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An Informative John Hammell Rant re: Morgellon's, Biological Microchipping and Detoxing

By John Hammell
See the book review I just posted re "The Cattle" here on Amazon where 
you can buy this chilling book!

IAHF List: Greg Sarwa's chilling 2005 Novel "The Cattle" becomes even 
MORE chilling when viewed against the backdrop of the eugenics/
transhumanism information contained in NASA scientist Dennis M. 
Bushnell's slideshow presentation titled
"Future Strategic Issues/ Future Warfare" [ Circa 2025 ] 

Bushnell's slideshow was originally leaked by a whistleblower to the front 
page of NASA's website just prior to 911 in 2001, and it clearly shows us 
that our would be ruling elite "Masters" have harnessed the power of 
nanotechnology to genetically engineer the Morgellon's microorganism 
which all of us have been breathing deep into our lung tissue from which 
it has been systemically burrowing into all of our internal organs for the 
purpose of turning us into non reproducing cyborgs: 
(http://ymlp306.net/z8nGti ).

In this alert I will discuss NEW information about how to detox brought 
to us from "P", a courageous musician in Connecticut who has full blown 
Morgellons. "P" seeks to warn us all that UNLESS WE DETOX 
SUFFICIENTLY any of us could develop the horrible skin lesions, and the 
mites crawling under our skin as well as the chronic fatigue and severe 
depression that she suffers from due to the genetically engineered 
Morgellons microorganism migrating from her lungs- to every organ in 
her body!

She is attempting to stop a process of being biologically microchipped 
by the genetically engineered Morgellons microorganism which all of us 
have breathed into our bodies due to it being sprayed on us via chemtrails!

She warns us that we MUST DETOX if we wish to be SPARED the form of 
HELL she is going through!

None of us can afford to allow Morgellons to spread systemically throughout 
our bodies because it robs us of oxygen and disrupts all of our internal 

It can kill us, and none of us needs to be biologically microchipped and this 
IS happening due to this man made genetically engineered microorganism 
that was created in a bioweapons lab using Nanotechnologyspreading 
throughout our bodies!

The threat of being microchipped, and our thoughts and actions being 
monitored by the government is NOT science fiction as you can see from 
this site  (http://www.mindcontrol.se/?page_id=38)!

If you are in too much of a hurry to read this whole alert- please skip down 
to the *** and read "P"s detox info!Then, when you have more time, come 
back and read what you missed because it is ALL important and MUCH of 
this is NEW.


You can easily GAUGE to what degree you need to detox by doing the red 
wine spit test to see the Morgellons fibers in your Mouth 
(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69HUn7H8rVI)! If you do the test 
shown in the video, you will be shocked by what the red wine pulls out of your 
mouth to make visible!

To fully understand the serious need to detox, please study my last alert 
(http://ymlp306.net/zedANW) and also:

Lets take a much closer look at this NASA scientist Dennis Bushnell's 
slideshow (http://ymlp306.net/z8nGti) and what has been revealed that 
document the elite's eugenics plans which we are all witnessing unfold 
RIGHT NOW, and in ways far more chilling than Greg Sarwa could ever 
have envisioned when he wrote his well written Novel, the "Cattle"
which contains plenty of "real life links" at the end as serious food for 

This slideshow 
was created in July 2001 by NASA's chief scientist, Dennis M. Bushnell in a 
presentation titled "Future Strategic Issues/ Future Warfare [Circa 2025 ]

Especially take a very close look at slide # 43 
which reads as follows:

A mechanical analog to Bio, Micron sized mechanized "dust" which is 
distributed as an aerosol and inhaled into the lungs. Dust mechanically bores 
into lung tissue and executes various "Pathological Missions."A wholly "New" 
class of Weaponry which is legal.

On slide 9 they've announced that humans have "gotten in the way" of 
evolution, which they clearly feel must give way to cyborgs and robots, 
artificial intelligence.

On slide 13 they show what they consider to be the "ages of man" and 
the direction they're trying to "tweak" things via their clear efforts to 
exterminate us.

On slide 45 they announce their intention to use beam weapons (scalar 
waves such as HAARP) against us. (We are now officially "the enemy" of 
these evil ruling elite Plutocrats who are very openly seeking to exterminate 
us via chemtrails, and beam weapons, all of which are discussed in this slide 

They announce their intentions of using specific electromagnetic pulsed 
frequencies to control our minds and bodies to jam our immune systems to 
weaken, kill and enslave us. "Smart Meters" are clearly part of this 
extermination campaign. (If you have a "Smart" meter on your house, get 
this cage to shield yourself from the electromagnetic radiation coming off 
it and into your home! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmS5pVEZHzg)

On Slide 66 they chillingly announce the "Increasingly critical human 
limitations and downsides" clearly showing that we must "give way" to the 
intelligent robots which will develop the ability to reproduce themselves.

