Wednesday, December 25, 2013


By Dr. Sircus

Dr. Ulrich Abel, who poured over thousands of cancer studies, published a shocking report in 1990 stating that chemotherapy has done nothing for 80% of all cancers; that 80% of chemotherapy administered was absolutely worthless. Ulrich Abel was a German epidemiologist and biostatistician. In the eighties, he contacted over 350 medical centers around the world requesting them to furnish him with anything they had published on the subject of cancer. 

His report and subsequent book (Chemotherapy of Advanced Epithelial Cancer, Stuttgart: Hippokrates Verlag GmbH, 1990) described chemotherapy as a “scientific wasteland” and that neither physician nor patient were willing to give it up even though there was no scientific evidence that it worked.

Everyone knows someone who has died of cancer, chemotherapy and radiation but oncologists like to hide the fact that patients die from the chemo and radiation before they would die from the cancer.

Abel’s research led him to a sober and unprejudiced analysis of the literature where he concluded that treatments for advanced epithelial cancer rarely were successful. By “epithelial” Dr. Abel is talking about the most common forms of adenocarcinoma– lung, breast, prostate, colon, etc. These account for at least 80 percent of cancer deaths in advanced industrial countries.

“This is an astounding charge coming from a member of the cancer establishment. In Germany they earned Abel a big, largely favorable, article in Der Spiegel, the German equivalent of Time.

Here, the powerful chemotherapy establishment has maintained discreet silence. More and more, toxic chemotherapy is being used against advanced cases of such diseases. More than a million people die worldwide of these forms of cancer every year and the majority of them now “receive some form of systemic cytotoxic therapy before death,” wrote Dr. Ralph Moss who continued on to say, “The personal views of many oncologists seem to be in striking contrast to communications intended for the public. Indeed, studies cited by Abel have shown that many oncologists would not take chemotherapy themselves if they had cancer.”

Dr. Moss in his book Questioning Chemotherapy said that in a good number of surveys chemotherapists have responded that they would neither recommend chemotherapy for their families nor would they use it themselves.

Dr. Abel stated that “there is no evidence for the vast majority of cancers that treatment with these drugs exerts any positive influence on survival or quality of life in patients with advanced disease. The almost dogmatic belief in the efficacy of chemotherapy is usually based on false conclusions from inappropriate data.” Small-cell lung cancer “is the only carcinoma for which good direct evidence of a survival improvement by chemotherapy exists,” wrote Dr. Abel but this improvement amounted to a matter of only three months!

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NOTE: Another article by Dr. Sircus is titled: "The End of Toxic Chemo and Radiation."

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Exsula Iridesca for Better Health and Energy - Change Your Life!

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In major brand mineral supplements, the key health elements,
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We don't even list most of these on the Iridesca label because
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Iridesca is a super-concentrated formulation of fruits, herbs and
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Man-made versus Nature-made

There are many supplements produced, many from
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Some companies claim that they can get the "all-in-one"
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that is a fallacy - when you reduce the volume down to that
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Do you think there's a scientist who can make an apple out
of water, fiber, sugar and vitamins? Why do they think it is OK
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Martin Pytela
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Feed Your Cells

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mado Brings The 2-day Personocratia Workshop To Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

On December 7th & 8th, 2013, Mado brings the        2-day Personocratia Workshop to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Personocratia (a Latin word) consciousness is an innovative concept based on Personocracy.

More and more individuals are daring to journey on the path to personocratic consciousness using the tools, discoveries and experiences of mentors who are more advanced in their search for “out-of-the-fishbowl” solutions. These individuals are ready and anxious to pull back the veil of our orthodox, illusionary “reality” that is and has been focused on the emotion of “fear.” 

Awakening individuals have a gnosis that indeed something is inherently wrong and incoherent with many of the broken and/or failing institutions, governments and corporations that are currently controlling life on planet earth. No more time for complaining – are you ready and willing to be re-educated and learn how to embrace solution-oriented ideas?

If you consider yourself to be a one-percenter, a black sheep, an out-of-the-fishbowl thinker, who is willing to step out of your hassle-free zone - then this 2-day Personocratia Workshop with Mado might be your first step to knowing who you really are or at least who you can become – a sovereign who has Supreme power or authority”. Welcome!

To reserve your space now for this 2-day workshop, and get the complete details of the cost, method of payment and location of the workshop email Tom or telephone him at : 1-613-824-1793 or respond at this blog: ‘Personocratia Seeds’.

You are invited to review the details of the 2-day workshop as outlined below and explore some of the background resources as posted below. Then make your decision and please share with others in your circles of influence who may be interested in attending this 2-day workshop.

A 2-Day Personocratia Workshop with Mado 
Schedule and Basic Contents


  8h30 –   9h00: Registration of participants

  9h00 – 10h30: HUMANITY – What is a human being?

Homo sapiens is an intelligent animal species whose body has access to all the vibrational frequencies of the universe in order to accomplish a very special task.

11h00 – 12h30: EVOLUTION – The Big Picture of Human Consciousness

Humanity as a whole, and human beings individually, gradually go from white sheep to black sheep consciousness. Becoming a sovereign mare demands a huge decision.

14h00 – 15h30: INTERNAL AUTHORITY – Spirit, Soul and Ego
To become a sovereign mare, I need to unravel the old fearful sheep program. How? By doing what I am afraid of. This needs to be accomplished in all aspects of my life. To start the deprogramming, I need to understand all the different parts of myself.

15h00 – 17h30: EXTERNAL AUTHORITIES – Religion / Politics / Law
To let go of ego, I must stop listening to external authorities and trust the internal authority of my soul. To do this in the fields of religion/spirituality, politics, and law, I must first see through the illusion of each of these systems.

19h00 – 21h00: Heart-to-Heart Communication / Personocratia’s Card Game
This type of communication will help me understand how to discover inner conflicts, animal needs, and underlying fears. The evening will end with a special card game.


  9h00 – 10h30: MONEY – Stop + 180° Turn
Money runs the world, but who runs money? Me! How does the financial system work and how can I create my own abundance without playing in the elite’s game? The GAME (Garden for All Manners of Exchange) will be explained.

11h00 – 12h30: FAMILY – Couple / Sex / Children
The family is the main human herd. What are the most significant animal programs attached to family – for men, for women? Why and how can I get out of these programs and remain at peace? Why is letting go of family ties so important?

13h30 – 15h00: EDUCATION – School / Media / Internet / Entertainment
Who I am now is based on how I was born, raised, schooled, and programmed by society. What are the elite’s favourite ways of controlling the masses and keeping them dumb and obedient? How can I unravel such pernicious programming?

15h30 – 16h45: HEALTH – Medical Mafia / German New Medicine / Life-Without-Death
Everything I have ever learned about health is a lie and the worst person to go see when I get sick is a doctor. Why do I still go? How does my body really work? And how to I transform into the divine being I am meant to become?

16h45 – 17h00: On Becoming a Personocratia
Personocratia is a person who knows that the supreme authority is inside her and who acts as such in daily life. It is a long and exciting path. How can I get on it and how can I keep progressing until the final transformation is accomplished?

Background Relevant Resources:

1. Personocratia (Information at Personocratia in 7 Languages)

2. There is a French and English website for “Dianedares

 NOTE: This July 2013 interview with Mado was done by Zsac, one of the publishers of Personocratia literature in Hungary. Despite some technical problems, the video presents uplifting explanations about the personocratic path. Mado answers a few questions from participants to her upcoming bilingual 5-day workshop (English/Magyar) in November 2013 in Hungary.