Tuesday, December 23, 2014

6 Ways To Be A Lifelong Student And Benefit Your Business

By Deborah MacDonald

One thing successful business owners and entrepreneurs have in common is that they are all lifelong learners. They never stop developing their talents, learning new ways to grow their business and learning about the newest marketing and technological advances that will help them increase their income.

Becoming a lifelong student means you will always be progressing. Your business will benefit from new strategies and approaches and as your career develops, your home-based business will grow.

If becoming a lifelong learner brings to mind thoughts of full-time classes and time spent struggling through confusing tutorials, think again. There are so many easy ways you can acquire knowledge that will benefit your business, and some you can even do from your own home.

1. Make a List of Areas to Improve In

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Some of us are great at sales and others are better at leading groups. These differences are what make a team work, but stretching and learning new things so you can better understand the things that make your business grow can make you more successful.
Keep a list at your desk where you can jot down things you want to learn more about. These could be things you’re just curious about or they could be areas where you feel like you need to know more in order to take your business to the next level. This exercise will also help you get into a learning mindset.

2. Follow Inspirational and Industry Blogs

One of the easiest ways to become a lifelong learner is to subscribe to some inspirational and industry related blogs. Do some Google searches to find industry experts and blogs that share helpful information, tutorials and the latest news in your niche.

You can use a blog reader, like Feedly, to subscribe to and organize all your favorites. Then, make it a habit to browse through your blog feeds on a daily or weekly basis to catch up and learn from others in your industry.

3. Look for ways to Learn from Others

As you network and meet people who are experts in different areas, look for ways to learn from them. This could be as simple as having lunch together or as in-depth as working together on a project, where you both offer your own skills and resources.

This can be a very valuable way to learn because it allows you to talk to experts on a face-to-face basis and tap into several different areas of expertise. You could learn how to better market your business from a marketing friend or how to improve your business plan from someone who is skilled at strategic planning.

4. Attend Formal Learning Events
Things like conferences, trainings, association lunches and even networking events that host guest speakers are excellent sources of knowledge. Find events that cater to your type of business and make plans to attend some of them.

Get even more out of these by using them to grow your network too. Get to know other participants, hand out your business card and keep in touch with new connections.

5. Take on a Project that Pushes You

Many people learn by doing and sometimes it takes a little push to get to the point where you are actively learning. Taking on a project that involves things you’ve never done before can be a great way to do this.

Updating your website, writing a book, creating marketing videos or taking on any other project that benefits your business while simultaneously forcing you to learn new skills can be extremely beneficial.

As you do this, you will learn what resources are available, meet new people and learn new skills that will benefit your business as you move forward.

6. Develop New Hobbies

Becoming a lifelong student doesn’t end with business-related learning. In fact, by letting loose and doing new activities or picking up new hobbies you can reach new levels of creativity and strike a good work-life balance.

When you play a sport, take on an artistic project or learn a new hobby, your mind becomes creative in new ways. Things like this can also be relaxing, which can help you see your work in a new light, come up with creative solutions to problems and give you renewed energy to make your business more successful.

As a lifelong learner, you can unlock new opportunities and acquire new skills that will help your business be more successful. By taking advantage of learning opportunities, stretching yourself to learn new things and letting your mind be creative, you can be the kind of business owner that is always reaching new levels of success.

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Old School Marketing Tactics You Should Stop Using

By Deborah MacDonald

The old ways of marketing may have worked in their heyday, but today’s audiences and consumers require new levels of relationships, more information and a different brand experience. To sell your product and make your business flourish, you need to leave some old school marketing tactics behind and embrace some new ones.

Every business will have its own unique marketing plan. As a business coach I work with business owners in all kinds of industries, and have learned that no two marketing plans or approaches are alike. That being said, there are some general tips and guidelines most businesses should keep in mind. 

Old School: Talking At Your Market

In the days when billboards, television commercials and magazine ads were the best of the best when it came to marketing tactics, businesses were limited in their conversations. They could talk at their markets, but they couldn’t have two-way conversations very easily.

New School: Two-Way Conversations are Invaluable

With the Internet, social media and smartphones, having two-way marketing conversations is easier than ever, and those kinds of conversations are extremely valuable.

Use your blog, Facebook page, Twitter account and website to reach your market and make it easier for people to reach you. Listen to what people are saying, take feedback seriously and don’t forget you can always find out exactly what your customers are thinking by asking them. 

Old School: Purely Promotional Ads

You’ve seen those vintage ads and older marketing materials like brochures that do a great job of advertising something. They promote a product well, but they don’t provide much value.

New School: Value-Rich Content is Key

These days, people crave content that provides value. They will only read a blog post, watch a video or read marketing materials if they feel they will get something out of them. Avoid overly promotional pieces and work to provide something valuable and helpful to your market. This approach will help you build your brand and garner trust, which can help you gain more customers.

Old School: Go Straight to the Customer

It used to be that marketing was focused entirely on getting ads, promotional copy and products in front of the customer. While this is still important, there is a better approach, which can actually bring more value to your business.

New School: Let Customers Come to You

Now, customers can find you through social media, search engines and online content. They may stumble upon your business when searching for a solution or they may be attracted to your social media posts. From there, you can convert your audience into customers.

Customers that come to you are often more valuable because they are looking for a product or solution. They often take less persuading and are likely to have a better attitude about your brand. 

Old School: Using a Few, Separate Channels

Marketing used to involve choosing a few channels, like print ads, television ads, or event promotions, and then using each one separately. This worked, but in this day and age of content and instant access to information, markets want more.