On slide 99 they presage 911 by chillingly announcing that we would 
observe "the capture, torture, and killing of Americans in living color on 
prime time TV...."

(Before his death from cancer, my friend Aaron Russo was interviewed 
discussing what he learned about 911 prior to its occurrence from Nick 
Rockefeller (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3NA17CCboA) who 
tried (unsuccessfully) to recruit him into joining the Council on Foreign 
Relations which is heavily pushing their globalist agenda.

Russo revealed that Rockefeller was smirking and laughing (prior to 911) 
about how we would witness a "war on terror" that they would instigate to 
further their plans of microchipping us all  
(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3NA17CCboA). Rockefeller flat 
out told Russo we would "all be chipped." See the interview with Russo 
about this here! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9Wsb4qBckU)


Friends, consider the implications of this youtube by Jerry Rosman, a pig 
farmer in Iowa about how all his pigs became sterile and could not reproduce 
due to eating Monsanto's genetically engineered corn! 

Now - ask yourself THIS question: "Could we all be eating genetically 
engineered corn that's been turned into a spermacide, and if so, how can 
we best protect ourselves, especially if we want to have kids?"

Epicyte Inc. created a genetically engineered Spermacide Corn in 2001, 
and partnered with Dupont and Syngenta (See "Sterilty Vaccines and 
Spermacide Corn Spermacide Corn.

Epicyte discovered a class of human antibodies that attack sperm, and 
put the genes for this into their genetically engineered corn. By isolating 
the genes that regulate the manufacture of these antibodies,and by 
putting them in corn plants, the company has created tiny horticultural
factories that make contraceptives. 

Announcing his success at a press conference, the president of Epicyte, 
Mitch Hein, pointing to his GMO corn plants and announced, “We have a 
hothouse filled with corn plants that make anti-sperm antibodies.” 

Shortly after the 2001 Epicyte press release, all discussion of the 
breakthrough vanished. The company itself was taken over in 2004 by 
Biolex and nothing more was heard in any media about the 
development of spermicidal corn. 

Biolex filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on August 25, 2014, so its a 
deep dark secret as to whether or not Epicyte's "contraceptive corn" 
died with them, or if this technology was transferred to Dupont and 
Sygenta when Biotex was partnered with them.

We don't know if Monsanto somehow got this sperm destroying 
technology, all we know is that Jerry Rosman, this pig farmer from 
Iowa says Monsanto's genetically engineered "Roundup 
ready" corn caused his pigs to be sterile so they could not reproduce 

We also know from this leaked NASA document that the elite are 
very actively attempting to turn us into non reproducing cyborgs 
(http://ymlp306.net/z8nGti), and that they're using a 
variety of means to achieve their evil population control goals:

Genetically engineered foods, chemtrails, vaccines, the morgellons
microorganism as a way of biologically chipping us, microwaves from
HAARP and from Satellites,

Smart Meters that are put onto our houses which unless shielded 
(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmS5pVEZHzg) can 
seriously weaken our immune systems, causing while also interfering 
with our brain waves, and making us more susceptible to being 
biologically chipped via the man made Morgellons microorganism 
which all of us have breathed into our bodies.

Smart meters cause neurological impairment, ear pain and hearing 
problems, breathing dysfunctions, chest pains and heart ailments, 
burning skin, sleep disturbances, headaches, depression, vision 
troubles, blood pressure changes, sterility, autism, and 
neurodegenerative diseases. There are numerous reports of people 
who are completely incapacitated from EMF exposure. Read more here.

Through biologically chipping us and mind merging us into NSA's cloud 
computers in such Fusion centers as this one where they're gathering all 
of our data (http://www.wired.com/2012/03/ff_nsadatacenter/all/), the 
elite seek can remotely induce a heart attack, cancer, a stroke, 
Alzheimers, Morgellons, or other disease any time the computer program 
monitoring us detects actions or behavior that threaten the N.W.O.s 
control agenda.

(By detoxing, we can avoid being biologically chipped!)

From this NASA document (http://ymlp306.net/z8nGti) it is clear that 
WE are the government's ENEMY and they are doing everything in their 
power to kill, and electronically enslave us!

