Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Role of SDIoneers in This 21st Century

By Tom J. Kennedy

It is commonly agreed that in this 21st Century that we must adopt the spirit of entrepreneurism for if as entrepreneurs we do not move beyond our ‘hassle free zone’ success will elude us.

An SDIoneer is a pioneering entrepreneur within the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry thereby differing from a conventional network marketer or a multi-level marketer who can be more correctly classified as distributors or associates controlled by their respective quasi-employer – the corporate home office of the network marketing or multi-level marketing company that markets particular, brand name products and/or services.

The SDIoneer likely earns income(s) from one or more sources and thereby openly and proudly advocates building an SDI Portfolio. A conventional network marketer or multi-level marketer submits to the controlling force of one major SDI supplier of products and/or services and is therefore likely to be totally dependent on income from one SDI source – the company that s/he was enrolled in by a sponsor.

It is always prudent to ask questions and question answers. Here are two key questions. (a) Who benefits when the home office of an SDI company enforces a policy whereby a distributorship will be terminated if the distributor is marketing products from another SDI supplier of products? (b) Who benefits when any seasoned network marketing or multi-level marketing leader discourages anyone in his/her network from building an SDI Portfolio?

The UsuryFree Eye Opener and the SDI (Self Directed Income) EyeOpener are being frequented by SDIoneers and more and more conventional network marketers or multi-level marketers are stopping by to explore the free re-education offered. Visitors to these twin blogs are learning lessons that they did not get in their years of formal education.

SDIoneers who visit these twin blogs often report that what they learn there changes not only their perspective on economics and the SDI industry but on their full time career jobs as well. Keep in mind that SDIoneers appreciate the re-education phenomenon offered by these twin blogs as they seek to re-educate themselves and then take action to help prospective pioneers find the optimal balance and become healthier and wealthier in the process. Without a doubt, these twin blogs deliver on their promises to ‘teach you what you don’t know you don’t know.’

SDIoneers who visit these twin blogs are encouraged to ask questions and question answers in matters relating to: (a) economics (b) health and wellness (c) taxes (d) usury (e) energy and (f) spirituality vs religion as well as the conventional accepted authority on many inter-related issues. As well plenty of links are provided to other websites so that readers can pursue their own self-imposed research on any selected topic.

SDIoneers are invited to commence an experience of personal growth by building an SDI Portfolio – a concept not yet commonly welcomed by the seasoned network marketers or multi-level marketers nor the conventional network marketing or multi-level marketing home office suppliers of products and/or services.

Since a change in thoughts always precedes a change in actions, readers are invited to engage in discussions about these thoughts regarding the role of SDIoneers in this 21st Century. Comments and feedback welcomed. For more information: Tel: 1-613-824-1793

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