Monday, January 4, 2010

The SDIoneers (Self Directed Income pioneers)

By Tom J. Kennedy

The SDI industry refers to any direct sales business whereby the entrepreneur chooses to market products and/or services as a home-based business opportunity that can be full time or part time. The SDI industry includes the conventional network marketing companies otherwise known as multi-level marketing companies in addition to other direct sales companies as well as any other independent enterprise whereby the owner/operator avoids the pitfalls of having employees by relying on contractors – if and when needed.

Meet the SDIoneers – visionary ‘Self Directed Income pioneers’ who create incomes by marketing quality products and/or services from one or more sources. These SDIoneers usually offer quality products and/or services at retail prices as well as a wholesale business opportunity for anyone who chooses to participate as a SDI entrepreneur. Many SDIoneers also have one or more sideline businesses that offer selected quality products and/or services.

Sometimes these products and/or services are created by the participating SDI entrepreneur, and at other times they are purchased at wholesale from a manufacturing company or a distribution company for retailing to a loyal customer base.

SDIoneers are fascinating and inspiring individuals who pride themselves in daring to do things differently because they see themselves at the cutting edge of solution-oriented approaches to issues relating to economics, health and wellness, energy, spirituality, social justice and the environment.

These innovative SDI entrepreneurs who prefer to be known as SDIoneers are facilitating the progression and evolution of the New Age of UsuryFree Living which will guarantee peace, prosperity and abundance for everyone on this planet. Their collective mission is founded on principles of empowerment, kinship, interdependence and co-operation with an overall goal to restore a sense of community which was surrendered to the greedy world of usury-based banking with debt money during the 20th Century.

The SDIoneers are creating new working models and inviting fellow citizens to refine them. The object is to duplicate them through the process of networking thereby multiplying the benefits for all who choose to participate.

The SDIoneers are correctly being lauded as inspirational role models demonstrating that ‘Warriors of One’ can make a positive difference in exposing the ‘lies, deceit and deception’ that have been plaguing society for hundreds of years. Indeed, the SDIoneers are known for promoting ‘universal truths’ which have been suppressed by the Usury Elites’ Group of Companies which have sought to control the masses for far too long. The Usury Elites’ Group of Companies includes the mainstream print and electronic media as well as the major transnational corporations.

The SDIoneers are advancing their creative concepts within local communities in the boardrooms of SDI entrepreneurs and in the corridors of the various levels of government. As noted and pioneering, SDI entrepreneur Bob Stewart says: “The SDIoneers are central to the re-education of the masses.”

As active SDIoneers, we speak of “learning what you don't know you don't know.” We are pleased and proud to offer 'becoming' SDIoneers various relevant resources for private and public re-education.

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  1. Robert (Bob) W. Stewart is a 91 year old SDIoneer. Readers are invited to view his website at this URL:

    Be sure and tell Bob that you were referred from this SDI blog.