There is just ONE PROBLEM with their evil plans:


Some of this will be NEW Info that I got from a musician in Connecticut 
who has a bad case of Morgellons, she has skin lesions, and is being 
eaten alive by mites that crawl under her skin which causes horrible 
suffering, chronic fatigue, itching, depression...

She is being very courageous in sharing her information with us in an 
attempt to help as many of you as possible in being spared the sort of 
hell she is going through!


When I did the red wine spit test, I had a huge number of fibers 
come out of my mouth that are colored by the wine so you can see 
them. I now do a combination of regular oil pulling using coconut oil 
(http://wellnessmama.com/17951/coconut-oil-pulling) to pull the
Morgellon's fibers out of my mouth to get them out of my body, and 
occasionally I do either the red wine spit test, or I use grape juice for 
the same purpose as a gauge to see how well I am detoxing.

I also injest a tablespoon of organic sulfur twice a day in order to 
open up cell membranes so oxygen can flood into the cells, pushing 
the toxins out. Organic sulfur also binds with all heavy metals being 
sprayed on us via chemtrails including aluminum, barium, strontium, 
arsenic and pulls them out of the body.

Organic Sulfur also has a laxative effect that helps keep your colon 
clean so wastes don't build up and become impacted where they putrify, 
acidifying your body, throwing off your ph, making you more prone to 
getting every sort of degenerative disease.

Since we are also being sprayed with molds, viruses, and toxic 
chemicals including ethyelene dibromide and others as well as the 
genetically engineered Morgellons microorganism, I take more 
organic sulfur than the teaspoon per 100 lbs of body weight rule of 
thumb amount that I recommend for healthy people.

I take the amount of organic sulfur I'd normally recommend for 
someone with an autoimmune disease even though I don't have 
one, because I simply DON'T WANT to EVER have full blown Morgellons 
with the nasty skin lesions and the mites crawling under my skin, the 
horrible itching, and the chronic fatigue and depression, to say NOTHING 
of being biologically chipped via Morgellons! I am trying to help "P" to 
REVERSE her Morgellons disease, and hopefully avoid being biologically 

In addition to taking organic sulfur twice a day, and drinking half my 
body weight in ounces of water to flush off toxins being released from 
my kidneys, liver, and cells by the sulfur (so I don't have a Herxheimer's 
reaction) I also use herbalist Richard Schulze's Intestinal Formula #1 
andIntestinal Formula #2 
because they work well in tandem to systematically aid in proper elimination!

(When I first did Schulze's bowel cleanse I THOUGHT I had the world's 
cleanest colon (due to having weekly colonics) but I was WRONG!! When 
my girlfriend initially suggested I try doing his 30 Day Detox starting with a 
colon cleanse, I was very RESISTANT, and only GRUDGINGLY tried it!

I was AMAZED when Intestional Formula #1 and Intestinal Formula #2, 
combined with Schulze's dietary recommendations which I will send you 
on a laminated sheet caused me to have the MOST HORRIBLE 
SMELLING bowel movements that have EVER come out of my body, and 

I went from needing 10-12 hours of sleep per night, plus catnaps during 
the day to only needing 4-5 hours of sleep each night and NO catnaps 
during the day! I went from being chronically fatigued and brainfogged t
o having the sort of abundant energy I remember having when I was a
teenager, except now I'm 57!

I went on to do Schulze's liver/gallbladder cleanse, his kidney cleanse, 
and another bowel cleanse at the end after that, but it all starts with the 
Colon Cleanse and Intestinal Formula #1 and Intestinal Formula #2 
(http://www.sulfurforhealth.com/Others.html) and I can guide you 
through it.

Far too many Americans are constipated, and this puts us at risk of 
developing diverticulosis when the pushing and straining cause us to push 
feces through the walls of the colon such that they hang in pockets which 
putrify causing our blood to be way too ACIDIC, weakening our immunity, 
putting us more in JEOPARDY of being harmed by chemtrails and especially 
by Morgellons which proliferates far more easily if your body is overly acidic!

Intestinal Formula #1 contains the herb cascara sagrada, and other 
ingredients that work synergistically to trigger peristalsis (muscular 
contractions of the colon that help PUSH OUT impacted feces that putrify 
in our colon if we don't PURGE ourselves of them!

Intestinal Formula #2 contains bentonite clay, and other ingredients that 
act like MAGNETS to pull toxins out of the impacted feces in the colon so 
they can be more easily ELIMINATED! (See a far more complete description 
of both products at the links above.)

