J. Kennedy

The SDI (Self Directed Income) industry is formerly known as the MLM (Multi-Level Marketing industry or the Network Marketing industry. The Third Market Network is that growing network of consumers who are choosing to do business locally - with small to medium-sized retail merchants and/or with home-based enterprises whereby the business owners are open to negotiating trades/exchanges by using any usuryfree community currency as a complement with their diminishing amounts of federal cash.

The First Market is commonly referred to as that conventional market where consumers flock to the giant retail corporations with the hopes of saving some money. The Second Market which is commonly referred to as the “underground market” or the “black market” is the biggest market in these modern times – though all levels of government deny this. Historically, the growth of the Second Market has been proportional to the increase in these two monthly payments – usury and taxes.

The Third Market is the market of choice for more and more awakening consumers who are re-educating themselves on topics that formal education neglects to teach. People who identify with the Third Market are proud to be a part of the Third Market Network where they are learning much about the lies, deceit and deception that has been foisted upon them during the 20th Century. Most importantly, they are learning that they can create and spend their own money for FREE instead of using the bankers’ money and paying them a fee that is commonly referred to as ‘interest’ BUT which ought to be correctly identified as ‘usury.’

The Third Market Network is focusing on creating a database of the 1.3+ million SDI entrepreneurs who are operating home-based enterprises. To build this Third Market Network we must be open-minded and be willing to integrate ‘vertically’ and ‘horizontally’ with all SDI entrepreneurs regardless of which SDI company supplies the products and/or services. Consequently, let us focus on ‘re-educating’ the consumers on why the way they spend their money is more important than how they vote in this 21st Century and thereby permit the free market to operate and as awakening consumers make better choices as they grow in knowledge and wisdom. Let’s honour their choices as awakening consumers instead of making judgements and/or coercing them to choose one SDI company’s product line over another.

The secret to the success of the SDI entrepreneurs growing the Third Market Network in this 21st Century, will be knowledge, awareness and implementation of ‘vertical and horizontal integration.’ The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines ‘integration’ as the completion of an imperfect thing by the addition of parts or components. The Third Market Network recognizes the significance of ‘vertical and horizontal integration’ within the SDI industry and seeks to blend the best of both to create fast-growth towards the reality of ‘usuryfree’ living.

‘Vertical integration’ is often lauded as a respected quality of SDI (Self Directed Income) companies which manufacture their own product lines as it provides several advantages over those companies that do not oversee every aspect of business from growing the raw ingredients to packaging the end products. Those SDI companies which excel in the area of ‘vertical integration’ can not only guarantee the high quality of their products but they can also minimize distribution and manufacturing costs thereby keeping competitive prices while paying their networkers optimal profits.

While the Third Market Network welcomes SDI entrepreneurs from any duly recognized SDI company, its discerning networkers who double as usuryfree creatives will quickly become astute prosumers, thereby negotiating trades/exchanges with those like-minded SDI entrepreneurs whose product guarantees are honoured. No doubt, the most popular SDI companies will quickly become aware of the importance of ‘vertical integration.’

‘Horizontal integration’ is historically defined as referring to firms/companies engaging in similar stages or types of manufacturing and/or distribution. Within the Third Market Network ‘horizontal integration’ will be optimized by those SDI entrepreneurs who learn how to access within their ever-expanding loyal databases almost every product and/or service needed/wanted for personal, family and/or business use.

Learning how to build a unique SDI Portfolio that provides multiple streams of income is the unique challenge of the 21st Century this can only be achieved through honesty, integrity and closed with a handshake. No longer will SDI home offices be positioned to terminate distributorships because and SDI entrepreneur has created a paper trail of earning from more than one source because no longer will creative SDI entrepreneurs choose to sign papers when they care told to press hard, as five copies are required by the home office.

For example, if I am registered with SDI company A as a Marketing Executive I will have access to their many lines of products at ‘preferred customer’ or ‘wholesale’ prices. If I approach another SDI entrepreneur listed on the Third Market Network database who offers products from SDI company B, I may choose to negotiate a buy/sell arrangement with his/her to trade/exchange selected products using partial federal cash and partial usuryfree community currency.

We can negotiate these trades/exchanges and close them with a handshake and use federal cash and/or usuryfree community currency to honour any required payments. No longer will we fear reprimands from the home office police of the respective SDI companies which still seek to control us even though we identify ourselves as authentic SDI entrepreneurs.

Frankly, I promote the 10% ‘gifting’ concept whereby I will gift 10% of any sale to the individual who makes the referral. If we all did this is would create an incredible exchange energy that would breed abundance and prosperity and the ‘system’ would not be able to track and tax our prosperity – especially if we do the majority of it with a combination of federal cash and usuryfree community currency.

For more information contact: The Third Market Network, P. O. Box 9333, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada  K1G 3V1  Tel: 1.613.824.1793  Email:

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