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Are You Terrorized By Fear?

Unauthorized Warrant Out For Your Arrest!
By Ray Gebauer - Man on a Mission (Mannatech SDI Entrepreneur - 2001)
NOTE: Though Ray Gebauer wrote this article for his Mannatech Team way back in 2001 – the content can be applied to any SDI entrepreneur’s Team.
There is an unauthorized warrant out for your arrest (“arrest” means to stop (as in cardiac arrest); to seize or capture). You’ve probably heard about it on the news. Everyone’s seems to be affected to some degree. This unauthorized terrorist agent that wants to arrest you is FEAR!
FEAR has illegally “invaded” our country (and other countries) since 9/11; plus we now have FEAR of anthrax; FEAR of terrorists on planes (and thus fear of flying), FEAR of germ and chemical terrorist attacks; FEAR of opening mail; FEAR of being laid off, etc. The list goes on.
Internal Terrorists
Are you being terrorized by FEAR?
FEAR can hijack your business, your future, and your very life.
In the presence of FEAR, people stop in their tracks. They become paralyzed.
But the real truth is that FEAR itself does not paralyze us - we do it to ourselves.
The Source of FEAR
Where does FEAR come from? It actually is self generated based on our interpretations of what happens. We create it and then we may submit to this force that we created. When we are dominated by FEAR (that we create), we have consented to being ripped off—we can forfeit our health, our income, our success, influence, future and our destiny.
FEAR is inherently is not bad—it is actually a good thing, just as fire can be destructive or it can be good if it is handled and harnessed properly. Sometimes, fear directs us to make better choices. Here’s an example: avoiding real danger, such as having fear of swimming in the ocean where there are sharks or ten foot waves—that is a good function of fear).
FEAR is also good in that it gives you a reason and opportunity to create the opposite of FEAR, which is FAITH. Remember the story of Daniel who was thrown into the hungry lions den? Don’t you think that he had a valid fear of being eaten alive by starving lions? But according to the story, he also had faith. Facing this FEAR enlarged his faith, and for the rest of his life, he seemed to have no fear of facing powerful hostile kings.
FEAR can be your master, dominating you, making you small and ineffective, OR FEAR can be your opportunity to enlarge, to be powerful. It is your choice.
We live in a time where we have the opportunity to face, confront and overcome FEAR. If we do not overcome it, we will be overcome by it. But when we overcome FEAR, we are not back to where we were before—we are larger, we are better, we are stronger and more powerful, we are more empowering to others!
Instead of letting FEAR arrest you, you arrest FEAR!
Your authority to arrest FEAR is your FAITH. So how do you get faith?
You get faith the same way you get FEAR—you CREATE it. We can choose to create FEAR or create faith. Both are good when properly harnessed and used.
So why not let our FEAR be our opportunity to create and enlarge our faith?
When we enlarge our faith, we enlarge our influence, our business, our income, our life, our future and our destiny.
I have faith in God. I have faith in Mannatech. I have faith in myself. When FEAR knocks on my door with a warrant for my arrest, I turn around and hand FEAR a warrant for its arrest. I then USE FEAR to enlarge my faith, and become a better person for it.
I don’t fight FEAR—that’s useless. I just let it be, seeing it for what it really is—my own creation. But it is real, so I do place it under arrest, and leverage greater faith and strength from it.
FEAR did not just show up on 9/11. We’ve always had it around. That’s why most people either won’t even try building a Mannatech business, or they will put minimal effort into it—because of FEAR. FEAR of what people think, FEAR of Failure, FEAR of not being good enough, etc.
So if FEAR has been keeping you under house arrest, keeping you out of the game, turn the tables on FEAR and arrest FEAR. Do this with a spirit of gratitude, knowing that BECAUSE of FEAR, you have a greater opening to create FAITH.
Faith will take you where you want to go, including to the stars. FEAR will put you underground. It’s your choice. “The Force” is with you—which side of the force (FEAR or FAITH) can better serve you?
Here is an excerpt (page 36) from my Team Dynamics Business Building System Manual that addresses FEAR:
I say that for most people, the biggest challenge, what keeps their feet nailed to the floor, is fear. Your greatest threat to success is within you, not out there. It is fear that keeps people from even trying. It is fear that keeps people from taking risks or taking action. It is fear that causes people to quit and give up.
So what do you do about fear?
The first thing that is imperative to understand and accept is the principle that whatever you resist will persist! The more you resist fear, and try to directly overcome it, the stronger it gets. The more attention you give it, the more it grows.
It’s like the alien Borg in the Star Trek movies who assimilated other races announcing: “Resistance is futile!” This is especially true of fear—your resistance is futile. If you resist fear, it has won and you have lost.
The first step in dealing with fear is to accept it. Embrace it and experience it fully.  Just let it be there, and discover that fear can not hurt or kill you. It is just there, like the sky is just there. In fact, fear itself is not even bad, except when we allow it to limit and control us. We then rip ourselves off and live a small life and can even miss our destiny.
The second step is to see fear as a form of darkness. How do you rid yourself of darkness? Do you fight it? Resist it? Curse it? No, you just let it be there, and then you just turn on the light. The light overcomes the darkness, as long as it is on. Light is analogous to faith. So when you turn on the faith, the fear disappears, or at least the power of fear is disabled.
So how do you keep the faith on? Confidence is the same as faith. So you create faith by harnessing the past, present and future as I described earlier. Also, since faith seems to be contagious, if you associate with others who have greater faith than you, you catch it. It gets inside of you. In fact, YOU become contagious. So “infect” your people with faith!
So what do you do if fear just keeps coming back? You just keep turning on the faith. Don’t think that you need to get rid of fear. You don’t need to. It can even be your teacher—just don’t let it be your master.
So rather than taking a stand against fear (remember, what you resist will persist), take a stand of faith. Stand in confidence. Stand in belief. Associate with those of faith. Attend meetings weekly. Go to all the Regional and National events, and especially MannaFest - that’s where you will get your biggest load of fuel (faith). The more people there are at a meeting, the more you will be impacted, energized and empowered by being in the presence of the collective faith of all the people. Be on at least one conference call a week. Talk with your partner every day. Listen to tapes every day that can build up your faith, especially tapes by Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Jack Zufelt, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, as well as the albums that I’ve done (Freedom Workshop, Starmaker Workshop, Leadership Development Workshop, and the Empowerment Workshop).
Where does fear and faith come from? Both have the same source: your imagination. You generate or create either one. We tend to think that fear or faith comes from the outside, but actually they do not even exist for us unless we create it.
For example, consider the issue of “fear of rejection”. This is a huge obstacle for most people. This fear of rejection is very real, and it paralyzes people. But the real problem is not “rejection”, it is the fear of rejection. This fear of rejection is something you create. It is not real.
Want to know how to overcome the fear of rejection? It’s easy. Just face the truth. That’s it. The truth is that there is no rejection in this business, even though there is tons of FEAR of rejection. 
Here’s my evidence. If I’m “sharing the gift” with you, and you tell me that you are not interested, or that you think that network marketing is stupid, or that it is a scam, or whatever, I may tell myself that I was just rejected.
Here’s what actually happened:
•   I told you what I believed
•   You told me your opinion
•   It was different than my opinion
•   I made up that you rejected me

