Monday, February 24, 2014

The SDI Industry Moves Into The Mainstream

by Tom J Kennedy
As we progress into the 21st Century astute wanna-be-entrepreneurs are agreeing that it is prudent to purchase a sales and marketing kit from a participating corporation in the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry and start an SDI Portfolio. The extensive variety of SDI opportunities permits prospective SDI entrepreneurs to develop a Portfolio with one or more sources of income.

NOTE: The SDI industry is the new chosen language that refers to (a) multi-lvel marketing  (b) network marketing (c) referral marketing (d) consumer-direct marketing and/or any other direct sales opportunity whereby there is an owner and/or minimal employees.
The lure of the SDI industry for entrepreneurs of all ages is that the cost of launching a business has been reduced to amounts of less than $1000. This is much less expensive than either a traditional business or a franchise.
Likewise, transaction costs (the cost of doing business) have been greatly reduced by the SDI industry. For these reasons in 2014 there are multiple millions of SDI entrepreneurs who are generating billions of dollars in annual sales.
SDI opportunities are surfacing in every marketing industry imaginable. Rich DeVoss, co-founder of the Amway Corporation was correct when during the 1970's he said: "This industry (the SDI industry) has the potential to market everything from hairpins to airplanes." (paraphrased).
Products and/or services in the telecommunications and health and wellness industries seem to be the most popular and are most likely to be twinned by innovative SDI entrepreneurs as they begin to build their respective SDI Portfolios.
The SDI industry is becoming the entrepreneur's marketing industry of choice because each corporate SDI home office offers a tried and proven functioning system that guarantees profits and lowers the risk of failure.
These new owners of SDI enterprises must be willing to leave behind their previously learned wage-earning mentality as employees and assume new responsibilities as entrepreneurs without an employer or a boss.
Additionally, proven business models abound in the SDI industry are giving rise to an abundance of independent, generic materials which can be adapted to suit any SDI opportunity. Financing hurdles are minimal for SDI entrepreneurs as they are able to avoid borrowing from banks and thereby being saddled with 'usury.'
Furthermore, some innovative and successful SDI entrepreneurs are ready and willing to offer 'usuryfree' financing for any prospect who shows promise as an SDI entrepreneur.
Active SDI entrepreneurs are a great source of resources and information to their new recruits because their (these active SDI entrepreneurs) success is guaranteed when they (the new recruits) succeed. This is what is so unique to the SDI industry.
The SDI industry thrives on story-telling about personal experiences which permits prospects to acquire information before deciding if they value the SDI opportunity being offered to them.
Without a doubt, owning an SDI enterprise which markets products and/or services from one (or two) SDI opportunities is the recommended way for any wanna-be-entrepreneur to start a business in this 21st Century.

Armed with a proven model, worthy sales and marketing plans and a positive attitude, SDI entrepreneurs are effectively dispensing with traditional hurdles to success (high transaction costs, employees, rent, government bureaucrats etc.) and moving the SDI industry into the mainstream.

NOTE: SDI entrepreneurs are invited to enroll (join) for FREE at Facebook at the UsuryFree SDI University and use this platform to re-educate your network/team/organization.

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