Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Hallmarks Of A Worthy SDI Opportunity

By Tom J Kennedy

1. Uniting of Efforts Multiplies the Benefits:

Traditionally, CEO's, Department Heads, Sales Managers, etc. who are positioned at or near the top of their respective pyramids in the retail industry and/or in traditional institutions earn their profits from the work of dedicated and loyal people who are positioned at various levels below them. Since these people are strategically positioned at or near the top of a particular pyramid with diminishing opportunity they are unlikely to reach out and help those at the lower levels whose dedication and hard work is directly related to their receiving high salaries. 
Within the new SDI industry, each one is positioned at the top of their own respective pyramid and each person must reach out and help their new recruits make sales (retail and/or wholesale) before they earn their commissions and expand their pyramidal structure. The action of reaching out to help others demands that one first nourish personal growth from within.
The uniqueness of the SDI industry is the manner in which the "uniting of efforts multiplies the benefits." Unlike traditional pyramidal structures, where there is little or no opportunity for others to move up the pyramid, the SDI industry permits every new recruit the same opportunity to become Manager of his/her own pyramidal structure. While doing so s/he acquires leadership skills by learning how to "unite the efforts of others and thereby multiplying the benefits for all."
2. Fosters Free Enterprise:

Every SDI entrepreneur owns and operates his/her own small enterprise. Most worthy SDI companies offer part-time and/or full time opportunities wherein each SDI entrepreneur is free to operate within the infrastructure set up by the supplier of the products and/or services. While there is little or no rewards for working extra hours for the boss at your traditional job because the opportunity for reaching the top is limited, there are many rewards (financial and otherwise) for reaching out to work with the people at your various levels, in fact, the sky is the limit within the SDI industry and often a new recruit can financially surpass the person who sponsored him/her.
3. No Withholding Forms to Complete:

Within the SDI industry, the home company (supplier of products and/or services) is not required to withhold your money (property). This action of withholding the property of an employee has been revealed as a fraudulent requirement of the federal government in both Canada and the USA. While more and more "natural persons" are requesting their traditional employers to stop the illegal process of withholding their money, SDI entrepreneurs who are still filing income tax returns within the "system" can take advantage of significant tax benefits - especially during their initial years of operating their SDI enterprise(s) when business losses can generate significant income tax returns when the deductions are balanced against the monies illegally held by your employer from your regular paying job and given to either the IRS (United Staes) or CRA (Canada.)
4. Free of "Usury-Bearing" Debt: 

Within the SDI industry, there is no need to be saddled with "usury-bearing" debt. The company providing the products and/or services ought to be free of "usury-bearing" debt. Since there is no need for SDI entrepreneurs to have either accounts receivable, or accounts payable s/he should have no "usury-bearing" debt related to their respective SDI enterprise. Of course, when SDI companies accept to make the "usuryfree" LETS software an integral part of their infrastructure for making transactions, neither they nor their distributors and/or associates will ever again be saddled with "usury-bearing" debt.
5. Initial Investment FREE or Less Than $100:

While traditional businesses require significant amounts of initial investment, often thousands of dollars, astute SDI entrepreneurs can select opportunities which are FREE or require less than $200 to get started. Nominal additional amounts will be incurred if it is the very first time that one is operating an enterprise. The SDI industry has now evolved to a point where it is common for an experienced SDI entrepreneur to be earning income from more than one SDI opportunity. Such SDI entrepreneurs are said to be building an SDI Portfolio.
6. Opportunity For Anyone Over 16 Years Of Age:

An SDI opportunity does not require any special qualifications, age, degrees, status etc., instead one's success in the SDI industry is determined by one's attitude, one's personal growth and the amount of time and effort one decides to put into the enterprising endeavour. Neither is there any clock-punching within the SDI industry - one is free to work as much or as little as one chooses knowing that any financial rewards are directly related to one's input. The SDI industry has now evolved to a point where it is common for an experienced SDI entrepreneur to be building an SDI Portfolio and earning income from more than one SDI opportunity.
7.  Reduced Troubles and Headaches:

In recent years the SDI industry has streamlined the communications and distribution systems. With the ease of modern technology most SDI companies keep the records, pay the bonuses and allow their respective distributors to order on the internet. With no employees in your SDI enterprise there are no labour problems, no monthly overheads, no payrolls, and no detailed bookkeeping is required.
SDI entrepreneurs experience selective working conditions, whereby they select with whom they want to work, what hours they want to work and in what locations they want to work.
8. Addressing The Pyramidal Structure:
Conventional institutions and corporations are structured within a pyramidal shape consisting of a President or CEO at the top, then a Board of Directors, then Department Heads, on down to the base of the pyramid where there are a large number of workers. Pyramid structures are respected and legal in the 21st Century. Worthy SDI companies conform with government regulations and offer quality products and/or services and do NOT pay commissions for recruiting. Commisssions are paid for all sales that are generated individually and collectively by the respective pyramid-shaped networks. In the future, consumers can expect to carry ID cards for SDI opportunities whereby active SDI entrepreneurs will earn commissions every time a purchase is made by a consumer.
For more background information readers are invited to read the article titled: "Have No Fear of the Word "Pyramid."
9. SDI Opportunities Generate Personal Friendships and Excitement:

Conventional corporate executives are programmed to seek profit for themselves and their respective company and there is little interaction with, concern for or friendship with the work force at the bottom of their respective pyramid structure on whom the success or failure of their business depends. 
Within the SDI industry each SDI entrepreneur has a vested interest in reaching out to offer support to each new recruit who joins at any level within their respective pyramidal structures. In the SDI industry one achieves his/her goals by helping others to achieve their goals - an uncommon concept within traditional pyramidal structures. Many new friendships (local and global - by cyberspace) are generated by the interaction and communication within the SDI industry.
10. Phenomenal Potential:

There is greater potential for phenomenal growth within the SDI industry than within the traditional corporate and/or institutional industries. 6 x 6 (six times @ six levels) is much more than 6 + 6 (one-on-one @ one level). SDI companies have the potential to earn millions in months, whereas traditional companies often took years to earn their first million dollars. The potential for SDI entrepreneurs who are willing to put forth the effort is indeed unlimited now that the internet is facilitating the marketing process.
11. Adapts the "UsuryFree" LETS Software To Fit Within The SDI Infrastrucutre:
Adapting the "usuryfree" LETS software to fit within the SDI infrastrucutre, the most important hallmark of a worthy SDI opportunity is still a dream BUT I do expect it to happen very soon. The technology is here to permit any SDI company to set up dual accounts ("usury-bearing" cash and "usuryfree" time currency) for its distributor networks. During the transition period, all transactions could be made with a portion of "usury-bearing" cash and a portion of "usuryfree" time currency. 
More details about "usuryfree" time currency accounts at the UsuryFree Eye Opener.
Since the "usuryfree" LETS software also has the capacity to deliver "self-insurance" to a large database of members any creative SDI company could attract an abundance of distributors or associates very quickly by offering a pilot project whereby they could deliver low-cost, collision insurance after accidents happen instead of paying up-front and hoping that accidents do not occur.
Such insurance would cost each participant small amounts of money after any accident occurs as the computer would simply deduct proportional amounts from everyone's account in the database to pay the insurance claim. These insurance fees could be paid partially with "usury-bearing" cash and partially with "usury-free" time currency in the initial program.
The SDI industry is fast becoming the sales and marketing industry of the 21st Century. So Do It NOW! Educate yourself about the SDI industry and possible SDI opportunities and select one or two to commence your SDI Portfolio.

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