New School: Multi-Channel Brand Experience

Now businesses can meet their markets on several channels and when those channels work together, the overall customer experience is better and more likely to lead to a sale.

For example, you may create a blog, which has some of your key messages and focuses on helping you sell your main product line. But, for a more powerful effect, you can use your social media accounts to support these messages by sharing your blog posts and other content that helps you promote your business.

By giving your audience a well-rounded experience, people will be more likely to become customers that keep coming back. 

Old School: Always be Selling

It is definitely true that you need to constantly work toward closing sales, and without sales your business can’t succeed. But, by constantly selling yourself and being “that person” that shows up to every party ready to promote a new product, you could be turning potential customers off.

New School: Freebies and Resources Lead to Sales

Now, by giving away freebies and providing resources, by way of online content, samples, and helpful materials, you can give potential customers a taste of what you have to offer. You can show that you have valuable products and services and prove to your market that you put their best interest first.

Old school marketing tactics have their place. However, with evolving technology and new customer expectations, you will need to adopt some new school marketing tactics if you want to be successful.
If you’re interested in learning how to promote a home-based business or enhance your network marketing career, contact me.

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Nourishing Broths by Agape Gardens

By Dasha and Sebastien

We have been long standing fans of Nourishing Broths (Sally Fallon) and Nourishing Infusions (Susun Weed). It's quiet an intricate process to make a good broth or the right amount of infusion. Not everybody has the time, but everybody should benefit from these phenomenally healing foods. So we decided to make a little bit more than we usually make for ourselves and OFFER the surplus to YOU!

We make our broths following guidelines outlined by the Weston A. Price foundation. We choose locally raised free ranging chicken, beef and lamb. To make a broth we simmer bones for about 24 hour period. This allows for all minerals and cartilage to dissolve into a thick soup broth. 

The health benefits of consuming Nourishing broths are outlined in Sally Fallon's books Nourishing Traditions and Nourishing Broths - which have become fundamental in establishing good health for many people. In our experience, nourishing broths have created a foundation for our strong physical health as farmers, mental clarity, ability to rear children and all around lead a very active life! 

Nourishing infusions are made by using one ounce of dried herb to a 1 litre of boiling water steeped overnight. This again allows for the minerals and nutrients to be dissolved in water into a bio available form for our body. We attribute our fast recovery from three child births, decreased back and muscle pains and overall agility to our daily consumption of nourishing infusions. 

As farmers we attribute nutrient-density of medicinal plants to their deep strong roots that pull minerals from deep soils (as oppose to most commonly consumed plants such as lettuces, tomatoes, etc.). To learn more about healing infusions please listen to an online women's health radio show with Susun Weed on blog talk radio either every Tuesday night or archived past episodes. 

Available for sale your choice of Chicken Broth, Beef Broth, Fish Broth and Nourishing Infusions (nettle, comfrey, red clover, linden, oatstraw, red raspberry). We use only well or spring water. Product comes in a 1 litre Mason Jar - $10 each. Use the broth as a nutrient dense stock for your meals, or enjoy it on its own.

We deliver to Ottawa once a week with drop off locations in Stittsville, Kanata, Westboro and Alta Vista.

Contact: AGAPE GARDENS by email plantfood4life @ gmail.com or 
Phone: 1-613-552-2782.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

TSu.co – A Social Network That Pays Users for Sharing Content

By Dallas-Kenneth Hills
1. Dallas-Kenneth Hills at Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dallaskenneth.hills.5
2. Dallas-Kenneth Hills at TSu: https://www.tsu.co/Earth_is_our_home

Friend Dallas-Kenneth Hills at both social media sites.

NOTE: Dallas-Kenneth Hills enrolled me (Tom J Kennedy)  in the TSU social media platform. When you enrol with my affiliate link for TSu - we will be together on Dallas-Kenneth Hills' TSu team.

There is no doubt that Facebook is the king of social network, present today with over 1 billion active users. This network had made $3 billions in their first quarter of their working. After going through many information about Facebook, that the whole team depends on users activity and the content they share. But by sharing all these information no one is going to get any rewards or anything from them.

So in my point of view, it was the best place to stay in touch with family and friends, to stay current with world wide events as may of us know mainstream media is a joke.

Social media has allowed over a billion people to connect in an organize on political corruption, promote products though it and have huge number of users all over the world. Other than this, its a waste of time to be active on it. Do you agree with me?

So some new social networking network should arrive soon, as expected recently Ello the invite system based social media was launched and going without any issues. But here also, users get in return is nothing! Don’t worry guys! Here we got a new social network which pays to the users!

Like the Ello social network, this new invite-only social network named as Tsu may be the best solution for these cases. Tsu is ready to pay to their active users as well as for inviting their friends to join TSU. Still more things are behind this social networking sites.

So this post is gonna to discuss about Tsu features, and more.

Wanna to know more about Tsu, The Payable Social Network? Here we goes…

TSu’s Philosophy:

TSu rewards to the users or content they share regularly on their platform. TSu gives 90% of the revenue to users for generating the content and the other 10% is for the Tsu network.

That too, the ten percentage will be from their ads they shown up in users content for one day. From this the 50% of the share goes to the users and 50% to the shares using the rule of infinte thirds.

The user who recruited the content owner gets 1/3 and the one who recruited that users will get 1/9 at all. By following this system, it will be repeated and continued

So you need to post to be engaged to earn more and I’m sure that you will get many followers so that your post gonna go viral!

