Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Lloyd Mear and Frequency Healing

Lloyd Mear who is 78 years young - lives in California.

We first learned about Lloyd Mear and Frequency Healing in February 2011.

Josée had been drinking the American Indian tea made from the tiaga mushroom since mid-December 2010 and one of the benefits of drinking this tea is that it rebuilds stem cells. On the first telephone call, Lloyd was able to identify that Josee was experiencing stem cell repair and we had not told him that she was drinking American Indian tea. This was impressive. Since 2011, we have had various telephone-healing sessions with Lloyd Mear and we have purchased his nano-water.

Lloyd Mear is an engineer and dowser who has developed a variation of the ancient form of divination and turned it into a method of healing. Lloyd Mear uses sequences of numbers to restore vibrational integrity within his clients.

Lloyd Mear explores how numbers work and he explains that the body can perform healing on itself with the proper combination of energy, intention and the right numerical sequences. Lloyd Mear compares his work to tuning a radio on a selected dial where there is a specific frequency. If you don’t get the right frequency you cannot listen to the radio program - you will only get static instead.

Lloyd Mear’s understanding is that each and every ailment, nutrient, emotion etc. has it’s frequency that is signified by a sequence of selected numbers - otherwise referred to as “healing by numbers.” Lloyd Mear has discovered that by reciting the correlative number for balancing a particular ailment, the body human body has the capacity to respond in a manner similar to how it responds to any physical antidote.
Here are some relevant video clips:

1. About Lloyd Mear
2. Lloyd Mear’s website

3. Energy Balancing By Numbers (Dedicated To The Work of Lloyd Mear)

4. The Healing Power of Intention and Numbers

5. Lloyd Mear | Frequency Healing (Part 1)

6. Lloyd Mear | Live Session (Part 2)

7. Preview of Interview with Lloyd Mear

Readers will also appreciate these audio clips of an interview with Lloyd Mear.

8. Part 1/6:

9. Part 2/6:

10. Part 3/6:

11. Part 4/6:

12. Part 5/6:

13. Part 6/6:

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