Thursday, January 14, 2010

Networking Times Magazine

"Networking Times is published by Gabriel Media Group. It is ranked as the best magazine for anyone who wants to achieve success in the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry otherwise known as multi-level marketing or network marketing.

Gabriel Media Group is founded on the vision of "Global Prosperity through a Philanthropic Economy." This idea conveys that, in addition to its purpose of providing superior products and services, business has a social responsibility of co-creating a sustainable world that works for everyone with no one left out. In other words, we are a not-only-for-profit business.

We sell educational tools (books, audio's, DVD's, online resources, live Webinars) to help networking professionals and entrepreneurs acquire the practical skills and the right mindset to be successful in business and in life.

We publish Networking Times, a bi-monthly educational journal focused on personal growth and professional development. Networking Times is available on the newsstand in North America (in major bookstore chains) and online to subscribers worldwide.

Gabriel Media Group also works with influential clients—authors, educators, speakers, producers, entertainers and pioneers of all kinds—who are making a difference in the world through their movies, books, training programs, events and web-based projects. GMG helps its clients become household names by providing the services they need to get their message out to their target audience in the most efficient and cost-effective way."

"Networking Times follows in the tradition of the Great Og Mandino, and the magazine that he published for years. He knew that to win in life, and especially in networking, you need a steady flow of positive, inspirational information. Networking Times is that flow. Subscribe today, and have two friends do the same. Together, we can change the networking profession-and the world." -- Bob Proctor

Download a complimentary issue of the Network Marketing Times magazine filled with tips, strategies and resources to help you grow a massive organization! It also includes a full resource directory of all of Randy Gage's network marketing & success products!

We recommend that active SDI entrepreneurs subscribe the Networking Times Magazine.

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