As I mentioned above, they are going to pay for each person whom you make to join this platform with your username/shortcodes. This is Tom J Kennedy's short code: https://www.tsu.co/usuryfree

In short, its an referral system. Here you can share articles, photos, videos and more. For everything you will be paid.

The best part here is, TSu will also pays you for content hosted on their platforms.

So you can share your YouTube monetized video here and earn more. Still now the minimum payout is set to be $100, once you reach you can cash it out.

What do you feel about TSu? It looks like a Content Monetization network similar to Social network?

How to Join TSu?

As Tsu is an invite only social network, you need some shortcodes of the previously register Tsu users. With their shortcodes you can create an account for yours and to start earning through Tsu simply by sharing content. You can find many TSu followers sharing their shortcodes to get more users under them. If you want you can use Tom J Kennedy's https://www.tsu.co/usuryfree

As its a new social network, more features to be added. As like other social network, TSu was also dressed up with all basic features and with some extra features as bonus.

TSu allows the users to share their revenue/money with other users or merchants by charging 3% of the amount you share with them. Anyway it seems to be a good feature and other is making the users spend more on TSu platform.

Users can post their content or anything to other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter by connecting their TSu account with them. So this will be the best idea to make users to active more in TSu network.

Hope you might have got some idea about, Tsu the monetizing social network! This got all things as a social networking site which is added up with content monetization feature. That will be great to all! Mostly users who will benefit the most who have huge followers can make money on TSu. Here are some tips to earn more from TSu

#1 Keep sharing great content, your blog posts, YouTube videos and more.
#2 Always be active and make sure you connected the other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, etc.,
#3 Share your Tsu Shortcode in popular blogs, Facebook groups just like promoting your affiliate product.
#4 Get more followers and Never Give Up on your Work!

Finally we got the best competitor for Facebook or the best alternative for Facebook Network What do you think about TSu? Share your thoughts in comments below.

Please shares this post with your friends and allow them to earn from this new social networking site. See you soon everyone

The future has changed for all of us to benefit , TSu! Good Luck! Cheers

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Meet Sarah Robbins, Top SDI Entrepreneur

NOTE:  Sarah Robbins is one of the SDI (Self Directed Income) Profession's youngest millionaires. Sarah Robbins is dedicated to helping others succeed in the SDI Profession so they can experience true time freedom and live the lifestyle they dream of.

Top Network Marketing Consultant is Living Her Dream Life and You Can Too!

Meet Sarah Robbins, Network Marketing Speaker

By Sarah Robbins

I am a teacher by trade.  While I loved teaching kindergarten, I was facing the loss of my job due to a struggling economy.  Also affected by the local economy was my husband’s landscape construction business.  We decided to pursue extra income.

I began freelancing part-time for a skincare company alongside my teaching career.  Soon, the company decided they wanted to bring their product to the masses and leverage today’s social economy.  They chose a social selling model and decided to continue building their brand through network marketing. I joined them.

To be honest, I was very skeptical at first.  How could a formerly shy teacher in her 20’s, living in a depressed economy find success and prosperity in network marketing?  I started my business like most people—part-time, with no previous business experience.  I began sharing and people began to join me.

To my surprise, I surpassed my teacher’s salary by the end of that school year, and was able to retire from teaching.  By the age of 29, I was earning a six-figure monthly income!

I’ve retired my husband from his construction business (35 years early!) to work together, coaching others to live the life of their dreams.

The best part?  Phil and I are now fulfilling our lifelong passion of helping others.  We are able to give more than we used to make—combined.  He has dreams of starting a camp for children.  I have a heart to help women and children in need.  Not only does success change our life, it also impacts those we have been able to bless with our time, talent, and resources.

I had great impact as a teacher. Today I am able to influence thousands of lives and teach people how to build the lives of their dreams. We are living proof that anyone can live the American dream.

Sarah Robbins' Success Story

Sarah Robbins' Blog 

Sarah Robbins' Weight Loss Journey

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Breathing New Life into the American Dream

 NOTE: The "American Dream" of the mid-20th Century - that George Carlin spoke of is indeed gone - BUT the SDI (Self Directed Income) Profession - a sub-group within the Direct Selling Profession is becoming the opportunity of choice as it changes the lives of those who are 'ready and willing' to participate...

Breathing New Life into the American Dream
 by Amy M. Robinson 

The American Dream is no doubt evolving. Gone may be the days when a house, two and a half children, a dog and a white picket fence were universally accepted as the be-all and end-all. But, the founding principle of this nation’s vision—the opportunity for prosperity, success and upward social mobility—remains highly sought-after, even as technological advancements, rising costs of education and economic challenges have changed the way many of us define success.

For those of us long familiar with direct selling, we understand wholeheartedly the many ways in which this industry touches the lives of millions each day. We see firsthand how mothers, recent college graduates, military spouses and post-retirement individuals pursue economic success, social networking and career advancement by way of the business opportunity. We take pride in direct selling’s ability to provide much-needed support to social causes around the world, and we experience the direct selling difference ourselves each time we stop to listen to a distributor’s success story.

While this industry presents a truly equal opportunity for both men and women, it is no secret that women have played an active role in transforming direct selling into what it is today: an industry that changes lives for the better.

Of the 15.9 million direct sellers in the United States, roughly 77 percent are women. What’s more, these 12.2 million women comprise a diverse group, not simply in terms of age or race, but also in terms of education, career experience, skills and interests. In fact, according to the DSA’s National Salesforce Study, more than half of all direct sellers have a bachelor’s or advanced degree. And, still, more than half of direct sellers have children under 18 at home.

