Friday, February 14, 2014

Become Invisible With “Unseen.”

Greetings Fellow SDI entrepreneurs:

I have enrolled with a brand new SDI opportunity that has a very unique and innovative service and only one level of direct sales’ commissions. The SDI opportunity is called “Unseen” and it is currently in the beta testing stage.

As an early user of the service you are in a unique position to test the (a) email and (b) chat room – both are fully operational. The audio and video chat rooms are still in development stages.

I invite you to explore the Unseen service and I invite your comments and feedback. Likewise, as an active SDI entrepreneur, you are invited to share the good news with those in your respective circles of influence.

I am sharing this information with you because I know you care about online privacy and security. The Unseen technology is the optimal way to thwart the NSA and other state run electronic spying agencies and hackers. Right now in its beta testing stage and there is an optional FREE service for customers as well as a paid service for active SDI entrepreneurs.

Unseen offers encrypted communication tools, messaging, email, voice, and video calling.  The server is based in Iceland where they have the best privacy laws in the world.  With Unseen your online communication is encrypted with 4096bit XAES technology.  Basically your communications can’t be read unless someone or agency with a super
computer is targeting you.  Unseen means the end of NSA metadata trolling.

Check it out here where you can enrol as a FREE user of the Unseen service.

To read a bit more background information, about the unique, Unseen service click on these links.

Unseen – Getting Started

Unseen Information

Unseen FAQ

Unseen Support

If you wish to take advantage of the unique SDI (Self Directed Income) business opportunity being offered by Unseen during this beta-testing time, you are invited to enroll from the Premium platform at this link:

As my invited “Premium” affiliate you qualify for a 10% discount when you purchase your Unseen service during this beta program.

The coupon code is: (10pctoff) and the price drops from the Lifetime cost of $49.00 to $44.10 (US Funds)

NOTE: As of March 1st, 2014 the Lifetime cost will be $79.00.

As an active SDI entrepreneur marketing the “Premium” Unseen SDI opportunity within the affiliate program, you can earn these referral commissions on your direct sales:

•   30% commission on 1- 49 sales per month

•   35% commission on 50 - 99 sales per month

•   40% commission on 100+ sales per month

NOTE: When you enroll you will be given a FREE replicating  website link similar to mine. To share the “Unseen” service and SDI business opportunity you will use your own replicating website. To determine what your link is simply remove my username, which is “usuryfree” and insert your username in each of the links listed below.

My FREE "Unseeen" account link:

My Premium "Unseen" account link: 

NOTE: To enroll others and qualify for the one level of sales commission you will need to have a Premium “Unseen” account.

Enjoy this day!
Tom J. Kennedy aka “Tommy UsuryFree Kennedy”

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PS: If readers have further questions please email me at: with "Unseen" in the Subject line OR call me at 1.613.824.1793

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