Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why SDI? Why Usuryfree? Why Now? Why With UsuryFree Creatives/SDIoneers?

By Tom J. Kennedy

In 1978, I attended a meeting in Ottawa, Ontario, hosted by the Amway Corporation and Rich DeVos was the key-note, guest speaker. I remember him saying that the concept of marketing that was being pioneered by Amway had the potential to market everything from ‘hairpins to airplanes.’ As a new Amway distributor at that time, I marveled at the vision held by Rich DeVos.

Now as we progress into this 21st Century, we are witness to more and more products and services being marketed within the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry – formerly referred to as the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing industry.

Thanks to a committed staff at various home offices within the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry and their corresponding, dedicated sales forces, many new ideas and concepts are being implemented. Building on a strong foundation of consumer awareness, innovative SDI companies are now emerging as strong financial players in the ever-evolving SDI industry.

Some the most recent product additions to the SDI industry are remarkable and unique health and wellness products. Some information about such products, and the accompanying SDI opportunities are posted at the SDI Eye Opener and complete details are available upon request from the author.

With a little re-education, usuryfree creatives can become SDI enthusiasts and SDI enthusiasts can become usuryfree creatives. Together, as active visionaries within the SDI industry these usuryfree creatives who double as SDIoneers (or SDIoneers who double as usuryfree creatives) are awakening to the significance of we-the-consumers making conscious choices to spend our money differently as we progress into this 21st Century.

The ever-expanding, SDI Network invites all 1.3+ million SDI entrepreneurs in Canada - and the multiple millions elsewhere in the world - to participate in building the largest inter-connecting SDI network that has the potential to eventually serve us locally and nationally and internationally.

The SDI Industry includes not only the pioneering MLM companies created from the 1950’s until the turn of the Century, but also the more recent innovative companies that are dedicated to solving the problems that plagued the MLM industry in the latter half of the 20th Century. The SDI industry also includes the growing home-based business industry whereby entrepreneurial types are earning multiple streams of income by combining local business with online business – while working from their homes.

One innovation that is fuelling the growth of the SDI industry is the unique concept of consumer-direct marketing. This innovative and popular strategy re-directs advertising and distribution dollars into higher quality ingredients and product creativity. This timely concept is creating expanding networks of preferred customers who are enjoying savings while sharing in the sales revenues.

Thanks to an avalanche of new concepts and ideas, usuryfree creatives and SDIoneers are positioned to grow exponentially in 2010 and beyond. Education, or should I say re-education is required to teach SDI entrepreneurs how they can create and spend their own usuryfree community currency to use as a complement with their diminishing amounts of federal cash as they barter and trade within their respective loyal networks.

The future is bright for the SDI industry, especially for those companies that are debt free. Similar attributes that made the pioneering network marketers millions in the 20th Century will make the pioneering SDI entrepreneurs who double as usuryfree creatives prosperous in this 21st Century, because environmentally-conscious, health-conscious and usuryfree-conscious companies are correcting the errors and flaws that hindered the growth of the fledgling SDI industry in the latter years of the 20th Century.

Neither were the pioneering network marketers of the 20th Century aware that ‘war, violence, selfishness, greed, poverty, scarcity and lack’ were simply symptoms of our failing, orthodox ‘usury-based’ money system. More and more SDI entrepreneurs are becoming aware of how the design flaw of ‘usury’ is directly related to the plethora of financial problems that plague us and how the perfectly designed usuryfree community currencies have the potential to solve the majority of these problems.

As we progress into this 21st Century, growing numbers of awakening individuals are choosing to become active SDI entrepreneurs so that they can access products and/or services at wholesale prices and re-sell them at retail prices for partial federal cash and partial usuryfree community currency. There are many functioning usuryfree community currencies in countries all over the world. The most well known and popular usuryfree community currency in Canada is ‘Calgary Dollars.’ while the most popular usuryfree community currency in the United States is ‘Ithaca Hours.’

Indeed, active SDIoneers and usuryfree creatives are intent on creating and launching an online database or network that can be referred to as the Third Market Network. As this concept becomes a reality, it is anticipated that every SDIoneer and every usuryfree creative in the world will eventually be motivated to choose to become a proud participant within this online community, and thereby be positioned to optimally serve customers locally, nationally and internationally.

Readers are invited to consider enrolling with an SDI opportunity and committing to purchasing a monthly order of one or more quality products. Should you choose not to immediately enroll as a regular, participating distributor, you can inquire about ordering products from one of our active participants who will likely be open to offering you discounted prices with personal service while offering you the option of paying for the products with partial federal cash and partial usuryfree community currency.

Even if the home office of any particular SDI company is not yet aware of the power and potential of we-the-people creating and spending our own usuryfree community currency, the active distributors can initiate the paradigm shift within their respective teams or networks by encouraging all participants to barter and trade within and among their own loyal networks.

As a committed and active participant enrolled with an SDI company, you are requested to create a list of any and all products and/or services that you can offer to others as well as a list of products and/or services that you need for your personal, family and enterprise(s).

As a an SDIoneer who doubles as a usuryfree creative, you will have access to our own loyal database of consumers who are making conscious choices to spend their money differently.

Comments and feedback welcomed. For more details about any concepts discussed in this article contact myself by sending an email to: with “Why SDI? Why usuryfree?” in the Subject line.

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