Perhaps most telling is the fact that these numbers reveal an overlap between the two groups. Even as women in the direct sales channel pursue higher levels of education, many still balance family responsibilities and career aspirations simultaneously. These numbers not only reflect similar trends in the U.S. national workforce, but they also support recent findings regarding women’s perceptions of the American Dream.

According to a recent Forbes survey, 84 percent of working women say that staying home to raise children is a financial luxury to which they aspire either temporarily or long-term. This number is particularly astounding when one takes into consideration how the rising cost of living has made this dream more difficult to achieve. 

In 2010, the Department of Commerce issued a study revealing what it would take for families to achieve the aspirations of the middle class—which it defined as home and car ownership, opportunities for vacations, access to health care and enough savings to retire and contribute to the children’s college education. The study concluded that even two-earner families today would have more difficulty achieving middle-class status than they had two decades ago.

Direct selling certainly offers a solution, which no other industry can match. Even more, countless women stand as mentors to those who follow in their footsteps, looking to provide much-needed support at home without sacrificing the opportunity to build a successful business.

These women not only serve as leaders in the field, but also at the executive level. The female perspective of the direct selling industry is widely represented by women so inspired by the opportunity that they have risen to top-level positions in efforts to provide guidance to those who look to the sales channel as a source for supplemental income, social empowerment and personal growth. 

These women give selflessly of their time to spark a passion for social causes, raise funding for charitable organizations and drive more people to channel their creative energy to give back to others. These women also work tirelessly to remind key policymakers and regulators about the impact of direct selling on the national economy and otherwise slow-to-improve employment rates. 

Perhaps most importantly of all, they inspire us each and every day to establish our own definition of the American Dream—such that we might carve our own paths for achieving it.

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

An Excellent and Motivating Robert Blackman Rant

NOTE: SDI (Self Directed Income) entrepreneurs are invited to read, review and share Robert Blackman's motivating rant ... about "network marketing."

By Robert Blackman

The INSANITY in your Network Marketing business comes from you "over thinking" and "under working".

When you have too few prospects to talk to, you lose posture.

You start to "hedge" your offer and your strong close.

You start to waffle under the pressure "that I need to get a signup, it's been weeks since my last one".

When you start showing fewer and fewer presentations DOUBT and DISBELIEF consume you.

When you aren't showing plans your "eye" looks for something to do...then you start watching others succeed.

You read their blog posts and you stop writing your own. Why? Because you've got nothing to talk about...you aren't doing anything but "worrying" all the time.

And, your subconscious knows this...so you stop blogging or reaching out to people out of "fear" they know you're afraid and worried about your business.


I know, I've been there.

I've re-written offers over and over again in one month when I was only talking to one person a day or only getting 9 optins in a week.

That's just insane to do that.

You have to show 25 plans and then regroup.

A plan is where your prospect can tell you a:
- Yes
- No
- Maybe 

Just had a guy order tonight that told me NO in September.

I made a follow up voice mail and asked him how he was doing and if he had solved his money problems since we last talked.

And, that I had a PROVEN 6 month game plan to get him to "X" amount of dollars a month.
I emailed that game plan to him in a PDF.

He joined two hours later...a call back from September.

You see I have confidence because I'm doing stuff...I don't care if you say NO as I'm going through the numbers.

I care in the fact that I LISTEN to your NO and your reasons why and I'm constantly asking questions and trying to find out if your NO is B.S., or legit.

If it's legit, I ask which "payday" over the next few weeks they can carve out the money to join with me?

I send them stuff to read via email in the meantime.

I'm looking for other Robert Blackman's, so I know what I was looking for when I was broke.
Ready for this?

"I was looking for someone to tell it like it is. A straight shooter who had a game plan and had a work ethic. A person who could see through my B.S. and at the same time pull the WINNER out of me in the same conversation!"

That's who I was looking for when I was broke.

I wanted them to give me REASONS why I should stop buying beer and pizza and start saving money to do this deal.

I wanted them to hit me between the eyes, reach through the phone and slap me in the face and say: "come on son, get off your butt and let's go to work, stop making excuses and stop being lazy! You know you''re half-assing it, so if you really want to make some money, come with me"

That's who I was looking for.

So, I don't care who the person is or isn't.

I am trying to listen to them and pull the winner out of them.

Sometimes the WINNER is asleep and I have to make several house calls...I'm' okay with that.

Because once I sponsor another "ME", it's all over baby...it's money in the bank and I just get out of his or her way.

Stop the insanity...use that same energy in talking to people and showing some plans.


NOTE: This article is originally posted on Robert Blackman's Facebook Timeline on December 11, 2014 at this link:https://www.facebook.com/robertblackmanmastermind/posts/10153364448781679

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A Timely Challenge to Successful SDI Entrepreneurs

Today I received this message from Martin Pytela - owner/operator of "Life Enthusiast Co-op" titled "Today You Can Make A Difference" and I am sharing it here at the SDI Eye Opener to challenge successful SDI entrepreneurs to take a leadership role in stopping the "Cancer Epidemic" that is afflicting so many families. 

I often read about and/or hear stories about successful SDI entrepreneurs who are ready and anxious to do their part to make this world a better place - and ridding the world of cancer would be an amazing victory. 

The SDI Profession is known for promoting philanthropy as evidenced by the generosity of successful and enthusiastic SDI entrepreneurs who are focused on helping people improve the quality of their financial lives while simultaneously giving back to the community - locally and globally. 

So SDI entrepreneurs know that by combining social entrepreneurship with direct selling styles .... 
Today You Can Make A Difference

Dear Tom, 

Did you know there is an epidemic killing 22,000 people every single day??!

