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The SDI Industry Positioned To Usher In A New Age of UsuryFree Living

By Tom J Kennedy
The Curse of "Usury"
In the year 2014, the average person works for approximately 50 years at one or more jobs for anywhere from 8 to 12 hours a day for another person who usually earns more money because s/he is at a higher level in the pyramid of diminishing opportunity.
There is limited advancement opportunity in most jobs unless one is fortunate to be invited into the ownership capacity of the business. Rarely does the bottom person within any traditional pyramidal structure advance to the top position.
The ongoing enslavement to a salaried job is a function of the curse of "usury" and "taxes." People are compelled to work long hours just to pay the "usury" and "taxes." (Keep in mind that most taxes is really "usury" payments on all levels of government debt.)
Usury" is a design flaw inflicted on the common people (debtors) who become subservient to the world's "usury" elite (creditors) for lack of knowledge of how the usury-based money system really works.
Learn more about "usury" and its effects on society at The UsuryFree EyeOpener.
When a person agrees to purchase a home by signing a mortgage with a financial institution s/he agrees to an impossible and immoral contract wherein s/he pays for 3 (sometimes more than 3) homes in "usury" or "tribute" payments to the respective banker who holds the mortgage.
Otherwise explained with a simple example, when a debtor borrows $10 from a banker and agrees to pay 10% interest (which ought to be correctly called "usury") s/he has agreed to an impossible contract.
How can you be compelled to pay back $11 when the banker only loaned you $10? Where does the other dollar come from? It comes from the principal of other lenders in your community - for the "usury" portion of any loan or mortgage is never created. For this example, the intentional shortage is designed to always push into bankruptcy, a minimum of ten percent of the players in the "usury" game.

It is critical to understand that if you work and hussle and if you lie a little bit, cheat a little bit , be a little bit greedy, and if you are lucky, you may earn sufficient money to pay back your principal and "usury," BUT someone else (at least one person, maybe more than one person) in your community will come up short and s/he will lose their home, business, property etc. We are all playing in a "usury" game where it is impossible for everyone to win and yet, for lack of knowledge, most of us agree to continue playing in this unfair "usury" game.
The twin yoke of "usury" and "taxes" has pressed down on the people's backs more heavily since early in the 20th Century to a point where the burden is almost unbearable. To fully understand the "killer machine" read more about the design flaw of "usury" spend some time reading the 800+ postings at the UsuryFree Eye Opener.

Moving Ahead Without The Curse of "Usury"
It is time to move forward and away from the curse of "usury." No matter how good our orthodox economic system is made to look by the "usury" elite who profit handsomely from keeping the status quo, it is definitely contrary to abundance. Instead, it feeds and breeds an element of poverty, scarcity and lack. So it is with all systems (tax, political, educational, medical, court, ecclesiastical, etc.) which are directly and/or indirectly related to the flawed system of "usury" finance.

New Systems Emerging
Prophecy (Christian and/or otherwise) indicates that we are heading into a new age of abundance and prosperity and that all traditional systems and formal institutions hindering the predicted new age of prosperity and abundance will eventually crumble and fall. There has already emerged a new, "usuryfree" money system, the "usuryfree" LETSystem as delivered and managed by the "usuryfree" LETS software.
As well, there is a new and proven marketing system commonly known as the SDI (Self Directed Income) Industry. Both of these innovative concepts were birthed during the 20th Century and both foster abundance and prosperity by the manner in which they propagate and grow.
As more and more people become aware of these growing and popular alternatives they will blend some ideas and create a new awareness and demand that their "natural person" freedoms be protected by future governments that not only understand each of these concepts but also, foster freedom more and promise to govern less according to Common Law.
The New "UsuryFree" Money System
This new, "usuryfree" money system is being delivered to countless, worldwide communities through the usuryfree, LETS (Local Employment Trading System) software. The LETS software which was created in 1983, has become widely known for its capacity in establishing the perfect model of "usuryfree" banking. Search and read more about the "usuryfree," LETS software and concept of local and global trading with a "usuryfree" time currency.
The New SDI Marketing System

