Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Purchasing Each Other’s SDI Products and Services! What a Novel Idea!

By Tom J. Kennedy

I have been encouraging SDI entrepreneurs to explore the idea of purchasing each other’s products and/or services and thereby support the SDI industry.

Linda O’Niones has authored an article titled” “Purchasing Each Other’s MLM Products and Services: What a Concept!”

This is a quote from the article:

“We aim to empower one another, set a good example by purchasing each other’s products services, and pass our funds back and forth in our own mini-economy.” – Linda O’Niones
Linda O’Niones explains that one of the goals of the organization referred to as “Our Milk Money” is to promote the entrepreneurial success of all parents who are self-employed by operating home-based enterprises. These parents are to be congratulated for daring to be different and staying-at-home for the benefit of their children while making an effort to support each other by purchasing each other’s products and/or services.
The website for Our Milk Money has a national directory with an accompanying search engine where participants list the products and/or services offered. Then any visitors can review the listings and contact the entrepreneurs and negotiate the purchases – which could also be trades or exchanges.
Those who choose to participate are making a conscious choice to spend their money differently – by shopping within their own loyal networks. By their actions of “loyal and local shopping” they are creating their own local, mini-economy.
“As a mother of two young boys and a stay-at-home business owner, it’s important to know that when I’m purchasing from a company featured on the site, I’m also helping to support their loved ones,” says Jen Parker, member of Our Milk Money and owner of Jen Parker Photography.
It would be a wonderful idea if SDI entrepreneurs would copy this concept and begin to actively seek out other SDI entrepreneurs and barter/trade or purchase products and/or services from each other’s home-based enterprises. This action would create a mini-economy within the SDI industry in our respective local communities.I have been advocating this concept for a very long time BUT as of this present date, SDI entrepreneurs have been reluctant to embrace the idea – choosing instead to only network with their own team or organization.
In the final analysis, SDI entrepreneurs have to spend money for personal, family and business needs, so why not be loyal and support fellow-SDI entrepreneurs, instead of continuing to give the money to the giant trans-national, retail corporations?
Imagine the power and potential of the SDI industry when SDI entrepreneurs commit to empowering each other by shopping within our own loyal networks. SDI entrepreneurs are in a unique position indeed to take a leadership role in re-building the spirit of community.
NOTE: If your local community has a usuryfree community currency, then as an SDI entrepreneur you can enrol with the group and when you negotiate a sale, agree to accept federal cash for the wholesale cost of your product or service and request the balance of the retail mark-up in the usuryfree community currency. And if your local community does not yet have a usuryfree community currency, assume a leadership role and create/launch one with your SDI network, team or organization.

NOTE: Our Milk Money at Facebook

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