And no, it's not Ebola!

This is an epidemic that effects our loved ones, our family members, our friends, and in many cases, even ourselves.

And the worst part is that it continues to climb every single year.

This epidemic is called cancer, and I want you to join me and Nathan Crane on a mission to end the cancer epidemic once and for all.

Here's the details: https://su208.isrefer.com/go/tipenter1/a401 

Nathan is a colleague of mine. I have watched his work over the years, helping hundreds of thousands of people. He has taken on a project to reach millions of people through a documentary feature film. 

He has been working on this feature film dedicated to unveiling solutions to preventing and healing cancer as well as bringing together the medical industry and the naturopathic and holistic industry to start working together to do one main thing - help people prevent and reverse cancer. 

This film will be shown all over the world and will inspire many people.

Nathan now needs our help to finish it.

He has started a public crowdfunding campaign and is inviting us to get involved.

Watch this video to support this mission today: https://su208.isrefer.com/go/tipenter1/a401 

Once you join the campaign, you will be given access to exclusive behind the scenes footage of the film as well as be able to contribute and help make the film a reality.

When you choose any of the contribution options you will also have your name and/or a loved one's name put in the credits of the film.

And he is giving away a wonderful combination of perks to everyone who contributes to the film. We are a part of this - we are donating Exsula EllagiPlex, and we are also giving away a report I have written: How To Find The Cancer Off-Switch

Go here to help make this film a reality: https://su208.isrefer.com/go/tipenter1/a401 

I have faith that this film will reach the people who need to see it the most, and I am happy to help you find empowering solutions to preventing and reversing cancer by connecting you to this project.

I hope you will join me in supporting this mission. 

To Your Health
Martin Pytela
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Why You Need to Hustle and 3 Painless Tips to Help You Do It

By Deborah MacDonald

Running your own home-based business requires you to hustle. If you’re in this business you know the work is never done and there is always something you can and should be doing to develop and promote your business.

While you do need to keep moving and dedicate yourself to your business, you don’t have to sacrifice your personal life. In fact, one of the best benefits that comes with this career is that you get ultimate freedom of time and money and can live the kind of life you want.

Why you Win when you Hustle

There are probably people you look up to in the network marketing or business world. These people are successful, seem to have everything under control, have successful businesses and have an income they can rely on. Regardless of what kind of business they have or what they specialize in, these people all have one thing in common: they hustle.

Hustling means acting quickly, pursuing opportunities and not letting business slow down to the point where it’s not as lucrative as it could be. It means always being ready to push your business forward and doing what it takes to see success as a business owner and as a team.

Doing these things leads to success. When you are constantly looking for and pursuing opportunities, your business will grow.  It takes time and effort to reach goals but business owners that hustle know that watching opportunities pass them by won’t get them anywhere.

If you have a ‘hustle’ attitude, it will lead to success because you won’t let anything get in your way. It is also contagious among team members, who will adopt your positive attitude and adopt this attitude themselves.

3 Painless Tips to Help you Hustle

It does take work, but it doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, when you adopt some habits and see things from the right perspective, hustling can become a part of your day-to-day life without interfering with your freedom lifestyle.

Build a Personalized Routine

Create a routine that you will use every day and then stick to it. Get into healthy sleep habits and use a schedule to keep you on track. This schedule should help you keep a balance between building your business and taking time for yourself and your family.

This routine should also have built in opportunities for building your business. Schedule networking time, professional development opportunities and bookkeeping tasks that just have to get done. A schedule will help you stay on your game and use each day to its fullest.

Prioritize your Work and Opportunities

Don’t just work hard; work smart. Prioritize your daily tasks and long-term projects in a way that lets you focus on things that will bring the highest return on your investment. Look for ways to make the most of your time by spending more time on things that will help your business grow more quickly, delegating projects and outsourcing some tasks.

Don’t Go it Alone

So many people start networking marketing or launch a business feeling like they are alone. There are lots of other people out there doing similar things and there are lots of people that can provide support and advice.

Recognize when you need help or when you aren’t sure what direction to take and then be willing to ask for help from professional contacts, colleagues, team members or a business coach.

I help business owners and network marketers grow their businesses and learn to hustle so they can make strategic decisions and reach their goals. If you’re interested in learning how to improve your business, contact me.

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Introducing IQ-Unite

Facebook users should get paid, says Ralph Nader:

Introducing IQ-Unite - a new social media platform that pays for enrolling others. IQ-Unite offers (a) Free accounts and (b) Paid Accounts.

Anyone with a paid account on IQ-Unite will earn monthly income on all accounts (paid accounts + free accounts).

You are invited to take a serious look at IQ-Unite and join with me at $9.95 per month.

Everyone has to be invited to join IQ-Unite - so join with me NOW and start inviting your friends in cyberspace to enrol with you.

JOIN NOW at my link for IQ-Unite (see below)


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Friday, December 5, 2014

Organic Sulphur Study 101

NOTE: There are two acceptable spellings for this word: (a) sulphur and (b) sulfur

If you have never researched “organic sulphur”, then this is a must-read for you.

Sulphur is a food, not a drug and it is considered to be “non-toxic.”

Firstly, readers are invited to review “The Sulphur Study.”

The Sulphur Study was organized in 1999, after research indicated that a fatal type of cancer responded to sulphur. Patrick McGean, was designated as Director of “The Sulphur Study” otherwise referred to as “The Cellular Matrix Study.”

Lots of relevant information in this article titled: “Patrick McGean Interviewed About Organic Sulphur.” 

