Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Lesson from Chapter 3, "Raising A Giant"

By Bob Crisp

This from Chapter 3 in my book Raising a Giant

Once upon a time there was a very wealthy man who had a daughter whom he loved very much. The daughter fell in love and became engaged to a young ambitious home builder. The father summoned the young struggling builder to his office one day and asked him to find the most beautiful property in the area to build a house for him. He told his future son-in-law it was to be a surprise gift for his wife and not to divulge the project even to his own daughter. He said the builder could use his own discretion in choosing the materials but that they were to be the best money could buy. 

The shrewd young man cut corners at every turn. Instead of buying a beautiful lot on a hill with trees and a view he bought a cheap unimaginative site for the home. He chiseled on everything… the carpets, the fixtures, the kitchen. He used substandard materials in the frame, roof and foundation. He billed his future father-in-law for the most expensive while providing shabby and inferior amenities. 

The day came when the home was completed and the young man went to give the keys to his fiancĂ©’s father. The father asked the young man "Is this a truly fine home?" The young builder lied "Yes sir, the very best."

The father began to weep as he told how much he loved his daughter and how much he would miss her. He said "I've always wanted to give her a beautiful new home for her wedding and I knew if I told you the home was for you it might mean cutting corners or saving money and I wanted you and my daughter to have a really fine home. And with that he put the keys to the new house into the young man's hands and said "It's your house, you built it for you." 

What do you want to have when your home is complete? Many network marketing companies disregard this issue in the founding of their businesses. They may have a business plan to take care of financial concerns for the administration, marketing, or products, but they ignore the "KIND of company" they hope to be. A business plan without a corporate philosophy and mission statement is impotent and nearly worthless what KIND of organization do you have? How do you fit in? How can you make it better? 

When people see you... what conclusion do they come to about your company? Your family? .. "Society may scoff but only I can determine my destiny" every time I put on a new suit and tie I represent my company, my family, my friends... think I'll go get a haircut today, shine my shoes, tell someone about the business... I got up at 5 a.m. to read my own book... feeling like a Giant today... how about you?

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