Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Invest in an Honest Enterprise

By Tom J Kennedy

If we understand the “interest” is “usury,” and we do NOT want to deal in usury, then the only answer for we – the wage earners – is to invest our labour and usuryfree capital in one or more part-time enterprises that do NOT directly or indirectly depend on usury-lending.

When we learn the “truth” about our orthodox, economic system of usury-based, debt money system, we must accept the premise that “interest is usury.” Our long-term goal ought to be to withdraw all funds that are currently et aside in banking institutions to earn usury as a secondary source of income.

In the short term we must motivate ourselves to search the SDI (Self Directed income) industry for creative and innovative part-time business opportunities that do not require the investor to invest large amounts of borrowed funds requiring monthly usury payments.

In the ongoing search for opportunities to invest “maximum labour and minimum capital,” the SDI industry has surfaced as the best way to invest without any need for borrowed funds. It is now possible for we – the wage earners - to establish a part-time enterprise that markets one or more quality products and/or services manufactured by ourselves and/or by reliable companies in the SDI industry.

It is worthy of note that many of the prosperous SDI companies are “debt-free” and thereby they escape the tentacles of the usury-lenders who hold most of the traditional manufacturing and retail store enterprises hostage in the usury-lending game.

In Luke 19: 12-27 Jesus taught a lesson on values that many of us never bothered to learn. Jesus invited us to pursue profit and gain, but only by engaging in ethical practices. The parable of the unfaithful servant is misrepresented by those who favour usury-lending so that they may further promote this dishonest practice. In the parable of the unfaithful servant, the condemnation by Jesus was not for failure to take usury, but for failure to invest. The underlying assumption is that there are ethical and honest investment options available.

This parable contains the key to understanding the Divine will for us concerning all valuables, including money, labour, abilities, talents and even life itself. Profit only becomes objectionable and evil when  it is of an illegitimate or immoral nature.

Since “interest is usury” and “usury is immoral,” it stands to reason that we must find ways to profit without being involved in the conventional usury-lending, banking system, that is designed to keep borrowers (debtors) in financial bondage to the lenders (creditors) and bestows few blessings financial or otherwise on anyone except those who exact usury as lenders.

As more and more people learn the “truth” about usury-lending, they are better prepared to make informed choices about investing in part-time enterprises that have the potential to earn honest, secondary incomes rather than accepting to passively participate in the usury-lending game as lenders or perceived lenders.

Profit from a part-time enterprise – which is debt-free – in the SDI industry or otherwise is an honest investment for there is equal risk of loss or gain for each entrepreneur involved. Reaping profit from an honest part-time enterprise is not usurious. In fact, usuryfree capital is technically the same as lablour, in that funds merely represent acquired labour-value and/or profit.

It is important to understand clearly that whether we choose an honest investment of usuryfree funds, an honest investment of labour or a combination thereof the risk of real loss or gain is shared by each individual who chooses to invest in any selected part-time enterprises.

In the common usury-lending transactions, the risk of real loss and/or gain is NOT shared by all who invest. Loans and mortgages are routinely secured with collateral relieving the lender of the risk of any loss. In the usury-lending transaction, both the lender and the borrower claim to take a risk, however, the borrower is the only party risking possible loss. To exact any usury and reap the profit without sharing the risk is definitely usurious in nature.

In summary, profit from honest investment of usuryfree funds or labour is acceptable and necessary in a free enterprise, economic system, but profit from usury-lending is greedy, unacceptable and self-destructive. Lending is explained in Biblical terms as a duty to help the needy. It is NOT for helping the lender. (Ex 22:21-26) (Lev 25:35-37) (Deut 15:7-11) (Prov 19:17).

As passive investors armed with “truth” we now have a choice. We can carry on earning usury on funds set aside in the banking institutions with full knowledge that we are party to the usury-lenders and their ilk who hold the borrowers in bondage while exploiting them and milking the very sustenance out of our cherished free enterprise system.

The other choice is to become active investors and invest our usuryfree capital from our primary source of income and our labour (formerly non-productive time) in an honest, debt-free, part-time enterprise that markets quality products and/or services. By so doing, we can be consistent in precluding usury, while actively rebuilding our nation’s economic system.

Our individual and collective action as entrepreneurs in the SDI industry can provide the leadership and renewed trust needed to set up an alternative financial and exchange networks that will eventually short-circuit the banking institutions and gradually improve our local and global standard of living.

To examine some worthwhile and honest SDI opportunities, study the compensation plans and be assured that the products and/or services offered are of the highest quality. Then select an enroller or sponsor whom you fully trust to adequately mentor you.

Spend some time at the SDI Eye Opener and the UsuryFree Eye Opener and enrol (join) the UsuryFree SDI University to become fully educated about this unique sales and marketing industry.

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