Monday, January 11, 2010

The UsuryFree Community Currency Movement…

Interest ought to be correctly called usury. Over the course of the 20th Century, various economic engineers proved beyond a doubt that the design flaw of usury is directly and/or indirectly causing violence, wars, poverty, scarcity and lack. Likewise, economic engineers have taken a leadership role in creating a usuryfree software that permits we-the-people to create our own community currency without interest or usury, therefore these community currencies are defined as usuryfree.

This movement that motivates consumers to shop locally by using their own usuryfree community currency as a complement with their diminishing amounts of usury-bearing federal cash has come to be known as the usuryfree community currency movement. Those who choose to participate are commonly referred to as usuryfree creatives as they are aiming to live a usuryfree lifestyle.

The modern dawning of the Age of UsuryFree Living commenced in the early 1980's when a Canadian engineer, Michael Linton created the usuryfree LETS (Local Employment Trading System) software. Another Canadian engineer, John C. Turmel provided the initial funding to launch the usuryfree LETS software into the global market.

Since then, we have accumulated an abundance of proof positive that we no longer need to be subservient to the banking power that has been ruling this world for centuries. We can now create and spend our own community currencies for FREE, instead of using their (the bankers') currency and keep paying them a FEE (usury).

The traders who use these usuryfree community currencies as a complement with their diminishing amounts of federal cash commonly refer to themselves as usuryfree creatives who are focused on creating a usuryfree lifestyle for everyone on planet earth. Indeed, the world of usuryfree creatives is now expanding as more and more common people see the possibility of experiencing the reality of usuryfree living.

They are learning to acquire products and/or services for their personal, family and business needs by negotiating trades locally by using a usuryfree community currency.

Usuryfree creatives know that the design flaw of usury controls orthodox economics and profits the creditors (bankers) obscenely, while the common debtors (people) endure severe financial stress because they signed impossible loan and/or mortgage and credit card contracts for lack of knowledge about how modern banking really works.

For more details about the usuryfree community currency movement contact:
The UsuryFree Network, P. O. Box 9333, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1G 3V1
Tel: 1.888.NOUSURY Email:

Tom J. Kennedy otherwise known as 'Tommy UsuryFree Kennedy' offers presentations about the usuryfree community currency movement, its modern beginnings in the early 1980's and its progression through the latter years of the 20th Century and it projections for growth as we progress into this 21st Century.

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