Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2013: A Record-Breaking Year For Melaleuca

By Tom J. Kennedy

Melaleuca is an SDI (Self Directed Income) company that was founded in 1985 by Frank Vandersloot. The main corporate office is located in Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA. Melaleuca has trademarked its sales and marketing model which it refers to a “consumer direct marketing.”

The Idaho Stateman reports that Melaleuca had 800,000 customers buying its household and nutritional products as of 2011. It is quite likely that this number has increased since 2011.

The Melaleuca Leadership Magazine (February 2014) reports that 2013 was yet another record-breaking year for the Melaleuca SDI company with $1,220.421.295 in annual sales. This number indicates a growth of $175 million more than 2012, making it Melaleuca’s best year ever since 1985.

Melaleuca prides itself in celebrating the “little guy” and its claim to fame is that it invites individuals and families to operate home-based enterprises, (part-time or full time) to compete with the major, trans-national, retail corporations.

Frank Vandersloot, (CEO) writes on page 2 of the Melaleuca Leadership Magazine (February 2014):

“In 2013, we grew more in global revenues than in any previous year in our 29-year history, making it our best growth year ever! Our growth rate continues to gain momentum as the news of superior products and residual income continue to spread around the world.”

To further explain how the Melaleuca SDI company achieved the goal of $1.2+ billion in annual sales Frank Vandersloot explains:

“First I want to say thank you to the hundreds of thousands who have never enrolled a single customer but who purchase products from Melaleuca every single month. Over 60 percent of our preferred customers have never enrolled another customer, yet they reap the long term benefits of being Melaleuca customers for life. In fact, most of Melaleuca’s revenues comes from folks who are just customers who purchase Melaleuca products month after month, year after year.”

The success of the Melaleuca SDI company is noteworthy. Its growth and progress since its birth in 1985 can be attributed to the fact that astute consumers are becoming aware that Melaleuca’s products are superior to the common grocery store brands manufactured and distributed by the various, trans-national, retail corporations.

At the preferred customer prices offered to those who subscribe to the monthly auto-ship arrangement, Melaleuca’s expanding product line competes favourably in price with the inferior grocery store brands. Additionally, as an incentive for its "preferred customers" Melaleuca offers "loyalty points" to those who order their monthly products before the 25th of each month.

Obviously, these preferred customers have agreed to make an effort to spend their money differently to support the “little guy” by purchasing better quality and environmentally-friendly products instead buying the mediocre and more toxic products from the giant, trans-national, retail corporations.

It is interesting to note that the critics refer to the “monthly auto-ship arrangement” as “forced consumption.” Of course, we know that no matter what you do, you cannot please all of the people, all of the time.

Melaleuca SDI entrepreneurs are mentored and encouraged to focus on re-educating consumers and comparing the viability of Melaleuca’s products to whatever products they were using prior to learning about how much more effective and safer Melaleuca’s products really are.

Melaleuca entered the SDI industry in 1985 with eight products – all based primarily on melaleuca oil. Now in 2014, Melaleuca offers consumers 350 products with proprietary and patented formulas.

The Melaleuca SDI company prides itself on offering a “products-first” SDI business opportunity to prospective SDI entrepreneurs and their customers through its “consumer direct marketing” model.

Though I am not currently enrolled as a Melaleuca SDI entrepreneur, I do personally know various, active SDI entrepreneurs who are enrolled with Melaleuca. Any readers wanting to communicate with a reliable and current Melaleuca, SDI entrepreneur are invited to forward and email to: with “Seeking a Melaleuca SDI entrepreneur” in the Subject line and I will forward the contact details of a solid referral who will mentor you as an SDI entrepreneur or serve you well as a "preferred customer."

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