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Top 50 MLM (SDI) Blogs for 2013

Top 50 MLM (SDI) Blogs 2013
NOTE: SDI (Self Directed Income) industry = Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) ...

"Here we go! After 5 consecutive successful years of giving credit to the Top MLM Bloggers of our industry, we are proud to announce the official Top 50 MLM Bloggers for 2013. 

And to follow up on the exponential growth going from the Top 50 MLM Blogs of 2009,20102011 and 2012, we decided to head back to our roots for this years results with one goal in mind:

To deliver a result of 50 MLM Bloggers who truly represent the status of being a top blogger and value provider for our industry. 

This meant making some drastic changes on how we determined the results. The last few years the majority of the results were based purely on votes.

This created a catch 2 scenario:

Great buzz, excitement and boat loads of traffic and publicity for all the bloggers..

BUT…  Also created an environment where anyone with great support, a big list (or have friends with big lists) could be awarded with being a Top 50 MLM Blogger without having an actual blog that provides consistent value and or receives little to no traffic.

So for 2013, we set out to return back to our roots.

For the Top 50 MLM Blogs of 2013, votes were only intended to count a small margin and all the focus was meant to be placed on the actual blog and value that the blogger provided.

How We Calculated the Results

Initially, the goal was to determine the results by leadership, value, klout score, consistency of content, votes and traffic that the blog receives.

Although Klout Score delivers great social proof of a bloggers authority, we found that the majority of the selected top bloggers were not registered with Klout, so we had to exclude this from the selection.

We used consistency of content, leadership and of course the votes as a way to filter the original list. There were some top bloggers with a great audience from great leaders who could have easily made the selection, but there blogs haven’t been updated for several months.

These were automatically excluded.

So it came down to the one and only indicator that walks the talk for any blogger, which is of course Traffic!

After we filtered through the lists with votes, leadership, consistency of content, we came up with the final results.

The original results together with the Top 50 MLM Blogs badge can be downloaded here.

Now, I know a few bloggers might be upset that we’ve included bloggers who didn’t enter the contest. But having to delete almost half of the links to dead blogs from previous bloggers who simply quit the industry and stopped blogging is frustrating and definitely doesn’t serve the industry in any way.

So sticking to the goal of delivering a Top 50 MLM Blogs list that represents the true leaders in the industry was top priority.

I invite you to visit all these blogs, subscribe to their mailing lists or follow them on social media and send them a message to congratulate them on becoming a Top 50 MLM Blogger for 2013.

Last, but definitely not least, I would like to thank this years 3 independent sponsors, Brian MichaelEldon Beard and Joshua Fuson who made this years event possible." (snip)

Read the complete article and review the list of the 50 blogs at this website where the article is originally published:

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