The two most important minerals in our bodies as (a) calcium and (b) phosphorous. Few people realize that sulphur is the third most abundant mineral in your body. In fact, our bodies are 4% sulphur and sulphur is essential for achieving and maintaining optimal health and wellness.

Researchers say that Sulphur is known to be one of the most important nutrients - more important to health than magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, sodium, iodine and many vitamins.

Since 70% of all the amino acids are sulphur-based, it follows that sulphur is known to be a key element for the human body to assemble the amino acids - the body’s key building blocks. Sulphur has a profound healing effect on the human body and it is an essential element for life.

Sulphur’s primary function is to transport oxygen across the cell membranes. One’s health will decline and the aging process accelerates without sufficient intracellular oxygen. With improved oxygen transportation, one experiences better health.

Sulphur also improves skin health, regulates blood pressure and the circulatory system, reduces pain and scar tissue and regenerates damages nerves.

While plants have the ability to draw sulphur from the soil, people and animals must ingest sufficient quantities of pure organic sulphur everyday because our foods are devoid of sulphur and here’s why.

In the 1950’s, the US and Canadian governments were persuaded by the major agricultural corporations to stop using manure (which contains sulphur) and instead use chemical fertilizers (which do NOT contain sulphur) when fertilizing the spring crops.

Since the mid-20th Century, rates of disease in North America have sky-rocketed 4000%.
Note the correlation! The decline of our health is directly related to the fact that our soils are depleted of sulphur, causing the quality of our food to be sulphur-deficient.

Way back in 1931, Otto Warburg won a Nobel Prize for proving that cancer in human beings is anaerobic - meaning cancer spreads in a body when the cells are low on oxygen. When there is permanent oxygen deprivation, the cells switch from respiration (efficient conversion of glucose into energy, where the byproduct is carbon dioxide) to fermentation (inefficient energy conversion where the byproduct is lactic acid.)

Remember, cancerous tumors thrive in oxygen deprived cells, so consider what improved cellular oxygenation can do for the human body!

In summary, adequate oxygen transportation across cell membranes improves:

- cellular respiration (i.e. converts nutrients into energy, and facilitates waste elimination
- healthy cell regeneration
- recovery from fatigue
- athletic performance
- tissue re-building and much more ...

Additionally, there is much evidence that since sulphur transports oxygen across the cell membrane, it has the ability to detoxify heavy metals from the body and this activity also improves cell regeneration.

The majority of MSM products (pills, capsules or powder) have been processed after precipitation, making them less effective. The encapsulation process requires additives or fillers, especially silica (SiO2) used as a flow agents.

Dr. Mercola discusses MSM

To achieve optimal health and wellness, you need to consume sulphur in a bioavailable form. The Opti-MSM brand (available from Life Enthusiast Co-op) is one of the best choices if you are motivated to purchase an MSM product.


All MSM (Organic Sulfur) is manufactured through a chemical process in a chemical production facility. It is not expensive to make. Drug manufacturers appreciate the play on the word “organic” - in chemistry, molecules containing carbon are "organic". The chemically produced product can be legally labeled as organic. All MSM is originally made in a chemical process.

Again, the Opti-MSM brand is the recommended brand if you choose to purchase the chemically produced product. Just do a search for “Opti-MSM” from my Affiliate website with Life Enthusiast Co-op.

NOTE: For your information - when you make a purchase of any product from Life Enthusiast Co-op, you will acquire your own Affiliate website and then you can share the information and the quality products with others and receive a 7% commission.

The Opti-MSM Label

NOTE: In the alternative, I have access to the highest quality of pure organic sulphur - simply packaged in zip-lock bags.

For Canadian consumers to order a single pound of pure organic sulphur, from the USA - the cost is $40.00 (US Funds) plus $20.00 (US Funds) Shipping costs. Then Customs adds their fee at the border. Since our Canadian dollar has recently declined to around the value of 90 cents this means the cost of a single pound of pure organic sulphur is approximately $70.00 (Canadian Funds.)

I am willing to purchase a case of 10 pounds of pure organic sulphur - at a discounted price and offer a single pound for sale at $50.00 (Canadian Funds). I need commitments for a few orders to make this happen. Let me know how many pounds you are willing to purchase at $50.00 (Canadian funds). Shipping costs will be $10.00 (Canadian Funds). If you live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, I will deliver pure organic sulphur with no delivery costs.

Tom J. Kennedy
Tel: 1-613-422-0339
Email: tom@cyberclass.net with ‘Organic Sulphur” in the Subject line.

Without sufficient organic sulphur, the human body will not function properly.

Preliminary Findings of "The Sulphur Study"
By Patrick McGean

: People with cancer that used chemotherapy and took 30 grams of Sulphur during chemo had no side effects - no hair loss, nausea or diarrhea. And their oncologists reported a great reduction of cancer cells! Lymphomas also responded to Sulphur with decreased pain and size of tumors.

Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis: 
Less pain, increased mobility, straightening of finger joints.
Bone density tests demonstrate reversal of bone density or thinning.

Skin Conditions
: Acne, psoriasis, rosacea, toenail fungus, burns, liver spots and disorders associated with Lupus Erythematosus have improved or eliminated.

: Regenerated blood vessels, reduction of scar tissue, high blood pressure and the breakdown of calcium plaque in arteries.

Sulphur is necessary to produce insulin and amino acids for metabolizing carbohydrates.

Gastrointestinal Disorders: 
Acid indigestion, GERD, irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut and chronic constipation.

One participant of "The Sulphur Study" regenerated his liver after suffering 25 years from Hepatitis C. He took 2 tablespoons of Sulphur, twice a day for 15 months.

