Sunday, February 8, 2015

What's Your Vision?

By Steve Lawson


It started off as just wanting to see if I could make some money on the internet !
I didnt even have a facebook account and had no clue about twitter or blogging or any of this online stuff ! I was a complete Newbie ! 

I wasn't confident and I aimlessly spent hours of time surfing the net waiting for something to happen.

Then over months of generally being overwhelmed and having spent a small fortune on every Ebook and Upsell training courses and parted with thousands of dollars, much to the consternation of my partner Susan, I suddenly had an epiphony !

I realised that the vast majority of people were doing exactly the same as me and I realized that 99% of people hate selling and are generally scared of leadership roles and don't want to take the action necessary to succeed in life in general let alone succeed online.

I know that might sound a little harsh but the truth hurts and although the statistics might not be accurate they are not far off because most people can have the knowledge to do things but if they don't understand how to implement it or get that they need to be serious about their business or that they need to become leaders then like anything in life you will never reach your true potential and find out what you are really capable of. 

Once I understood this I knew that I could create a successful business working from home online.. I just needed to work on my mindset and my leadership skills which I have been doing religiously everyday for the past year. 

With personal development comes confidence and posture and through connecting with people on a real level through skype and telephone and google hangouts you can build trust and friendships and that is how you network with people. 

I still have a long way to go but everyday I know I am getting just that fraction more confident and gaining the posture of a leader and the more I help people the more I directly communicate with people the more I read the more I listen the better I am becoming.

Its all a process that we have to go through to achieve what we want in life.. If your not continually looking to grow then you are actually falling back to old patterns of negativity and mediocrity and you wither in all areas of your life ! 

That's why I am always looking for opportunities to connect with leaders and to grow on a personal level ! 

If your serious about your business you will look to do the same thing that I did and work on your mindset and personal development. 

So switch off the News, stop watching the Soap operas, stop going to the pub and start reading more books, learning new things, watch uplifting and inspiring and motivating videos on youtube, listen to great podcasts from leaders like Grant Cardone and Dr Wayne Dyer and building a business that can set you free from mediocrity and hardship of the average persons life and become the success you were born to be !

We all have the choice to choose to be better... Make your Choice the right one !

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