So I use BOTH, along with Organic Sulfur, as part of my detox. 
(I recommend doing Dr. Schulze's complete 30 Day Detox which starts 
with the Bowel Cleanse, and I can help you with this. When you get the 
Intestinal Formula #1 and #2, I also send a laminated sheet that explains 
how to do the dietary component of the cleanse which is essential for best 

I also use Magnascent iodine because otherwise my thyroid gland is too 
sluggish and I am not manufacturing sufficient thyroid hormone for my other 
glands to work properly! A high percentage of Americans suffer from 
Metabolic syndrome due to being iodine deficient, and this can be a 
common cause of fatigue, sluggishness and obesity which can lead 
to diabetes and cancer and make you more susceptible to developing 
full blown Morgellons. I also use Magnascent iodine to reduce inflammation 
so I can breathe when my sinuses are clogged.

Magnascent iodine is the best on the market, it has been potentiated by 
passing it through an electromagnetic field so it even prevents such terrible 
viruses as malaria, dengue fever, and  chikungunya- all of which are 
mosquito born viruses.

I also use Schulze's "Super Food Plus," a powder made from the 
world's best super foods that is very bioavailable and this replaces a slew 
of capsulized and tabletted supplements that I no longer waste money on 
so it helps me SAVE money, that I can then spend on buying the cleanest 
and most nutrient dense foods I can find!

NOTE: I, Tom J Kennedy use "Exsula Iridesca" an equally powerful, 
super food.

Super Food Plus and/or Exsual Iridesca BLASTS every cell in your 
body with nutrient-rich organic vitamins and minerals to give you more 
ENERGY than ever before.
I also use Echinacea Plus tincture as an immune booster since it 
strengthens the macrophage cells and killer T cells, and during cold season 
you can't be too careful!

Echinacea Plus (ECH+) works in two main ways. First, Echinacea has 
been scientifically proven to measurably increase the number of immune 
cells in your body, like macrophages, killer T-cells, granulocytes and 
important immune chemicals that combat infection and disease.

Secondly, Echinacea Plus (ECH+) stimulates these immune cells 
into heightened activity levels. Echinacea also significantly increases 
phagocytosis, your white blood cells’ ability to destroy harmful micro-
organisms such as bacteria, virus and fungus. These actions will help 
you combat infection and disease more effectively and also protect 
you from future invasion and illness.

So, these are the things I do to AVOID EVER HAVING to use "P"s far 
more EXTENSIVE detox regimin which I am providing below for anyone 
who might also have full blown Morgellon's Disease:

"P" tells me that anyone with Lyme's Disease has a much greater risk 
of getting Morgellon's disease. (She has both.) For information on 
Lyme's disease and how to avoid getting it see. The International 
Lyme and Associated Diseases Society Website (http://www.ilads.org)

She takes the enzymes and probiotics you see in this video 
(http://www.thetruthaboutcancer.com/enzymes) every day.

I thought I was going to be able to provide you with "P"s entire 
list of information and products however she sent it to me in an 
Excel spreadsheet that I can't copy and paste from into this article, 
and it is far too voluminous to transcribe.

I will send it by email to anyone who requests it, but you will need 
Excel on your computer to be able to open it. Unless you have full 
blown Morgellon's disease, you won't need this, so please don't email 
me at jham@iahf.com to request it unless you really need it! The main
thing to realize is that you don't WANT to let Morgellons develop in your 
body to the point where you DO need her protocol, if you're SMART, 
you'll do everything in your power to detox NOW by using the information 
provided above!

Most people don't realize the DANGER we are all in due to chemtrails! 
Please awaken family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and anyone else 
you come into contact with about this threat by showing them these 
documentary films:

1. "Why in the World Are They Spraying?" 

2. "Chemtrails- the Secret War"

3. Forward this article to more people and post it to your website. Anyone 
can sign on to the IAHF double opt in email distribution list here 
(http://www.iahf.com) (Scroll down to the sign up menu, add your email 
address and click "enter" an autoresponder will instantly email you a link 
to click on to complete the subscription process.
Remember - My Organic Sulfur is the best in the world because it is not contaminated with silicon dioxide (ground up quartz crystals which
neutralize sulfur, rendering it almost biologically inert!) Unlike Opti Brand 
(which is often private labelled under other product names) my sulfur 
does a GREAT job of opening up cell membranes so oxygen can
flood into the cells ls because it is NOT contaminated with Silicon 
dioxide, so mine will grow the crystals necessary to open up cell 

NOTE: I. Tom J Kennedy order the organic sulphur that I offer to 
customers from John Hammell.

For Health Freedom,
John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
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