So where is the rejection? The truth is, that all that happened was that there was a DIFFERENCE OF OPINION. There was no rejection! The rejection part would be something I made up. The only time I would be rejected would be if you said to me, “Ray, I reject you.” Okay, now I’ve been rejected. But how often does that happen?
Unless I am told directly, “I reject you”, there is no rejection going on. The only “rejection” is what I made up, what I imagined. And with this I disempower myself.
Well, someone may say, maybe the guy just didn’t say it, but he was actually rejecting you. So let’s check it out. I ask you, “are you rejecting me?” You are going to say “no, I’m not rejecting you—I’m just rejecting what you said. I have a different opinion.”
The truth is that it doesn’t even matter whether or not I am rejected, because it is the FEAR that is the problem. Even if you did reject me, so what? Am I injured? Will I die? But if I can just see the truth, that there is no rejection anyway, I have nothing to fear, just like in the movie, The Matrix, “there is no spoon.” You have to see the movie!
So choose to create faith instead of creating fear. Like the exasperated mother said to her disobedient little boy—“I brought you into the world, and I can take you out!”
Any fear that we have, WE created it. So we can “un-create” it by creating faith that instantly displaces it. Choose an environment and people that are congruent with and support faith. We are all susceptible to fear, and we can all become people of great faith. So instead of unconsciously creating fear and being dominated by it, why not consciously choose to create and generate faith as the dominant force of your life? It’s our choice.
I strongly recommend that you go back and reread this email. Share it with others along with your personal comments. Share how you are displacing your fear with faith. Empower others with faith. Then empower yourself with faith so as to build your business more effectively and faster than ever.
Appreciating you,
Ray Gebauer (Man on a Mission)

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