Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The SDI Industry Moves Beyond The Dark Side

by Tom J. Kennedy
History has shown that some leaders in the SDI (Self Directed Incomes) industry do not want their associates to be fully educated about the "science of belief", preferring instead to use the techniques themselves, in sophisticated ways to manage and expand their base of power and influence. It is my humble observation that too many honest, hard working SDI associates with ambition are not yet achieving the levels of success that they are capable of. Could it be that they simply need a better understanding of that "mind stuff' as Claude M. Bristol defined it in his book The Magic Of Believing? Why would some SDI leaders still seek to shelter their networks from the real "truth" about this "mind stuff"?
I am fully aware that writing about this delicate subject invites ridicule from those misusing the techniques as well as those who are unknowingly victims of the techniques. In fact, I even anticipate ridicule from observers outside of the SDI industry since we are all subject to clever mind manipulation by the power elite. After 35 years of experience as an insider in the SDI industry whereby I advocated a loyalty to the industry rather than to one particular SDI opportunity I have repeatedly witnessed that the "power and science of belief" is routinely used to transform, persuade, and manipulate countless thousands of unsuspecting new recruits to the SDI industry.
Brainwashing which is a function of "mind stuff" was accidentally discovered by Jonathan Edwards during a religious crusade in 1735, in Northampton, Massachusetts. Since that time brainwashing techniques have been copied and revised and utilized for both good and evil purposes. Intensive research by experienced individuals in the SDI industry indicates that some leaders may still be misusing the "science of belief" in their selfish, personal pursuit of raw power.
I applaud those SDI leaders who have an honourable vision and understand that they can use this "mind stuff" in a very positive way with the permission of the individuals who are participating in their networks. When the techniques and the results of using such techniques are fully explained to those who are willingly participating then both teachers and students can gain much positive benefit.
 Claude M. Bristol wrote these words of caution to those who would dare experiment with the "science of belief":
“In using this science, which is given you with knowledge that no matter how you use it you will get results, I wish to repeat a warning given in my brochure: NEVER USE IT FOR HARMFUL OR EVIL PURPOSES. Since the beginning of man there have been two great subtle forces in the world - good and evil. Both are terrifically powerful in their respective scopes and cycles. The basic principle operating both is MIND POWER - massed mind power.”
Sometimes evil appears to have the upper hand, and at other times good is at the controls. It is mind power that has built empires, and now we have seen how it can be used to destroy them - history is recording the facts. If you read this book reflectively, you will understand how the science can be used with terribly destructive force, as well as for good and constructive results. It is like many natural forces, eg. water and fire, which are among men's greatest benefactors. Yet both can be hideously catastrophic, depending upon whether they are used for constructive or destructive purposes.
Therefore, take great care that you do not misuse the science of "Mind Stuff". I cannot emphasize this too strongly, for if you employ it for harmful or evil purposes, it will boomerang and destroy you just as it has others down through the centuries. These are not idle words, but solemn words of warning." (pg. 28-29 The Magic Of Believing, 1948)
Let me assure readers that I do not believe that all SDI leaders are misusing the "science of belief" for selfish, ulterior motives. Indeed, some leaders who understand the "science of belief" teach their SDI associates to use the techniques effectively to wholesale and/or retail their respective product and/or service lines. Those SDI leaders who learn and understand the "science of belief" and in turn explain to their SDI networks that in fact they are using such techniques command an even higher respect.
There has been and still are too many SDI leaders who fully realize that they are misusing sophisticated brainwashing techniques on unsuspecting new recruits in the SDI industry to further their own selfish "hidden agendas" known only to themselves and their loyal "inner core" of powerful people. At this time, it is only my intention to generate awareness and interest of the "science of belief" otherwise known as "mind stuff" so that prospects, new recruits, and seasoned SDI associates will freely talk about this delicate subject.
The "sell it by zealot" technique as explained by Dick Sutphen in his tape lecture caught my attention. I read and re-read the tape transcript that is titled "Brainwashing - Persuasion and Brainwashing Techniques Being Used On The Public Today" to familiarize myself with the techniques and consider how these techniques as explained by Dick Sutphen have been and are being used in other areas of our daily life. I welcome your feedback.
This former Dark side of the SDI industry must be illuminated in the 21st Century. Network distribution, the method of marketing advocated by the SDI industry is inherently a brilliant method of marketing which offers everyone equal opportunity. The SDI industry definitely has the potential to re-distribute wealth in a more equitable manner than the monopoly capitalists are currently capable of.
Individuals committed to the SDI industry are invited to make a genuine effort to fully educate prospects and new recruits on all aspects of the history and evolution of the industry. Dialogue is encouraged with drop outs, current SDI associates and prospects to foster a better understanding of the industry. No longer is it prudent to expect SDI associates to surrender their wisdom and intelligence to self-serving personalities who masquerade as SDI leaders.
If the ultimate purpose of the SDI industry is to foster "real freedom" and "true free enterprise" then the "Portfolio" concept must be refined and advocated as the timely element that will ensure that "light" is emerging to overcome the dark side of the SDI industry. Indeed, the time has come for all SDI associates to foster co-operative capitalism and work to model the "portfolio" concept as a more pure form of free enterprise that can evolve to become a workable model for the 21st Century.
In this regard, I suggest that all active SDI associates can shine new light on the industry by lobbying the respective SDI corporate companies and SDI associate networks to barter and/or trade their skills, services and/or products within their fast growing interconnected networks. The tarnished image of the SDI industry will shine again when inspired leaders step out and encourage all home-based, SDI entrepreneurs to focus on restoring co-operation and trust within local communities without any dependence on the irresponsible, greedy corporate fascists who have been leading us to the brink of destruction.
I invite readers to re-read this article and browse the internet re: “mind control” to discern if the SDI industry is ready to move beyond the dark side. It will benefit each of us to know more about this phenomenon called "mind control" whether we are loyal followers or passionate critics of the SDI industry. The links (see below) offer information about subtle and sophisticated mind control techniques that are regularly used on many of us without our permission or awareness.

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