The new revolutionary marketing system which has been emerging and evolving since the mid-1950's has been commonly referred to as: multi-level marketing, network marketing, referral marketing, person-to-person marketing and more recently affiliate marketing or consumer direct marketing.
Due to growing pains within this new and evolving marketing industry during the latter half of the 20th Century new language is being created to set it apart from the negative impression and/or images that have disillusioned too many people during the 1960's, 1970's, 1980's and 1990's.
The new term for this ever-expanding, marketing industry is the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry. All direct sales and/or internet sales opportunities are included in the SDI industry. Read more about the SDI industry at the SDI EyeOpener.
Any and all of these types of marketing plans whereby one earns income(s) by working with one or more people who have a mutual goal of serving others are defined as SDI opportunities. There are now hundreds of SDI opportunities that offer an abundance of products and/or services. 
Not only is it common for the SDI entrepreneurs to network quality products and/or services but they also take a leading role in "re-educating" in matters of "truth" so that everyone is better prepared to make the optimal choices for themselves and their families, friends, neighbours and associates in the areas of economics, taxes, politics, education, health, energy, spirituality etc.
Two of the first entrepreneurs to advocate this new concept of marketing were Rich DeVos and Jay VanAndel who worked with the Nutrilite company in the 1940's and launched the Amway Corporation in the late-1950's.
Whereas salespersons in traditional marketing opportunities earned their commissions by making one-on-one sales, Rich and Jay conceived of a marketing plan whereby every satisfied customer was offered the opportunity to be rewarded financially through various levels for networking not only the Amway wholesale opportunity, but also retailing their ever-expanding lines of products/services with others.
Commissions were structured similarly as in traditional marketing, except Rich and Jay chose to share all monies - including those which would have been previously spent in advertising - with all participating SDI entrepreneurs who were multiplying and duplicating their efforts by teaching others.
Since the 1950's many varieties of SDI marketing plans have surfaced, wherein the co-operative efforts of distributors build networks structured in pyramidal shapes over several levels (in-depth) and earn commissions based on the amount of time and energy they invest in their respective enterprises. Granted, there have been too many failures BUT that is to be expected before any new marketing concept gains recognition within the mainstream.

Since the birth of the internet, the SDI industry is better equipped to lead the way and surpass traditional retail marketing with the wide range of "bells and whistles" now being added to facilitate the process of serving customers more efficiently.

There are many hallmarks required to build the optimal, "usuryfree" SDI opportunity within the new "usuryfree" money system. For 34 years I have been communicating with various leaders within the SDI industry, urging them to adapt the "usuryfree," LETS software within their respective infrastructures.

As of this date no President or CEO of any SDI company has contacted me to indicate that indeed they are ready and willing to launch a pilot project to test my theory of twinning LETS with SDI.

I anticipate an SDI company to come forth and accept the challenge of making the "usuryfree" LETS software an integral component of their SDI infrastructure very early in this 21st Century. Then all other SDI companies will beat a path to their door asking: "What are you doing and how are you doing it?"

Until the SDI industry offers the optimal "usuryfree" opportunity I will continue to build my SDI Portfolio by promoting the most worthy SDI opportunities which still rely on "usury-bearing" cash to create abundance and prosperity.

Participating SDI entrepreneurs are invited to share this communication with others who have a similar vision of facilitating the process of ushering in a new age of "peace and plenty by 2020 where everyone will enjoy abundance and prosperity.

Perhaps some leader in a well-respected SDI company will initiate a discussion about the "usuryfree" LETS software with the President or CEO of their particular SDI company.

Any SDI opportunity that you add to your SDI Portfolio should have the majority of the hallmarks listed explained in the article titled: “The Hallmarks Of A Worthy SDI Opportunity.”

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