The stomach and intestines become too pliable or slippery to sink their hooks into.

Migraines and Headaches
: Have been alleviated.

ADD, ADHD, Hyperactivity, Depression and Mood Swings: 
Greatly relieved - Sulphur is a mood stabilizer or elevator, relaxing the nervous system. People have gone off antidepressants within 3 days of starting to take Sulphur.

: Improvement in lung dysfunctions such as allergies, asthma, and emphysema.

Glaucoma Relief: 
Participants of "The Sulphur Study" that took drops to control their eye pressure were unable to drive or read, and Sulphur did not affect this ability.

Gray/White Hair: 
Return to natural color hair and reversal of hair loss has been reported.

Teeth and Gums:
 When added to oral hygiene, Sulphur appears to eliminate plaque buildup on teeth and appears to regenerate gums to tighten previously loose teeth.

On a final note - know that typical tap water laced with chlorine and fluoride blocks sulphur from doing its work in the human body.

The periodic table of elements indicates that sulphur, selenium, and tellurium are the only oxygen transporting minerals. However, few people are aware that chlorine and fluorine are detrimental to oxygen transport. One wonders why they have been added to toothpaste and drinking water? Could there be a hidden agenda? Just asking!

Chlorine and fluoride are poisonous and when it comes to oxygen and sulphur, these poisons block their effective use. Avoid drinking tap water laced with chlorine and fluoride.

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The Metamorphism Of The SDI Profession

NOTE: Peter John Lawrence titled this article: "The Metamorphism Of The MLM Industry, It's Changing - Can You Hear The Thunder Of The Coming Storm" when he authored it on March 30, 2011.

The title I chose to use at this blog: The SDI Eye Opener is: "The Metamorphism Of The SDI Profession" because SDI (Self Directed Income) = MLM (Multi-Level Marketing). And furthermore, I prefer the term "Profession" rather than "Industry" because, indeed, the SDI sales and marketing model is becoming more professional now with the advent of MNU (Marketing and Networking University).

"The Metamorphism Of The MLM Industry, It's Changing - Can You Hear The Thunder Of The Coming Storm?"

By Peter John Lawrence

Consider this, have you ever gone back 40 to 50 years to look at the old advertisements that were used in Movie theatres, or on TV or in newspapers? Those ads can be so funny and so ridiculous. Why is that? It is because we, the consumer, have changed and have become more educated, more informed and, in two words, "more aware". 

We do not succumb, as easily as we used to, to aggressive selling and unsophisticated sales-pitches. Well guess what: The Direct Sales (DS), Network Marketing (NM) and Multi Level Marketing (MLM) industries all need to address the changing consumer levels of intelligence and awareness. Unfortunately most of the proponents are not always willing to change -- but they eventually will change as their existence and profit margins dwindle.

One of the earliest and well-known MLM companies started the Old School MLM methods over 50 years ago. It is time to change from using those outdated methods for many reasons not the least of which is that only about 1% of the participants make any substantial money. Most of the remaining 99% make less than they spend each month on the company product (automatic monthly shipments) and or on company web pages, which are the worst websites to use to send any prospect to.

From selling/peddling personal products to friends, acquaintances and relatives to a worldwide business as an entrepreneur using Internet Marketing as the vehicle. The Old School MLM is going through a transition and the dinosaurs are trying to ignore the inevitable changes that are taking place and that will continue to change in spite of their closed minds and resistance. Therefore this article primarily addresses the MLM Home Based Business sector where the Old School dinosaurs are hanging on to the gullibility of people who are victims of the massive credit crunch as part of the economic down turn in the industrialized countries.

However the same arguments are applicable to other business models (DS, NM, Retail, Brick & Mortar...) Q. What does this mean? A. There is greater unemployment than anytime in the past 50 years (Reference: - misery index website) as more and more jobs move offshore to India, China, and Taiwan etc. The effect is that the general acceptance among the population who think that DS, NM and MLM are legitimate has moved from about 20%, in approximately 1990 (Ref "The New Professionals" by Dr Charles King and James Robinson) to an estimated level of over 40% in 2009. 

People are opening their minds more readily to alternative methods of creating and earning an income. So there are many more people opening their minds and willing to look for a way to generate an income and are turning more towards a Home Based (HB) business. This is good because with the Industrial Revolution Departing N America over the past 30 years, having come to North America from Europe in the 1800's, there will be less traditional jobs (See the movie - Manufactures Landscapes- by Photographer Edward Burtynsky). So what are the challenges apart from the process and logistics (desk, telephone, fax, computer, possible legal identity.....) of setting up a business at home? The challenges are: -
  1. What type of business? (Retail, DS, NM, MLM, Brick and Mortar, Consulting.....)
  2. What industry? ([consumer products] Telecoms, Health, Cosmetics, real Estate and Jewelry and [business products] Internet awareness, Advertizing, Commercial doors and windows....
After choosing which of the two alternatives in 1 and 2 above then the challenge is -How to do the business?- Well that is where the Old School starts to surface with the use of the 'hype and sales pitch' approach and trainings which spread the word that it is easy and everyone can do it. This is where they attract many would be neophyte business owners into the endless trail of very low-income and endless monthly expenses (monthly auto ship or website usage) as well as the hotel meetings, chasing friends, relative and neighbours and also buying worn out lists of names. You will be taught to draw circles and to explain all the variables in a compensation plan that can be like playing three-dimensional chess. That is the Old School and it is pass.
  • Question: "Why does it continue to be used?"
  • Answer: The proponents are the top income earners (the top 1%) who continue to push and present it and to train people in order to keep their own positions as top income earners with 99% of the organization below them not earning more that their monthly expenses. These top income earners are also somewhat trapped by the system and their own treadmill as well as a myopic appreciation of the evolving changes.
OK! you say, - So what is the alternative to this Old School method of selling? The major alternative has to be explained by initially changing your appreciation of the market size and market forces out there and then to increase your understanding of the possibilities that will exclude using any of that previous Old School modus operandi. The market is huge, bigger than you can probably imagine, and is not the typical 200-250 personal connections that you may have. 

