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SDI Sales Organizations Briefly Explained

SDI Sales Organizations Briefly Explained

And of what does an SDI sales organization consist? The brief explanation given here is all that prospects or newcomers need to be given by enrolling (or sponsoring) SDI entrepreneurs in the first encounter.

To become an active SDI entrepreneur is entirely a matter of free will and commitment to the respective “home office” and the network of awakened SDI entrepreneurs who have learned the importance of freeing themselves from orthodox, economic system of usury-based, debt money.

The SDI method of sales and marketing was conceived of and launched in the 1950’s. In the beginning, there was little more than an idea, a big dream and one product and people who believed.

During 2010, thousands of products and/or services with a retail sales value of multiple billions of dollars were marketed to worldwide networks of satisfied customers by numerous “home offices” of SDI companies which rely on a delivery system of people who commonly refer to themselves as SDI entrepreneurs.

These SDI entrepreneurs are not conventional sales representatives, but rather independent SDI entrepreneurs who choose to market selected products and/or services directly to the consumer both at the wholesale and retail levels.

Briefly, here is how the various sales and marketing plans operate. New SDI entrepreneurs (people who have access to products and/or services for sale) are enrolled (sponsored) by an SDI entrepreneur already enrolled.

New SDI entrepreneurs commonly receive a refundable sales and marketing kit (usually costing less than $50.00) which may contain promotional literature, selected sample products, possibly a replicating website for a minimum of one month. There is no profit for selling sales and marketing kits.

No SDI entrepreneur profits until s/he teaches the newly enrolled SDI entrepreneur how to profit. New SDI entrepreneurs are encouraged to read about the company and perhaps listen to a CD or view a DVD.

Since “selling is simply telling” new SDI entrepreneurs are encouraged to purchase some products for their personal use and try them, for the belief is that when one becomes familiar with the products and/or services, it is easy to share the details about them with potential customers.

Each new SDI entrepreneur is qualified to purchase any products or services at wholesale prices from their own replicating website. Any retail sale of a product commonly earns the new SDI entrepreneur a small profit - on average 30% - that it the difference between the wholesale price and the suggested retail price paid by the customer.

Usually, each product is also worth so many points or so much business volume and the “home office” of the SDI company pays additional commissions or bonuses according to the details on the compensation plan.

New SDI entrepreneurs quickly learn that while there is reasonable, immediate profit in the direct selling of products, the key to earning a good source of secondary income is multiplication and duplication to your efforts through enrolling (sponsoring) others who will commit themselves to do part-time work to earn extra income.

When each new SDI entrepreneur purchases products, it automatically increases the sales volume of the group and individual commissions are paid accordingly. Obviously, the more new SDI entrepreneurs, one enrols, the more solid the source of secondary income.

The potential for a really industrious SDI entrepreneur is really high. People who understand the marketing model for the SDI industry and the old mathematical laws of numbers know that by sharing their knowledge with so many people they will be guaranteed so much success.

SDI entrepreneurs are breaking sales records daily, weekly, monthly as they follow a proven success system that works. Just like any new challenge, growing SDI entrepreneurs quickly discover that action reduces fear and that tomorrow’s best leaders are today’s best followers.’

SDI entrepreneurs will command a large degree of influence in the world of tomorrow both directly and indirectly. Daily, they directly influence every day activities like helping fellow-SDI entrepreneurs grow and become successful. They influence the lives of their customers as they serve them with quality products, the basis of real economy and they better the peoples’ live with whom they come in contact.

Many, successful SDI entrepreneurs who have already achieved financial independence are helping accomplish near-miracles through their generous gifts of time and money to churches, charities, missions, and community projects worldwide.

This giving spirit is manifest at each and every level of achievement, but “sharing through caring” is especially evident within the circles of higher-level achievers of SDI organizations. Their actions are only a beginning, but they amply illustrate the warm, caring and growing influence that SDI entrepreneurs will continue to have on countless millions of people around the world.

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