It is defined by the number of people who use the Internet worldwide. By learning about Internet Marketing you will be watching for and attracting those who are looking for the opportunity you represent and are offering to a worldwide market rather than a confined personal market. Q. "So how do I learn about Internet marketing?" Hold on. Why not learn about the size and the potential first?

So how big is it?

According to this US reference as of December 2009 there were over 1.7 billion users Worldwide and many more have joined during the first few months of 2010. It is now estimated to be over 1.9 Billion:
  • Total world population 2010 estimate = 6,845,609,96
  • Total Internet users as of December 2000 = 360,985,492
  • Total Internet users as of latest information = 1,966,514,816
  • Internet penetration in world population = 28.7
  • Internet usage growth 2000 - 2010 = 444.8 %
So you can see that this is huge, as I stated earlier and now you can possibly see why this Internet Marketing lends itself to those of you who are broke using the Old School MLM methods and who want a more dynamic and rewarding route in your business. Of course you will be subjected to persuasive arguments by those making money in MLM using Old School methods, IE the top 1%.

You now know the size of the market and that you want people to find you and that you do not want to buy more lists, call or chase friends and relatives, attend hotel meetings nor listen to the O.S. Hype. Therefore it is time to consider your new direction and education. If you wanted to be a heart/cardiac surgeon and you were so enthused that you went to a surgical supplier and bought all the tools, implements, equipment, gowns, etc and then, without any formal training except what you maybe saw on TV, started to perform operations I would guarantee there would be a trail of bodies out there. 

You need to get educated, informed and trained BEFORE you are capable of making progress in any profession. It is the same with the Internet and the Social Media Networking. You need to get trained or to take training. There are two ways to accomplish this: -
  1. Spend months or years teaching yourself which is very time-consuming and costly and has a low chance of income at the early stages other than your family joining in.
  2. Find a qualified, proven and successfully Educational Platform whereby you can, at your own pace and convenience, learn how to use the Internet and the Social Media Networks to your advantage and for your business development.

    NOTE: (In 2014, I can now recommend two "Educational Platforms" (a) The UsuryFree SDI University (Free Tuition) and (b) (Marketing and Networking University) MNU (Reasonable tuition with a unique pay plan).
Question: Is there any formal schooling at a College or University where I can enroll in to learn all this?
Answer: Only as it is possible to provide an overview of the Internet, however there will never be a complete curriculum because the environment, the methods and the information about the Internet Marketing industry is very dynamic and is changing daily and weekly so by the time that a course was written and printed and classes set up the content would be out of date.
Question: So where is there such a Platform for me to investigate and possibly use?
Answer: During my searching I determined that there is a company.
What is there to be learned and what will you gain? Here are a few topics that you will be guided through with daily access to live training calls and webinars. You will learn about: - Domain names, landing pages, content, templates, understanding image formats, useful programs like Landing Pages, Flowplayer, Aweber understanding basic HTML, opt-in forms, Auto-responders, dynamic keywords and phrases, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) basics and keywords, SEO networking for niche markets, global verses local activities, Google, Google website optimizer and split testing, blog setup and categories, pop-ups, video making, article writing, blogs, Social media site like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace etc and many other topics. There are over 30 short videos and over 130 pages of trainings in the back office and archived, all at your own pace. Yes this will take time but time is passing anyway and you want to improve your odds for success and your knowledge anyway.

NOTE: The author did not disclose the precise name of the "Educational Platform" that he is referring to in the above paragraph.
Other Benefits:

No more Hotel meetings nor Home parties, No more chasing friends or chasing everyone who fogs up a mirror or using that 3ft rule... AND whatever you are presently doing for your own business (MLM, Brick and Mortar, Retail...) you can choose to use CCPro's to learn how to promote, to develop and to expand it. The result is that people will be finding you and you will be "system dependent" and not "advisor dependent".

Internet Usage Statistics
Here are some bullet points: -
•Born in the UK.
•Married to Shirley, four children and eight grandchildren
•Professional Engineer in the UK (C..Eng) and Canada (P.Eng).
•Master Degree, Imperial College, London University.
•Engineering R&D several years.
•Sales of Life Insurance, Mutual Funds and fax machines as well as other Hi Tech equipment.
•Built a distributorship with 15 suppliers in the National-Security telecoms and IT industry business.
•Built 10 companies of my own over a 25 year period with the smallest start-up being $15,000 and the largest start-up being $25 million.
•Worked building businesses and financing business and projects in 22 countries for other companies and for other people as well as for myself.
•11 years experience in three companies in the MLM business.
• Hobbies include reading about history, mankind and the universe.
Also I enjoy sailing (own a Hobie CAT), swimming and house design (wanted to be an architect not an engineer).

So why do I personally feel qualified to present this article to you? Please take a look at my Squidoo site at http://www.squidoo.com/peter-lawrence which will show you some of my personal and business background.
Thank you for visiting and reading this article.
Peter John Lawrence
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 Peter John Lawrence

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